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9 Best Battery Operated Hair Dryers

by Gabbi

Blow drying your hair can be a hassle because it can create a giant mess in your bathroom, take hours to complete, and everything can get all wrapped up in the cord. It brings us to think that there must be an easier way to blow dry our hair.

Typical blow dryers can sometimes cause heat damage, are chunky and heavy to hold, and make us stationary for at least an hour or two. It may be wiser to switch to a battery-operated hair dryer that is rechargeable and cordless.

Battery-operated hair dryers are ideal for anyone who is constantly on the go or likes to multi-task. In addition, you aren’t restricted in one spot when using a wireless hair dryer, and they are indeed much more lightweight than a standard hair dryer.

So what are the best battery-operated hair dryers? The best battery-operated hair dryers have a charging station so the battery can always be full, can continuously blow air for as long as you need, and are lightweight, portable, and convenient.  

Hair care tools can damage the strands, which is why some battery-operated hair dryers only use cold air. These types of dryers are incredibly versatile and can even help dry paintings or help with outdoor activities. Let’s talk all about battery operated hair dryers so you can understand exactly what you should be looking for.

What To Look For In Battery Operated Hair Dryers 

1. Long Battery Life 

One of the essential features is battery life. A lithium battery powers most battery-operated hair dryers. In addition, charging time can be extremely long, anywhere from 3-4 hours.

Use time will depend on your heat setting. A dryer usually lasts for longer if you use cold air. 

2. Rechargable 

The battery should be easily rechargeable, either through a power cord or charging station. Some charging stations can serve as a power source to charge other digital products like phones.

If you style your hair at home most of the time, then keeping the dryer docked in a charging station will ensure the battery is always full and ready to go. Then, you’ll never have to think twice about your hair dryer being charged. 

It’s also easier to store this way, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping the cable back up and shoving it back in a drawer every morning. Just place it back on its charger and you’re good to go!

3. Cordless

Battery-operated dryers are usually cordless. This is ideal because you’ll never get tangled up with a cord ever again, and you can even move freely while you’re styling your hair. In addition, it makes it easy to store it away or pack it in a travel bag.

Cordless hair dryers are also safer for kids, pets, and other activities. And, most cordless and battery-operated dryers are versatile and can be used to dry paintings. 

4. Several Heat Settings 

Next is the heat setting. Some battery-operated hair dryers only have one heat setting, and they only blow out cold hair. This can be okay for some people, but others may prefer heat setting.

 Some battery-operated hair dryers do offer both hot and cold air.

In addition, sometimes they provide three heat settings like hot, warm, and cool. However, the hotter the air, the quicker your dryer will run out of battery power. So that’s also something to consider.

Best Battery Operated Hair Dryers 

RankProductKey Features
1.UpPro Gentle Cordless Baby Hair DryerFor children and sensitive hair, low heat
2.ZHENREN Cordless Hair DryerCold wind, foldable, multi-purpose, gentle
3.Umay Wireless Rechargeable Hair DryerUSB port, charging dock, cold air
4.PJYban USB Cordless Hair DryerPortable, gentle but powerful, hot and cold
5.Lylux Cordless Hair DryerFast charging, low-heat,
prevents damage
6.UAARHair Cordless Hair DryerLow noise, 3 heat modes, air nozzle
7.Pj Yban Wireless Standing Hair DryerStanding design, hot and cold, lightweight
8.Redshore Cordless Hair DryerHot and cold, air nozzle, charging dock
9.Redshore Wireless Portable Blow Dryer Charging base, hot and cold air

1. UpPro Gentle Cordless Baby Hair Dryer 

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If you are looking for a gentle blow dryer for your small children, or you happen to be more sensitive, especially for heat styling, check out UpPro. UpPro has designed a safe, gentle styling tool for babies. However, anyone can use it, especially if you have fine hair.

This dryer is cordless, so that is one less safety hazard to worry about, and it has 110V/220V power. It’s available in baby pink and blue versions so that you can put a fun twist on a daily task. 

In addition, the low heat setting is ideal for those who are sensitive.

The battery is built into the blow dryer, and it’s rechargeable. In addition, it includes other safety features like a travel lock. UpPro also designed this hairdryer to be lightweight and compact, so it can fit in any bag when you are on the go.

Because it’s designed for babies, it’s also low noise with only 62db. You’ll also receive a charging station that has a USB outlet. 

2. ZHENREN Cordless Hair Dryer

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Cordless and battery-operated, this hair dryer is introducing us to the future. Its sleek design is high-tech and minimal, so traveling or styling at home will be a breeze. In addition, there are no more pesky cords that get in your way while styling.

However, this blow dryer only has cold wind, which helps avoid damaging your strands with heat.

The manufacturer states there is no electromagnetic diffusion and that the wind from the dryer is mild. This cordless dryer is also convenient to pack and travel with.

It’s a smaller hairdryer, and it’s also foldable so that it can fit in almost any bag. However, the charging may not be suitable for everyone. This battery-operated hair dryer needs to be charged for 3 hours to reach its capacity, which is long for some.

After the hair dryer has been charged for 3 hours, it can work continuously for 30 minutes. So, if you know you have a lot of hair or a big project, you’ll need to keep charging this blow dryer.

3. Umay Wireless Rechargeable Hair Dryer

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Umay will find a special place in your home with its wireless and rechargeable hairdryer. Like some wireless or rechargeable dryers, this one only blows cold air because it takes up less power, will cause less strain on your hair, and can be used for drying paintings as well.

A lithium battery powers this wireless hair dryer, and it will be fully charged after three or four hours of charging. After that, this dryer can continuously work for 75 minutes, only blowing cold air. Thankfully, it’s convenient and simple to charge.

It has a USB port, and its battery pack can also be used as a mobile power source for phones and other digital products. It’s small and compact, making it easy to store away or travel with.

Umay’s wireless hair dryer also has a wide mouth nozzle, wind regulation switch, USB interface, and charging dock. This is another highly versatile tool that can come in handy when you are in a pinch, whether it’s for hair or art.

Overall, it’s a great affordable option for most battery-operated or wireless hair dryers. You can use it for almost anything!

4. PJYban USB Cordless Hair Dryer

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Another way to kiss cables goodbye for good is with this rechargeable and portable hairdryer. This dryer is tiny but mighty. It’s the ultimate gift this holiday season.

This rechargeable hair dryer is powered by battery and wireless power. While used cordless, it will only blow cold air, but it can also be plugged in to produce hot air when you need it.

It’s simple to store away or to travel with it. It’s also gentle yet powerful, so whether you need to blow dry your hair, work on art, go swimming, or care for kids and pets, this product can handle it all.

It has 1250W of power and runs up to 50 minutes at a time. It takes 4 hours to charge, so you’ll want to leave it charging while you’re out.

5. Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer

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If you’re not just looking into battery powered hair dryers for the novelty of it and you need a high-quality, durable tool for on-the-go styling, this cordless dryer from Lylux is a great choice.

It’s got all the bells and whistles, from 2 temperature settings and 3 wind settings to a run time of up to 100 minutes per charge.

You’ll never forget to recharge this dryer since it comes with a visually appealing charger stand for convenient storage, but if you do, there’s no need to panic – it will recharge to 80% in 30 minutes!

Like other cordless dryers, it has low heat settings, but on 80-100%, it can produce warm wind. Luckily, this means it won’t burn, dry out, or otherwise damage your hair as you’re using it.

6. UAARHair Cordless Hair Dryer

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UAARHair is also taking an innovative approach to blow dryers and crafted one that is so convenient to use; you’ll never look at hair styling as a chore ever again. Its wireless, all-white design will give you a luxurious feel at a reasonable price point.

While it looks strong and mighty, this blow dryer is surprisingly lightweight.

In addition, this blow dryer has it all, from a 3-hour charging period, three heat modes including hot, warm, and cool, and low noise.

This blow dryer can cater to adults, kids, and pets. You’ll receive the hairdryer, an air concentrator, and an adapter. UAAR’s hair dryer also has indicators to show the dryer’s real-time working status.

Overall, this hairdryer is highly versatile, easy to transport and charge, and even keeps the integrity of your hair while blow-drying.

7. Pj Yban Wireless Standing Hair Dryer

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Nowadays, many blow dryers are opting for a circular nozzle for a sleek and futuristic look. However, that can come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, Pj Yban crafted this wireless standing hair dryer for those who want to ball out while still on a budget. 

The wireless standing hair dryer has a large rechargeable capacity battery. Thankfully, it has a hot and cold setting too. 

As a result, this blow dryer can dry continuously for 15-20 minutes with hot air and a couple of hours on strictly cold air before it needs to charge again.

Because the design of this dryer is sleek and minimal, it’s safe for kids and pets. It’s also cordless, so it makes blow-drying your hair even more convenient. This hair dryer is also lightweight, so it makes traveling a breeze.

Pj Yban’s hair dryer has 350W and a charging time of four hours to fill the battery. You’ll receive the hairdryer, a lithium battery that is built into the dryer, and a power cable. The two air settings will help you dry your strands evenly and quickly.

8. Redshore Cordless Hair Dryer

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Another Redshore dryer, except this one resembles a more traditional hair dryer than one with a circular/tube nozzle. This Redshore dryer is ideal for those who want to eliminate the cables that eventually pile up on hot tools.

This all-black dryer is battery-powered and provides both hot and cold air. The charging time is four hours to get a full battery, and it can last for up to 200 minutes only using cold air. With hot air, the dryer can work for 15 to 25 minutes.

You’ll receive a detachable air nozzle and a DC charging base in addition to your hairdryer. The sleek black design will ensure it never feels outdated. In addition, it can cater to other outdoor and artistic hobbies.

9. Redshore Wireless Portable Blow Dryer 

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Redshore has combined the best of technology and hair drying into one easy-to-use tool. In addition, it’s rechargeable and cordless to make blow-drying more convenient.

What makes this hair dryer different from the rest? Redshore states that “the battery can be separated as a mobile power source for charging the mobile phone.” 

In addition, this blow dryer has adjustable hot and cold air, and you’ll receive attachments.

Redshore also provides a DC charging base, so you can keep this blow dryer on standby for whenever you need it the most. Other features include turbo suction and nylon rough surface noise reduction, light-touch electronic button, and more. 

It also has double overheat protection to ensure no one gets hurt by overusing this tool. Redshore also states that this portable blow dryer can be used for much more than blow-drying hair; it’s also great for art and outdoor activities.

The charging time is 4 hours to ensure the battery is full. Depending on what heat setting you use on this tool, it can continuously work from anywhere in between 10-50 minutes. 

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