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5 Best Dry Shampoos For Sensitive Scalps

by Gabbi

Perfecting your hair-washing routine is a journey that we all have to go on at one point in our lives. Teaching your locks to handle not being washed every single day is a tough process, but thankfully one that can be remedied with the assistance of a high-quality dry shampoo!

A quick blast of dry shampoo on dirty locks can give you another shampoo-less day or two, but for those with sensitive scalps, the constant exposure to the product can be irritating. Making the switch to a gentler formula can change the health of your head for the better. 

What qualities does a scalp-friendly dry shampoo have? Dry shampoos for sensitive scalps will have a clean formula paired with enriching ingredients and can come in either spray or powder form.

Finding your dry shampoo match involves a lot of trial and error, even more so if you have a finicky scalp. Instead of experimenting on your own, try out one of our top 5 picks for sensitive-scalp-friendly dry shampoos to narrow down your perfect match!

Features Of A Good Dry Shampoo

Clean Formula

A clean formula can mean that the formula is vegan and naturally derived, and/or that it’s cruelty-free. Either way, the product will be far gentler than other, more chemically-based dry shampoos. 

If your formula is vegan and naturally derived, you can use your dry shampoo with the confidence that all the ingredients were formulated with guiltless additives – no harm to the animals or the environment.

Cruelty-free formulas are ethically sourced and make significantly less of an environmental impact than animal-tested formulas. Not only can you rest easy with the knowledge that no bunny had to suffer for your clean hair, but you can also keep your carbon footprint nice and tiny.

Enriching Ingredients

Whether it’s the addition of cooling peppermint or a vitamin-packed formula, any product that you’re spraying into your roots every single day should at least attempt to preserve the health of your locks.

Look for a formula that goes above and beyond what you ask of it: “not only does this dry shampoo clean your hair, but it also keeps your strands feeling nurtured and moisturized,” etc. 

Being picky about your ingredient list, and the products you put into your strands in general, is a mindset to adopt that your future self with thank you for!

Powder Or Spray

The two main forms you can find dry shampoo in are powder or spray. Both of these are equally effective, but most people will find that they lean more towards one than the other.

Those looking for a lot of volume (aka those with thin or fine strands) may like a powder dry shampoo more than an aerosol formula. Due to the high molecular weight of the product, you can get a lot more body in your roots, rather than having the product absorbed by your strands.

For thick hair, opt for a spray formula instead. With this form of dry shampoo, you can apply a lot of product onto your strands without it leaving behind a residue or a powdery white cast on your roots. 

Best Dry Shampoos For Sensitive Scalps

RankProductKey Features
1. Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat MilkSpray formula, plant-based, all hair types
2.Act+Acre Plant-Based Dry ShampooPlant-based, unscented, fulvic acid
3.Acure Dry-ShampooRosemary and peppermint, vegan, powder formula
4.No Nothing Very Sensitive Dry ShampooVegan, hypoallergenic, spray formula
5.HASK Coconut Nourishing Dry ShampooAluminum-free, softening, clean formula

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

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You might have tried a ton of dry shampoos in your time, but have you ever tried one that had an award-winning formula?

If you haven’t yet discovered how incredible of a brand Klorane Botanical Foundation is, we seriously suggest this dry shampoo be the first product of theirs you try out.

Dedicated to cultivating the natural healing properties of plants in their products, this dry shampoo features the cleansing benefits of oat milk to keep hair feeling so fresh and so clean. 

Plant-based, vegan, ultra-fine, and extremely gentle, this spray formula is compatible with all hair types, and will help soothe scalp irritation by balancing oil production and healing any existing issues (dry scalp, etc).

It’s a dry shampoo worth trying, and after a single use, you may find that you never go back to any of your previous faves!

2. Act+Acre Plant-Based Dry Shampoo

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Looking for something simple? We got you.

This dry shampoo by Act+Acre contains a grand total of six ingredients, that’s right only six ingredients, and they’re all plant-based!

This formula was meticulously designed to be as effective as big brand names, without all the added fuss and chemicals.

Even though it comes in tinier packaging than traditional dry shampoo bottles, this product is unbelievably concentrated, so a single .60oz bottle will last you 2-3 months. 

The true rockstar of this dry shampoo formula is the addition of Fulvic Acid, a byproduct of plant extracts that not only cleans the scalp of any irritants and toxins but also introduces your hair to over 60 minerals that help rebuild any damage done to your hair’s natural moisture barrier and microbiome. 

3. Acure Dry-Shampoo

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For those with thinner hair, you’ll love this super-clean and super-effective dry shampoo formulated by Acure.

Acure is a brand that sources all of its ingredients from the highest quality vendors, so you can use your product with the reassurance that it’s sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, and petroleum-free. 

This is a powder formula, so you can use it to build up major volume and body. It’s also deeply nourishing to your strands, cultivating the power of rosemary and peppermint oil to stimulate your scalp and improve natural hair growth. 

Vegan and cruelty-free, this product has a super simple ingredient list that also features Kaolin Clay, a powerhouse ingredient that has unparalleled mattifying powers. 

To use this dry shampoo, you have the option of puffing this powder directly onto your roots or pouring it onto your hairbrush and swiping it through your locks to further massage it into your scalp. 

4. No Nothing Very Sensitive Dry Shampoo

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If your sensitive scalp is due to allergies or eczema, you want a formula that’s as clean as clean can be.

Thankfully, your search for a haircare line that’s compatible with your super-sensitive skin ends here. 

No Nothing is a brand founded in Finland that’s dedicated to making hypoallergenic, unscented, clean formulas that will keep your hair and skin happy.

Another great plus about this product is that it’s asthma-approved (which is fantastic since allergies and asthma typically go hand-in-hand)!

Despite it being specifically made for those with existing skin issues, we think that anyone can benefit from this super gentle formula, as it’s free of any and all irritants that could cause problems on even the healthiest scalp. 

5. HASK Coconut Nourishing Dry Shampoo

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Though people tend to associate clean formulas with unscented products, there are tons of incredible smelling products out there that won’t aggravate your scalp through the addition of alcohol and perfumes.

Injected with a blend of coconut oil and Gardenias native to Tahiti, all of the scents in this dry shampoo are naturally derived, but the benefits don’t stop there, as those ingredients also help enrich the hair and keep it super soft, strong, and shiny. 

This dry shampoo boasts a super fine mist, so you can easily build the product in your hair as needed.

You also don’t have to worry about the rest of this formula’s ingredient list, because it’s aluminum, sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free. That means with every single mist, you’re introducing your hair to all of the good stuff and none of the rest. 

Related Questions

How do you use dry shampoo?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the proper use of dry shampoo, but in our opinion, there’s no true right or wrong way to use it.

You can blast it through already greasy locks for a quick refresh, but some people like to work it through still clean hair so that their strands don’t even have the chance to get dirty to begin with! 

The most important thing to remember is to apply the product in layers- you don’t want to overdo it with product since dry shampoo can make your locks clump.

With every layer you apply, take some time to work the product into your roots with your fingertips. Reapply as necessary. 

Can you use dry shampoo straight out of the shower?

There’s a popular trend going around that tells you to apply dry shampoo onto still-wet, fresh-out-the-shower strands. It may sound crazy, it may even sound counterproductive, but trust us when we say it can do wonders for your strands!

Misting your clean, wet hair with dry shampoo allows the product to bond directly with your hair strand rather than the oils on your scalp. When your hair dries, you’ll be left with strands that look naturally full and voluminous. 

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