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5 Best Matcha Face Washes

by Gabbi

There is a plethora of different face washes on the market, each with its own list of promises, benefits, and ingredients. With such a rich variety of options out there to choose from, it may be difficult to discern which one is the best for your personal skin type.

If you’re in the market to try something new, one of the most popular types of face washes on the market right now are matcha face washes. They have a ton of incredible benefits, fantastic formulations, and always smell like a luxury spa treatment. However, there are certain features that can take a matcha face wash from good to great.

So, what are the best matcha face washes? When looking for a matcha face wash, find one that comes in a form you’re comfortable with. There are gels, creams, foams, etc., so shop around until you find your best fit. Make sure to thoroughly read the packaging and see if it’s compatible with your skin type (oily, dry, combo, etc). Lastly, be mindful of the complexity of the formulation. 

Testing out a new face wash can be a risky process, so it’s important to do your research before you make any final decisions. In this article, we’ll break down our top 5 favorite matcha face washes for you to treat your skin with!

Why Matcha?

Matcha is beloved for being a yummy, soothing drink, known for its slew of health benefits for the gut and bodily systems in general. However, many people aren’t aware that matcha can provide a ton of different benefits outside of being ingested!

The restorative benefits of matcha don’t lose their potency when it’s simply applied to the skin. Matcha contains anti-bacterial properties which fight different forms of acne and skin irritations, and also contains super concentrated levels of ECGG (epigallocatechin gallate).

ECGGis a key ingredient in reducing inflammation, aiding in moisture retention, and slowing wrinkle formation- making it a fantastic ingredient for all skin types and skin concerns. 

Features Of Matcha Face Washes

Cleanser Form

We all have our favorite forms of face washes, and thankfully, matcha face wishes can come in a slew of different types so you can choose one that best suits your skin type.

Gel cleansers are good for people with very deeply rooted skin concerns. If it feels like you suffer from extremely clogged pores, or if you have acne that just isn’t coming to a point, it’s important to opt for a deep cleansing product. This makes them great for folks with acne-prone, or super oily skin.

Foam cleansers are another great choice for oily, acne-prone skin. They’re super sudsy, so expect a deep clean that may leave sensitive or normal to dry skin feeling stripped. These face washes are great post-makeup since they penetrate deep into the skin to cleanse the skin of any leftover cosmetics that your oil-based remover may have missed.

Cream cleansers are fantastic for extra hydration and a nourishing feel. For those who may have damaged their moisture barrier with over-exfoliation or constant use of actives and retinol, it may be in your best interest to find the most healing forms of product possible- and cream is definitely the best way to go.

Skin-Type Compatibility

On top of looking at the form your cleanser is in, keep an eye out for any indicators that your face wash is truly compatible with your skin type. There should be copy on the packaging that states, “good for acne-prone skin,” “for normal to oily skin types,” etc. 

It’s also important to have knowledge of what ingredients would be most nourishing to your skin. For example, if a formula contains “clay,” it’s probably better for oily skin than dry, since clay is known to soak up sebum and dry out active acne. 

Formula Complexity

If you’re only interested in the healing properties of matcha, it’s always appropriate to search for a formula that keeps the ingredients as simple as possible and doesn’t compromise the strength of the matcha with other additional ingredients. Simple formulas are also great for those with more sensitive skin.

For resilient skin types, those looking to remedy a number of different skin problems, or those who want additional benefits with their face wash, looking for a complex formula may be of higher importance. 

Best Matcha Face Washes

RankProductKey Features
1.Lily Sado Matcha Made In HeavenClarifying, vitamin-rich, balancing
2.B LAB Matcha Hydrating Foam CleanserHydrating, good for sensitive skin, low pH
3.SheaMoisture Matcha Clay To CreamProbiotics, rich lather, has milk thistle
4.Matcha Cloud by Blue ChemistrySuper gentle, makeup removing, fragrance-free
5.Kumiko Matcha Luxurious Face WashContains actives, rich in oils, vegan, avoid if you have nut allergies

1. Lily Sado Matcha Made In Heaven

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The name ‘Matcha Made In Heaven’ isn’t only super cute, but it’s also undoubtedly fitting for this masterful formula.

This product is super clean, so it’s free of any chemical ingredients that may send your skin into distress. Not only that, but it’s also vegan and cruelty-free, and made with certified organic ingredients.

The main ingredients in this formula are our two favorite green superfoods: avocado and matcha!

The matcha is obviously great for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but when it works with avocado, your skin will be protected from free radicals, and also enriched with vitamins B5, C, and E.

This would be a fantastic face wash for all skin types since it’s gentle enough to be suitable for sensitive or dry skin, but deeply cleansing enough to keep oily skin and sebum at bay. The non-comedogenic formula is great for acne-prone skin, and it won’t leave you feeling stripped post-rinse.

2. B LAB Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser

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South Korean skincare is hitting the market strongly, and it’s all thanks to their deeply nourishing, yet super gentle formulas. B Lab is just one of the plethora of KBeauty brands making strides in international markets, and we are huge fans of their Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser!

This foam-based face wash is a fantastic choice for a PM Cleanser, mainly due to its deep cleansing formula that removes the skin of any bacteria, germs, oil, sweat, and makeup! Though it may sound like a cleanser of that strength would be drying, it actually balances your skin’s oil production and heals your moisture barrier with every use!

Some of our favorite features of this cleanser are the weak pH, so your natural pH levels aren’t disrupted. This cleanser also has amino acids that enrich your skin’s first line of defense, keeping your face crystal clear. It’s also been tested by dermatologists so it’s proven to be good for sensitive skin types.

3. SheaMoisture Matcha Clay To Cream

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For those with skin that tends to be on the oilier or more acne-prone side, you’ll be huge fans of how this face wash transforms before your very eyes.

Though SheaMoisture is mainly known for its incredible formulations of haircare products, this rockstar face wash is proof of the brand’s versatility overall.

The face wash feels like a typical clay face mask when it first goes on, helping rid the skin of any existing oil, sweat, and sebums deep in the skin.

You may even feel the tightening effects that you experience with most clay-based formulas. Instead of leaving it to dry on top of your skin, though, keep working it in.

In no time flat, you’ll find that the formula softens into a cream. This keeps the wash from drying out your skin too much, and also leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and plump once you’re ready to rinse. 

4. Matcha Cloud by Blue Chemistry

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Though the pricepoint of this face wash may be a touch higher than what you’re used to, it’s also the kind of formula that you’ll never forget, and in our opinion, well worth the splurge!

There’s something incredibly luxurious about the Blue Chemistry product line, they’re all vegan and cruelty-free, meticulously formulated with the best ingredients, and packaged in an environmentally friendly aluminum tube and box. 

Inside that little tube, you’ll find a mild, gentle, yet superhero-strength facial cleanser that works hard to reduce redness, and inflammation, and keep dehydration and acne at bay.

Enriched with probiotics, green tea, and matcha cultivated from the mountain slopes of Hong Kong, this unassuming-looking wash will work miracles on all skin types!

5. Kumiko Matcha Luxurious Face Wash

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Dealing with dry skin can be a serious pain, only to be remedied by a serious face wash!

This is definitely one of the more complex face washes on our list, but worry not if you have sensitive skin! It’s also super gentle and contains a cocktail of ingredients that work well for all skin types.

Though matcha is the foundation of this face wash, it also contains the benefits of orange essential oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, and cocoa butter.

With the number of oils in the formula, it’s no surprise that this face wash is revered for being highly hydrating and restorative to damaged skin barriers.

For mature skin types, you’ll love how this formula has a light number of actives. It’s not concentrated enough to be considered an exfoliating face wash, but it is enough to boost collagen production and the overall elasticity of your skin. This can help prevent wrinkle formation and can plump out fine lines and wrinkles!

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