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7 Best Oils For Eyelashes

by Gabbi

Eyelashes serve more than cosmetic purposes. While they reside in a sensitive area, they protect the eyes from dust, debris, and unnecessary injury.

However, eyelashes are incredibly delicate and can take some damage with excessive use of mascara, lash glue, or multiple variations of lash extensions. You may notice yours can feel tender, brittle, or weakened.

Thankfully, you can quickly rejuvenate your lashes by incorporating oil into your routine. Using a natural oil can help promote the growth of your lashes and protect the ones you already have. The right oils can also keep the lash line nourished and hydrated.

So, what are the best oils for eyelashes? Simple household oils like coconut, argan, and jojoba oil can bring new life to your lashes. You don’t have to invest heavily in an eyelash serum that could potentially irritate due to unknown components.

These oils are simple to incorporate into your routine and can add a sense of luxury without breaking the bank. Anyone can apply these oils to their lashes, even if you don’t wear makeup religiously. So, how can you nourish your lashes with oil?

Best Oils For Eyelashes 

Eyelash serums can be expensive, and everyone will react differently to these products. However, using natural or pure oil for your lashes may provide more benefits like growth, strengthening, and softness.

Natural/pure oils are more accessible and affordable. Also, many of these oils used for eyelashes are carrier oils and can even be mixed together to create your own lash concoction. Chances are you already have some of these oils at home.

What are the best oils for your eyelashes? 

1. Coconut Oil For Eyelashes 

Coconut oil is an everyday household object that’s multifunctional. It’s a healthy alternative to most cooking oils and comes in handy when you’re in the kitchen. Coconut oil also provides numerous benefits for the hair, skin, nails, and lashes.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that can strengthen your hair and eyelashes. It can also improve protein loss and keep the lash line moisturized.

You may notice your eyelashes become thicker or longer while consistently applying coconut oil. Coconut oil is a generally safe and well-tolerated natural oil for the eyelashes. 

Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil Cold-Pressed

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Viva Naturals provides coconut oil for any occasion. Their coconut oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, and 100% pure.

This natural oil is designed to work well in the kitchen and for beauty. It can keep hair and skin feeling soft. 

You can apply a small amount of coconut oil to the lashes to promote hydration and growth.

Viva Naturals claim this product is non-GMO and certified gluten-free, keto, and paleo if you plan to use it for cooking as well. It also smells divine!

2. Olive Oil For Eyelashes 

Olive oil doesn’t get as much praise in beauty as other oils. While it’s also a popular cooking oil, it can also serve cosmetic purposes. Olive oil makes a fantastic makeup remover to break down products and as an eyelash oil.

Olive oil is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients our skin and hair need to function. In addition, it’s full of antioxidants to protect against harsh environmental factors. Olive oil also contains vitamin E, which is essential for lash health.

3 Argan Oil For Eyelashes 

Argan oil is known as liquid gold. It’s a must-have natural oil for all beauty-related purposes. Argan oil can work wonders for the hair, including your eyelashes. It also contains various fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E.

Argan oil can promote lash growth and prevent unnecessary damage to the lash line. It’s also a versatile and multifunctional oil ideal for the hair, skin, and nails. In addition, argan oil will keep the lashes hydrated, soft, and silky.

It’s a treasured resource derived from Morocco. 

Mountain Top Argan Oil USDA Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed 

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Mountain Top has the Argan Oil you need that’s missing from your beauty regimen.

You can nourish your hair, skin, and face with one product, which can even benefit your lashes. It instantly provides hydration and restores lackluster lash fibers.

This is a 100% pure, cold-pressed, unrefined Argan oil that anyone can use for their eyelashes.

4. Jojoba Oil For Eyelashes 

Jojoba oil is another multi-purpose oil that’s derived from a plant that thrives in the desert. It’s a gentle and nourishing oil that can be easily mixed with other oils. 

In addition, Jojoba oil is said to be antibacterial, soothing, repairing, and noncomedogenic.

It can also work wonders for the eyelashes because it contains antioxidants and vital nutrients. Jojoba oil can fight harsh external elements that may pose a threat for your eyelashes, skin, and hair.

Lastly, Jojoba oil will provide instant hydration to the lash line to promote softness and strength. 

NOW Solutions Organic Jojoba Oil 

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Now Solutions ensures you’ll never be without Jojoba oil.

Their Jojoba oil is 100% pure, certified USDA organic, GMP quality-assured, and cruelty-free. It’s also a multipurpose oil that works for the hair, skin, and nails.

Now Solution formulated this oil without petrochemicals, parabens, and phthalates, so you can feel more comfortable applying it around the lash line.

You can promote softer and healthier lashes with ease thanks to the nourishing benefits of Jojoba. 

5. Castor Oil For Eyelashes 

What’s the first oil you think of to promote hair and lash growth? For most people, castor oil is a go-to oil to strengthen roots and follicles. This oil is relatively thick in consistency and will instantly coat the lashes with fatty acids and vitamin E.

Castor oil provides a wide range of benefits, like hydration, wound healing, and promoting hair growth. It may even possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Castor oil is a generally well-tolerated oil for the hair and lashes.

PURA D’OR Organic Castor Oil 100% Cold-Pressed Hexane-Free

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PURA D’OR understands many are looking for an affordable but effective eyelash oil.

They’ve produced a 100% cold-pressed and hexane-free castor oil for hair and eyelash growth. It promotes softer, stronger, and fuller lashes with consistent use.

PURA D’OR provides an entire bottle of castor oil and two pre-filled bonus applicators to efficiently distribute the oil to your lashes, brows, and hair. This castor oil will instantly provide nourishment and hydration.

6. Sweet Almond Oil For Eyelashes

Sweet almond oil can be overlooked in regards to lash growth. However, sweet almond oil is packed with vital nutrients our strands need to remain healthy and intact. You can get your daily dose of vitamin B-7 and Biotin for strong lashes. 

Sweet almond oil can potentially possess antibacterial and fungicidal properties to keep the lashes and hair free of harm. It’s also a multipurpose oil that can work wonders for the skin and is full of vitamin E.

Pure Body Naturals Sweet Almond Oil For Hair And Skin

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Sweet almond oil is a great carrier oil that can be used alone or mixed with other natural oils. 

Pure Body’s sweet almond oil is cold-pressed, non-toxic, and chemical-free. You’ll receive 16oz of oil, which is bound to last a lifetime, especially for lashes.

This oil contains essential nutrients like vitamin E, A, and B for the hair and skin. It also comes with a pump so you can easily dispense the product.

7. Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes 

Vitamin E is fat-soluble and contains multiple vitamins that provide antioxidant properties. In addition, other natural oils can also have vitamin E. It can even help fight against inflammation or free radicals that affect our bodies and health.

Vitamin E is also an essential building block for hair, skin, and nails. Without it, hair can become weakened or prone to damage. In addition, vitamin E may promote hair growth or shiner, stronger strands. It may even benefit your eyelashes.

Horbaach Natural Vitamin E Oil 5000 IU For Skin Hair & Face

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Horbaach has created a rejuvenating and revitalizing vitamin E oil to help tackle any beauty concern.

It’s crucial to note this vitamin E oil contains a blend of other beneficial ingredients like sweet almond oil. 

It’s free of potentially sensitizing components like parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance, or petroleum.

You can instantly soften and revive the skin, hair, and face with consistent use. A few drops of this cruelty-free oil is all you need for the lashes. 


Pure and natural oils can significantly benefit eyelashes. Most of these oils on the list are carrier oils that can easily be mixed together to create your own super oil for lashes. With these oils, you can easily promote softer, stronger, and thicker lashes.

While these oils listed above are generally well-tolerated, it’s always a good idea to conduct a patch test to ensure your safety. You can also consult with a dermatologist or doctor. 

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