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5 Best Hair Dryers With Retractable Cords

by Gabbi

A hair dryer with a long cord is always so handy, but the problem comes with packing the hair dryer away. The long cord always gets tangled and messy, especially when you’re traveling! But who wants a hair dryer with a short cord?

The easiest way to get the best of both worlds is to purchase a hair dryer with a retractable cord. Once you have finished using the hair dryer, you simply push a button and the cord retracts back into the hair dryer for easy storage.

What are the best dryers with retractable cords? The best hair dryers with a retractable cords should effectively dry your hair without damaging it, have all the settings that you need, and have a fairly lengthy cord that can be easily pulled out and then retracted when needed.

To help you choose the best hair dryer with a retractable cord, we have gone through how to choose one that is right for you, and which are the best options on the market right now!

Buyer’s Guide – Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord

Below are some things to consider when purchasing a hair dryer with a retractable cord. They will help you choose the best one for you, and to ensure that the one you do pick has all the right features and will last for quite some time in your hair care arsenal.

1. Power

The hair dryer power is an important factor to consider. There is no point in buying a hair dryer that doesn’t dry your hair properly, or which takes ages to dry. 

For thinner hair, a hair dryer with a wattage of 1800 or higher is perfect. The higher the wattage, the quicker your hair will dry. By drying your hair quicker, there is also less damage done to your hair, so it is definitely worth buying a hair dryer with more power.

2. Hair Smoothing Ability

A hair dryer with ceramic or tourmaline technology is a great option, as this will help to smooth hair and not cause any frizz. Ceramic technology helps to distribute heat more evenly, which helps to lessen hot spots, and tourmaline helps to smooth hair by sealing the cuticle and retaining moisture.

If you are wanting to combat frizz and damage, it is worth considering these two features!

3. Retractable Cord

When looking for a hair dryer with a retractable cord, this is an important factor to consider! The cord, while retractable, should still be long enough to not restrict you too much during use.

There should not be too much friction when pulling the cord out from the hair dryer, and it should be smooth enough to retract the cord back into the hair dryer when you are done.

4. Cool Shot Button

It does help to have a cool shot button on your hair dryer. A cooler stream of air helps to set your hair into a certain style and is a great feature for when you use your hair dryer for drying and styling.

5. Attachments

Many hair dryers come with added attachments, such as a nozzle or a diffuser. A nozzle helps to blow air into a concentrated area to keep it smooth and to dry it faster, and a diffuser helps to enhance volume and spread airflow.

Some hair dryers with retractable cords also come with a travel bag, which just makes traveling around with the hair dryer that much easier.

Added attachments are always a bonus, so check to see if the hair dryer you are considering comes with any!

6. Heat And Power Settings

It is important to look for a hair dryer with a retractable cord that has heat and power settings. This gives you the option to dry your hair with the higher heat setting, and then set your hair with the lower heat setting. You’ll want much more than just an on/off switch for styling.

7. Foldability

Most hair dryers with retractable cords were designed to be travel hair dryers. For this reason, many, but not all, can fold in half at the handle.

If you travel a lot and find that your hair dryer takes up too much space, a hair dryer with a retractable cord that can fold is really going to be a game changer for you.

Not only will you not have to worry about the cord taking up too much space or becoming damaged, as it will retract, but the folded hair dryer will also take up much less space as well, and even be the right size for carry-on luggage.

Why You Should Choose A Hair Dryer With A Retractable Cord

If you are still undecided on why you should choose a hair dryer with a retractable cord and are unsure if it is the right option for you, have a look at the below benefits that they offer!

1. Organization

The cord of a hair dryer can be such a nightmare to pack away sometimes, especially the longer ones. Keeping the cord neat and organized can be really difficult.

Being able to retract the cord back into the hair dryer is a huge relief, and it even prevents the tangle and disorganization that a normal hair dryer can cause.

It is also such a bonus to have a hair dryer with a retractable cord when traveling, as you do not have to worry about the cord tangling or becoming damaged when packed in your luggage.

2. Minimal Cord Damage

With the cord being retracted and not left out in the open, there is less chance that the cord might become damaged.

The cord will also not get in the way and trip you up either, which is always a bonus! The more protected the cord, the longer your hair dryer will last.

3. No Tangling

When you pack your hair dryer away and coil the cord up, it tends to form kinks in the cord. This can cause the cord to become tangled when you are drying your hair, which is not only really irritating but which can be damaging as well.

4. You Choose The Length Of Your Cord

By being able to retract the cord back into the hair dryer, you are able to choose how long the cord is. This means that you can choose for the cord to be longer when you need it to be, or shorter for when you are sitting close enough to the power source.

The 7 Best Hair Dryers With Retractable Cords

Here are our top picks of hair dryers with retractable cords to choose from. These are all great options for compact cord storage and for traveling, and are all fantastic hair dryers too!

RankProductKey Features
1.Conair Cord-Keeper Hair DryerIonic, cool shot button, ceramic tourmaline
2.Andis Fold-n-Go Ceramic Ionic DryerCeramic, ionic, cool shot button, compact
3.Sunbeam Retractable Cord Hair DryerFolding handle, hanging loop, ionic tourmaline
4.Conair Cord Keeper Hair DryerIonic ceramic tourmaline, cool shot
5.Andis Fold-n-Go Ionic DryerFoldanle, cool shot, ionic nano-ceramic
BonusConair Cord Keep Travel Hair DryerIonic tourmaline ceramic, anti-damage

1. Conair Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer

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The Conair Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer is the perfect blend of easy storage and great hair drying, wrapped into this one pretty pink dryer!

With the press of one button, the line cord retracts compactly and quickly into the handle of the dryer, so there is no cord left dangling or becoming tangled.

The dryer features ionic technology, which helps to control frizz and to ensure hair is left smooth and shiny. Also, the dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology, which helps to provide uniform heat, giving fast drying and then less damage as well.

There are 3 heat settings on the dryer and 2-speed settings. The makes the dryer suitable for just about any hair type, and you can use it for both drying and styling.

In total, the cord of the hair dryer is 5 ft long, so there is more than enough length for when you dry your hair, just for the cord to be packed away when you’re done!

A cool shot button locks style in place once your hair has been dried, and minimizes the damage done. Included with the dryer is a diffuser, to help with curly hair and wavy styles, and a nozzle, to help direct heat evenly for faster drying.

This is an all-in-one great hair dryer with useful attachments, and a retractable cord to make storage and traveling much easier! 

2. Andis Fold-n-Go Ceramic Ionic Dryer

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The Andis Fold-n-Go Dryer is compact and easy to travel with, but it is powerful enough to ensure hair is dried quickly and evenly.

The ceramic technology of the Andis dryer creates smoother and silkier hair, and will not cause frizz or frayed ends. It offers a more even heat distribution that works to protect all areas of hair.

The ionic technology of the hair dryer works to break up hair molecules, which reduces the drying time quite significantly.

The dryer has 3 speed and heat settings, giving you the option to customize the dryer to your needs.  A cool shot button helps to lock styles in place, finishing off your look perfectly.

For traveling and easy storage, the hair dryer can be folded in half and features a retractable cord too. Both of these features ensure that the dryer is compact and to protect the dryer and cord when you are traveling.

With 1875 watts of power, the hair dryer is small but powerful, and the high heat capabilities give fast and sleek results.

Compact but powerful, this is a great option if you find yourself traveling with your hair dryer often!

3. Sunbeam Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

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The Sunbeam Retractable Cord Hair Dryer was made to make life on the go easy and made to fit into just about any space at home.

This 1875 watt hair dryer has a folding handle, which when folded, makes the dryer super compact. It can be packed away snugly into a drawer or at the bottom of the bag with little hassle.

To make the dryer even easier to store and travel with, it has a retractable cord too. The cord pulls completely into the handle, and when you are ready to use the dryer, you can simply pull the cord out again. The cord measures 5.5 feet in length.

If you choose to leave the cord out, or for when you need to put the dryer away, there is a handy hanging loop that can be placed onto a hook.

There are 3 heat and power settings on the dryer, so you can customize it to suit what you are needing for your hair.

The dryer features tourmaline ionic technology, which allows for fast drying, and which prevents your hair from becoming frizzy and frayed. In addition, there is a cool shot button that provides cold air for perfect styling.

Included with the compact hair dryer is a concentrator nozzle, which directs heat to one point for smooth drying. Cleaning the hair dryer is also made wonderfully easy, as the back of the dryer is removable.  

All the features you could hope for are wrapped up in this retractable cord dryer!

4. Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

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This is another Conair hair dryer that has a retractable cord, and which works wonderfully to dry hair without any frizz or damage!

This dryer features ionic technology which helps to control frizz, promoting smooth and shiny hair. Along with this, tourmaline ceramic technology for uniform heat and fast-drying, with less damage.

With the press of a button, the hair dryer’s 5 ft power cord retracts into the handle, making less clutter in your home and allowing for easy storage and traveling.

A removable filter also makes it easy to clean the hair dryer and keep up with proper maintenance. You can enjoy personalized styling with the 3 heat and 2-speed settings, as well as a cool shot button that lets you lock styles in place.

There is a diffuser attachment included for curly and wavy styles, and a concentrator nozzle included to direct and focus airflow for straighter styles.

The high torque DC motor dries hair faster than many other hair dryers and keeps hair protected and smooth while doing so. Made with cutting-edge technology, this hair dryer is suited for many hair types, and will keep your hair in perfect shape while still being compact and easy to store away!

5. Andis Fold-n-Go Ionic Dryer

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The Andis Fold-n-Go Ionic Dryer is as compact as can be and is the perfect traveling companion (not to mention ideal for when you only have a small storage space at home).

The ionic technology includes ions that help to reduce frizzy and free-flying hair, and once dried, makes hair feel and appear smoother and more conditioned. It protects hair from most of the damage caused by drying hair. 

There are 3 different heat and speed settings on the dryer, which all give you options on how hot or cool you can dry your hair, and the power used when doing so. A cool shot button can be held down to deliver cooler air, which will help to keep styles in place for longer, setting them after drying.

Nano-ceramic and ionic technologies used in the dryer helps to achieve immediate results, which include smoother and silkier hair, but in a quicker drying time.

Once you have finished drying your hair, simply press the button to retract the cord into the handle and fold it up to pack it away easily!

Using this dryer will leave your hair renewed and revitalized, and looking healthier than ever before, but with less hassle from a long and twisted cord!

Bonus: Conair Cord Keep Travel Hair Dryer

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Being a travel hair dryer, this Conair Dryer is compact and small and packs away easily for when you are limited on space.

This dryer features a handy folding handle that cuts the size of the dryer almost in half, and a retractable cord to stop any tangling or damage to the cord when the dryer is packed away.

Folded up this small, it can even be packed into a carry-on bag when flying.

Enjoy frizz-free drying thanks to ionic conditioning, which leaves hair smooth and shiny, with less frizz and less damage. Tourmaline ceramic technology uses infrared heat to gently dry hair quickly while reducing any heat damage that might be done.

There are 2 heat and 2 speed settings, which allow the blower to be versatile for all hair types. The additional cool shot button help to lock curls, waves, and different styles in place.

Small but powerful, this is the perfect hair dryer to take with you wherever you might go, and it is powerful enough, yet still gentle, to use daily.

The Best Hair Dryers With Retractable Cords

A hair dryer with a retractable cord can be a real help when traveling or even just to keep as your go-to dryer. The cord will retract into place when not in use, and not become tangled or damaged just hanging around.

Make sure to look for other important features when choosing a hair dryer with a retractable cord, such as one with ionic or ceramic technology, heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button. Together, all of these features make for a hair dryer that dries hair quickly and keeps it shiny and frizz-free all day.

All of the above hair dryers with retractable cords are great options for both at home and traveling, and will save you having to deal with long and tangled cords, while still caring for your hair best.

Related Questions

How Do I Keep My Hair Dryer Cord From Becoming Twisted?

If you do not have a retractable cord hair dryer, you might battle with the hair dryer cord becoming tangled.

One of the best ways to prevent this is to fold up the cord evenly and compactly, and then slip it folded into an empty toilet paper roll. If the cord is large, a paper towel roll can be used. This prevents tangling and damage between uses.

Is It Better To Use An Ionic Or Ceramic Hair Dryer?

Which hair dryer you choose will depend on your hair type. If you have frizzy, thick hair, it would be better to use an ionic dryer, which will smooth out hair and reduce hair damage.

Fine and thin hair would benefit more from a ceramic dryer, which distributes heat evenly and does not concentrate heat too much in one area, which could cause damage. Ceramic dryers also help seal in moisture and increase shine.

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