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5 Best Color Changing Foundations

by Gabbi

Foundations can be one of the most challenging makeup products to purchase. Nowadays, makeup lines carry at least 40-50 shades of base products so everyone can find their match. But how do you find your perfect shade?

There are various undertones, shade categories, and formulas that can make you feel overwhelmed when choosing the right color. However, most of us can agree that it’s an absolute nightmare if your foundation looks too dark, light, or orange on the skin.

Thankfully, the makeup industry is constantly innovating, and now we can find color-changing foundations on the market. These self-adjusting foundations are universal and versatile, so one bottle will cater to a wide range of skin tones. 

What are the best color-changing foundations? The best color-changing foundations will immediately disappear into your skin and provide you with an exact match. In addition, these foundations should offer coverage while still looking natural. 

Color-changing foundations have exploded over the past few years. They are now available in different finishes and formulas and offer varying levels of coverage. In addition, some of them can even offer skincare benefits like providing SPF protection.

So keep reading to learn more about the wonderful world of color changing foundations and to see our suggestions for the best ones to buy!

How To Pick The Best Color Changing Foundation 

1. Color Adjusting Formula 

Most color-changing foundations will arrive in white color. This white foundation is infused with color-changing technology like pigmented beads that will activate and adjust to your skin tone the more they are blended.

So if you’re worried about the stark white tone of the foundation, rest assured it will blend into your perfect match. 

2. Coverage 

Just like regular foundations, your color-changing foundations also offer different levels of coverage. Whether you love a natural, dewy, and light coverage look or a full, matte, soft coverage look, there is a self-adjusting foundation for you. 

In addition, coverage can be customized with other makeup products like concealer or powder. Regardless, these color-changing foundations usually offer enough coverage to conceal redness, acne, discoloration, and other imperfections. 

3. Finish 

Color-changing foundations are also available in a wide variety of finishes. You can choose from natural, dewy, satin, and matte to achieve your desired look. Regardless, there is a foundation out there that can give you your ideal finish. 

Similar to coverage, the finish of your foundation can also be customized with other makeup products so you can have the best of both worlds. 

4. Staying Power 

Some color changing foundations last longer than others. They can be formulated with SPF and mimic the effects of a bb cream/tinted moisturizer, or they can be full coverage with 18-hour wear, ideal for tv/film makeup.

Your personal preferences and lifestyle can also help determine the best option for you.

Best Color Changing Foundations

RankProductKey Features
1.Almay Smart Shade Makeup6 shades, SPF 15, cruelty-free
2.Culler Beauty Self Adjusting FoundationSPF 50, matte finish, buildable, non-greasy
3.TLM Color Changing FoundationSPF 15, dewy, lightweight, sweat-proof
4.ELBBUB Color Changing Foundation SPF 15, moisturizing, camera-friendly
5.Caigou Yanqina Perfecting FoundationWaterproof, non-greasy, matte finish

1. Almay Smart Shade Makeup

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Almay has been a fan-favorite drugstore brand for decades, and now they are also working to develop innovative formulas. For example, Almay’s Smart Shade Skintone Matching Foundation will instantly adjust your skin tone to create the ideal shade match.

Like TLM, this foundation from Almay is also a white foundation that will adjust to your skin tone the more your blend. Almay calls this their Tonemimic technology, which uses small spheres that release pigments as you blend the foundation.

In addition, Almay created six available shades for each skin tone category, so everyone is guaranteed their perfect match. Finally, Almay ensured that this foundation was hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and its cruelty-free formula.

This foundation will offer you medium coverage and a luminous, natural finish. The streak-free formula will blend seamlessly into the skin and add the extra coverage you need for daily wear. In addition, this foundation has SPF 15. 

Choose your closest shade match from the six foundation colors, and the innovative technology will do the rest. You can use this foundation just like you would any other. Just choose your favorite blending tool and watch this product transform!

2. Culler Beauty Self Adjusting Foundation

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Culler Beauty isn’t waiting around for a better foundation to come along. Instead, they’re taking business into their own hands by creating a universal self-adjusting foundation formula. In addition, this foundation will protect the skin with SPF 50.

Unlike other color-changing foundations on this list that offer a dewy finish, this one from Culler Beauty will leave you with a beautiful matte finish. In addition, this foundation is formulated to adjust to your skin tone and blur your imperfections in a flash.

This foundation offers medium and buildable coverage so your skin can look smooth without the cakey finish. In addition, this foundation has SPF that will protect the skin from UV rays while also adding a moisture to your skin.

You can rest assured you will receive a full day wear with this foundation without budging. This formula is both lightweight and non-greasy, so that it can last for hours. Culler Beauty’s Color Reveal Technology is the magic behind this color-changing formula.

The pigments from this foundation will instantly match your skin tone and blend so seamlessly into the skin that you will watch the product virtually disappear. 

There are two shades available: Light for pale and light skin tones and medium for medium to deep skin tones. In addition, Culler Beauty’s foundation formula is cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free.

3. TLM Color Changing Foundation

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Beauty gurus everywhere have tested this foundation from TLM. TLM created a color-changing foundation that evens your skin tone and adjusts to your perfect shade in seconds. In addition, this formula will keep your skin feeling hydrated.

This foundation looks intimidating in its bottle because it’s a pure white shade. However, once you apply the foundation to your skin, you’ll notice the stark white shade transform and disappear into your skin to adjust to your perfect match. 

TLM’s Color Changing Foundation will leave your skin with a natural, dewy, and luminous finish. It’s suitable for all skin types, and it will work flawlessly for mature skin. In addition, this foundation contains SPF 15 for a little extra sun protection.

The color-changing foundation is ideal for daily use, and because the formula is extremely lightweight, it won’t feel like there is anything on the skin. In addition, this formula is oil and sweat-resistant, so you can rest assured it will last all day long.

You can use this foundation just like you would any other base product. First, prep your skin as you normally would before applying the foundation. Next, take one pump of the foundation and gently blend on the skin. The color should transform instantly. 

4. ELBBUB Color Changing Foundation 

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ELBBUB is taking the color-changing foundation game to another level. Similar to TLM, this self-adjusting foundation from ELBBUB is a stark white foundation that will instantly disappear into your skin tone. So, what else can this foundation do?

This Ultra HD foundation will last up to 16 hours. In addition, it’s been formulated specifically to work in the film and TV industry so you can look flawless both on and off camera. In addition, it has a light-diffusing formula to offer a natural finish.

ELBBUB’s color-changing foundation will offer a medium buildable coverage that feels lightweight and comfortable, as if it’s a second skin. The medium coverage will work well with textured skin, and you can cover any imperfections in a flash. 

In addition, this foundation is suitable for all skin types, and it contains SPF 15. The self-adjusting color formula will even out your skin tone, provide medium buildable coverage, and keep the skin moisturized throughout the day.

So if you’re looking for a flawless HD foundation that also keeps you looking natural, then this color-changing foundation from ELBBUB will be your perfect match.

5. Caigou Yanqina Perfecting Foundation

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Yanqina’s Color Changing Foundation is a universal and versatile product that will eliminate the need for various other makeup products.

Not only will this foundation adjust to your skin tone, but it will also remove the need for concealer. 

Like the other foundations above, this foundation cream hybrid comes in a white shade that will immediately blend into your skin and match your perfect shade.

In addition, this formula is waterproof and sweat-resistant so that it can last all day long.

This color-changing foundation works due to Yanqina’s shade-sensing beads that are activated as soon as the product is applied to the skin. In addition, this foundation will correct redness, discoloration, and other imperfections.

You will receive a full coverage look without the greasy and cakey feeling. Yanqina’s Perfecting Foundation Concealer will last for up to 18 hours. In addition, you will receive a soft matte finish without looking flat or dry. 

Now you can finally get the perfect foundation match every time—no need to mix thousands of shades. One product will do it all for you! Overall, color-changing foundations will take all the stress and guesswork out of doing your makeup.

Which one are you excited to try?

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