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What Color Covers Orange Hair – And How To Fix It

by Gabbi

Changing your hair color can give new life to your strands or even boost your confidence. However, most of us may have had a dye job gone wrong or have chosen a color it turns out we don’t love. Also, when some hair colors fade, they can quickly turn orange.

Orange is an interesting choice for hair color. You can choose to dye your hair orange on purpose as a vibrant and summery hue, or it can result from hair color not taking to your strands properly. Regardless, it can be tricky to conceal if you are over orange hair.

Orange is a warm color that can make the strands look brassy. Not everyone’s hair will lighten quickly with bleach, and you may be left with an orange hue instead. Depending on your hair’s state, you may need time to fix it.

So, what colors cover orange hair? We mentioned that orange is a warm color, and it can be neutralized with a cool color. For example, blue and purple are cool in tone and great options to eliminate orange and brassy strands.

You can use various products like hair color, shampoos/conditioners, or toners to fade the orange slowly. However, you may need to be patient, especially if your hair is compromised. So how can you eliminate orange hair safely?

How Does Hair Become Orange?

Before you fix your orange strands, it’s essential to understand the root cause. Also, this will come in handy when it’s time to eliminate your orange hues to ensure you don’t further damage your hair. 

How can your hair become orange? Orange hair can arise in multiple ways. For example, orange strands can come to life if another color you had previously faded away. It can also be the result of bleaching.

Sometimes, hair can have difficulty lifting if you plan to go blonde. For most people, you’ll be left with brassy orange strands before you can bleach it again. However, bleach can ruin the integrity of your hair, so proceed with caution. 

Lastly, you may have orange hair because you purposely dyed it orange. Fashion colors are growing in popularity, and orange is not an uncommon request anymore. 

What Products Can Help Eliminate Orange Hair? 

If you’re tired of orange strands, you may be scrounging on the internet to find the best products to solve your hair woes. First, however, it’s crucial to know what colors can cover orange hues and what products will be the most beneficial for your hair.

Some popular options to cover orange strands include hair color. Hair color is one of the easiest ways to conceal an unwanted dye job. First, however, you should make sure your hair is healthy enough to undergo another hair coloring session.

Other common products that can conceal hair colors are toners, masks, and color-depositing shampoos and conditioners. Most of these products can be used at home and become a part of your hair care routine.

Hair Dye

If your hair is in good standing, you can choose a new color to eliminate orange hair. However, if you plan on getting rid of the orange completely, you’ll want to opt for a dye that can neutralize the orange. 

You may also need a filler color. A filler color acts as a base for the actual color you want your hair to be. A filler color will ensure your strands are evenly saturated so the dye can absorb into your hair without leaving a patchy result. 


Toners are made to eliminate unwanted undertones in your strands. 

Blondes will understand how powerful a toner can be to eradicate yellow, warm, and brassy hair. Most blondes can turn yellow quickly, so using a purple toner can neutralize those tones.

You can get a toner to use at home every couple of weeks to ensure your color stays fresh and doesn’t fade into any warm hues. You can do the same to eliminate orange hair too! However, you may need to opt for colors other than purple.


Another option is using a color-depositing hair mask. This product is beneficial for orange hair that is damaged or compromised. Not only will you be able to conceal orange strands, but you can also nourish your hair at the same time.

Hair masks can also have toning properties. You can opt for one that deposits a natural hair color like a cool brown, or you can opt for a toning mask with purple or blue pigments. A mask should also sit in your hair to get absorbed fully. 

Using a hair mask is an easy 2-in-1 step you can do at home. 

Shampoo & Conditioner 

Lastly, invest in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner set if you want to get rid of orange strands. 

Shampoo and conditioner should match your hair type and porosity levels to bring it back to life. As a result, you’ll have an easier time coloring hair that is healthier.

Also, you can opt for color-depositing shampoos and conditioners. These products can disperse a natural color or one with toning pigments like a hair mask. However, it’s crucial to have a great daily shampoo and conditioner to promote healthy strands.

This will ensure you repair any damage from a previous color, and it can even maintain your new dye. 

Which Colors Cover Orange Hair?

Orange pigments can be a hassle to get rid of, similar to red. 

Depending on your hair’s state, you may need to tone the hair first and then color it. Of course, you could bleach out the orange, but this can be a daunting task to perform at home without a professional.

However, you’ll want to choose the right colors to neutralize your hair. Now it’s time to learn some color theory. Blue and Orange are opposite on the color wheel and can cancel each other out. So, it may be helpful using a blue toner on orange hair.

What other colors work well to eliminate orange hues? 


We just mentioned how blue and orange are opposite on the color wheel. So, a blue toner can help eliminate unwanted warm tones. 

This product can help hair that’s orange because of bleach or not lifting correctly. In some cases, a blue toner can be used to prep the hair for another bleach or dye job in the future.

Overall, blue is great to cancel out orange strands that are vibrant and a true orange. Always perform a test strand if you’re not sure how a blue product will affect your hair.


Purple is also cool in tone, and it can help eliminate orange hair that is lighter in color or if any yellow tones are present. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel so that it may be more effective on light orange or yellowish hair. 

Like a blue toner, a purple toner can eliminate orange hair from bleach or a color that’s faded. It can also prep the hair for another bleach or dye job once the hair is healthy enough.

Ash Blonde 

The key to getting rid of warm, orange hair is canceling it with a cool hair color. Opting for an ash blonde can do the trick if your hair is healthy enough for another dye. Ashy shades are generally cool and can effectively conceal warm tones.

Neutral Or Cool Brown 

Try a neutral or cool-toned brown if you’re a brunette or plan to go darker with your next hair color. Both colors won’t add any extra warmth to your strands, and you can even out your hair color. You can also opt for a cool brown color-depositing shampoo.

How Long Do You Need To Wait To Fix Orange Hair?

Your hair will most likely need time to recover before you put another hair dye on your strands. If your hair is overloaded with chemical treatments, the hair shaft can weaken and change the structure of your hair.

For example, bleaching your hair frequently and improperly can turn into a brittle straw-like texture. However, when it’s wet, it may feel gummy and inelastic.

So, how long do you need to wait to fix orange and bleached hair? First, it will depend on the state of your hair. Depending on your hair’s health, you may need to take a break for 2-8 weeks.

For overly processed hair, it’s best to wait 6-8 weeks, especially for bleaching. As for color, you may need to wait less time, like 2-4 weeks.

How To Fix Orange Hair With Box Dye?

If your hair is healthy, you can fix orange hair with box dye. However, make sure you choose a hair color that is cool in tone so it can neutralize the warmth of the orange. You may need a few boxes of dye if your hair is longer.

You may want to conduct a test strand to ensure you will be happy with your box dye result. Also, you can add a filler color in this step to eliminate unwanted tones and provide an even base for your new color to latch onto. 

Every box dye will have its own instructions that you should follow for the best results. However, most kits have a color and a developer that must be mixed together evenly.

Finally, leave the color on for its required processing time, wash it out, and nourish your new hair! 

Will Light Ash Blonde Cover Orange Brassy Hair?

Light ash blonde will be a great shade to use and conceal orange, brassy hair. We mentioned that cool tones or ash colors could eliminate warmth in the hair. If you plan to have a lighter base color, a light ash blonde can help neutralize your hair.

However, you may need to maintain your hair after coloring with light ash blonde. Hair color still fades with time, and it’s possible that brassiness can return. You can choose to use a toner for maintenance or seek help from a professional stylist.

Purple Dye Over Orange Bleached Hair

What can happen if you put purple dye over orange bleached hair? Most people can confuse a purple dye with a purple toner. This is because a dye will change your hair color completely, while a toner will just enhance the undertones of your current color.

In some cases, adding a purple toner to bleached orange hair may be able to eliminate some warmth. However, it depends on how light the hair is after bleaching. 

You may want to stay clear of adding purple dye to orange hair because there can be multiple tones of orange in your strands. 

Addressing the varying shades of orange in your hair can determine if purple dye can work for you.

For example, if you have lighter shades of orange that are close to yellow, purple may be able to counteract the orange. Always perform a test strand to ensure a purple dye is suitable for your orange hair.

Blue Dye Over Orange Hair 

The same applies to a blue dye. If you don’t address the particular shades of orange in your hair, putting a blue dye on top can get a muddy result. Likewise, adding a blue dye to the hair won’t give the same results as adding a blue toner.

A blue toner won’t completely alter your entire hair color, but it can neutralize your current shade. However, a blue dye is much more potent, and depending on the shades of orange in your hair, it may not always give the best result.

Performing a test strand is a great way to see if the blue dye will be effective for your hair. 

How To Get Rid Of Orange Hair Safely

We mention briefly that you’re unsure how to fix orange hair to perform a patch test and test strand. However, what do these terms mean? A test strand and a patch test will tell you if your skin and hair will react well with your hair dye. 

These steps can help keep your hair safe while getting rid of orange hair without causing unnecessary damage.

Patch Test

You should conduct a patch test if you’re worried about how the dye or hair product will affect your skin. For example, sometimes colors can irritate your scalp and surrounding skin. It can also lead to breakage or an allergic reaction in severe cases.

Thankfully, a patch test is easy to conduct. 

First, clean an area behind your ear or on your forearm. Then, place a small amount of the product on the skin and wait 24-48 hours to see if a reaction has occurred. If not, you can continue using the dye as you normally would. 

Test Strand 

A test strand will be a crucial step in fixing orange hair. You may not want a muddy result, and sometimes color corrections can offer an unexpected outcome. However, you can avoid a dye job gone wrong with a test strand.

First mix your desired hair color. Then, you’ll want to section off a small area of hair on the back of your head. Next, apply the color to that one section and allow it to process. Finally, rinse and see if you are happy with your results!

Test strands will ensure that you don’t damage your hair unnecessarily. 

Best Products That Help Eliminate Orange Hair 

What products can you use to eliminate orange hair? We mentioned earlier that it’s great to invest in a shampoo/conditioner, deep conditioning mask, and a toning product. You can even opt to use a cool toned hair color to conceal the orange. 

Not sure where to start looking for hair products? Follow along! 

1. Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Conditioner

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Tone and condition your hair in one step! The Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Conditioner will stop orange, brassy hair in its tracks. 

This is a beautiful product to tone down orange hair or maintain your new color so no orange strands can come back. Unfortunately, even after coloring your orange hair, you can be prone to brassiness.

However, this color-depositing toning conditioner will quickly eliminate warmth from the hair. It’s a sulfate-free formula that will promote soft, nourished strands and an even color. It can also prolong your next color session.

Redken recommends leaving this conditioner on for 5-10 minutes for the best results. Then, rinse and reveal your orange-free hair! 

2. Clairol Professional Permanent Creme Hair Color 8A Light Cool Blonde

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Are you ready to conceal orange hair for good? One way to get rid of warmth and brassy hair is by using a cool-toned color. Clairol’s Professional Permanent Creme Hair Color will quickly saturate your hair with cool tones and promote soft hair.

If you’re looking for a light ash blonde shade, try using 8A Light Cool Blonde. This is a great shade option if you want to neutralize the orange strands without having to go darker. 

Thanks to the soy complex, this color is also excellent for dry or damaged hair. The soy complex ensures your hair will feel deeply nourished while eliminating orange strands. 

The Professional Hair Color Creme is thick in consistency and will promote a healthy shine after processing. Follow the directions for the best results and to see how much developer or color is required. 

3. Kenra Nourishing Masque Deep Conditioning Treatment

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Everyone can benefit from having a deep conditioning mask in their hair care routine.

Whether you want to maintain your hair post-color or you want to strengthen your orange hair for another chemical session, a mask can come in handy.

Kenra’s Nourishing Masque Deep Conditioning Treatment will instantly rescue dry and damaged strands.

This mask will promote smooth, soft, and shiny hair. Within 5-10 minutes you will unveil a healthy and luscious result. 

This is a great option to help restore moisture and strength in your hair over time. It’s also formulated for all hair types. 

4. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 

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After everything you do for your hair color, it’s time to show it some love!

The Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is formulated to cleanse the scalp without altering your hair color. This is fantastic for hair that is prone to brassiness or orange tones.

Color Wow claims this shampoo is a 100% clean and residue-free product. 

It will work for all hair types, including color-treated, dehydrated, and damaged hair. The most important thing is that it will keep your color fresh and radiant.

The Color Security Shampoo will eliminate build-up, reduce frizzy strands, and promote volume. You can lather it in wet hair, then rinse and repeat for the best results. It’s great if you’re looking for a color-protecting daily shampoo. 

When To See A Hairdresser To Fix Orange Hair 

Color corrections are a challenging and risky service. If you plan to fix your hair at home, it’s crucial to take precautions and research. However, if you still aren’t happy with your hair even after fixing it at home, it’s time to see a stylist.

Trying to fix your hair at home can be pretty risky, so a stylist may be able to rescue your hair from any more attempts. A professional can assess your hair and customize the service to fit your needs.

Also, a color correction can take multiple sessions until you reach your desired hair color. However, a stylist can be with you every step of the way and even curate a healthy hair care routine at home.


Overall, there are a few ways you can cover orange hair. First, if your hair is healthy enough, you can bleach it once more or color it with a cool, ashy shade. This will ensure all the warmth from your hair is eliminated. 

Next, you can use a toner or toning product like a color-depositing conditioner. These products can get rid of unwanted tones in your hair while nourishing your strands. However, if you are ever in doubt, perform a test strand or see a hairdresser. 

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