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9 Best Pomades For Long Hair

by Gabbi

Pomades are often underrated hair styling products because they are mainly geared towards men’s styles. Also, they are usually applied to shorter hair. However, pomade can style all hair types, lengths, and textures.

Surprisingly enough, pomades can add texture, hold, and definition to long hair without feeling greasy. In addition, you can create a voluminous look and enhance your layers all with pomade. You can even opt for a long-lasting formula.

So what are the best pomades for long hair? The best pomades for long hair will add texture and hold without weighing down the hair. However, some pomades can be too heavy, so it can be beneficial to choose a lightweight or flexible consistency.

Pomade can also enhance your hair type. For example, if you have long curly hair, a hydrating pomade can eliminate frizz and add softness. Also, pomade can provide sleek and shiny results, so straight strands become smooth.

While many pomades are marketed towards short or men’s haircuts, you can customize each product to fit your needs. Pomades are versatile, and you’ll even be able to find pomade hybrids that can transform your strands. 

What To Consider While Purchasing Pomade For Long Hair 


Pomades are available in various holds or strengths. For example, you can opt for one that’s light, medium, or strong hold. However, light and flexible hold may be the best for long hair, so the strands don’t feel heavy, greasy, or crunchy.


You can also customize the finish of your hair with pomades. Pomades can offer a shiny, wet, natural, or matte finish. Natural and matte are significant to enhance layers on long strands. However, the finish is also up to your preference.


Pomades are usually a semi-solid consistency, and they can vary in texture. You can find pomades similar to wax and feel tough, or one like a soft cream. Pomades can be found in various textures, so find one that fits your hair’s needs.


Pomade can feel greasy and heavy when they are wax-based. However, this formula offers more hold. If you’re looking for a soft and flexible formula that is easy to wash out, you can try a water-based pomade. 


The ingredients list can tell you a lot about a pomade. For example, you may want a more hydrating product with various carrier oils or something with a strong hold. Some pomades can even help lengthen the time hair color lasts with each use.

Best Pomades For Long Hair

Long hair can provide endless styling opportunities. Also, pomades can help you experiment by offering new textures, formulas, and finishes. So, if you’re looking to switch up your styling game, we can help you find the best pomade. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade UnisexUnisex, multi-tasking, firm hold, hydrating effect
2.R+Co Hyperlink Fiber Stretch PomadeElastic-fibers, flexible and light hold, touchable finish, add volume
3.Billy Jealousy Lunatic Fringe Water-Based PomadeWater-based, strong hold, wet and shiny finish, cruelty-free
4.John Masters Organics Hair Pomade95% organic, adds shine, soft hold, anti-frizz, curl-defining
5.Oribe Silverati Illuminating PomadeTone silver strands, manageable hold, shine, boost hydration
6.Phyto Paris Specific Nourishing Styling PomadePomade-cream hybrid, curl-defining, light hold, restoring
7.Nature’s Blessing Hair PomadePure mineral jelly, soft hold, conditions hair, scalp and lips
8.Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale Hair Styling Wax Strong Hold PomadeUnisex, water-based, wax-pomade hybrid, strong hold, for long hair
9.Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade Clean, clay consistency, adds texture, firm hold, and matte finish

1. Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade Unisex 

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Malin+Goetz provides professional hair care products that are a staple in every routine.

For example, the Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade is unisex and made for all hair types in mind. Also, it’s a great pomade for long hair or anyone new to pomade.

The Hair Pomade is universal and can shape your hair in numerous ways.

Malin+Goetz claims this pomade can shape, separate, texturize, and volumize all with one product formulated with hair-loving ingredients. 

Malin+Goetz has infused beeswax, meadowfoam seed, cannabis seed, and fatty acids into this product. 

These ingredients will ensure your hair stays hydrated, smooth, and nourished. Also, the Hair Pomade will provide an all-day hold that feels lightweight.

Most pomades can feel sticky and uncomfortable. However, this one from Malin+Goetz won’t leave behind questionable residue. You can apply this product to wet or dry hair. 

Malin+Goetz recommends using this pomade only on the ends if you’re working with long hair to tame flyaways and lock-in hydration. 

2. R+Co Hyperlink Fiber Stretch Pomade 

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R+Co can be found in your favorite hair salon and beauty retailers. They’ll give you access to salon-quality hair at home!

Sometimes styling products can weigh down your strands or leave a crunchy finish, so R+Co created this pomade.

The Hyperlink Fiber Stretch Pomade is designed for everyone, no matter your hair type, texture, or length. This product is ideal for long hair with layers. R+Co ensures this pomade will provide touchable hold and volume.

What makes the Hyperlink Fiber Stretch Pomade so unique? R+Co states their pomade has elastic-like fibers that instantly grab onto the hair and create texture, volume, and hold. You can kiss crunchy strands goodbye thanks to its flexibility.

R+Co has also formulated this pomade with nutritional components like castor oil, pea protein, carrot root, and cold pressed macadamia seed oil. You can apply the Hyperlink Pomade to wet and dry hair, and you can choose to heat style too.

The Hyperlink Fiber Stretch Pomade is excellent for longer strands because it has a flexible and light hold so your hair can still move freely.

3. Billy Jealousy Lunatic Fringe Water-Based Pomade

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Most pomades are marketed towards men’s hair or certain hairstyles.

However, don’t let the marketing fool you into thinking you can’t adapt a product to your needs. Billy Jealousy has formulated a water-based pomade that offers a strong hold.

The Lunatic Fringe will keep your hair healthy and styled with every use. Billy Jealousy claims this water-based formula is ideal for medium to long hair. They also describe this pomade as a humectant-rich and excellent control product. 

The Lunatic Fringe Water-Based Pomade is ideal for frizzy, curly, and thinning hair. You can expect to see frizz-free strands and a shiny finish whenever you use this product. If you want to create a hard set or wet look, this product is for you.

Billy Jealousy ensures this pomade is cruelty-free and contains Saw Palmetto to reduce the chance of hair loss. They recommend emulsifying the product in the hands before raking it through the hair. Then, you can continue your styling routine! 

4. John Masters Organics Hair Pomade 

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Are you looking for a more gentle approach to haircare? Unfortunately, most styling products can create build-up or harm our strands. Thankfully, John Masters crafted a high-quality pomade and will define your strands with ease.

The John Masters Organics Hair Pomade is formulated with 95% organic components.

This conditioning pomade works well for all hair types. Also, this pomade will quickly style any length of hair, no matter if it’s curly or straight.

It’s great for long curly hair that needs more bounce, smoothness, and definition. It can work for long straight hair to enhance waves or add texture. Regardless, all strands will stay soft, hydrated, and conditioned.

You’ll notice John Masters has formulated this pomade with beeswax, mango fruit extract, and sunflower seed oil. These components will provide a lightweight hold and even protect your hair from harsh external factors.

This easy-to-use pomade can even minimize heat damage. All you need to do is apply this pomade to dry hair and continue your styling routine to achieve the best results. 

5. Oribe Silverati Illuminating Pomade 

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Do you struggle to maintain or style white, grey, or silver strands? Oribe has created a unique pomade that styles and helps preserve your hair’s hue.

Certain hair colors like white and grey can often get brassy, so this product will keep them vibrant!

The Silverati Illuminating Pomade is color and keratin treatment safe. It will keep silver strands bright and white while also providing hold. The texture of this pomade is flexible and creamy, and it can give you complete control during styling. 

Oribe’s Silverati Illuminating Pomade is ideal for long strands that are dry and brittle. This pomade contains conditioning and strengthening ingredients to achieve a healthy finish. For example, it contains pea peptide and linoleic acid. 

This pomade is also infused with silver pigments to keep your color looking vivid while adding shine. Other ingredients like aloe leaf, arctic root, and various flower extracts will keep long hair smooth, moisturized, and nourished.

Oribe recommends using a small amount of product to work through wet or dry hair. Then, you can follow up with your usual styling routine. 

6. Phyto Paris Specific Nourishing Styling Pomade Cream

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Phyto is a French haircare brand that puts quality first. They provide high-performing products that are gentle on your strands.

Finding a styling product that works for curly and long strands can be tricky. Introducing: Phyto Paris’s Specific Nourishing Styling Pomade Cream!

This product is geared towards curly, relaxed, natural, and coily hair types. Also, it works wonders for longer curls. This product combines the best of pomade and cream into one tub.

The Specific Nourishing Styling Pomade Cream will instantly revive hair that is brittle, porous or compromised. It will instantaneously provide moisture to your strands while aiding in styling. Also, this cream texture is lightweight and undetectable.

Phyto describes this product as fast-absorbing, hydrating, and repairing. It’s also easy to use because you can emulsify a small amount of product into your hands and apply it to wet or dry hair. Then, you can finish your styling routine.

The Specific Nourishing Styling Pomade Cream can be used from roots to tips and effortlessly revive your curls. 

7. Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade

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Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade is versatile and multifunctional. They claim to style, restore, and condition your hair all in one step. It can even double as a skin salve to remedy dry skin and lips.

Nature’s Blessing is described as a Pure Mineral Jelly that can create soft and smooth strands. This is an excellent product for long hair that needs to be restored from roots to tips. They also claim to promote growth and act as a root builder.

You’ll notice this pomade is formulated with natural and refreshing components like sage, rosemary, coconut oil, and peppermint. These ingredients form a natural fragrance for Nature’s Blessing Hair Pomade.

You can apply this pomade to freshly washed hair if you plan to promote growth or circulate the scalp. You can comb this pomade through long strands to condition, soften, and smooth. 

Nature’s Blessing can be used 2-3 times a week for the best results. It can work wonders for a wide variety of skin and hair types. 

8. Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale Hair Styling Pomade

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The Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale Hair Styling Wax Strong Hold Pomade will enhance your strands and soothe your scalp.

This is a unisex pomade that’s ideal for thick and long strands. You can also expect a strong hold.

Triumph & Disaster describes this pomade as “non-volumizing.” However, you can rest assured it will provide a strong hold and add texture to your strands. You can instantly highlight layers with this water-based formula.

Styling your hair will be a breeze thanks to this pomade’s strong hold, and you’ll achieve a natural finish. The Fibre Royale Hair Styling Wax Pomade will also nourish your scalp while enhancing your natural hair texture.

Triumph & Disaster formulated this product with hair-loving ingredients like argan oil, kawakawa, and beeswax. This pomade is also designed to keep the hair fresh and hydrated without feeling greasy. 

The Fibre Royale Hair Styling Wax Strong Hold Pomade is simple to use. For example, you can apply it to wet or dry hair and continue your styling routine. 

9. Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade 

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Try Firsthand Supply’s Clay Pomade if you’re looking for a styling product with a non-toxic and clean formula. In addition, the Clay Pomade is formulated without potentially sensitizing ingredients and won’t damage your strands.

Instead, the Clay Pomade contains invigorating ingredients like kaolin clay, aloe vera, argan oil, and vitamin E. It has a creamy clay texture that offers versatility to hairstyling.

For example, you can create clean finishes by using this product on damp hair or get a messy, beachy texture by applying it to dry hair. Also, you can get the best results by focusing product on the ends if you have long hair.

Regardless of your style, you can expect to achieve a firm hold and matte finish when using this pomade. A small amount goes a long way; all you need is a dime-sized amount of pomade for styling. It also has a long-lasting hold.

Firsthand Supply focuses on clean ingredients that don’t sacrifice high-performing products.  

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