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Hairstyles For Bed

by Gabbi

Your nighttime hair routine is so important for healthy, happy hair in the morning, and to avoid waking up looking like you’ve just put your head in a blender.

The right hairstyles for bed can really make a difference to your hair’s health, and how easy it is to style your hair in the morning.

Along with removing any makeup before bed and cleansing your skin, you should put your hair up in a style that will protect it (while still being comfortable to sleep in).

So, what are the best hairstyles for bed? The best hairstyles for bed depend on your type of hair, but typically braids, twists, and buns are best and keep your hair protected while you toss and turn in your sleep. In particular, braids and buns also give you beautifully wavy hair in the morning too.

To help you choose the best hairstyles for bed, we have listed them all below, and how to quickly achieve them before heading off to bed.

1. Braids

Braids are possibly the best option for your hair when going to bed. They are comfortable to sleep in, and when you wake up, you will have some beautiful waves to show off as well.

There are a few different braid options to choose from:

  • French Braid

French braids are best right after a shower when your hair is still slightly damp, but not wet. You can put your hair into a single French braid, or two braids on either side. One braid gives looser waves in the morning, and two braids allow for tighter waves.

All hair types and hair lengths can use French braids, making it a great option for everyone. If your hair is dry before bed and you want to wake up with some waves, dampen your hair with some water a little bit.

Start at the top section of your hair and divide it into three sections. Take the left section and move it across the middle, to the right-hand side. Then take the right-hand side and move it over the other strands to the left. Repeat this, picking up hair as you go, until you get to the nape of your neck, and then braid down as usual.

  • Two French Braids

Putting two French braids in your hair before bed gives you tighter waves when you wake up. This is a good option for naturally curly hair, both loose and tight, as it will keep the curls away and protected while you sleep, preventing them from becoming frizzy.

An extra bit of care would be to put some hair oil into your curls before placing your hair into a French braid, just to give it some extra moisture to absorb during the night.

  • Loose Braid

A braid for sleeping does not have to be too tight, and a loose braid can work well too. Simply brush your hair towards the back of your head, grab the ends of your hair, divide it into three sections, and loosely braid it.

It is best to secure the loose braid with a fabric scrunchie to keep it in place, but also to protect the ends of your hair and avoid any kinks that other hair bands could cause.

A loose braid is ideal for those with long hair and gives very soft, natural waves in the morning when the braid is removed from the hair.

If the braid becomes a bit worrying when sleeping on your back, you can braid it to the side of your head and lay it over your shoulder while you sleep.

2. Top Bun

A top bun is most people’s go-to hairstyle before bed, as it is easy to do and keeps your hair out of your face and protected.

A top bun, if done right, can give you some great waves in the morning as well. When creating a top bun at night, you should try and ensure that your hair is slightly damp, and not wet. Having damp hair will help your hair curl easier while you sleep.

To put your hair in a top bun, brush your hair gently and then place it in a ponytail onto the top of your head. Make sure it is in a comfortable position to not get in the way while you sleep. Once in a ponytail, twist the end of the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to form a bun, and secure in place with a scrunchie.

Do not make the ponytail or the bun too tight, as this could damage your hair while you sleep, and it could be painful.

Having a top bun during the evening can give you some waves in the morning, and can add some volume to your hair so you can skip over blow-drying.

3. Twisting

Twisting is a simple way to keep hair out of your face and protected while you sleep, and is an option to choose if you do not want your hair to be too curly or wavy in the morning when you wake up.

To twist your hair, separate your hair into two portions, and twist each away from your face. Once each portion is twisted, twist them together and secure with a scrunchie at the bottom. This is a comfortable hairstyle to sleep with, and should not pull on your scalp too much.

4. Wearing A Cap

For full protection of your hair, you could wear a cap and completely cover your hair. The best option for nightcaps are silk or satin, as these do not cause frizziness and are soft and gentle on your hair. 

This is a great way to protect a certain hairstyle for the next day, for example, if you have curled your hair and want the curls to still be around when you wake up.

There are some caps that have elastic bands along the rim to keep the cap in place, but there are also wraps that you can use which will not cause any irritation from the elastic.

Pre-Sleep Hair Tips

Other than knowing which hairstyle to put your hair into before going to bed, there are some other pre-sleep tips you could use to ensure your hair is healthy and frizz-free.

1. Brush Your Hair

Use a gentle brush to brush your hair each night before bed. Use the brush to massage your scalp, and then brush through to the end of your hair.

This helps to massage and cleanse your scalp and increase blood flow and helps to distribute your scalp’s natural oils from the scalp down to the ends of your hair.

2. Massage Your Head

Either use a brush or your fingertips to massage your head before bed. This increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth as well.

A simple massage can help increase the health of your hair, and it can also help sooth and calm you before bed as well.

3. Use Hair Oil

Apply hair oil to your hair twice a week before bed, especially if your hair is dry and brittle. Hair oil applied twice a week can help to moisturize hair and prevent breakages. You could choose a hair oil or even a natural oil such as coconut oil too.

Start by massaging the oil into your scalp and then towards the end of your hair, being careful not to massage so rough that it causes more breakages. Once you have massaged the oil in, braid your hair together.

When placing oil in your hair, place a towel over your pillow or use an old pillowcase to prevent the oil from staining the linen.

4. Do Not Sleep With Wet Hair

It is so important to not sleep with wet hair! Hair is very fragile when it is wet, and even more so when you have just got out of a hot shower. Hot water opens up hair follicles and makes them more susceptible to damage.

It is fine to wash your hair at night before bed, but make sure to dry it before going to sleep, or shower early enough that your hair dries naturally before bedtime, and avoid any heat damage from blow-drying.

If you are putting your hair into a French braid, it can be slightly damp.

Related Questions

Is it bad to braid your hair every night?

If possible, you should avoid braiding your hair every night before bed. Try and alter how you wear your hair each night. Using the same hairstyle each night can lead to damage and breakage over time. Make sure that if you are putting your hair up that it is not pulled up too tight.

What pillowcase is best to sleep on?

A satin pillowcase or silk pillowcase is the best option to sleep on, to prevent frizziness hair breakage. This means your hair will be smooth when you wake up in the morning.

Is a messy bun bad for your hair?

A messy bun can be bad for your hair if you put your hair up too tight and do not take care to place the ends of your hair in the ponytail gently.

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