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Keracolor Platinum Vs Silver

by Gabbi

Cool, icy blonde shades have been the trending style in fashion and social media for several years now. While platinum blonde has always been a statement-making shade, recently there has been an increase in silver-toned hues as well.

Not only has silver hair become a statement color on its own, but it can also be seen as an ash-toned hue added to a wide range of natural hair colors.

Being such cool-toned, fair shades, both colors can be hard to achieve as they often require frequent lightening treatments for your existing hair color.

If you are wanting to switch your hair color to a platinum or silver shade, you will also need to have a maintenance routine in mind. A color depositing product, like Keracolor, that can distribute platinum or silver tones to your hair without any harsh chemicals, is one way to extend your icy locks.

So, Keracolor Platinum vs. Silver – what’s the difference? While both colors may appear to be similar, the undertones and overall color is different and will determine which shade is best for you. Keracolor works to provide salon-quality results for platinum and silver shades, without any harsh chemicals while also nourishing and conditioning your hair.

Below we are going to discuss the difference between platinum and silver, how to choose which shade is best for your hair, and how to incorporate the Keracolor semi-permanent hair color into your routine.

What Is Keracolor?

Keracolor is a brand of hair color that works as a color-depositing conditioner. It applies color pigment to the hair, while also nourishing and conditioning it. The brand is available in a wide variety of colors, including natural, vivid, and pastel shades.

Keracolor can be used to add a new hue to your hair, or to maintain and refresh your existing color. The product is a semi-permanent, at-home color treatment with results that will fade over time.

Consistent use is required to achieve and maintain the desired results; however, it does not require any harsh chemicals to absorb the color into the hair and instead works to soften the strands.

Keracolor products are infused with keratin to help strengthen, smooth, and hydrate the hair while also providing color and repairing color treated strands. After using Keracolor, not only will you achieve a new hue to your tresses, but your hair will look and feel soft, smooth, and shiny.

Keracolor Platinum

Keracolor Platinum results on light blonde hair.

Platinum is a striking color for your hair, but it does require frequent maintenance due to how light and pale the color is.

Using Keracolor Platinum can add or refresh your hair color without having to go to the salon.

The product does not require bleach to deposit the color, however your hair will have to be pre-lightened for the platinum shade to show up.

The Keracolor Platinum hair color will eventually fade over time, providing less permanent results, although it will help to maintain the color between salon visits.

It is a 3-in-1 product that cleanses, conditioners, and colors the hair without stripping the strands of any moisture. As platinum hair colors require frequent bleaching to maintain the look, it can easily become dried out and brittle.

The keratin-infused product helps to nourish the hair, while also minimizing and eliminating the appearance of frizz. The product will deeply hydrate the hair to help replenish any lost moisture from the lifting and lightening process.

Keracolor is a non-lather formula, which means it will be of sulfates and parabens, allowing the product to be gentle on your delicate hair strands. It cleanses the hair easily, removing any dirt or oil buildup. The color will look fresh in between salon appointments, for a striking, icy appearance.

What Is Silver Hair Color?

Keracolor Silver results on platinum and light blonde hair.

Now let’s explain a little about Keracolor Silver.

Although it may seem like platinum and silver are similar in color, there is a distinct difference in their undertones which separates the shades.

While both are cool toned hair colors with a very ashy undertone, silver is going to have a blue-based undertones while platinum is going to have a violet-based undertone.

Platinum also has a significant amount of white in the color, achieving the palest, lightest blonde shade.

The blue undertones in the silver hair color are going to neutralize unwanted brassy shades. The violet undertones are going to eliminate unwanted yellow tones in the hair. Both shades do require the hair to be pre-lightened to achieve the best results, especially if you have medium to dark hair colors naturally.

If you have a natural medium to light blonde hair color, you can find the right shade for you based on your hair’s natural undertones without having to potentially pre-lighten your hair.

Should You Use Keracolor Plantinum or Silver?

If you are trying to decide between platinum or silver, it is going to depend on the look you want to achieve, but also your natural, existing hair color.

Platinum is going to be more of a white, pale blonde hair color, while silver is going to be a cooler-toned, ash blonde shade that reflects silver. It can seem that silver may be slightly darker than platinum, but both are pale shades with cool undertones.

With blonde hair that already has more yellow undertones naturally, going with platinum will be a better option, as the violet tones will cancel out the yellow. If your hair has more orange or brassy undertones, the blue undertones from a silver hair color will be the way to go.

Best Ways To Use Keracolor Platinum or Silver

In order to achieve either platinum or silver hair color, and to be able to use the Keracolor products effectively, the hair will have to be pre-lightened first as the colors are such cool, pale shades.

If you have medium to dark brown or black hair, it may take several sessions to lighten the hair enough to start using the platinum or silver Keracolor.

Once your hair is light enough to see results from the Keracolor, you can apply the product onto wet or dry hair. It helps to start by dividing the hair into section to be able to evenly distribute the color and saturate the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb will also help to work through any tangles while also distributing the color.

Once the product is massaged into the hair, let it sit on the strands for up to 20 minutes to fully absorb the color into the hair.

Once you have had the product on the hair for the allotted time, it can be rinsed and styled as usual. Most likely you will not need to use an additional shampoo or conditioner to rinse the product, as it is cleansing and nourishing enough on its own,

It may take consistent applications of the product to achieve your desired results. However, once the color has been achieved, you can maintain and extend the results by using the Keracolor shade once a week for a refresh.

Here’s a tutorial from Keracolor Hair’s channel on YouTube.

Hair Types For Keracolor Platinum or Silver

Keracolor Platinum and Silver can work on any hair texture or hair type. It does require the hair to be pre-lightened, however, which does require bleach and has the potential to dry out your strands.

Especially if your hair ranges from black to medium brow, several sessions with a lightener will be required to show any difference.

If your hair is prone to dryness or breaking, the bleaching may exacerbate the texture and will require following up with richly moisturizing products to replenish any lost moisture.

How To Maintain Keracolor Platinum or Silver Hair Colors

Lighter hair colors, like platinum and silver, require frequent upkeep to maintain the results. With naturally darker hair especially, the roots are quick to come in or brassy, unwanted undertones can show up more frequently.

The colors are already cool-toned and ashy, they are prone to turn brassy overtime, especially with hair that has been lightened with bleach.

Both silver and platinum will require frequent toning to eliminate any unwanted brassy or yellow tones. Using a purple-toned shampoo or conditioner once a week can also help to minimize any brassiness, working with the Keracolor to enhance the results.

Keracolor can also be used throughout the week to maintain the color once you have reached your desired results.


After all the hard work of achieving an icy, ashy, cool-toned silver or platinum hair color, you want to make sure you extend the color for as long as possible, while also replenishing any moisture that may have been lost in the lightening or bleaching process.

With options available for both violet-toned platinum color, or blue-toned silver, Keracolor is going to nourish your strands while also protecting and maintaining your color. 

Suitable for any hair type, Keracolor uses its keratin-infused formula to repair and prevent damage, while also offering options to extend colors as high maintenance as platinum and silver.

This color depositing, conditioning treatment will help to save you a trip to the salon and keep your locks looking shiny and healthy.

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