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How Long Does A Perm Last For Men?

by Gabbi

When was the last time you considered getting a perm? Most of us may agree that perms are outdated and what usually first comes to mind is the frizzy perms from the 80s. However, perms are slowly making their way back in an unexpected way.

Nowadays, men are gravitating towards perms because curls give them bounce and definition. A popular style now is combining an undercut or short sides with a fluffy and curly top.

But how long does a perm last for men? A perm on short-haired men will usually last 3-4 months or until the perm is completely grown out. The longevity of a perm for men depends on their hair type, what perm was used, and how your hair grows.

Men usually have fewer risks to consider because their hair is usually short, and it wouldn’t be a problem to grow out a perm. However, that’s not to say all men have short hair and fewer risks, because everyone will have a different experience.

But generally speaking, men can easily switch up their short hairstyles for something daring like a perm.

While most curly-haired, natural, or textured-haired people were made to be ashamed of their curls and coils in the past, today, curls are embraced! Now even men are getting perms. So let’s talk all about keeping your hair bouncy and curly!

The Longevity Of A Perm For Men 

Perms usually last a few months, and the only way to completely get rid of a perm is to grow it out. So for those who have long hair, it can be a struggle to grow out a perm if you don’t love that hairstyle anymore. For short hair, it’s a different story.

For men who have short hair, a perm can last between 3-4 months on average. However, there are a few things that can affect the longevity of a perm. This includes what kind of perm is used, your hair type/length, and your hair care routine.

Thankfully, if you want to keep your perm for as long as possible, you can incorporate a few things into your styling routine. These tips will help keep your curls defined and full of life until it’s time for a touch-up or new perm.

How A Perm Works

While there are different perming techniques like digital/hot perms or cold perms, we are most familiar with a cold perm that usually involves a perm solution and a neutralizer.

First, the hair is rolled in rods for the desired curl pattern. Then, a perm solution is used to break the bonds of our hair to take the shape of the curling rod. Next, the neutralizer is used to reseal the bond into its new curly form.

Types Of Perms

Next, there is a wide variety of perms to choose from. Each perm uses a specific rod to help create a particular shape. For example, if you want a loose perm, the curling rod will have a bigger diameter than a curling rod that helps achieve tight coils. 

The most common perms are spiral, pin-curl, stack, body-wave, spot, root, and more. As you can see, there are too many types of perms to keep track of, and each has a specific shape and size curling rod.

How Long Does A Perm Last?

When sitting in a salon chair, a perm service can take 2-3 hours. But, of course, it will vary by what type of perm and perming technique is used, along with your hair length.

How fast your hair grows along with your hair type can determine the longevity of your perm. You may need to schedule touch-up appointments, especially for short hair, to keep your curls fresh.

Hair Type

We know that perms are most effective on straight hair types that have trouble holding a curl or lack texture. However, perms can also help those with curly hair. Perms can reduce frizz and even redirect your curl pattern.

Hair Length 

In addition, hair length plays a crucial role when choosing a perm. Short hair perms are usually quicker to wrap, and they usually incorporate smaller rods to get a tight and defined curl. Longer hair can take more time to cover, depending on the size of your curling rod.

How To Make Your Perm Last 

Now let’s say you finally got your perm; what can you do daily to make your results last? Well, it’s time to adjust your hair care routine because you can’t take care of a perm like how you would non-chemically-treated hair. 

1. Do Not Wash For 48 Hours 

The first and most crucial step to making your perm long-lasting is to avoid getting it wet for the first 48 hours after your service. 

The neutralizer used in a perm needs time to set your new curls into place, which means avoiding water, sweat, and moisture.

If the perm is wet within the first 48 hours, you risk your curls falling out. This can be frustrating because perms are a chemical treatment that can change the texture of your hair.

It can be heartbreaking to spend money on a hair treatment and lose your curls instantly. So, avoid water, any physical activity that produces a lot of sweat, and moisture.

2. Condition

After 48 hours of waiting are over, and you can wash your hair, always incorporate a conditioner. Most men don’t use conditioner on short hair, but now that your strands have been chemically-treated, they can feel dry and brittle.

The conditioner will not only infuse your hair with the nutrients and protection it needs, but it can also help keep your curls defined. Curly hair can be prone to frizz, especially after a potent chemical treatment like a perm.

So, invest in a high-quality conditioner to keep your hair buttery soft and your curls bouncy and defined.

3. Avoid Hair Coloring 

Hair coloring is another salon service that involves using many chemicals to alter the shade of your hair. While it can be fun, it can negatively impact the results of your perm. In addition, it can damage your hair’s integrity if you don’t care for it. 

If you must color your hair, it’s best to wait a few weeks between your chemical services so your hair can recuperate. Chemical overload can damage your strands and cause them to frizz, change texture, or completely snap.

4. Curly Products/Products For Chemically-Treated Hair

Now that you have curly hair, care for it like curly hair. If you want your curls to pop and last longer, you should invest in hair care products that are specifically formulated for curly hair types or hair that is chemically treated.

Opting for curly-haired products will ensure you maintain a natural and effortless look. Perms can sometimes feel outdated, so using the Curly Girl Method (it works for men too, of course) or simply investing in a curl-defining cream can enhance the results of your perm.

In addition, you can also opt for hair products that are safe for chemically-treated hair. These types of hair care products will be ideal for perms because they have a gentle formula to help keep your hair’s integrity after an intense chemical service.

Hair products make the most significant difference, and choosing the right curl product can keep your perm full of life for a little bit longer. 

5. Use A Diffuser & Heat Protectant 

Now, this step isn’t always necessary. Whenever possible, always avoid heat styling and make sure to protect your hair from the sun. This will ensure that your curls don’t get frizzy or fall out.

A heat protectant will be your best friend, and it should be used daily, whether you heat style or not. The sun’s rays can also be pretty harsh on our strands, especially after chemical treatment.

Heat protectant will give the hair a boost of nutrients and protect against high-temperature heat styling and UV rays. If you absolutely must heat style your hair, do so with a diffuser. A diffuser will scrunch up your curls and help keep their bounce. 

In addition, wait until your hair is mostly dry, spray your heat protectant in your strands, and then diffuse lightly for the best results. However, staying away from heat will always be the ideal option. 

6. Schedule Touch-Up Appointments On Time  

Before you leave the salon, ask your hairdresser for their advice on when you should schedule a touch-up appointment. Because short male perms only last for a few months, scheduling in advance can ensure you maintain your curls seamlessly. 

In addition, your stylist will be able to analyze based on your needs when it is the best time to come in and touch up your perm. They can also give you a set of guidelines to take care of your perm properly and help achieve the best results.

You will most likely notice your perm fading at the roots, so to keep your volume and definition, scheduling your touch-up appointment promptly can revive your roots. 

In addition, your hairstylist will have an easier time touching up a perm when you schedule in a timely manner.

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