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Eyeliner On Top And Bottom – Do You Need Both?

by Gabbi

Eyeliner is possibly one of the hardest products to master when it comes to makeup. Generally, all aspects of eye makeup can be challenging to learn because everyone has different facial features and eye makeup requires precision and finesse. Overall, eyeliner can be intimidating for people new to makeup. 

Most of us have heard horror stories of accidentally creating raccoon eyes or applying too much product to even out your liner. Thankfully, with a few tips and tricks, and a little bit of patience, you will master the art of eyeliner in no time! 

Finding the proper eyeliner placement for your eyes and a favorite eyeliner formula will give the best results.

But, can you apply eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes? Yes, you can apply eyeliner to the tops and bottoms of your eyes. However, it’s essential to remember that your eyeliner placement can change your look completely. Also, it isn’t always necessary to do both.

Each eyeliner placement gives a certain finish to your makeup. For example, eyeliner on the upper eyelid can be flirty and nice for the daytime, bottom eyeliner creates drama, and eyeliner on both will make a smoky and mysterious or grunge look, depending on your approach. Are you ready to find out more?

Find Your Eye Shape & Eyeliner Formula 

Before you apply anything to your eyes, you will want to learn about your eye shape and find your favorite formula. 

This is an important tip that will help you apply eyeliner flawlessly to your eyes without messing up, no matter if it’s on top or bottom.

You’ll want to create a go-to look that you can whip out and apply flawlessly in seconds. Once you learn the basics, you can get more creative with your eyeliner placement.

Eyeliner Types

Eyeliner comes in multiple formulas, colors, and finishes. They each have their brushes to help with the application, and they all have different textures and lifespans.

1. Kohl/Pencil 

Kohl or pencil eyeliners are the easiest to work with and are beginner-friendly. Kohl and pencil eyeliners are incredibly creamy in texture, making them blendable and forgiving if you mess up. They can even be used as a base for liquid liners.

However, without a finishing spray and primer, they can smudge and transfer all over the place, especially if you have oily skin.

The sparkle in this black pencil liner offers a fun twist on a classic beauty staple.

2. Liquid 

Liquid liner is the most opaque, vivid, and vibrant liner. 

However, liquid liner can be tricky to use. Sometimes they are runny, and other times they can dry out. They are suitable for the upper lids to create a sharp line of winged liner or to accentuate the lashes.

Unfortunately, liquid liner can’t be applied in the waterline. It won’t dry down like a kohl pencil will, and it can sting the eyes.

This black liquid liner is a fan favorite that’s prized for not smudging.

3. Gel 

Gels can be just as pigmented as a liquid, creamy like kohl, and have their own unique texture. Gel liners usually come in a pot, and you’ll need an eyeliner brush to apply it. Gels are also long-lasting and pigmented. 

However, it can be very challenging to get a crisp line with gels, and they’re better suited to looks that require blending out.

You can have a color for every mood with the array available from this gel eyeliner brand.

Eye Shapes & Sizes 

Everyone has different eyes. So, what works for some people may not work for others. This is the time to experiment and allow yourself to mess up and find what placement works the best for your eye shape.

There are so many distinct eye shapes, but let’s go over a few popular shapes.

5. Almond 

Almond eyes are considered to be the ideal eye shape because every eyeliner placement will look stunning.

Almond eyes are usually the most symmetrical shape, and they need minimal corrections to wear a particular style of eyeliner.

6. Hooded

Hooded eyes always tend to have difficulties with traditional eyeliner applications. Hooded eyes can wear the same eye looks; they just need to use a different application method to make the eyes pop.

For example, focus the liner more on the outer corner rather than the inner corners that most likely won’t be seen, or the eyeliner may take up your entire eyelid. 

7. Round 

Round eyes can also pull off a lot of eye looks because they have a distinct crease that is visible, and the eyes are usually bigger.

Round eyes will look stunning with an elongated eyeliner look to create more dimension and structure.

8. Monolid 

Monolid eyes don’t usually have a distinct crease which, although challenging for some looks, can be seen as a good thing because you have a clean canvas.

Eyeliner can help create a crease wherever you desire. Graphic liners can look stunning on this particular eye shape as well.

9. Big Vs. Small Eyes 

Big eyes can wear almost any eyeliner look because there is a lot of space to work with, and any color will accentuate them. 

Small eyes should stay clear of darker eyeliner to avoid looking sunken, or you can apply eyeliner a little farther from the outer corners to create the illusion of more lid space and an elongated eye.

Eyeliner Color 

Dark eyeliner colors will bring drama, dimension, and intensity. They will make the eyes look smaller or more closed off. Meanwhile, lighter eyeliner colors can make the eyes look bigger and highlight specific points you want to be noticed.

Applying Eyeliner On Upper Eyelids

Applying eyeliner on the tops of your eyes is always a great place to start, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. There are multiple looks you can achieve simply by applying eyeliner on the tops of the eyelids only.

1. Make Your Lash Line Thicker

With a pencil, kohl, or gel, you can tight line the upper waterline to create the illusion of a thick lash line. This is great if your lashes look sparse, and is a simple step that anyone can do, no matter your eye shape.

2. Create A Wing 

You can wing out your eyeliner on the top lids to create a fun and flirty look. Start on the outer corner and draw up towards your brows to get the best placement. 

You can do this by looking straight into the mirror with your face relaxed, so it seems natural in the end. This tip prevents the wing from looking crooked or from disappearing when you have your eyes open.

Hooded eyes can create winged liner by first drawing the tip and then connecting the tip to mid lash line rather than swiping the liner on in one fluid motion. 

3. Blend It Out 

With a pencil liner, you can messily apply eyeliner on top and smudge it out with your finger or a brush to give an effortless but chic look. It can also be worn both during the day and at night. 

4 Use Tape 

Tape can be a great guide to help you learn eyeliner placements, especially for the upper eyelid. Simply apply it from the outer corner and then upwards to the tail of your brow. 

Applying Eyeliner On Lower Eyelids 

Applying eyeliner on the lower lash line will give a dramatic, smokey, and intense look. However, leaving it blank will make smaller eyes appear larger.

1. Blend It Out 

You can easily apply kohl or a pencil to the lower lids and smudge it out. This is great because it does not require precision, and you will achieve a smokey and dramatic look. You can even wing it out towards the outer corner of the eye.

2. Fill The Waterline 

Applying a pencil, gel, or kohl to the lower waterline can help bigger eyes look smaller or make smaller eyes look bigger, depending on the color. However, this method won’t be long-lasting because the waterline can make the products fade.

Applying Eyeliner On The Top And Bottom

You can apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eyes too. This will create a dramatic and bold look depending on your eyeliner color. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a look that will make a statement.

1. Smokey Eye

Applying eyeliner to the top and bottom of your eyes is the perfect way to create a smokey eye. You can do this with a pencil for a grungy and messy look or layer liquid on the top lid to make a sexy cat-eye.

2. Bright & Editorial 

If you opt for bright colors like blue or pink, applying eyeliner to the top and bottom can be daytime-appropriate and fun. You can make a statement that is vibrant and flattering, and doesn’t close off your eyes like a smokey eye.

Should You Always Do Both?

Whether you always want to apply eyeliner on the top and bottom all the time will be up to you and your personal preferences. You can apply eyeliner on both, only the top, or only on the bottom.

Applying eyeliner on the top will accentuate your lash line; it’s great for every day, and you can create a fun and flirty wing.

Applying eyeliner to the bottom lash line is great for a daytime smokey eye, or to alter the size of your eyes by creating an illusion. 

Lastly, applying eyeliner to the top and bottom can create a unique smokey eye or a bright editorial look to express your personality.

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