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7 Best Hair Growth Products For Trichotillomania

by Gabbi

There are many different reasons why people experience hair thinning, from nutritional deficiencies to compulsive urges like trichotillomania. 

Trichotillomania is a compulsive desire to pull out your own hair. Repetitive pulling can damage the scalp and hair follicles, making it harder to regrow hair in the areas where you often pull it out.

This is why treating trichotillomania involves a two-pronged approach: addressing the behavior and using scientifically-backed products to encourage hair regrowth.

When it comes to addressing the behavior many people benefit from therapy and medication. When it comes to regrowing hair in places where it’s thin, there are many products on the market that have proven to work.

So, what are the best hair growth products for trichotillomania? Most of them are topical products that you put on your scalp. They contain natural ingredients like vitamins and oils that strengthen the hair follicles, improve blood circulation, and speed up hair growth.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of the best products you can get online to help with hair loss caused by trichotillomania.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to hair loss, there are a lot of gimmicky products that promise impossible results. It’s essential to look for scientifically-proven ingredients that actually work, especially if you’re dealing with hair loss from compulsive pulling.

Not all hair growth products work for trichotillomania because they target other causes of hair loss, for example, Rogaine – a well-known hair growth product – does not work for this condition.

Here are some tips for finding the best product for successfully regrowing your hair for people with trichotillomania:

Look For Topicals 

Some hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes, so it requires an internal solution. Trichotillomania, on the other hand, is an external issue – it’s caused by physically pulling the hair out.

The best way to help your hair start growing back out is to target the issue externally, by using topicals such as shampoos, scalp oils, scalp serums, and the like.

Of course, taking vitamins and eating a nutritious diet can only help. And addressing the root cause of the pulling compulsion is step 1.

But the main focus for products that target hair loss caused by trichotillomania should be on topicals.


Many studies show that biotin is an important vitamin when it comes to hair growth. Not only does it speed up the growth process itself, but it also strengthens the hair, making it harder to pull out. 

Biotin can be supplemented internally or used topically on the scalp. Doing both leads to best results. When it comes to finding the best products for hair growth, we recommend starting with those that contain biotin.

Other vitamins have been associated with better hair growth as well, including vitamin D, vitamin E, and amino acids.


Another great ingredient for helping the scalp heal and the hair grow is collagen. Many scalp serums and oils now contain collagen, which helps repair the scalp structures and allow new growth to happen.

Many of our recommended products contain collagen because so many people see great results from it.

Natural Oils

Hair loss isn’t a modern problem. For thousands of years, people have been treating hair loss using natural oils like castor oil, olive oil, and even onion oil! 

These oils nourish the scalp and provide it with vitamins and minerals necessary to encourage growth. Many of these oils also improve blood circulation in the scalp, giving the hair follicles more nutrition to help them grow.

And some oils can even reduce itching and other sensations on the scalp that often trigger the urge to pull hair. These oils can be imperative to address the habit of trichotillomania itself.

Best Hair Growth Products For Trichotillomania 

Here are our top picks for the most effective product that help with hair growth for people with trichotillomania:

RankProductKey Features
1.PHYTO Phytocyane Botanical Revitalizing SerumLuxurious vials of powerful serum that nourishes the scalp and improves hair growth
2.Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique VivifiantLeave-in spray with collagen and amino acids that promotes new growth
3.Éprouvage Reviving Scalp SerumScalp serum that combines natural ingredients with patented hair-growth technology
4.Wild Growth Hair OilAffordable oil with many natural ingredients known for increasing hair growth and thickness
5.Luseta Biotin Hair Growth SerumLightweight serum with biotin and collagen
6.Trichup OilAncient ayurvedic oil that heals the scalp and protects the hair to help it grow
7.IQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil100% pure unrefined castor oil that increases hair thickness and promotes new growth

1. PHYTO Phytocyane Botanical Revitalizing Serum

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This revitalizing serum from Paris is chock full of hair-growth-boosting ingredients and botanicals like ginkgo Biloba, silk and soy proteins, and a powerful vitamin B complex.

The advanced formula supports the scalp’s natural microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth.

Applied in single doses, this revitalizing serum supports keratin production for fuller, thicker, and more lustrous hair.

The box comes with multiple little vials filled with the precious serum. To use this product, break the vile open, part your hair, and administer the serum to your scalp in areas where you experience the most hair loss.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This product appears to work well for different types of hair loss, including trichotillomania.

2. Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Vivifiant

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Another French-made product, this Leonor Greyl tonic comes in spray form rather than a serum.

It’s a leave-in treatment spray that provides the scalp with the nutrients needed to remain healthy and promote hair growth.

Infused with tenuiflora mimosa, collagen, and amino acids this spray helps stimulate hair re-growth and tissue regeneration.

This product targets various causes of hair loss, including excessive hair pulling, by nourishing the scalp and providing it with the building blocks it needs to start growing healthy hair again.

3. Éprouvage Reviving Scalp Serum

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If you’re looking for a true botanical powerhouse, try this scalp serum by Éprouvage. This brand combines nature and science in a powerful way to create a serum that nourishes the scalp and increases hair growth. 

It contains a patented ingredient called Redensyl which works to create the best environment to promote up to 214% more hair growth.

In addition, this serum contains Egyptian blue lily and French oak extract which are both full of vitamins and antioxidants that help nourish the scalp.

This product won’t transform your hair overnight. That being said, most people see a huge difference after three months.

4. Wild Growth Hair Oil

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Often recommended on trichotillomania forums, this hair oil consists of an uncompromisingly rich plant-based formula that conditions the hair, reduces breakage, and promotes hair regrowth.

This bottle combines several powerful plant oils associated with healthy hair growth: coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and pumpkin seed oil. It also contains essential oils that stimulate blood flow to the scalp, promoting faster growth and healing.

It smells like a wild botanical bouquet so you’ll love using it. It doesn’t hurt that this miracle oil is so affordable – you can’t go wrong if you try it!

5. Luseta Biotin Hair Growth Serum

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This simple serums combines within it the two most researched ingredients when it comes to trichotillomania-induced hair loss: biotin and collagen. 

Just work a quarter-sized amount of product into palms and style after washing or rinsing your hair, working from root to tip. 

It stimulates the scalp, encourages faster growth, and protects the hair from further breakage.

If you’re concerned about using scalp oils because they might weigh down your hair – try this serum. It’s incredibly lightweight and it won’t make your hair look greasy.

6. Trichup Oil

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Trichup oil is an old ayurvedic secret that has been used for thousands of years in India.

Enriched with sesame and coconut oil for added benefits, this product promotes scalp health, faster growth, and an influx of nutrients to the roots of your hair.

Massage this oil into your scalp before you go to bed for best results.

The oil will work it’s magic while you sleep and you’ll be able to wash it out in the morning because it tends to be a little greasy.

Doing this 2-3 times per week will make a huge difference in regrowing your hair.

7. IQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Jamaican black castor oil is pure castor oil that has not been refined, meaning it has the most nutrients in it.

Castor oil has long been touted as a hair growth oil because it protects the hair, nourishes the scalp, and promotes new growth.

It’s often used on eyelashes and eyebrows to make them fuller but works just as well on the scalp.

If you’re looking for a purely natural solution with no added ingredients that has been proven to work by scientists and thousands of generations before you – try this castor oil!

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