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11 Best Wide Tooth Combs

by Gabbi

Sometimes styling your hair at home can feel like a chore, especially if you have thick, dense, or unmanageable hair. Most of us may agree that styling your hair at home never looks the same as getting it styled at a salon. 

However, you need the right tools to maintain or style your hair at home with ease. Almost anyone can benefit from incorporating a wide tooth comb in their hair regimen. Wide tooth combs are a versatile comb and provide numerous benefits.

For example, wide tooth combs can easily detangle your hair without causing unnecessary breakage. They can aid in styling, and there is a wide tooth comb for every hair type, length, and need. Also, most wide tooth combs are affordable.

What are the best wide tooth combs? The best wide tooth combs should eliminate knots from your hair with ease, help evenly distribute hair products, and style the hair wet or dry. You’ll also want to find a comb that’s sturdy and flexible. 

Overall, these combs are great multipurpose tools. Most wide tooth combs are suitable for all hair types. However, if you’re looking for some specific characteristics, there are a few things you should look for in a wide tooth comb before purchasing. 

Wide Tooth Combs – Buyer’s Guide


The number one thing to search for in a wide tooth comb is wide teeth. Choosing a comb with the teeth set apart is crucial because wider teeth will allow for easy detangling and styling. Wide tooth combs will minimize hair snagging or breaking.

You can also search for teeth that are wide and long if you have dense, thick, or curly hair. 


A wide tooth comb can do more than detangle the hair. So, if you want your comb to serve more than one purpose, a wide tooth comb can complete numerous tasks. For example, you can use a wide tooth comb on wet and dry hair.

A wide tooth comb can help blow dry your hair to get shine or volume, or it can help distribute hair product through curls. Overall, a wide tooth comb is a fantastic multipurpose tool.


It’s crucial to look for a wide tooth comb made of sturdy or long-lasting material. Most wide tooth combs are made of durable plastic or cellulose acetate. Strong material will ensure your comb won’t bend and snap or get stuck in your strands.

High-quality material will ensure your wide tooth combs will last for ages. This will be especially helpful for thick, coarse, or curly hair types. 

Hair Type 

Many wide tooth combs are geared towards long, curly, thick, and dense hair. However, you can find many combs that cater to all hair lengths, types, and textures. For example, there are wide tooth combs that cater to shorter hair and men’s cuts.

Best Wide Tooth Combs 

RankProductKey Features
1.Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Wide Tooth Comb Extended handle, salon-grade
2.FSMILING Cellulose Large Hair Detangling CombDurable and flexible, snag-free
3.Louise Maelys Hair Comb Wooden Wide Tooth Comb Natural wood, aids circulation
4.DOTING Wide Tooth Comb Strong and flexible, anti-hair-fall
5.Giorgio G49 Large Hair Detangling CombSeveral designs, cellulose acetate
6.Revlon Essentials 2-Piece Tangle Free Comb Set2 combs, long-lasting, tug-free
7.HYOUJIN Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush Drag-free, gentle on scalp
8.Diane Rake Rage CombMultipurpose, multiple colors
9.Patelai 3 Pieces Styling Comb SetSet of 3, shaping, teasing, detangling
10.Giorgio Wide Tooth CombCompact, rounded, reduces breakage
11.BABLO POMADE Wide Tooth CombFor short hair, natural look

1. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Wide Tooth Comb 

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Paul Mitchell was not only a well-known hairdresser, but also a professional haircare brand that you most often find in salons. The Paul Mitchell haircare brand has crafted everything from shampoos, color, styling products, and hair tools.

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Comb is a wide tooth comb that instantly detangles hair. This comb is suitable for all hair types, and it can even be used for wet or dry styling. It also has a handle to help get a comfortable grip.

Detangling hair doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Instead, Paul Mitchell crafted this comb to glide seamlessly through the hair to avoid breakage or harming the scalp. This comb is for you whether you need to eliminate knots or loosen curls!

Some wide tooth combs don’t have a handle, making the detangling process a little more uncomfortable. However, this one from Paul Mitchell has an extended handle and wide teeth, so you can quickly comb through the hair with ease.

We mentioned that Paul Mitchell is a professional, salon-grade hair care brand, so now you can have salon-quality tools without the salon price tag.

2. FSMILING Cellulose Large Hair Detangling Comb

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FSMILING has created a wide tooth comb that looks chic but also durable.

If you need a daily hair care tool that keeps tangles at bay, look no further. These large detangling combs will work on all hair types and keep your strands looking sleek.

FSMILING made these combs with cellulose acetate, which is a material that is durable but flexible.

So no matter how tangled your hair is, these combs won’t snap. Instead, they glide effortlessly through your strands without getting stuck or snagging.

This comb has wide teeth, and it’s 16cm in length, so you can quickly comb your hair. It’s also a versatile styling comb that can be used on wet and dry hair. You’ll receive two detangling combs in this bundle.

If you don’t like the look of ordinary combs, these ones from FSMILING have a beautiful tortoiseshell pattern. Now your hair routine doesn’t have to feel as mundane, thanks to this comb.

FSMILING ensures the cellulose combs are gentle on your scalp because the teeth have rounded edges.

3. Louise Maelys Hair Comb Wooden Wide Tooth Comb 

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Lousie Maelys is taking a unique approach to wide tooth combs. The Wooden Wide Tooth Comb will help get you in touch with your natural side while nourishing your hair. This wooden comb feels luxurious and will up your hair care game.

The Wooden Wide Tooth Comb is ideal for detangling curly or thick hair types. There are many wooden combs on the market, but what makes this one different? Lousie Maelys made this comb with sandalwood, which provides multiple hair benefits.

For example, sandalwood is anti-static and has a natural, calming scent that adds a relaxing element to hair care. Other features include an ergonomic handle that makes the comb comfortable to hold and its wide, rounded, wooden teeth for detangling.

This wooden comb will eliminate knots or aid in styling, but it can also increase blood circulation to the scalp by offering a gentle massage. Because this comb has wide teeth, it will minimize the chances of snagging or damaging the hair.

Louise Maelys Wooden Wide Tooth Comb works wonders for curly hair types that need to enhance curls or distribute products. It works well for dense and thick hair that feels unmanageable. Overall, this comb is versatile and multipurpose. 

This sandalwood comb will make hairstyling feel like a spa experience.

4. DOTING Wide Tooth Comb 

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Do you find that long hair is unmanageable? 

Caring for long or thick hair will be a breeze with the right comb. DOTING has crafted a strong, flexible, and versatile comb that easily detangles hair and helps in styling.

DOTING’s Wide Tooth Comb is ideal for long or curly hair types. It’s crafted to withstand dense strands or unmanageable hair. The wide teeth of this comb will cut your styling time in half without tugging on your strands excessively.

The teeth of this comb are placed one centimeter apart to ensure they can glide through the hair with ease. DOTING claims their Wide Tooth Comb is made of thick and durable plastic material that’s anti-bending, and anti-fall. It’s also flexible.

This Wide Tooth Comb also has a handle that allows you to get a comfortable grip on the comb while you’re detangling the hair. The teeth of this comb have slightly rounded edges that can massage the scalp and increase blood circulation.

DOTING’s Wide Tooth Comb can be used on wet or dry hair, and it’s ideal for curly and long strands. It’s available in numerous colorways so that you can spice up your hair routine and your wide tooth comb can look stunning while also detangling. 

5. Giorgio G49 Large Hair Detangling Comb

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Giorgio offers salon-quality tools for an affordable price. No longer will you have to compromise cost for quality thanks to this Large Hair Detangling Comb. Giorgio has created the G49 Wide Tooth Comb that works wonders for all hair types.

The G49 Wide Tooth Comb is made to style the most unruly, thick, or dense hair. It can keep the integrity of curls and quickly eliminate knots.

It’s made of cellulose acetate, a durable, strong, and flexible material often used to craft hair tools.

It’s a versatile tool that can also style wigs, extensions, and beards. It can add volume and shine during styling without causing unnecessary breakage. The G49 comb has wide teeth that glide through the hair effortlessly.

Also, this comb can be used for wet or dry styling, and it’s suitable for men and women. It’s even available in an array of chic designs like tortoiseshell so that you can add a bit of customization to your morning routine. 

Giorgio’s G49 Large Detangling Comb is a beautiful everyday comb that anyone can use. The cellulose acetate material allows it to follow the pattern of your hair without snagging on the roots, and it won’t break because it’s durable.

6. Revlon Essentials 2-Piece Tangle Free Comb Set

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Revlon is a brand most of us are familiar with because it’s a high-quality drugstore brand.

Revlon has been around for decades and has mastered all things beauty. They’ve produced everything like makeup, hair color, and even hair tools.

If you’re looking for a wide tooth comb by a well-known brand name, Revlon has the product for you. So, let us introduce you to Revlon’s 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set. This comb set includes two wide tooth combs that are durable and long-lasting.

These combs are multipurpose, and it’s suitable for all hair types. Revlon guarantees combs that tug, pull, or snag on your strands are a thing of the past. 

In the Essentials set, each comb has wide teeth made of durable plastic that styles hair quickly. One comb has a hooked handle that makes it easy to store in the shower, and the other is handleless. You can use Revlon’s Comb Set on wet or dry hair. 

Also, you can use them to detangle unmanageable hair or distribute styling products or conditioners. These combs will also be gentle on the scalp so you can avoid tugging at the roots and avoid causing unnecessary damage. 

Revlon’s Essentials 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set will care for every inch of your strands so you can achieve a healthy-hair result.

7. HYOUJIN Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush 

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Are you looking for a classic, no-frills wide tooth comb? HYOUJIN has created a high-quality wide tooth comb that detangles and styles the hair. HYOUJIN makes this comb with a durable plastic that works on all hair types without snapping. 

HYOUJIN also describes this comb as drag-free thanks to its rounded handle and teeth.

The handle allows you to have complete control of the comb at all times without losing grip. It’s also comfortable to hold, lightweight, and easy to manage.

This comb has rounded, wide teeth that will be gentle on the scalp. HYOUJIN claims this comb can provide other benefits like increasing blood circulation to the scalp, reducing hair fall, and minimizing dandruff alongside detangling.

HYOUJIN states this comb is also ideal for hair that is frizzy, wavy, or curly because it can help create a sleek finish while styling. The wide teeth will minimize the risk of breakage or damage and reduce knots effortlessly from the strands.

It’s available in a sleek black colorway, and you’ll receive a high-quality comb for a reasonable price. HYOUJIN’s Wide Tooth Comb is versatile and multi-functional. It’s fantastic for men, women, curly hair, frizzy hair, distributing hair products, and more. 

8. Diane Rake Rage Comb

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Diane has created a unique wide tooth comb that will suit all hair types, especially thick or curly hair. Like most combs on this list, the Diane Rake Rage Comb is multipurpose and can solve all your hair woes like tangles, knots, and styling.

What makes this wide tooth comb different from the rest? The Diane Rake Rage Comb teeth are extra wide to glide through dense hair without pulling. You’ll notice the teeth are longer than most wide tooth combs.

The extra-long and wide teeth will help you cover more ground and evenly comb through the hair, especially if your hair is curly, thick, or unmanageable. The Diane Rake Rage Comb is made of a durable plastic so that it won’t break or snap.

You can use this comb to untangle knots in your hair quickly or even use it to distribute hair products like gels or conditioners.

The Diane Rake Rage Comb is available in multiple colors, and its unique wide and long teeth will create a manageable hair routine. Whether you’re detangling or styling, this comb will cut your regimen in half without compromising your hair’s integrity. 

9. Patelai 3 Pieces Styling Comb Set

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Do you find it challenging to find one comb for all your hair’s needs? Patelai is offering three wide tooth combs in one convenient set. These three unique wide tooth combs will cover all your hair styling needs.

Patelai describes these combs as shaping, teasing, and detangling combs. Each comb has wide teeth, and the teeth themselves are thicker than standard combs. Each comb has a different shape and handle to serve varying purposes.

Patelai’s wide tooth combs will reduce the chances of breakage and frizzy strands. These combs are made of carbon fiber, so the combs are solid and long-lasting. Also, you won’t have to worry about them bending or breaking.

The 3 Pieces Styling Comb Set is suitable for all genders and hair types. You can use these combs on wet or dry hair. They quickly and painlessly detangle the hair and help style your hair in seconds. You can tease, detangle, and style with ease.

Patelai’s wide tooth combs are ideal for everyday use, and they’re beginner-friendly. However, they can also be used in salons or professional settings, so if you’re looking for some variety in your hair tools, check out this 3 Piece Styling Comb Set.

10. Giorgio Wide Tooth Comb

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Are you looking for a wide tooth comb you can take on the go? We’ve mentioned Giorgio’s brand earlier on this list and how this wide tooth comb is highly versatile. Now, let’s look at Giorgio’s G63 Pocket Wide Tooth Comb.

The G63 and G49 combs do share some similarities. For example, they are both wide tooth combs, made from cellulose acetate, and are available in chic designs like tortoiseshell. However, what sets Giorgio’s wide tooth combs apart? 

The G63 is the Small Travel Purse Hair Detangling Comb, and it’s a mini version of the G49 that was listed earlier. It’s cute, compact, and practical for styling hair on the go. It will fit in every bag, and it has a half-circle handle that’s comfortable to hold.

Giorgio’s Pocket Wide Tooth Comb can achieve all your styling needs, whether you need to distribute hair products or eliminate knots in your hair. This comb can be used on wet or dry hair.

Like the G49, the G63 can also add shine and volume during a blowout, and its wide teeth will reduce breakage over time. It’s the perfect everyday comb you can toss in your bag or store in your shower.

The G63 may be small, but it works just as well as larger combs.

11. BABLO POMADE Wide Tooth Comb 

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Most wide tooth combs are targeted towards long, dense, and thick hair types. 

However, what if you have a shorter cut or are looking for a wide tooth comb suitable for men’s hairstyles? BABLO POMADE has taken an interesting approach on wide tooth combs. 

BABLO POMADE’s Wide Tooth Comb is made in Japan and crafted exceptionally for barbers and shorter haircuts. It also has a one-of-a-kind design. For example, this Japanese comb is double-sided and features upper and lower wide teeth.

The purpose of this Wide Tooth Comb is to mimic the look and feel of running your hands through your hair. It’s supposed to give a natural-looking result after styling. You can use this comb to distribute gel, pomade, creams, and more. 

BABLO POMADE states these combs are made of AS Resin, a sturdy and long-lasting material. This material is heat and impact-resistant, so you can style the hair easily without worrying about damaging your wide tooth comb.

This Wide Tooth Comb is suitable for all hair types and genders, but it works incredibly well for short haircuts or men’s styles. It’s the ideal tool to use to achieve a “barely-there” or effortless hairstyle.

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