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7 Best Nail Polish Shakers

by Gabbi

Nail polishes have a long shelf life, but soon enough, their formula starts to separate. Some nail polishes are too precious to let go of because they’re from a limited-edition collection, discontinued shade, or designer brand.

Thankfully, you don’t have to toss away separated polishes just yet. It’s common for the ingredients to disperse and create an appearance as if the product has expired. You might think mixing it manually can provide smooth and fluid results.

Instead of wasting all your resources on mixing old lacquer bottles, try investing in a nail polish shaker. This machine will shake or mix your polish into one fluid formula. You’ll notice your polish will perform like a brand new bottle.

So, what are the best nail polish shakers? The best nail polish shakers are easy to use and versatile. In addition, they should be able to fit a wide range of bottles and mix them efficiently. Some nail polish shakers can even be portable. 

A nail polish shaker can be helpful for any salon or home workspace. Various nail polish shakers can also mix other liquids that can easily separate, like tattoo inks, eyelash glues, glitter polishes, gels, and acrylic paints. 

What To Look For In A Nail Polish Shaker 

Nail polish shakers are a unique tool to have in your nail arsenal. They may not always be popular, but they are handy to keep around. Nail polish shakers resemble a mini paint mixer which is why they can work with other liquids.

So what should you look for while shopping for a nail polish shaker? 


You’ll want to search for a nail polish shaker that’s easy to use or beginner-friendly. Thankfully, most nail polish shakers have one button to start and stop the machine. Switching out your bottles is also simple if you need to shake more than one.


Most nail polish shakers are portable. This benefits those who work as a traveling nail tech or need to keep a small device in your salon/workspace. In addition, nail polish shakers are compact, so you can easily store them away when not in use.

Power And Efficiency 

Another thing to consider before purchasing a nail polish shaker is the power or efficiency of the motor. Some nail polish shakers will list details about the motor or strength of the machine, like 3000 RPM or 5600 shakes per minute.

Also, they can feature details like 50-60Hz. This can be a significant deciding factor when purchasing a nail polish shaker. 


Finally, we have versatility. Are you a beautician or perform various beauty services? A nail polish shaker can do so much more than just remix polish. It can also give new life to glitter polish, gels, acrylic paints, eyelash glues, and more.

Chances are you can find another use for a nail polish shaker. 

Best Nail Polish Shakers 

It can often be overwhelming to compare and contrast nail polish shakers. However, now that we know what to look for in a nail polish shaker, you can quickly pinpoint the features you desire the most. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Makartt Mini Vortex Mixer Portable, 3000 RPM, made of sturdy silicone
2.Zlmondee Pink Nail Lacquer Shaker Sleek, portable, mixes in 10 seconds, versatile
3.Liarty Nail Polish Shaker AdjustableAdjustable straps, rechargable, shakes within seconds
4.West Tune Mini Vortex Mixer Mixes in 5 seconds, 3000 RPM, durable, chargeable
5.Allstray Nail Lacquer Shaker Adjustable straps, 50-60Hz, chargeable, compact
6.Aqeenura Electric Nail Lacquer ShakerPortable, 2500 RPM, mixes in 10 seconds
7.For Pro Nail Gel and Polish Shaker5600 shakes per minute, adjustable straps, portable

1. Makartt Mini Vortex Mixer 

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Makartt knows all things beauty, especially the nail department. You can shop from an array of nail care products like gel polishes, equipment, tools, dip powders, and more. Do you want to revive your old polishes? Try the Mini Vortex Mixer.

The Mini Vortex Mixer is a machine designed to remix old polishes. Keep a nail polish bottle around long enough, and you’ll witness how the ingredients slowly start to separate. It can also mix other liquids like acrylic paints to act good as new.

Makartt’s Mini Vortex Mixer has a subtle pink and white design that’s built to last. It’s crafted with silicone and anti-corrosion plastic to withstand shaking multiple nail polish bottles. You can add the bottle to the middle and watch it start mixing. 

It has a speed of 3000 RPM and can hold thicker liquids up to 50ml. Makartt provides easy-to-follow and detailed instructions on how to set up and use your Mini Vortex. You can start the machine with one simple touch and again to stop mixing.

The Mini Vortex Mixer is compact and can fit on any vanity, and it’s a portable machine. Also, it has an anti-slip design to keep the machine and polish in one place. Finally, it can mix other liquids like tattoo ink, eyelash adhesive, and essential oils. 

2. Zlmondee Pink Nail Lacquer Shaker 

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Another popular electric nail polish shaker is this portable one from Zlmondee.

Nail polish shakers can easily be larger than needed and feel clunky to carry around. However, the Zlmondee offers convenience and ease without sacrificing comfort.

The Zlmondee Pink Nail Lacquer Shaker was designed to mix and shake old polishes into a smooth formulation.

This one is easy to use and works with a simple press of a button. Within ten seconds, you’ll have a perfectly restored nail lacquer.

It’s an electric shaker so there’s no need to waste time manual twirling around nail polish bottles. Also, it’s designed to work with other liquids like eyelash glue and tattoo ink. This sleek shaker can fit anywhere in your salon or home set-up.

Zlmondee crafted this machine out of ABS material to ensure it’s durable and sturdy. It can withstand multiple uses and will mix polishes in seconds. They recommend squeezing the holder, inserting the polish, and pressing the button for easy use.

This bundle includes one shaker (batteries not included), one pink eyelash glue, two pcs adapters, eight silicone heads, and a collar stand. This setup is easy to take on the go or have it ready in your nail space. 

You can tap into your creative side because the Pink Nail Lacquer Shaker can help dry and clean makeup brushes. Overall, this is a versatile machine that covers all your beauty needs. 

3. Liarty Nail Polish Shaker Adjustable 

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Liarty understands the heartbreak that comes with one of your favorite nail polish bottles separating. Some polishes from professional or designer brands have a hefty price tag, so you’ll want to save every last drop!

The Liarty Nail Polish Shaker will blend polishes and liquids effortlessly until it reaches a seamless finish. So, instead of throwing out separate polish bottles, remix them! This machine can also mix tattoo inks, model paints, and glitter polishes.

This nail shaker works with the majority or average size of nail polish bottles. The machine features adjustable straps so you can securely wrap the bottle for shaking. The strap will stabilize the bottle while the machine has four anti-slip bases. 

You can easily shake bottles by simply pressing one button on the machine. In addition, you can charge the device or rely on batteries. Other features include a sleek gray plate that’s smooth and compact, making it portable.

Finally, it’s crafted from ABS, Metal, and plastic, with a frequency of 50-60Hz. You’ll receive the shaker, one charger, and three adjustable bands for your nail polish shaker. These components ensure you’ll have everything you need to remix polishes.

You can easily keep this shaker in a salon or at home for personal use. In addition, the Liarty Nail Polish Shaker can effortlessly be stored away when not in use.

4. West Tune Mini Vortex Mixer 

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West Tune’s Mini Vortex Mixer will give new life to nail polishes while also acting as an accessory for your vanity or workspace. The Mini Vortex Mixer will seamlessly mix nail lacquers into one smooth formula, so you don’t have to waste the product.

West Tune ensured this machine was beginner-friendly and convenient to use. It features a one-hand touch operation so you can quickly start and stop with one button. Within a few seconds, you can smoothly re-mix your nail lacquer. 

This powerful and high-quality machine has a 3000 RPM, brushless DC motor and an orbital diameter of 2cm. It can also hold liquids up to 50ml. The Mini Vortex Mixer from West Tune will also mix other items like tattoo inks, paints, and adhesives. 

West Tune crafted this machine with materials that will stand the test of time, like ABS plastic, zinc alloy, and a silicone cap. The device is built to stay in place, but these durable materials will also ensure that it can withstand multiple uses. 

The non-slip foot pads will keep every part of the machine stabilized. The brushless DC motor will mix polishes without making an obnoxious noise. Also, you can charge the Mini Vortex Mixer whenever it’s not in use with a type-C cable. 

Any liquids like nail polish, gels, paints, or adhesives can be re-mixed into a smooth texture as if it’s brand new. You can follow West Tune directions to ensure you get the best from your machine. 

5. Allstray Nail Lacquer Shaker 

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Nail lacquers, paints, inks, and glue have a unique formula that holds their contents together. However, if a particular product sits on a shelf for longer than expected, it can separate, similar to water and oil. This separation can decrease its effectiveness.

The Allstray Nail Lacquer Shaker will seamlessly restore all old nail polish bottles and more. It’s a sleek and compact machine that can rest in your salon or workspace and can be stowed away with ease when it’s not in use.

Allstray ensured this machine was crafted with sturdy materials like ABS plastic and metal materials to offer the best performance. It will stay in place and withstand shaking or mixing multiple liquids, whether nail polishes or adhesives.

You’ll notice this machine features one button and one strap. The strap is adjustable so that you can secure any size bottle or tube. Also, the singular button is used to stop and start the mixing with ease. It has a frequency of 50-60Hz.

The Allstray Nail Lacquer Shaker is portable and easy to grab on the go, thanks to its compact size. In addition, you’ll receive one shaker, one charger, and three adjustable straps so you can expand what you can remix.

6. Aqeenura Electric Nail Lacquer Shaker 

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Some nail polish shakers are flat and compact; others are long and lean. The Aqeenura Electric Nail Lacquer Shaker is a portable hand-held device for mixing old bottles of nail lacquer. It can even give new life to textured and glitter polishes.

This machine is versatile and can even revamp other liquids such as eyelash glues and tattoo inks. It’s simple to use because one button on the machine is used to stop and start the mixing. Then, you can secure your product and start shaking!

Within ten seconds, you can achieve a smooth and revived formula. It also has a sleek, long, and lean portable design that can fit anywhere. The Aqeenura Electric Nail Lacquer Shaker can also help spin dry your makeup brushes while cleaning. 

The Electric Nail Lacquer Shaker is built from durable plastic to withstand multiple uses. It has a powerful motor for a smooth mixture and a 2500 RPM. Also, there is no need for manually shaking, just start the machine and let it do all the work! 

Aqeenura will provide one nail lacquer shaker, a collar stand, silicone heads, a small fan, and a portable bag for a complete set. Each silicone head will vary in size and diameter so that you can mix a wide range of bottles and tubes.

Overall, this complete set will instantly revive old bottles of polish so you can enjoy every last drop. 

7. For Pro Nail Gel and Polish Shaker 

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The For Pro Nail Gel and Polish Shaker is a nail staple for your vanity or salon. This machine will ensure you get every last drop of polish from its bottles, so don’t toss it away just because the formula has separated.

For Pro describes this as a Universal Nail Polish Shaker thanks to its adjustable strap made to fit all bottles. The machine can handle bottles up to .75oz. Also, the Nail Gel and Polish Shaker work at 5600 shakes per minute for a smooth result.

This machine is ideal for mixing thicker liquids such as soak-off gel polish, but it can also mix acrylic paint and oil. It’s simple and easy to use because there is one button present on the machine that will start and stop the mixing movements.

When the machine is on, you’ll notice it can shake nail polish bottles from side to side rapidly and without producing bubbles. For Pro recommends shaking each nail polish bottle for up to 15 seconds to see a smooth and renewed finish. 

You can also let the nail polish rest for a minute after shaking before using the product. The Nail Gel and Polish Shaker are battery and AC adapter powered. Also, the setup includes three adjustable straps to secure bottles into place. 

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