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5 Best Hair Nets For Long Hair

by Gabbi

Having long hair can require its own set of unique demands to ensure it is cared for properly. Along with needing to use the correct hair products to maintain its moisture, shine, and health, it can also help if you have special accessories to care for your hair during the night or in the shower.

Hair nets, caps, and bonnets are an ideal method to care for any length of hair, but especially longer locks.

Hair caps can offer protection to your long hair by preventing unwanted tangles, keeping it free of frizz, and retaining moisture that can be lost overnight. If you have natural, textured, or braided hair, it can also help to maintain your hair styles during the night.

What are the best hair nets or caps for long hair? The best hair caps for long hair are going to include a satin or silky material to protect the strands, a comfortable and adjustable band to keep it in place, and be the correct size to conceal all of the hair comfortable without too much or too little fabric.

Any hair type can benefit from wearing a hair bonnet, especially to sleep, but it is a product that is particularly for natural, curly, or textured hair types. Below, we have a buyer’s guide of what to look for when shopping for your hair caps, as well as a product guide for the best hair caps for any hair type.

What To Look For in A Hair Net – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a hair net to protect your long locks, there are a few features you want to look out for. Here is a buyer’s guide of the important features to consider when shopping for a hair cap that will ensure your best hair days yet.


The material your hair cap is made out of is important to preserving your hairstyle and keeping the hair feeling healthy. It is best to look for a hair net or bonnet that has a lining in either silk or satin to protect your hair during the night as you sleep. Silk and satin fabrics will prevent frizz and tangles and will also keep hair shiny.

As opposed to cotton or other woven materials of a pillowcase, a silk or satin fabric does not stress the strands as much as they are able to glide freely and easily along the material. These fabrics can also help the hair retain moisture, which will keep it looking and feeling healthy.

While satin and silk are similar in how they work with the hair, satin is the more budget-friendly option of the two. However, if you are looking for a hair cap to protect the hair while in the shower, looking for one lined with terry-cloth material will help to absorb moisture and prevent frizz while protecting your hair from the steam and water.

Adjustable Band

Ensuring the hair cap will stay on throughout the night can be determined based on the adjustable band that hold the cap in place. Having an adjustable band can also ensure the cap will fit on to a variety of different head shapes, as well as different hair styles and lengths.

An adjustable, flexible band can also be helpful when wearing the hair cap to protect natural styles that are more voluminous or longer braided hair.

While elastic bands are common to see in hair caps, often times they can cause a line of demarcation on the forehead after wearing for several hours. It can be helpful instead to look for hair caps that have ties or adjustable clips to prevent any unwanted imprints appearing on the skin.


Depending on the length of your hair, it should determine the length and size of the hair cap. As hair caps can be available in an array of sizes, it is important to make sure that you are investing in one that will fit comfortably on your head, while also able to fit and protect the entirety of your hair.

The longer the hair, requires a larger bonnet to ensure a comfortable, protective fit. Shorter hair can work with a smaller cap, to fit all of the hair and to avoid the fabric getting tangled or caught up during the night.

The Best Hair Nets For Long Hair

Below are the best hair nets and bonnets for long hair, that are ideal for protecting your hair either in the shower or during sleep.

RankProductKey Features
1.Drybar The Morning After Shower CapTerry-cloth lined; cotton-lined elastic band for comfort; protective outer layer; extra-large size
2.Auban Waterproof Bathing CapDouble-layer for waterproof protection; extra-large size; adjustable string for comfort; 3-pack; EVA plastic lining
3.Edoneery Satin/Silk Sleeping Hair BonnetSoft, silky satin lining on the outer and inner layers; double layers to protect the hair during sleep; helps to retain natural oils; comfortable, adjustable elastic band
4.Edoneery Satin/Silk Sleeping Hair BonnetSoft, silky satin lining on the outer and inner layers; double layers to protect the hair during sleep; helps to retain natural oils; comfortable, adjustable elastic band
5.OLIVIA SYLX Large Satin BonnetAvailable in large and extra-large sizes to fit any style and length of hair; double layer bonnet to protect the style; satin lining and stretchy elastic band to keep in place throughout the night

1. Drybar The Morning After Shower Cap

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The Drybar is a brand that is known for its blow-outs, so it is only right that they have created a shower cap to protect the styled locks.

The cap is created with a protective outer layer that allows water to slide right off, along with a terry-cloth lining that protects the hair inside from steam and moisture to keep the hair frizz-free.

The extra large size of the cap is able to fit a range of head shapes and hair styles, especially those that have been freshly styled.

The elastic band around the base of the cap is cotton-lined in order to keep the cap in place, but with a comfortable fit and wear against the skin.

2. Auban Waterproof Bathing Cap

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This Auban Waterproof Bathing cap is created with a double layer to keep hair protected whether it be in the shower, during your facial cleansing routine, or general wear around your home.

The silky outer layer is soft and waterproof, while the EVA plastic lining keeps hair protected and tangle-free.

The extra large size of the cap is able to fit a variety of hair styles, especially longer hair lengths.

The adjustable string at the back works to customize the fit for your specific needs, as well as to feel comfortable as it is being worn. This particular set of waterproof bathing caps is available in a 3-pack for multiple use.

3. Edoneery Satin/Silk Sleeping Hair Bonnet

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This silky satin hair bonnet is ideal for long hair due to its extra-large size. It is a double layer bonnet that is created with a satin outer and inner layer to protect the hair.

The satin will keep hair frizz- and tangle- free, while also retaining the hair’s natural oils to nourish the strands.

The cap can be used at night, but also work wells to protect the hair during facial cleansing routines or other self-care moments that you want the hair to remain dry.

The comfortable elastic band should not leave any marks on the skin, and is adjustable to fit many different head shapes.

4. Luvruitaky 2 Piece Satin/Silk Sleeping Cap

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This 2-piece set of hair bonnets are available in gorgeous shades of soft satin on the inner and outer layers for the ultimate hair protection.

The double layers of the satin on both sides of the bonnet allow the cap to be reversible for you to alter the appearance. The flowered design at the end of the cap allows for a fashionable presentation as well.

The adjustable elastics is comfortable on the head, but still stable enough to hold the cap in place.

The large size of the bonnet is able to fit any hair length, but particularly works well with different styles of braids and natural textures. The satin material keeps hair feeling nourishing, shiny, and smooth.

5. OLIVIA SYLX Large Satin Bonnet

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Available in both large and extra-large sizes, the OLIVIA SYLX bonnet is created for those with long, curly, braided, or dreadlocked hair in mind.

The large size is 13.5 inches, while the extra-large size is 27 inches, allowing you to find the right size bonnet for your hair type and length.

The stretchy elastic band at the base of the bonnet helps to keep the cap in place all night, while remaining comfortable on the head without any pulling or straining.

The double lined satin material keeps the hair, especially any braided or dreadlock styles, hydrated and smooth. The fabric also works well if you are using any overnight hair treatments, as it will retain the moisture while also being easy to clean.


Long hair is as beautiful as it is demanding and will require extra care and attention. Incorporating a hair cap to your routine, whether it be for the shower or for sleep, can help provide the additional treatment long hair needs to maintain its health and appearance.

Each person’s hair is unique, and the list of hair bonnets above is suitable for any style or texture of long hair to ensure the best hair days ever.

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