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7 Best Blonde Hair Waxes

by Gabbi

In a perfect world, you’d be able to dye your hair on a weekly basis without compromising the health of your strands.

Unfortunately, undergoing chemical treatments of any kind (even if the formula is as gentle as a demi-permanent dye), can be damaging on strands, especially if your hair type has trouble holding onto moisture- like naturally curly hair.

Thankfully, there are ways to color your hair without stressing your hair out! And no, we’re not talking about color-depositing conditioners; this option is actually much gentler on the hair, and only lasts until your next wash.

They’re called hair waxes, and though they come in literally every shade you could dream up, today we’ll be talking about blonde hair wax.

So, what are the best blonde hair waxes? When picking out the best blonde hair waxes, find a product that has the cleanest possible formula, a thinner consistency, and great color vibrancy. It should also retain its pigment right up until you wash it off.

There are so many options available for you out there, so to make the process easier, we’ve sought out the best blonde hair waxes available, and we’ve broken down exactly why they’re so good too! Ready? Let’s get started.

Qualities Of The Best Blonde Hair Waxes

A Clean Formula

One of the main reasons why you may be opting for a colored hair wax rather than a more permanent dyeing process is because a wax is definitively less damaging on your strands, especially when compared to chemical treatments.

Because of that, opting for the cleanest formula possible when it comes to your wax will let you rest easy, ensuring that the product will be kind to your hair. A gentle formula also allows you to switch from color to color without damaging your hair. 

It can also be said that a cleaner formula washes out of your strands easier, so you don’t need to worry about left over residue or color on your hair after a thorough shampoo.

Thinner Consistency

Unlike hair waxes that are strictly meant for styling, you should always opt for a thinner consistency when it comes to colored waxes.

The reason being is, until you apply the product to your hair, you won’t necessarily know how much of the wax you’ll need to get the desired color onto your strands. If you go for too thick of a formula, you may be left with crunchy, dry looking hair. 

A thinner formula is more forgiving, so you can put on a couple of layers of color for a more pigmented finish without sacrificing the final texture of your strands. It’ll also wear better throughout the day, allowing movement in your hair and keeping it from looking too stiff. 

Color Pigmentation

The pigmentation of your product should definitely be kept at the forefront of your mind. The reason being is that the formula should be able to cover the base color of your natural strands, from the brightest silvers to the deepest browns and blacks.

A strong pigment allows you to use the least amount of product possible to cover your strands. This is especially necessary if you’re on the darker side of brunette (or have jet-black hair), as needing a lot of product to cover your natural shade could lead to unnatural looking locks. 

Best Blonde Hair Waxes

RankProductKey Features
1.MOFAJANG Gold Hair WaxNon-sticky, non-irritating, styling
2.Curls Unleashed Temporary Hair ColorMoisturizing, molding, washes out easily
3.Spdoo Hair Coloring WaxMixable, natural ingredients, scented
4.Arathi Hair Color WaxFull-coverage, environmentally-friendly, non-sticky
5.MOLLAY Hair WaxNatural ingredients, moisturizing, vegan
6.Curlsmith Temporary Hair MakeupNo unnatural ingredients, 100% vegan, curly hair friendly
7.As I Am Curl ColorVegan, works on all base colors, medium-hold styling

1. MOFAJANG Gold Hair Wax

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Coming in first, we have this incredible gold hair wax from Mofajang. Depending on the shade of your natural strands, this color may vary from looking like a natural blonde to a metallic, striking gold shade.

One of our favorite things about this hair wax is the formula. It’s made up of 100% natural ingredients, so it’s easy on the hair and on the planet.

To have a hair product with a 100% clean formula is unbelievably rare, so we commend Mofajang for offering one of the most environmentally friendly hair waxes on the market!

As for the feel, you’ll love that the wax has a non-sticky finish with incredible coverage. Plus, it washes out clean with a single shampoo, making it great for parties, nights out, and other special events!

2. Curls Unleashed Temporary Hair Color

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Here’s a temporary color wax that’s perfect if you have curly or textured hair!

Because it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t compromise the shape of your curl, and instead offers gorgeous color coverage and styling capabilities that are in a league of their own.

To reiterate, this temporary hair color is more than just a colored wax- it’s a styling product that keeps and holds your desired style until it’s time to wash it out!

The application process is quick and easy- there’s no mess or fuss, and absolutely no sticky residue left on your strands.

As for the washing out process, it’ll be just as smooth as the application; simply wash hair as normal (it’ll only take one wash for your hair to be squeaky clean).

3. Spdoo Hair Coloring Wax

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This Blonde hair wax is perfect for special occasions, parties, or themed events rather than for everyday, but because of its uber-clean ingredient list (and for other reasons we’ll get into), it’s made our list of the best blonde hair waxes you can choose from.

Some of the main ingredients in this hair wax are naturally-derived: beeswax, caranuba wax, tea extract, licorice extract, and castor oil.

Because a bulk of the ingredients are from nature, they’re unlikely to irritate the scalp or damage your hair in any way. 

It’s best to apply this wax on damp hair rather than dry hair, as the color will keep better, and the formula can more effectively moisturize your hair. 

4. Arathi Hair Color Wax

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This next hair wax was specially formulated for people who like to switch up their hair colors often! That means that there’s a potent, full-coverage finish, without any commitment whatsoever!

Application is a breeze, but if you’re looking for the most natural finish possible, there are some tricks to keep in mind! Apply the wax onto damp hair, and work it through until you get your desired coverage.

Afterwards, take a blow-dryer to dry your hair down entirely. Then, using your fingers or a fine-toothed comb, brush through the strands to separate each piece of hair.

Voila! No one will be able to tell you didn’t spend the night dyeing your locks. 

5. Mollay Hair Wax

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For the environmentally friendly, there’s no other wax to choose from than the Mollay Gold Hair Wax!

It’s naturally-derived, cruelty-free, vegan, and alcohol-free, so your hair will maintain it’s natural moisture and shine, it’ll just look a little more blonde.

The addition of castor oil also helps preserve the health of your hair, as it locks in hydration and improves the flexibility of each individual strand, so you don’t have to worry about your hair looking crunchy or dry.

Again, apply this hair wax to damp locks and let it air dry for maximum silkiness. If you want an extra potent pop of color, you can apply multiple layers (just make sure to wait 20 minutes in between each one).

6. Curlsmith Temporary Hair Makeup

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Sometimes, if not always- you just want an ultra-clean, super easy application. Enter Curlsmith!

This hair wax is actually labeled as “hair makeup,” because it’s meant for those occasions when you want to dress up and show off your personal style!

This hair makeup will wash out easily in a singular shampoo, but don’t be fooled, it’s definitely one of the more long-lasting options we have on our list!

It’s applied to damp hair, and once it’s all dry, it’s virtually transfer-proof. You can put on clothes, lean on headrests, and rest your head that you won’t stain anything throughout the day. 

7. As I Am Gold Hair Color

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The reason we love this hair wax isn’t just because of it’s amazing color payoff, nor is it just because it can work on all hair types (especially curly), but it’s because it’s so good for your hair, that it’s almost like you’re using a hair mask when you apply it!

Made up of all natural ingredients, you’re be able to feel how reparative the formula is on your strands upon first application.

In fact, the brand claims that in a single use, it’ll strengthen your hair by 6%, and increases the moisture of your strands by 91%!

And if you needed more convincing, you’ll be even more amazed to find out that this hair color coats all natural shades with 100% coverage, so even the deepest brunettes can find out if blondes really do have more fun!

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