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How To Fix Hair Sticking Out Of Braids

by Gabbi

Braids can be a form of self-expression, a cultural tradition, a protective style, or a unique way to wear your hair. In addition, multiple braid styles exist, from a simple three-strand braid to cornrows or adding weaves/extensions to braids. 

However, braiding takes practice and patience to achieve a flawless result. You may notice some difficulties when you start learning to braid, like sectioning, creating even partings, and ensuring all the hair is sealed in one clean braid. 

One thing that can alter the look of your braids is if there is hair sticking out. This can create a messy look or hinder your ability to continue braiding hair. However, this problem can be solved by updating your techniques or using new products. 

For example, you can tame fly-aways and baby hairs sticking out with hair gel or sprays. Another option is to revise your braiding tactics while styling your hair so you can prevent hair mishaps. 

Braiding the hair can be intricate and look immaculate, but it takes time, trial, and error. Also, braiding techniques can vary greatly depending on your hair type and texture.

So, how do you fix hair sticking out of braids? Some common reasons why hair may stick out of the braid is due to layering, not using the right products, or improper technique. To fix it, break down your braiding session into stages and ensure you take the proper precautions for clean and frizz-free braids.

Before you try to fix strands poking out of your braids, you’ll want to discover why it’s happening. This can give you the answer you need to adjust your braiding routine before randomly guessing the culprit. 

Why Is Your Hair Sticking Out Of Your Braids?

Some common reasons why hair may stick out of the braid is due to layering, not using the right products, or improper technique.


Does your hair have layers? Layers can make it challenging to braid, even something as simple as a three-strand braid. The layers can quickly poke out of the braid and create a messy or unrefined finish. 

You may need to update your braiding technique or use the right products to adjust your layers for braiding. 

Improper Technique

Another reason why your braids can look lackluster or piecey is due to using improper techniques. Not all braiding techniques are suitable for all hair types. So, using the wrong methods or over tightening the hair can create breakage.

This breakage or tension can lead to multiple hairs leaving the security of your braids.

Incorrect Products 

Finally, some hair types need styling products to achieve a clean braid. This is especially true if you add hair enhancement to your braids, like extensions or weaves. So, styling products can keep strands laminated in place. 

Some popular products used for braids include pomades, gels, hairspray, etc.

How To Prevent Hair Sticking Out Of Your Braids 

So, how can you fix and prevent hair from sticking out of your braids? First, you’ll want to break down your braiding session into stages and ensure you take the proper precautions for clean and frizz-free braids. 

For example, you’ll want to prep the hair for braiding and gather any tools required to ease the process. Another helpful tip is to adapt your braiding technique while weaving the strands. Finally, invest in the right aftercare.

Before Braiding 

Whether you’re doing a more straightforward braid like a French braid, or something more complicated like adding extensions, you’ll want to prep the hair.

You’ll also need to gather any tools you need for a successful braiding session.

Prep Your Hair 

What type of braids will you be doing? Do your braids require you to wash your hair, or will you use your natural oils for a greasy hairdo? These questions will allow you to understand what state your strands should be in for the perfect braided look. 

Depending on your style, washing, blow-drying, and straightening can all be required before you braid the hair.

Gather Tools

Next, what tools are required for you to braid your hair? Having a tail comb to create clean parts for your braids can be beneficial. You may need additional brushes, clips, pins, or extensions to add enhancements. 

Having the correct tools on hand can quicken and ease your braiding process, minimizing pieces sticking out at the end.

Section Your Strands

Finally, you want to section or part your hair in your desired pattern. Clean sections will promote evenly distributed hair for each braid. This will help create a professional finish and prevent hairs from sticking out in the first place. 

During Braiding 

What can you do during braiding to prevent or fix hairs from sticking out of your braids? You can include some helpful tips in your braiding regardless of your hair type or braid style, like avoiding over tightening or adding hair products. 

You may also decide to stagger the hair to seal layers into your strands without a piecey result.

Stagger Your Strands

Staggering the hair can be helpful, whether you have layers or extensions. First, you’ll want to create the correct hair distribution, so all your strands are even. Then, carefully braid and avoid any tangling at the ends. 

You’ll want to create a tapered effect to prevent hair from sticking out of your braids.

Create Firm Braids

Another helpful tip is to ensure your braids are firm. Too loose braids allow the hair to move around or fall out from your braid. This can create a messy and unprofessional effect, and a better hold will promote a cleaner finish.

Avoid Over Tightening

While you want to keep your braids firm, you’ll want to avoid over tightening the hair. Braids that are too tight can lead to friction, tension, and breakage, which can hinder the health of your scalp and hair. 

Not only are tight braids harmful to your hair’s integrity, but the breakage can create a messier look, so you’ll have more pieces sticking out from your braids.

Consider Hair Enhancements

Are you adding hair extensions or other enhancements to your braids? Sometimes you can keep your braids for a long time, depending on your texture or if it’s a protective style. You’ll want to ensure an even blend of fake and real hair. 

This is where your technique comes into play to avoid layers sticking out and infusing your enhancements with your natural hair.

Add Product

Finally, it can be highly beneficial to add styling products to your hair before or during braiding. Products like gel or pomade can tame flyaways and coat all your hair together to avoid a piecey mess. 

Hair styling products can also reduce frizz, leading to a clean and strand-free finish.

After Braiding 

What can you do after braiding to fix hair that sticks out? Your braiding journey continues even after you weave the strands. So, it’s crucial to care for your strands, especially if you’re maintaining a protective style or enhancements. 

Some helpful tips include using the correct styling products, caring for your enhancements, and nourishing your scalp.

Use Styling Products  

You can secure your hair in place with additional products. 

For example, hair oil, gel, and pomade can tame flyaways and seal them into place to prevent them from sticking out. You may even invest in a small dense brush to smooth the hair on the scalp. 

Other items like hairspray can also seal hairs sticking out from your braids.

Care For Your Hair Enhancements

Are you wearing extensions within your braids? Caring for your extensions is drastically different from your strands. Improper care can increase the chance of frizzy and piecey braids. So, make sure to soak them or use diluted shampoo. 

Learning to care for your hair enhancement will prolong the wear time of your braids and keep them looking refined.

Sleep With Silk 

You can wear your braids overnight and attempt to keep them in place the next day. One of the healthiest hair tips you can add to your regimen is having a silk or satin pillowcase. You can also wear a silk wrap or bonnet to preserve your braids. 

Silk is gentle on the hair and can prevent breakage. It also keeps the hair smooth and frizz-free while lowering your chances of hair sticking out.

Care For Hair & Scalp 

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you care for your hair and scalp. The health and look of your hair all stem from the scalp. So, if there is constant tension or friction of the scalp that causes breakage, it can be challenging to keep clean braids.

Visit A Braiding Specialist 

You can find a hair specialist for almost any service, like coloring and braiding. 

Visiting a braiding specialist ensures that you can have the perfect braids whenever you want to rock your desired style. They can also give you additional tips for your hair type.


Thankfully, preventing or fixing hair from sticking out of your braids is relatively easy. It may take practice to nail your braiding technique, but the proper method will prevent hairs from sticking out. 

Other helpful tips include preparing the hair, using the right products, and caring for your braids will keep them looking clean and pristine. How do you like to wear your braids? 

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