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9 Best Nighttime Hair Wraps And How To Use Them

by Gabbi

Nighttime hair wraps are a must for just about every hair type. By using a nighttime hair wrap, you will be reducing frizz, retaining moisture, and protecting your hairstyles.

Using a nighttime hair wrap is also a great way to keep product in your hair overnight, for extensive moisture and nourishment.

What is the best nighttime hair wrap? When choosing a nighttime hair wrap, make sure to choose one that is made from silk or satin, as this will really help reduce frizz, and protect your hair while you sleep. The nighttime hair wrap also needs to be comfortable to wear as you sleep.

Keep reading to find out how to pick the best nighttime hair wraps, the best ones on the market, as well as some tips on how to use them!

Buyer’s Guide – Nighttime Hair Wraps

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a nighttime hair wrap, to ensure you give your hair the best care and you are left comfortable while you sleep!

Style Of Hair Wrap

You have a few different options of hair wraps to choose from. The basic option is a scarf, which you could wrap around your hair how you want, whether you want full coverage or just want to cover your edges.

Other more fitting options include sleep caps, bonnets, and turbans. These all fit snug on the head and can protect your hair. However, if you have longer hair, a sleep cap with extra fabric will help protect all of your hair.

Hair Wrap Material

The material of the hair wrap is so important. You should only choose hair wraps that are made from satin or silk, as these do best to reduce frizz as you sleep, and offer great protection to your hair.

Other materials such as cotton, do not protect against friction, dryness, breakage, and knots. Silk is also a good option because it does not absorb moisture from your hair, so hair is not left dry in the morning, and it can make the most of its nourishment and hydration.


Keeping your hair protected while your sleep is important, but it is also so important to be comfortable during the night with your hair wrap on.

A smooth fabric, such as silk or satin, which provides a barrier between your hair and your pillow, will be comfortable to sleep with. Double-lined hair wraps are also a great option, as they reduce friction, stay cool on the scalp, and feel comfortable against your skin.

How To Use A Nighttime Hair Wrap

How you use the nighttime hair wrap will depend on the type you buy. Turban, sleep caps and bonnets are fairly easy to use, as you just place them over your hair, whereas scarves need to be wrapped around the head.

Here is how to prepare your hair before, and how to use a nighttime wrap:

Brush Hair

It is best to smooth out your hair before wrapping it in a hair wrap. Brush your hair from root to tip until it is smooth and tangle-free. Brushing your hair before going to bed also stimulates your scalp which promotes healthy hair!

Use Treatment

You might want to put some treatment in your hair before wrapping it. This could be an oil treatment or a hair serum. Your hair might need a little nourishment and moisture, and placing treatment in it overnight, and then covering it with a hair wrap that does not absorb moisture is a great way to give it some treatment.

Prepare Hair

Your hair length and style will determine how you prepare it before wrapping. You might want to put it up, or you might want to braid it first.

Make sure to prepare your hair before placing it into a nighttime wrap.

Use Hair Wrap

If using a turban, sleep cap, or bonnet, carefully place the wrap on your head and make sure it is snug and comfortable in place.

If using a scarf, you will need to wrap it and secure it yourself.

  • Place the scarf onto the top of your head and wrap the ends around the sides of your head.
  • Once you can hold the two ends at the back of your head, twist the scarf together and bring it back towards the front of your head.
  • Tuck the ends in or tie a small knot to keep the scarf in place. Make sure it is not too loose or too tight.

The 9 Best Nighttime Hair Wraps

Below are 9 of the best nighttime hair wraps on the market. These will all help reduce frizz and keep your hair nourished and protected while you sleep!

RankProductKey Features
1.Parisbella Satin Lined Sleep Cap BonnetSatin-lined, breathable, modal fiber
2.Evolve Satin Edge Wrap ScarfFitted edge-control band, breathable
3.Satin Bonnet For SleepingDouble layered, silk, several colors
4.Kitsch Pro Multi-Way Satin Sleep ScarfSatin charmeuse, 2 colors
5.Satin Lined Hair CoverUniversal size, bamboo viscose spandex blend
6.Syhood Satin Head Scarves4 colors, satin, several wrap methods
7.Stay On Satin Hair Wrap Anti-BreakageBuilt-in anti-breakage conditioner
8.Extra Large Silky Satin BonnetLarge, satin, edge protecting
9.Olivia Sylx Satin Lined Sleep CapSatin-lined, can be used with hair treatments

1. Parisbella Satin Lined Sleep Cap Bonnet

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A nighttime hair wrap needs to stay on all night and be comfortable, and the Parisbella Satin Lined Sleep Cap Bonnet does exactly that!

The sleep cap stays on all night thanks to the adjustable strap which allows you to fit it to your head. This means that the sleep cap can fit most head sizes and be comfortable and stay in place all night long.

Being satin-lined, the sleep cap keeps your hair moisturized and helps to reduce friction between your hair and other materials. This makes it ideal for curly and wavy hair too.

The outside of the sleep cap is made with a breathable 100% modal fiber, so it does not overheat while you are asleep, further making it more comfortable to use!

2. Evolve Satin Edge Wrap Scarf

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Evolve has created the ideal wrap scarf to use for nighttime. It is made from high-quality satin that will not cause frizz or friction, and which will keep hair smooth and untangled while you sleep.

The scarf can secure easily in place, so you can protect your hair whatever style, and be sure that the wrap will stay in place all night.

The fitted edge-control band helps to keep edges smooth and keep the scarf secure at night, and it also helps keep your hair in place while you toss and turn in your sleep.

Being breathable, the scarf will not cause you to feel hot at night, and will make sure that no moisture is lost from your hair during the night!

3. Satin Bonnet For Sleeping

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These sleep bonnets have an adjustable size that can suit different head sizes, keeping you comfortable while you sleep.

With a double-layer fabric, the bonnet can wrap around your hair in a protective layer, and not cause friction between your hair and your pillow.

This is a great option when placing treatment in your hair overnight, as the double-layer will stop any moisture or product from escaping the hair bonnet.

Made with soft silk, there will be no frizz or friction on your hair as you sleep, and your hair will be kept soft and smooth throughout the night.

There are a host of colors to choose from, so you can pick the one that you like best! When not being used as a nighttime hair wrap, you can wear this bonnet when you bath to keep your hair dry too.

4. Kitsch Pro Multi-Way Satin Sleep Scarf

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The Kitsch Pro Multi-Way Satin Sleep Scarf offers you optimal comfort.

It will help keep your strands hydrated and healthy while you sleep, as it is made from 100% satin charmeuse, which is as gentle as can be on hair.

There are multiple ways to wear the scarf, depending on your hair and the style you are going to bed with. You can tie it in the front, the back, or wear it as a turban.

The scarf helps to create a friction-free barrier for all hair types, and you can effectively say goodbye to bedhead in the morning!

You can also place treatment or conditioner in your hair before wrapping it up in the scarf, as the scarf will act as a barrier between your treatment and your pillow, and your hair will benefit from all the nourishment throughout the night.

Choose between black or blush, and experiment with different ways to wrap the scarf at night to protect your hair.

5. Satin Lined Hair Cover

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Enjoy the perfect fit when using this sleep bonnet, as it has an adjustable and stretchable headband that fits most head sizes.

A side-release buckle helps you adjust the fit to suit you perfectly, to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

The outside of the bonnet is made with 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, so it is breathable and comfortable, and the inside is made with 100% silk satin, which will not cause frizz or friction. It will also not absorb moisture from your hair.

The slouchy shape of the bonnet helps to reduce tangles and knots, which is ideal for curly and wavy hair that needs a little more space.

The skin-friendly stain and the breathable exterior make this a comfortable option for nighttime!

6. Syhood Satin Head Scarves

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This set consists of 4 satin headscarves, so you are never left without a nighttime hair wrap! The scarves come in 4 different colors, making nighttime hair wrapping a little more fun.

The square headscarves measure 35-inches by 35-inches, which is a good enough size to wrap up just about every hairstyle. Other than using the scarf as a nighttime wrap, you can use the headscarf as an accessory during the day.

Being made from satin, the scarf is soft and silky and will keep hair free from tangles, frizz, and dryness.

You can use the scarf to wrap your hair in whatever way suits you best, depending on the way you prepare your hair before bed! There are also so many more uses to enjoy with these scarves, in all the fun colors they are available in!

7. Stay On Satin Hair Wrap Anti-Breakage

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The Stay On Satin Hair Wrap comes ready to wear with a whole lot of different ways to wrap around your hair for added protection throughout the night. 

Once wrapped and in place, it activates a built-in anti-breakage conditioner which helps to keep your hair healthier and protected for longer.

The wrap is made from high-quality satin fabric, which is the best to prevent against friction and breakage. The silk-like material is also smooth and breathable, making it fine to wear for long periods, and making it comfortable to wear while you sleep.

It is ideal for multiple hairstyles, including loose hair, braids, dreadlocks, buns, weaves, perms, wavy hair and so much more! Being smooth and sliding on your pillow, there is no friction while you sleep, and you are left rested while your hair is kept healthy!

8. Extra Large Silky Satin Bonnet

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This extra-large satin hair bonnet is large enough to accommodate for long hair, braids, and curly hair.

Made from premium satin, the hair bonnet locks in moisture and protects hair, while still being able to keep your hairstyle in place.

The satin bonnet is easy to place on your hair too, once you have placed all your hair inside the bonnet, you can use the silk strip to adjust it into place securely.

This is also a great bonnet to use to protect your edges, by applying a little bit of oil on the edges first before placing the bonnet and silk strip on your head.

9. Olivia Sylx Satin Lined Sleep Cap

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The Olivia Sylx Satin Lined Sleep Cap helps to lock in moisture and keep curls intact, so you wake up without frizzy and dry hair.

The cap features an updated design that has an extra-wide poly/spandex band that will keep the cap on during the night while feeling like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

Long gone are the days when you wake up with headaches from your hair wrap!

Maintain your luscious locks by using this satin-lined sleep cap, as the satin prevents breakage by reducing friction while you toss and turn as you sleep.

Being double-lined satin, the sleep cap locks in moisture and revitalizes hair, and can even be used with hair treatment and hair masks.

The Best Hair Wrap For Nighttime

Above are some great hair wraps to use for nighttime, which will protect hair from frizz and breakages as you sleep, and instead keep it hydrated and nourished during the night.

Make sure to choose a silk or satin hair wrap, as these are the best materials to ensure that no moisture is taken from the hair, and hair is kept tangle-free and smooth no matter how much you toss and turn!

Related Questions

Is it good to wrap your hair at night?

It is a good idea to wrap your hair at night. It allows you to maintain your hairstyle and hair shape and prevents your hair from becoming frizzy as you toss and turn during the night. The right hair wrap will also lock in moisture and keep hair hydrated.

Are satin hair wraps just as good as silk?

Satin hair wraps can be just as good as silk. They offer the same amount of protection, and can help to keep moisture in more than silk does at times. Both are the best options to use to wrap hair at night, so you can’t go wrong with either!

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