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15 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Dyes

by Gabbi

Do blondes have more fun? Well, it may be time to find out for yourself. Blonde hair can be stressful to achieve, but it’s one of the most popular hair colors everyone is willing to try out at least once in their life. 

In addition, blonde hair, primarily platinum blonde hair, can be a pricey service at the salon. It can also involve a lot of maintenance, which will also rack up your bill. Thankfully, there are methods and products to help get platinum hair at home. 

What are the best platinum blonde hair dyes? The best platinum blonde hair dyes will help you achieve cool-toned, bright blonde strands while maintaining the integrity of your hair. In addition, they should come with a conditioning or toning component.  

Platinum blonde hair dye is available almost everywhere. However, not all of them offer the same quality or outcome. Before coloring your hair platinum at home, it’s crucial to identify your needs, your hair’s standing, and what products to use. 

How To Choose The Right Platinum Hair Dye

1. Formulation

Various hair color formulas could potentially help dye your hair to a stunning platinum blonde shade. The most popular ones for blonde hair are permanent color, semi-permanent color, and bleach.

Permanent color can last up to eight weeks and will need the help of a developer to lift your hair to a light shade of blonde. Going blonde is a long process, especially if you already have a dark hair color, so it may take a few tries. 

Semi-permanent color usually lasts anywhere between four and six weeks. Semi-permanent dyes will only deposit color into your strands; they won’t lift your hair to become lighter. So, this will be the best option for natural blondes who don’t want something drastic. 

Bleach is the most effective way to achieve blonde hair, but it can also be the most damaging if it’s not used correctly. Darker hair may also need a few applications to achieve the perfect icy blonde shade. Toner and developer will also be required. 

2. Analyze Your Hair Type 

Your hair type, color, and texture can help determine what hair color is best for you. In addition, it’s crucial to see if your color is compatible with previously dyed, bleached, or chemically treated hair. 

So, always double-check the labels to ensure your color won’t damage your hair by accident. Most hair colors today have various nourishing components to keep the integrity of your hair.

Best Platinum Blonde Hair Dyes

RankProductKey Features
1.Keracolor Clenditioner Hair DyeShower use, semi-permanent, nourishing
2.Wella Color Charm Permanent ColorLong-lasting, 45 min use, icy blonde
3.L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent ColorSeven levels of lightening, anti-brass
4.Revlon Color Effects Platinum BlondeLightens 7 levels, purple toning shampoo
5.L’Oreal Paris Feria Platinum BleachFor dark/medium brown, anti-brass conditioner
6.Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color CremeCool-toned, lightens 8 levels, for virgin hair
7.IL Salone Milano Permanent Platinum Hair DyeCool-toned, leaves hair shiny and bright
8.L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach All OverBleach, pairs with semi-permanent dye
9.Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair ColorFor virgin hair, shine-boosting, long lasting
10.SoftSheen-Carson Rich Conditioning Hair ColorLasts up to 8 weeks, fade-resistant
11.Manic Panic Amplified Hair Bleach KitIntense bleach, use on dark hair, cruelty-free
12.Punky Platinum Blonde Toner Semi-Permanent ColorColor depositing and toning, semi-permanent
13.Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel Platinum BlondeSemi-permanent, gentle formula
14.Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Blonde PlatinumSalon-grade, level 10, permanent
15. Revlon Colorsilk Color Effects FrostFor highlighting, keratin moisture complex

1. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

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One great semi-permanent hair color option is the Keracolor Clenditioner.

This product is different from the rest because it will color your hair in the shower every time you wash your hair. In addition, it will add platinum vibrancy with every wash.

This Clenditioner will infuse hair color into your strands to eliminate brassy hair and help maintain a platinum blonde color. In addition, this product will be the most ideal for hair that is already a light blonde color. 

Keracolor’s Clenditioner is a semi-permanent color so that it won’t last as long, and it should be used as a maintenance product. In addition, this product is formulated with hair-loving ingredients like Keratin Complex, Shea Butter, and various nut oils.

Thankfully, this Clenditioner is easy to use. All you need to do is apply it to wet or dry hair, let it sit so it can work its magic, and rinse. Then, you’ll finally unveil an icy platinum hair color. Of course, the shade Platinum will offer the best results for blonde hair.

2. Wella Color Charm Permanent Color 

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Wella is a professional haircare brand that specializes in hair color. So naturally, they have perfected their color formulas so you can reach your desired level of blonde.

However, blonde hair can be tough to achieve, which is why the color you choose is crucial. This shade from the Color Charm Permanent Line is in 12C Ultra Light Blonde.

Wella’s color is formulated to give a long-lasting finish that is icy and vibrant. In addition, this color will cover up to 100% of gray hair for a uniform look. 

Wella ensured that this product was simple to use at home. All you need to do is mix one part of the Color Charm Permanent Color with two parts developer. Let it sit for 45 minutes max, and you should be left with icy, platinum blonde hair.

In addition, Wella’s hair color will leave you with nourished and conditioned hair, as if you’ve never colored it. Before using any hair color, it’s crucial to perform a patch test and test strand to ensure you don’t have any allergic or otherwise unwanted reactions. 

3. L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Color

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L’Oreal has almost any hair color you could possibly imagine, and that includes platinum blonde.

The Feria line is crafted for anyone who wants to make a bold statement with their hair. With up to 50 shades, you’ll find your perfect match. 

However, if platinum blonde is your dream, the shade Extreme Platinum will be your best friend.

L’Oreal claims that this box dye can lighten up to seven levels so you can achieve the brightest results. In addition, you’ll receive a dimensional finish. 

This kit will have everything you need to color your hair at home flawlessly. You’ll receive developer, bleaching powder, lightening creme, and an anti-brass conditioner. L’Oreal provides step-by-step instructions to help you reach a smooth and even finish.

In addition, this permanent color can cover up grays in a flash, and your blonde color will last for weeks on end. Still unsure if this color is for you? L’Oreal’s website allows you to virtually try on hair color to ensure you’ve found the perfect match. 

4. Revlon Color Effects Platinum Blonde

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Like L’Oreal, Revlon has also perfected their range of hair colors so you can finally bring the salon into the comfort of your own home.

The Revlon Color Effects is the ultimate at-home coloring kit for platinum blonde hair. 

This hair coloring kit is ideal for natural light blonde or medium brown hair colors.

This will ensure you get the proper results and an icy finish. Darker hair colors may not see the same results, or it will take multiple sessions to reach your desired blonde shade.

Revlon’s color is formulated with their Bond Restore Complex to combat breakage and damage. Blonde hair can be extremely taxing on your hair, so it’s crucial to keep your hair’s integrity as you go lighter. In addition, this color is Ammonia-Free.

In this set, you’ll receive the platinum powder, cream developer, violet shampoo and conditioner, and protective oil. Revlon claims that this color can also lighten your hair up to seven levels. Also, the purple shampoo will eliminate any brassy tones. 

5. L’Oreal Paris Feria Platinum Bleach

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Earlier, we mentioned the L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Color; now it’s time to meet her stronger older sister, the Feria Platinum Advanced Lightening System.

This kit focuses on the use of bleach more than color to achieve icy results. Unlike the other L’Oreal color, this Hyper Platinum kit is ideal for dark to medium brown hair.

In addition, this blonde hair coloring kit can lighten your hair up to eight levels. The best part, you won’t have to worry about going brassy either! 

This kit includes developer, bleaching powder, hyper-lightening cream, and anti-brass conditioner. The purple conditioner will be the superhero ingredient to eliminate orange and yellow tones completely.

However, this color will not work for gray or chemically-treated hair. For the best results, follow the instructions carefully. In addition, this platinum blonde color will last for weeks, so you never have to worry about dull strands ever again!

6. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color Creme 

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Garnier is yet another popular drugstore brand that offers a nourishing range of hair colors to keep the integrity of your hair.

The Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse in Ultra Light Platinum is ideal for light to medium brown hair colors to achieve a cool-toned look.

While this color claims to lift hair to eight levels, it will do so without the damage, thanks to its nourishing formula.

This color is formulated with a blend of oils like grapeseed, avocado, and olive. In addition, the FortiPLex technology keeps the hair strong.

Garnier’s formula also provides 100% gray coverage if you want a flawless finish without worrying about silver strands peeking through. However, this color doesn’t mix well with chemically or heavily color-treated hair. 

In addition, Garnier recommends avoiding applying this color over previously bleached hair and only to new regrowth. The best way to ensure this color is for you is to conduct a patch test for allergies and a test strand to see your hair’s reaction.

7. IL Salone Milano Permanent Platinum Hair Dye 

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Il Salone Milano brings salon-quality hair right to your home. Their line, Intense Professional Color Cream, offers a permanent color that is pigmented, bold, and vibrant. In addition, their shade 12.11 Silver Platinum is cool-toned and icy.

This at-home color kit is made in Italy, and the formula offers 100% coverage. However, this hair dye is ideal for light, golden hair colors to achieve a bright finish. The color will last for weeks, and your hair will feel luxurious.

Il Salone Milano also infused their color formula with moisturizing properties like Linseed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. In addition, this combination of oils will leave your hair full of shine and provide a glistening finish to your hair color. 

What makes this hair color unique from the rest is its three-step system to achieve flawless results. This kit includes a pre-treatment process, the color cream, and a post-treatment process to take care of your strands and keep the hair’s integrity.

8. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach All Over

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When we mentioned L’Oreal dominates the at-home hair color market, we weren’t kidding.

They have another version of color which mainly uses bleach to help you get to a bright platinum blonde. However, what makes this different from the other L’Oreal colors?

Both of the previous L’Oreal hair colors involve color, or color plus bleach. The Colorista Bleach All Over is just bleach; color is sold separately. In addition, it doesn’t include various products to nourish the hair, only an anti-brass conditioner.

However, this bleach offers versatility, and it’s easily customizable. For example, you can bleach all of your hair, or you can highlight, balayage, or ombre your strands. In addition, this bleach will offer permanent results that will last for quite some time.

L’Oreal also gives you the option to pair this Colorista All Over Bleach with the Colorista Semi-Permanent Color, which allows you to refresh your platinum blonde hair more often to keep your strands cool-toned.

This color is ideal for dark blonde to medium brown hair colors that want to bleach their hair to achieve a platinum shade. 

9. Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color

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Got2b is one of Schwarzkopf’s popular brands that cater to a more youthful audience.

The Metallic Permanent Hair Color is ideal for anyone who wants platinum hair without looking flat. So if you’re ready for shimmering and radiant hair, follow along. 

Got2b recommends that this color will work the best for light blonde hair colors. In addition, they also recommend avoiding using this product on hair that has already been previously colored. This will ensure you get the best metallic platinum result. 

The Metallic Permanent Hair Color is formulated with a “metallic-shine booster” to offer dimension and vibrancy to your strands. In addition, this kit includes a color cream, developer, after treatment, and one application bottle for a perfect outcome. 

Got2b also states that if your hair is longer than shoulder length, you should apply two boxes of the color for a seamless finish and avoid to patchiness. In addition, this color won’t fade, and it’s long-lasting due to its permanent hair color formula. 

10. SoftSheen-Carson Rich Conditioning Hair Color

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Not all hair types react the same, especially with at-home hair dye. SoftSheen curated this line of hair colors for natural and relaxed hair types who want to achieve platinum hair. In addition, it will help keep your curls full of life.

This is a permanent hair color that also offers 100% gray coverage. In addition, this color’s conditioning components will combat breakage and damage to keep the integrity of your curls. Also, this vibrant color can last up to eight weeks. 

The Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Conditioning Color is ideal for curly, relaxed, wavy, natural hair, and anywhere in between. In addition, if you’re looking to achieve the ultimate bright blonde look, opt for the color Luminous Blonde.

This color will hydrate and nourish your curls with the help of avocado, olive, and shea oils. The Dark and Lovely Conditioning Color is ideal for light, medium, and dark brown hair colors. Also, you’ll receive a developer, conditioner, lift booster, and lightener. 

11. Manic Panic Amplified Hair Bleach Kit 

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Manic Panic is a brand known to provide intense fashion colors and advocate for self-expression through hair color.

Their bleach kit is no joke, and it’s called the Amplified Flash Lightning Kit for a reason. You’ll need bleach to achieve a platinum shade. 

This kit is ideal for medium to dark brown and black hair colors to achieve a cool-toned blonde finish. In addition, Manic Panic’s kit includes a dust-free bleach powder to ensure that the hair will lift evenly to a beautiful blonde shade without the patches.

In addition, you’ll receive a 40 vol developer, which is the strongest and most intense developer that can aid the lifting process. Because these components are intense, following the directions perfectly is crucial to keep you and your hair safe.

This bleach kit will get you to a stunning platinum shade, but you may need a toner to eliminate orange and yellow tones, depending on how dark your natural color is. You can enjoy your blonde strands, or you can switch them up with fashion colors.

Manic Panic’s bleach kit can lift to seven levels, and it’s a vegan and cruelty-free formula

12. Punky Platinum Blonde Toner Semi-Permanent Color

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Punky Platinum shares some similarities with Manic Panic because they both offer a line of semi-permanent hair colors. Semi-Permanent hair colors last around four to six weeks, while permanent colors last up to eight weeks. 

Punky’s Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye will deposit color into your strands, and it will even act as a toner to eliminate brassy strands. This color doesn’t need peroxide, and it will be safe for all hair types. In 30 minutes, you’ll have icy hair!

However, this semi-permanent color will give a platinum finish to hair that is already blonde since this will only deposit color and not lift dark hair. Dark hair can still use this product, but it will achieve a highlighted metallic effect rather than platinum. 

In addition, Punky offers a nourishing and conditioning formula that will leave the hair free of frizz and your strands silky soft. All you need to do is apply the color from root to tip and allow the color to work its magic for 15-30 minutes, then rinse! 

13. Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel Platinum Blonde

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Herbatint offers a natural approach to hair color, especially for those who have gray hair or want to maintain its integrity. Their permanent hair color gel is formulated with eight herbal extracts and is free of ammonia and parabens. 

Herbatint is ideal for sensitive skin, and because of its gentle formula, it can take up to two applications to achieve the perfect platinum blonde results. This kit includes the hair color, developer, royal cream, and an instructional leaflet.

This permanent color will last up to 8 weeks, and its beautiful blend of herbal extracts will nourish your hair and even hydrate gray strands. Its gel texture also makes the application process a breeze. In addition, platinum hair will be simple to reach. 

However, it’s essential to note your developer will determine how much lift you will get with each application. So, this hair color will be ideal for light/medium brown hair to blonde hair colors that want to achieve a bright platinum shade.

14. Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Blonde Platinum

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The most professional-grade salon hair color on this list is the Schwarzkopf Igora Highlights 10-1 Blonde Platinum Ash Hair Color. However, you will definitely need some hair color knowledge because you will only be purchasing the hair color; there is no set.

Hair color will need a developer to lift the natural color so your strands can achieve a lighter shade. Unfortunately, the developer will be sold separately. Schwarzkopf’s color is a level 10, and it can accomplish a platinum ash shade for blonde and brown hair.

For the best results, follow the instructions provided by Schwarzkopf to understand what developer to pair with this color, how long to let the color sit, and how to use this product for the most flawless results. This is a permanent formula that will last for weeks. 

As always, perform a patch test and test strand to ensure you’ll achieve your desired results. 

15. Revlon Colorsilk Color Effects Frost

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If you’re looking to create the perfect platinum highlights, then you’ll want to check out the Revlon Colorsilk Color Effects Frost and Glow Hair Highlights in the color Platinum. This at-home kit will offer the most crisp and vibrant highlights.

In addition, this kit allows you to highlight, balayage, frost, and ombre your strands to your desire. Revlon’s color is formulated with Keratin Moisture Complex to keep the hair nourished and healthy. This color is ideal for natural blondes and brunettes.

Overall, Revlon’s at-home kit is easy and convenient to use to create cool-toned platinum highlights. All you need to do is follow the instructions and conduct a patch test to help achieve your perfect results.

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