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5 Best Eyeshadow Stamps Of 2022

by Gabbi

Applying photoshoot-ready eyeshadow can be daunting!

Doing a cut-crease at home might seem a bit too difficult to attempt, but this shouldn’t stop you from achieving that killer makeup look that you want!

Luckily, to save us hours of frustration in front of the mirror, and to give us that professional makeup look from home in next to no time, there is now a magic product that does all the work for you: eyeshadow stamps.

Eyeshadow stamps allow you to apply your makeup to the rubber stamp and apply it to your eyes. You’ll be left with perfect eyeshadow, just like a stamp!

Eyeshadow stamps give even beginners the chance to achieve flawless eyeshadow creases. Even if you’re a pro by this point, eyeshadow stamps save you so much time when applying makeup.

Not all eyeshadow stamps are made the same though.

So which are the best eyeshadow stamps to use? The best eyeshadow stamp is intuitive or easy to use, easy to hold, and easy to clean. It should be also be compatible with different eyeshadow types. A good eyeshadow stamp can transfer makeup easily and accurately to your eyelid, giving you a professional finish.

The point of using an eyeshadow stamp is to make the makeup application process easier, so choosing one that needs minimal effort and hassle is ideal.

If you are unsure what to look for, keep reading to find out what you need to consider when choosing the best eyeshadow stamp, and the best options on the market right now.

How Do You Use Eyeshadow Stamps?

If you’re a lover of eyeliner stencils and swear by them to get perfect lines every time, you’ll love eyeshadow stamps just as much for their simplicity and ease.

To use eyeshadow stamps, you must first ensure that the stamp is clean and dry. Start by applying your desired eyeshadow to the stamp as you would to an eyelid, layering however you like.

Then, slowly and gently press the stamp with the eyeshadow against your eyelid, transferring the eyeshadow to your eyelid in the perfect position.

You should be able to leave the eyeshadow as is or touch up to perfect it even further (especially if you prefer to blend your eyeshadow well).

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Eyeshadow Stamps

You do need to keep a few things in mind when choosing the best eyeshadow stamp. Here are a few things to consider to help you choose the best eyeshadow stamp:

Easy To Use

The most important factor is whether or not the eyeshadow stamp is that it is easy to use. The whole purpose of an eyeshadow stamp is to make applying your eye makeup easier. If it can’t do that, then there is no point in having it.

You should be able to apply layers of eyeshadow onto the stamp and transfer easily onto your eyelid. The stamp also needs to be well-shaped so that your makeup will look good when you’ve stamped it on!

Different Size Applicators

The best eyeshadow stamp should ideally come with at least two different applicator sizes. That way there is almost guaranteed to be a perfect fit for you. If the stamp size is not correct, your crease will not look natural.

You can play with it until you can figure out how get it just right, but you will likely deal with a stamp that is either too small or too big for your eyelids.

Some eyeshadow stamps even come in three sizes, which gives you more freedom to pick the size that is best suited for you. You can always give away an extra size to a friend.


You might have a preference over what type of eyeshadow you use – whether that’s powder, glitter, or liquid eyeshadow. Even if you have a clear preference, it’s worth choosing an eyeshadow stamp that is compatible with various types of eyeshadows.

This way you never have to be restricted with the types of eyeshadows you can use down the line. You never know when you might want to experiment with something new!

Easy-Grip Handle

Applying your eyeshadow using an eyeshadow stamp does still require some precision; you have to lay it down just right to get the right look. The best way to ensure that you achieve a precise eye shadow crease is to have a comfortable, steady grip on the eyeshadow stamp.

Make sure that the bulb or the handle of the eyeshadow is the right size to offer a good grip, allowing you to worry more about the colors and style of eyeshadow than on holding on to it!

Easy To Clean

There will be some eyeshadow residue left on the stamp once you have applied it to your eyelid. It should be easy to clean off any leftovers.

The stamp should be made of a material that is easy to keep clean, like silicone. There also shouldn’t be any small gaps or holes that are difficult to clean. Because you definitely don’t want to let old makeup and other gunk build up on a tool that’s going to be around your eyes. Yuck.

5 Best Eyeshadow Stamps

Now that you know what to look for in an eyeshadow stamp, here are some of the stamps to try:

RankProductKey Features
1.TMISHION Eyeshadow Stamp CreaseSilicone, soft and durable
2.Healthy Care Eyeshadow Stamp CreaseSilicone, fish shape, comfortable handle
3.LECMARK Eyeshadow Stamp CreaseSilicone, comfortable handle
4.ApexOne Cut Crease Eyeshadow StampSilicone, small size, fish shape, large handle
5.Eye Majic Instant EyeshadowDisposable stamps, pre-loaded with eyeshadow

We also have a full review of each, so keep reading!

1. TMISHION Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

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This ideal eyeshadow tool helps to create all different types of eyeshadow crease looks, whether you want something natural, a smoky look, or even cat-eyes.

The soft silicone pad of the stamp makes it easy to apply eyeshadow with a gentle application on your eyelids, because your morning routine shouldn’t put you through the ringer. Eyeshadow is easily transferred from the stamp to your lids, so you get to enjoy the complete look with little fuss.

The stamp fits most eyes easily, so it’s a reasonable place to start if you’re not sure which size you’ll need. Being soft and gentle, it will not scratch the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Easy and convenient to use, the stamp helps to create beautiful and delicate eyeshadow looks time and time again, giving you the ideal look without all the time spent trying to create it!

2. Healthy Care Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

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This Eyeshadow Stamp Crease from the Health Care Store allows you to make beautifully creative eyeshadow looks at home with little to no fuss!

It has been designed mainly to be used by beginners. Once you’re used to it, it should quickly become the easiest and laziest way to apply eyeshadow! You should never have to worry about messing up your lines or eyeshadow again. It is also an ideal way to save you time on makeup applications each day.

The size of the eyeshadow stamp has been suited to the general height and width of most women’s eyes, but you can also buy different attachments to use as well. The fish shape of the stamp is popular and also fits many eyelids well.

With a knitted rubber bulb, the handle of the eyeshadow stamp is easy to hold and offers a comfortable grip, which makes the eyeshadow stamp easy to use. The purple stamp base also makes it easy to see where you have applied the eyeshadow to the stamp.

Simply apply the eyeshadow you want to the stamp, and gently press it to your eyelids. You can touch up afterward if needed, but all the hard work will have been done for you!

Being a portable size, you never have to go without it, so if you’re traveling for a wedding or just want to touch up after work, that’s easy to do.

3. LECMARK Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

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The handle of the eyeshadow stamp applicator from LECMARK makes it wonderfully easy to apply, and you won’t have to worry about your hand slipping or shaking as you gently press the stamp to your eyelid.

You can create your perfect eyeshadow look by applying the different layers of eyeshadow to the base of the stamp, before gently applying it to your eyes.

The stamp fits most eye shapes and heights and should give you the perfect crease when used properly. Like the last option, the handle is wide and knitted in texture, making it easy to grip for a precise application.

Made from silicone, the eyeshadow will transfer easily from the stamp onto your eyelids, and you shouldn’t have to do any touchups after!

4. ApexOne Cut Crease Eyeshadow Stamp

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The soft, silicone pad of this eyeshadow stamp makes it wonderfully easy to use. It is flexible but durable and will last many, many applications.

Best of all, this stamp is actually a smaller-size model. Although the one-size-fits-most stamps out there are a good idea, the truth is those universal sizes rarely fit everybody. So if you’re constantly frustrated with how every product is just a little too big, this may be the one you’ve been waiting for.

It functions as well as any other stamp on this list. Plus, you can apply just about any other medium to it, like glitter, extra pigments, or even concealer, making it a versatile little tool to have in your makeup bag.

5. Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow

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This instant eyeshadow from Eye Majic is not a true stamp, at least not like the others on this list, but it’s worth a look.

This 20-day set of disposable stamps comes pre-loaded with eyeshadow. They are even easier to use than a regular stamp. All you have to do is align, press gently, and lift away for perfect eyeshadow. You can even use the back of the pads to blend it in for a softer look.

This set comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can pick your preferred look in the right colors for your skin tone. The applicators are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and recyclable, which may ease your conscience if throw-away products are not your fave.

The color choices do leave a little to be desired, but there is enough variety to accommodate different skin tones and the classic, traditional colors all seem to be there. There are a variety of shimmery and matte options, too, so you can choose between office-ready and going-out looks. For the ease of application, it’s worth the smaller color pool for a beginner.

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