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Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Pink Hair?

by Gabbi

Fashion colors are one of the many ways to experiment and express yourself with cosmetics. They’re bright and vivid, and you can choose from so many shades like pink, blue, purple, orange, etc.

Pink is an easy fashion color to rock, and there is a shade to match every skin tone. However, it can be challenging to retain such a vivid color, and pastel pink can be even more challenging to keep since most fashion colors have a semi-permanent formula.

One way to retain pink hair is by using shampoo, but the wrong shampoo can quickly strip your hair of color, while the right one can promote longevity for your hair dye. The most common toning or color-correcting shampoo is purple shampoo.

So, can you use purple shampoo on pink hair? Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo for blonde hair, so it may not impact pink hair. Purple is designed to cancel out yellow, and you may not always have yellow tones in pink hair. 

What can happen if you use purple shampoo on pink hair? Results can vary by purple shampoo formulation and pigmentation. Sometimes it won’t create any difference, and other times it will alter your pink strands.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo contains purple pigments to counteract and neutralize brassy tones within the hair. In addition, purple shampoos are often used as a toning agent to keep blondes looking bright. They can be confused with color-depositing shampoo.

Regular purple shampoo will only neutralize yellow tones in hair because purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel. However, some people believe it can affect pink hair.

Toning Purple Shampoo Vs Color Depositing Shampoo

It’s crucial to know the difference between toning and color-depositing shampoos. Toning shampoos simply neutralize unwanted undertones within the hair. Meanwhile, color-depositing shampoos will add more color and dye to the strands.

So, a purple color depositing shampoo will promote purple strands. Purple toning shampoo will neutralize yellow hair. These two products have different formulations and promote varying outcomes.

What Happens If You Use Purple Shampoo On Pink Hair?

Are you thinking about using purple shampoo on pink hair? A purple toning shampoo may or may not affect the look of your pink hair. You can add it to your routine and see no changes, or it can do the opposite by creating a muddy hair color. 

What shade of pink you have can also be affected by purple shampoo. For example, warm pinks with orange or warm undertones can potentially become neutralized.


It’s possible that absolutely nothing will occur if you apply purple shampoo to pink hair. This is because the purple shampoo is designed to eliminate yellow undertones. So, adding purple shampoo to pink hair that doesn’t have yellow will be redundant. 

Using purple shampoo on pink hair in this case won’t be necessary or the best way to care for pink strands.

Muddy Color

Another possibility of using purple shampoo on pink hair is ending up with a muddy color. It’s crucial to remember that purple shampoo will act like a toner. Some purple shampoos are ultra-pigmented and can leave a purple residue on the strands.

Mixing pink and purple may not always produce a flattering outcome. It could create a muddy or watered-down color that isn’t vivid. So, it may be wise to avoid using purple shampoo on pink hair.

Potentially Eliminates Uneven Tones 

There is a slight chance for purple shampoos to tone pink hair. It could happen if your pink hair is extremely warm or leaves yellow tones behind. This will give purple shampoo a chance to eliminate warm tones. 

However, purple shampoo works best on blonde or lighter hair colors. It may reduce uneven tones, but pink strands have a small chance of ending up refreshed.

Should You Use Purple Shampoo On Your Pink Hair? 

Thankfully, there are better products to use on pink hair than purple shampoo. There is a higher chance it won’t promote your desired outcome. It may be wise to invest in another shampoo that protects color or deposits pink pigments.

How To Maintain Pink Hair

How can you maintain pink hair without the use of purple shampoo? It’s essential to adapt your hair care routine to promote the longevity of your hair color. Certain ingredients in your shampoo or hot water can cause hair dye to bleed. 

You’ll also want to keep the integrity of your hair especially if you color it frequently to keep pink strands vivid.

Use A Pink Color-Depositing Product 

Instead of using a purple shampoo, try investing in a pink color-depositing shampoo. These colored-filled shampoos double as temporary or semi-permanent colors. So, they can infuse your strands with pink dye without the help of a developer. 

Pink color-depositing shampoos can keep your color alive for longer and prolong your next visit to the salon. They are easy to use but need a few minutes to sit to saturate the hair thoroughly.  

Get A Color-Friendly Shampoo

The shampoo is still a crucial part of your hair care routine, especially if you need to maintain a fashion color like pink. Choose a shampoo that will promote color longevity and prolong your next visit to the salon. 

You can look for shampoos that don’t contain stripping ingredients like sulfates or silicones. Also, the less you shampoo, the longer your color will remain bold.

Invest In Fade-Proof Products

Your other hair care products are also crucial to update in your routine. 

For example, heat protectant is a must to keep hair healthy during styling. In addition, all products should be safe for color-treated hair to keep pink hair prominent for as long as possible. 

Fade-proof products can help you spend less time dyeing your hair or at the salon.

Wash With Cold Water 

Another helpful tip to maintain pink hair is washing your hair with cold water. Hot water will open the cuticle and allow the color to fade quickly. However, cold water will promote the complete opposite effect for fashion colors.

Cold water is the most cost-effective tip because you won’t need additional tools or products to keep pink hair vibrant. 

Deep Condition 

Finally, frequently coloring your hair can lead to brittle and dry hair. This is especially true for people who need to bleach their hair before adding pink hair dye. A light base color is required to achieve a neon or bright pink shade. 

So, one way to combat dryness is by using a deep conditioning mask and adding this treatment to your routine once a week can keep your hair healthy.

When Is The Best Time To Use Purple Shampoo?

Now that we know what works for pink hair, when is the most appropriate time to use purple shampoo? Purple shampoo can be a powerful and essential product in your hair care routine when it’s used under the correct circumstances. 

Purple shampoo will be great for blondes, eliminating brassy tones and achieving brighter hair.

For Blondes 

While purple shampoo may be a dud for pink hair, it’s ideal for blondes. Blonde hair needs a lot of maintenance, especially if you’re looking to maintain specific undertones. 

So, purple shampoo can quickly eliminate unwanted brassy tones. It can keep blonde hair looking fresh and even after each use. It can also prolong your next salon visit.

To Eliminate Yellow Tones

Another appropriate time to use purple shampoo is to eliminate yellow tones. Purple shampoo can work on highlights, balayage, and bleached hair. So, purple shampoo can eliminate yellow tones since these shades neutralize each other. 

Yellow hair will be gone after toning it with a purple shampoo. You can expect brighter and more even hair after using purple shampoo. However, it will need to sit in the hair for a few minutes to get the full effect.

To Achieve Brighter Strands 

Finally, purple shampoo is ideal for achieving bright, white, and silver hair. These hair colors can quite become brassy, but purple shampoo can help. Some purple shampoos are ultra-pigmented and can even leave a slight tint behind.  

Please use your purple shampoo according to its directions for the best results. Sometimes the longer you leave it on, the more pigmented it will become, so proceed with caution.

Consult With A Hairdresser 

Finally, you can consult your hairdresser regarding your pink hair and purple shampoo needs. They can create a customized routine to ensure your pink hair stays exuberant for as long as possible. 

In addition, you can ask in-depth questions if you can benefit from using purple shampoo on your strands.


Overall, it may not be wise to use purple shampoo on pink hair because it can cause more harm than good. Instead, use a pink color-depositing shampoo to maintain your color. You can also update all hair care products in your regimen to be color-friendly. 

Other helpful tips include washing with cold water and having high-quality shampoo on hand. You may also consult with a stylist for personalized recommendations. 

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