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Eyeliner On Lower Lid Only (What To Do + What To Avoid)

by Gabbi

Eyeliner can drastically enhance and alter your eyes. You can easily create the illusion of almond eyes with a feline-flick or create a doe-eyed effect with a rounded liner. However, more people are experimenting by applying liners to the lower lids. 

Eyeliner on the lower lid or under-eye eyeliner is the latest editorial trend in daily makeup routines. This bottom-heavy look can ease your eyes and allow you more space to create new shapes or effects. 

So, can you apply eyeliner on your lower lid only? Yes, but you’ll want to avoid closing off your eyes with these techniques or using liquid products in the waterline. Lower lid eyeliner is great for hooded eyes who want a more defined eye shape.

Under-eye eyeliner allows you to think outside the box and rock a variety of liners varying in thickness and shapes. Also, it may be a beginner-friendly technique for those who have yet to learn how to define their eyes with eyeshadow.

Under-Eye Eyeliner Looks

While it’s traditional to use eyeliner on both your upper and lower lids, maybe it’s time to give your upper eyelids a rest while you experiment with applying eyeliner only to the lower lids.

Under-eye eyeliner is adaptable for all skill sets and provides a creative outlet. You can even learn new ways of accentuating your eye shape. 

What are some looks you can try that only involve using eyeliner on your lower lid and lashes? Some popular options include outer corner definition, graphic liner, and cat eyes. 

Cat Eye 

Under-eye eyeliner will be fantastic for those with small upper eyelids or hooded eyes. You can still create a straight, defined winged liner but focus all the product on your lower lash line. 

This technique ensures that your cat-eye will be prominent without weird lines or hidden folds when you look straight on. Just start drawing out from the bottom lash line.

Outer Corner Definition

Another easy and wearable way to incorporate eyeliner on the lower lid is by focusing on the outer corners. Sometimes, lining the lower lid to the tear ducts can create a closed-off effect, especially for those with smaller eyes. 

Instead, focus the liner only on the outer third of the lower lash line.

Graphic Liner 

Graphic liner can be intricate and allow you to think outside the box with your makeup look. This will be an excellent technique for those with the most advanced skill set because the lower lid can give you more space for a detailed eyeliner. 

Bold Colors 

One beginner-friendly technique for applying eyeliner only to the lower lid is using bold colors. Orange, pink, blue, and green are exciting hues to add to the lower lash line and create the illusion you spent more time on your makeup. 

In addition, you can choose a bold color that highlights your eye color, hair color, or eye shape.

Enhanced Waterline 

Finally, you can show the waterline some love by swiping on your favorite eyeliner. This can help you create a grungy look because you can smudge a kohl pencil into the waterline between the lower lashes and blend it for a smokey effect. 

You can adapt this technique by switching up your desired eyeliner color to balance the lookout by keeping the upper eyelid bare.

Tips For Applying Eyeliner On Lower Lid 

What are some basic do’s and don’ts of applying under-eye eyeliner? Using eyeliner only on the lower lid has its challenges. For example, you’ll want a clean finish, start with thin lines, and avoid using specific formulas in the water line. 

All these tips can help create a more cohesive finish, whether applying a detailed graphic eye or a smudged smokey look.


You’ll always want to prime your eyes for any eye look. An easy way to create a clean canvas for under-eye eyeliner is with concealer. 

First, apply a small dot of concealer to the lower lid and blend it out with a fluffy brush. You can choose to set it with powder. Eye primer can also create a great base for eyeliner. Both methods offer a long-lasting result.  

Start With Thin Lines 

Sometimes, less is more. So, you can start applying under-eye eyeliner with thin strokes. Thinner lines allow you to see your eyeliner placement and if you need to adjust it before creating a mess. 

In addition, starting small allows you to build up the intensity of your liner because you can always add more product slowly. 

Use Jewel Tones 

It’s excellent to incorporate bold colors like pink or blue. However, if you’re a beginner or like to stick to a more neutral color palette, you can always try jewel tones. Jewel tones offer a wash of color without looking too bold or childlike. 

Also, jewel tones can enhance your eye color and give a fun twist to eyeliner.

Avoid Liquid Liners In The Waterline 

One thing to avoid at all costs when applying under-eye liner is liquid formulas in the waterline. 

Applying a liquid eyeliner to the waterline won’t dry down and instead seep into your eyes to cause an unpleasant reaction. As a result, you can experience some stinging.

Instead, you can avoid applying liner in the waterline at all times or stick to pencil and gel formulas only.

Use Gel Or Pencil 

Pencil kohl liners and gel pots are much more forgiving to apply to the lower eyelid. Both products should be creamy and easy to blend. Also, it can be simple to touch-up if you’ve made a mistake, and they are long-lasting. 

More advanced skill sets may apply a water-activated liner for detailed looks.

Fill In The Gaps

How can you make under-eye eyeliner look cohesive? You can apply eyeliner to the lower lid easily, but take it one step further and fill in the gaps between your lower lashes. This provides a professional and clean finish to lower lid eyeliner. 

Accessorize With Blush

You can connect your under-eye liner with your blush for an editorial finish. For example, apply a pink liner to the lower outer corner and blend it into your blush shade. Blush can bring almost any under-eye eyeliner look to life. 

Clean-Up Edges 

Another helpful tip to make eyeliner on the lower lid look professional is cleaning up your shape. This tip is especially helpful for cat eyes or graphic liners that need sharp edges. Cleaning up around the liner can make it pop even more. 

An easy way to clean up eyeliner is with your concealer and fine brush or a cotton pad and micellar water.

Analyze Your Eye Shape 

Finally, figure out what flatters your features the most. For example, lining the lower lid with black kohl can create a closed-off effect for smaller eyes. Or you may want to elongate a round eye shape by creating a winged eyeliner. 

Eyeliner can help transform your features in multiple ways, so have fun experimenting.

Under-Eye Eyeliner For All Skill Sets 

How can you apply eyeliner only to the lower lids for all skill sets? Regardless of your makeup expertise, there is an under-eye eyeliner technique for you. You can wear these alone or pair them with your favorite base and lip looks.


Beginners can focus on drawing thin lines on the lower eyelid. This allows you to understand placement and where you like to have eyeliner. You can also focus your product on the outer corner for the most definition. 

Another helpful tip is to clean the edges with concealer or makeup remover. 


Intermediate skill sets may experiment by creating a winged eyeliner starting from the lower lid. You can also add a kohl pencil to the waterline and smudge it towards the lower lashes for a smokey effect. 

You can choose any shades you desire and tailor techniques to your features.


Finally, advanced skill sets may take time to draw intricate graphic eyeliner looks only on the lower lids. You may need multiple shades and a thin brush for a clean and easy application. You also get more space to expand towards the cheeks. 

Another option is to combine your lower lid eyeliner with your blush for an editorial finish.

Consult A Makeup Artist 

Do you want a more personalized eyeliner look? You can consult with a makeup artist who can pinpoint how to accentuate your features in a flattering way. They can give you the foundation to build off of and create new under-eye liner looks. 


Under-eye eyeliner is a fresh technique to add to your daily routine. It can elevate any makeup look, and there is a technique for all skill sets. In addition, you can apply eyeliner only to the lower lid for a unique twist. 

So, which lower lid eyeliner technique are you looking forward to trying first?

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