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9 Best Hair Tinsel Kits

by Gabbi

You know those moments where you want to switch up your hair, but aren’t ready to commit to a chop or an all-over dye? Instead of stressing out with curling irons and hair ties to find your new ‘do, why not go for something a little more sparkly?

It may have been a couple of years since you’ve seen hair tinsel make waves in the beauty community, but trust us when we say that they’re about to make a big comeback. But with all the different options on the market, one can’t help but think about what they should be looking for when it comes to their hair tinsel kits.

So, what are the best hair tinsel kits? The best hair tinsel kits will be long enough to blend in with your natural growth and come in complementary colors for the shade of your hair. They’ll also include the tools necessary to integrate the tinsel in your hair, including appropriately colored hair crimping beads (if applicable).

It’s likely been a while since your last hair tinsel purchase, so we’ll take the guesswork out of the process by showing you our top 9 kits and why we think they’re worth the purchase. 

Features Of The Best Hair Tinsel Kits


Hair tinsel kits typically come in at lengths of around 40”, which is enough for the standard head of hair. However, depending on the application method, you may want to opt for something a little longer (especially if you have super lengthy strands). 

Hair tinsel can be applied as one single strand, or folded in half to allow two strands of sparkle per piece of tinsel. Those with natural hair longer than 20” may have to opt to use each tinsel as its own individual strand rather than folding, just to ensure the tinsel blends into your lengths seamlessly.

Tool Inclusion

Hair tinsel can be applied in two different ways, one that involves hair tools and one that is done purely by hand. Both methods last the same amount of time, so it truly just depends on your level of comfort with one method over the other.

Most tinsel kits come with crimping beads, pliers, and a crochet-type hook to work your hair into the beads. If this is your preferred method, ensure that the crimping beads are the same color as your hair, so they blend in at the root. If they don’t come with tools, make sure to familiarize yourself with applying them freehand.

Here’s a great tutorial from Vianney Moda on YouTube on how to tie tinsel into your strands:

Heat Resistance

Unless your hair tinsel specifically states that it’s heat resistant, you should err on the side of caution and assume that they are not safe for use with your hairdryers and heat tools. 

If you frequent the use of curling irons or flat irons in your hair routine, it would be beneficial for you to double-check if your hair tinsel is heat resistant. They last in your hair for quite a while, so unless you’re willing to go an extended period without your heating tools, heat-resistant tinsel is a must!

Best Hair Tinsel Kits

RankProductKey Features
1.FEBSNOW 47in. Hair ExtensionTools included, glittery, 47in
2.HairTinsel Hair Tinsel KitHand-tie, 12 colors, 47in
3.Haidi Hair 47in. Hair TinselBlack crimping beads, sparkly, heat-resistant
4.Tioolio Hair Tinsel Kit Fairy HairTools universally friendly, heat-resistant, 47in
5.Unique Love Hair Tinsel KitCarrying kit, 10 colors, easy storage
6.AMChoice Hair Tinsel Kit16 colors, heat resistant, 48in.
7.Angels Beauty Store Hair Tinsel Kit2600 strands, laser mixed color, heat resistant
8.Ruiwen Hair 47in. Hair Tinsel6 colors, 47in, affordable
9.Somo Bella 100 Strands Party KitMatte colors, heat resistant, 20in

1. FEBSNOW 47in. Hair Extension

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This is a fantastic hair extension kit for the beginner to start out with!

It comes with an array of colors that would look beautiful on both dark hair and light hair, and can be applied with both hair crimping beads and a plier, or hand-tied into your strands.

We’ve linked the most colorful array of options they have, but this seller also has 4 other options, one with Christmas colors, one with New Year’s tones, one full of cool-toned shades, and another that’s just technicolored tinsel!

This tool is all-inclusive, coming with 2400 individual strands of tinsel (so you’ll be set for years), a crochet hook, tweezers, and 200 microbead silicone rings for crimping. The beads come in a light brown, making them suitable for both brunettes and blondes alike!

This brand also took the extra precaution to coat the tweezers with oil, to make sure there’s no rusting, and that the silicone beads are gentle enough on strands to reduce breakage. 

These extensions are super sturdy, so they can withstand your regular hair washing and styling routine with ease (including the daily use of heating tools). 

2. HairTinsel Hair Tinsel Kit

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This set of hair tinsel is beautifully eye-catching, without being overly sparkly, so you can rock them even when you’re not on vacay.

There’s no shortage of options with this hair tinsel set, as it comes in 12 colors with about 175 strands per option, totaling around 2100 strands altogether.

Coming in at 47in. per extension, this tinsel should work on all lengths of hair especially since it can be applied using both the beaded and hand-tied method. 

These tinsels are made up of polyester fiber and are heat resistant up to 400°F. One of our favorite parts about these tinsels is that they’re around the same thickness as a natural strand of hair, so they blend in easier and move with your hair naturally.

As for the colors, a majority of the tinsels in this kit come in very bold shades, the only neutral tone being silver (that would look gorgeous on black hair).

However, depending on the shade of your strands, you can surely find a tone that would work for whatever occasion you have in mind- whether it’s a day out in the sun, or just having a girls’ night in. 

3. Haidi Hair 47in. Hair Tinsel

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Another beautiful all-inclusive hair tinsel kit option comes to us from Haidi Hair.

This kit comes with 12 different colors, ranging from deep brunette-appropriate shades to bright silvers, with a bunch of bright, beautiful shades in between.

Each color comes with about 200 strands, totaling 2400 strands per set- so you’ll never be in shortage of tinsel.

This set comes with two different types of crochet tools, one suited for hand-tying, and another suitable for the beaded method.

With this type of accessibility in mind, this brand makes it easy for even tinsel novices to be able to get the hang of application. We love that option range, as it’s something that you won’t be able to find in a lot of these kits.

It comes with 200 silicone beads for the beaded method, that only come in black. With the beads comes a pair of hair pliers. This brand of hair tinsel is also extremely lightweight, offering an understated sheen to your strands that doesn’t tangle or weigh your natural locks down. 

4. Tioolio Hair Tinsel Kit Fairy Hair

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There’s something about the color options in this kit that make them so fitting for those who love to be in the spotlight!

The shades are so saturated and fun, that they’ll look gorgeous in the sun, under club lights, or even in indoor lighting. 

For those who are planning a fun activity to do with your girlfriends for a sleepover or festival, we think this is a great kit to add to your cart.

Not only do they come with both black and blonde crimping beads (so no girls are left out of the fun), but they also come with a grand total of 3600 strands, which is significantly more than other kits on the market.

With each strand being 47″ long, there’s no doubt that these extensions are suitable for all lengths of hair, from super short, to Rapunzel-worthy. Each kit will have all the tools you need, including a hair crochet tool and a pair of pliers.

The best part? They’re heat-resistant. Due to the quality of this kit, we would definitely recommend it to our friends who are planning to hit all the musical festivals this season!

5. Unique Love Hair Tinsel Kit

Check Current Price on Amazon

For our friends on the go, there’s no need to leave your tinsel behind!

This hair tinsel kit has taken the initiative to ensure that you can bring your tinsel with you wherever you need to go by packaging it (tools and all) in a clear carrying bag.

Due to the travel-friendliness of this set, we also recommend it to our festival friends (or anyone who’s looking to get tinsel-y during their vacation days).

There are 10 colors, each coming in its own plastic sleeve for easy storage and organization, with 400 strands per shade. 

If you’ll be sharing this tinsel amongst your friends, or playing hair stylist yourself, you’ll love the slew of tools included in this kit. Not only does it come with 2 shades of crimping beads- but it also comes with a hair crochet tool, pliers, a hair tie, and clips for sectioning. 

These strands are super sparkly, and super high quality to match. They’ll last throughout washing, sweating, dancing, and styling (including heat styling). You won’t have to worry about the longevity of these extensions in your natural hair- Unique Love has made the process as easy as possible. 

6. AMChoice Hair Tinsel Kit

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s a great option for our seasoned hair tinsel users. It doesn’t come with tools, so all you’ll have in hand is 3200 individual tinsels that come in 16 different colors.

These tinsels are a little on the longer side, coming in at just under 50” long! We definitely recommend this kit for those with a lengthy mane. 

However, AMChoice also keeps its kits accessible. For those who are comfortable with pliers and tools, they also have an option that’s beading friendly, and for those who wear tinsel in their hair frequently- you may want to go for their 5600 or 8000 strand option. 

Each of their kits is full of the same lightweight, super lengthy, and heat-resistant tinsels so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your product. These tinsels catch the light like no other brand, earning them a definitive place on our list of favorite options!

7. Angels Beauty Store Hair Tinsel Kit

Check Current Price on Amazon

Finding eye-catching options for hair tinsel may not seem like too much of a struggle, but we have to admit that these tinsels are head-turning like no other option we’ve seen!

Angels Beauty Store likens it to the fact that they use laser mixed tinsels, which emphasizes the sparkle and sheen over other brands. 

Each of the 12 colors in this kit showcase that sparkle, with each shade coming with 220 strands.

With the quality and amount of tinsel you get, paired with the affordable price point, we wouldn’t consider this kit as anything less than a steal.

However, it doesn’t come with tools, so those who purchase should be willing or familiar with the hand-tied application method! 

8. Ruiwen Hair 47in. Hair Tinsel

Check Current Price on Amazon

So many of the kits we listed come with a plethora of different strands and options, and we totally get that that may be overwhelming to those who are simply looking to test out tinsel for the first time, or who know they aren’t going to be reaching for their tinsel kit on a regular basis.

And to you, we have the Ruiwen Hair Tinsel kit! Not only does this come with 6 basic, but beautiful colors, but it comes with a crochet tool for easy hand-tying application.

At 47″ in length, you shouldn’t have a problem with these blending into your natural strands. 

These strands are also heat-resistant and super long-lasting, so you’ll be able to test the waters for a while before seeing if you like the look of tinsel in your hair or not. 

9. Somo Bella 100 Strands Party Kit

Check Current Price on Amazon

Sometimes, you want to go a little understated- and for that, we have options like this kit from Somo Bella!

These are only 20″ long, so they’re definitely more suited for shorter to medium lengths of hair, but they’re still stunning once applied.

Though extremely bold and bright, these colors are not sparkly, and simulate the look of dyed locks rather than tinsel.

Also unlike tinsel, these strands cannot be hand-tied, as they come in chunks rather than individual strands.

This kit does carry micro-beads and a crochet tool for a simple application process, and each bulk of hair is heat resistant up to 320°F. 

Related Questions

Can you wash your hair with tinsel in?

You can wash your hair with tinsel in as you normally would! There’s no need to worry about them falling out as long as you applied them correctly, and the hot water won’t affect the tinsel even if they aren’t heat-resistant. 

How long does hair tinsel last?

Depending on how well you applied your tinsel, they can last up to 8 weeks long with regular wear and tear. To elongate the amount of time you have with your tinsel, you can continue moving them up to your root while your hair grows, though letting them grow out would be ideal.

How do you remove hair tinsel?

If you used the beaded method, simply use your pliers to crimp the bead in the opposite direction. This should break the bead and allow the tinsel to fall out naturally. 

For those who used the hand tie method, you can carefully cut the tinsel at the knot and slide it down your hair- or if it’s loose enough, gently pull it down from the knot. 

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