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5 Best Eyelash Applicator Tools Of 2022

by Gabbi

What is the most challenging stage of applying makeup? Some may argue that it’s eyeliner.

Don’t get me wrong; it is definitely a struggle to draw a perfect line that is flattering for your eye shape. However, doing your eyelashes can be just as annoying. I know you may be thinking that false eyelashes aren’t

Surprisingly enough, eyelashes can completely change a makeup look. Applying fake eyelashes can be time-consuming. We have all spent hours gluing false hairs onto our eyeballs, praying that it will give us a more full and natural look. Most of the time, it doesn’t. 

Why purchase an eyelash applicator tool? Designed to hold fake lashes, eyelash applicator tools specifically engineered for eyelash application help you apply with ease. Plus, you have less risk of poking your eyes with sharp and intimidating tweezers. You get to skip the fuss of fumbling around with your fingers.

Keep reading to replace clumsy finger application and sketchy tweezer application with our top eyelash applicator tools.

What Is an Eyelash Applicator?

As mentioned before, eyelash applicators are incredibly similar to tweezers. They have a handle with a thin tip made perfectly to grab delicate items like fake lashes.

The difference is the tip. Most eyelash applicators have a flat or scooped edge. This allows it to grab a better hold of the falsies you are applying. 

The edges of a tweezer can be slanted, or they can be extremely sharp and pointy. Regardless, a lot of people fear that you can still hurt your eye. You should be careful with tweezers, especially if your hands shake.

Lash applicators have a smaller chance of injuring your eye. They are more ergonomically correct, meaning they are comfortable, and the edge is flat, soft, and rounded.

Lash applicators are also made to squeeze your natural lashes into the fake ones perfectly. This will help conceal the fake lashes and blend them into the ones you already have.

You may be thinking that lash applicators are the answer to applying falsies quickly. Well, you are right. Whether you are a beginner or a professional makeup artist, a lash applicator will make everything easier. 

So, where can you find an eyelash applicator? What do you need to look for? Are they accessible? Thankfully, eyelash applicators are not as intimidating to learn about as opposed to tweezers. Let’s dive in and see what is out there and what lash applicators you need to get your hands on. 

Buyer’s Guide – Best Lash Applicators

Get ready to add one of our faves to your cart!

RankProductKey features
1.Yiwoo Eyelash Applicator Tool5-pieces, rose gold, 2 applicators
2.Feita False Eyelashes Applicator5", stainless steel
3.Mudder Eyelash Extension Tweezers Set8-pieces, multipurpose, velvet bag
4.Ardell Deluxe Lash ApplicatorSlightly larger eyelash applicator
5.Acavado Eyelash Comb and Applicator SetStainless steel, 2-piece eyelash applicator set

1. Yiwoo Eyelash Applicator Tool 

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This set from Yiwoo will give you every tool you need for the most full and fluttery lashes. Not only does it come with one lash applicator, but it comes with two. 

All five of the tools in this set are made with stainless steel, and they are all in a shiny rose gold color. If you need to update your eyelash curler and tweezers, this set has you covered. 

You will also find manicure scissors that will trim fake lashes or your eyebrows if needed. Each lash tool has a different shape which will give you variety when it comes to applying lashes.

The first lash tool is exceptionally long. The handle is lengthy, thin, and slightly curved. The tips of this lash tool are also light and long. They have a slight curve that matches the contour of your eyelid. 

The second lash tool differs in shape. The handle has a few bends that allow you to have a better grasp of the device. This is a great option if you need to keep your hand steady.

The tip of this lash tool is concise in comparison to the other one in this set. It also has a half-circle shape that is more curved. This would be great for any half eyelash strips to apply or even individual lashes. 

Regardless, this set gives you options. You will have a blast experimenting to see what lash style suits you best. 

2. Feita False Eyelash Applicator

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A sleek and slim eyelash applicator tool that will make dealing with all kinds of fake eyelashes a breeze. It can easily fit in your bag to take with you on the go for any touch-ups. 

They are made with stainless steel. This applicator is also 5″ long, the perfect size to keep in your makeup bag. It comes in a sleek black colorway. 

This tool can be used to apply fake lashes, adjust the fake lash, and when it’s time to take them off, remove the lash. It can be handy to have a tool around to help remove fake lashes when the day is done. 

The lash applicator itself is long and slightly curved. The tips are lengthy and can grab a good chunk of the fake eyelash.

Strip eyelashes will no longer be a struggle with this tool. It is beginner-friendly. If you are looking to get a simple lash tool, this is the one; no gimmicks here. Soon enough, you will have perfectly laid down lashes. It will take minutes to apply, and then you’re ready to go. 

3. Mudder Eyelash Extension Tweezers Set

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This set will be the best bang for your buck. You will receive 8 multipurpose tweezer tools along with an eyelash applicator. Not only will you be able to apply your lash perfectly, but you will also have an arsenal of other tools for all kinds of beauty endeavors.

You will even have the choice between a sleek black set or a rainbow set!

Because this set made of metal, you don’t have to fret about tossing it in your bag. It is high-quality and durable.

The false eyelash applicator has a scooped edge, making it simple to fit onto the eyelid. The contoured handle also makes using it a breeze. There are no pointed or sharp edges, so you don’t have to fear getting up close and personal with this tool.

The lash applicator will also help remove fake lashes as well. It will also not damage any lashes during use.

4. Ardell Deluxe Lash Applicator

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We all know Ardell is the go-to brand for anything eyelash-related. Whether it be various types of fake eyelashes, tools, or brows, Ardell is a trusted and famous brand.

If you were ever watching beauty tutorials as a kid, you have definitely seen your favorite beauty guru use Ardell Lashes. Now, Ardell has expanded immensely, and they even have a lash applicator tool.

This tool is different from the rest. It honestly looks like a cute little plastic clip you use to close chip bags with. It was manufactured by keeping beginners in mind. 

Is it short, sturdy, and fat.The lash tool has a pinchable end, much like a claw clip. The other side resembles more of an eyelash curling tool. However, it will cover the entire eyelash area. 

Even if you are a lash professional, you will end up falling in love with this tool. In this set, you will receive 3 of these lash applicators. You’ll never have to go without lashes ever again. 

5. Acavado Eyelash Comb and Applicator Tool Set 

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If you want a beautiful stainless steel lash duo tool, then look no further. This set comes in a beautiful dusty pink or a sleek black colorway. Apply and brush through eyelashes with ease. 

This specific lash applicator has a handle that is comfortable and ergonomically correct to hold. The tip is concave and will grab any eyelash quickly. 

You will be able to apply, adjust, readjust, and remove eyelashes without worrying about damaging your falsies. It will help preserve your fake lashes so you can wear them multiple times.

The eyelash comb will ensure you will have fluffy and separated eyelashes. It will remove any excess mascara that has the potential to clump. However, it won’t pull or break off your lashes

If you are worried about how this lash comb will be stored, it will also come with a cap. You can keep it easily in your purse or your makeup bag. 

However, still use with caution, the metal teeth could potentially damage the eyes if it is not used correctly. Make sure children do not have access to this tool. Regardless, this duo is impressive to have on hand to ensure amazing lashes after every application.

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