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Can You Wear Mascara With Lash Extensions?

by Gabbi

If you don’t know what lash extensions are, they’re applied one by one to your natural eyelashes. These extensions add volume, darken, and extend natural lashes.

The best part? They appear very identical to your eyelashes, but better. However, can you wear mascara with lash extensions? Makeup experts recommend doing so!

Wearing mascara on lash extensions can help fill in the gaps where some of your false lashes have come off. If you want to learn more about lash extensions, read on.

Is it OK to use mascara on eyelash extensions? It’s okay to use mascara on eyelash extensions as long as you use the right type of product. Avoid water-proof eye makeup and opt for a lash-extension-friendly mascara. Oil-based mascara can cause eyelash extensions to fall out, so I recommend a water-based mascara if you want to add additional volume.

Use a thin, easily washable, and water-based mascara on both your upper and bottom lashes. Avoid oil-based products. Apply your mascara gently to prevent damage.

Why Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

Wearing mascara with lash extensions isn’t necessary. However, it can benefit your lash extensions in a few ways. Let’s discuss the benefits of wearing mascara with lash extensions.

  • Mascara will boost your lower lashes and darken your both upper and lower lash extensions. It will make your lash extensions look uniform.
  • If you have brown real lashes and matching extensions, a brown mascara will deepen the color of your eyelashes and lash extensions together.
  • Volume, volume, volume! Mascara will add a dramatic effect to your real lashes and extensions. 
  • As your extensions decline and start to shred along with the real lashes they’re grasping on, you can fill in the gaps with your mascara.

If you want to extend the lifespan of lash extensions, stay away from all oil-based eye makeup including mascaras. Oil-free eye makeup is the only safe option when you wear lash extensions.

Oil-based mascaras and eyeliners weaken the bonding agents keeping your lash extensions in place. This can make your lash extensions stick together. Or even worse. It can make them fall out.

Also, avoid mascaras with carbonate glycol. They can mess up the glue on your extensions. If you follow these tips, you will extend the life of your extensions and enjoy them a little longer.

How Do You Get Mascara Off Eyelash Extensions?

Wearing any type of mascara except water-based can compromise the life of your lash extensions. Also, don’t rub your eyes when wearing lash extensions. This will cause them to fall out.

Removing mascara involves rubbing and pulling that can result in the shedding of your lash extensions and natural lashes. Opt for a water-based, oil-free makeup remover to get mascara off extensions. These removers won’t weaken your extensions and cause them to shed, unlike oil-based ones.

Also, opt for a water-based, easily washable, and thin mascara. Wearing mascara on lash extensions can darken and enhance their look. It will also fill the gaps where they have come off.

How to Clean Lash Extensions

Keeping your lash extensions in place and as fluffy as the first day comes from proper maintenance and cleaning. The following 3-step cleansing guide will extend the life of your extensions.

Step 1: Take off stubborn ‘point’ makeup

The first step involves removing all the heavy color makeup also known as ‘point makeup’ in Korea. This includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick.

Usually, removing this type of stubborn makeup requires a strong, oil-based cleanser. However, if you’re wearing lash extensions, opt for a non-oil makeup remover.

Soak a lint-free cotton swab with your oil-free makeup remover. Then, wipe off your eye makeup. Avoid cotton pads with lint. It can get tangled in your extensions.

Step 2: Take off makeup in the larger area

Once you take off the ‘point makeup’, the next step includes removing makeup in the larger area such as cheeks, forehead, nose, eyebrows, under eyes, and chin.

Step 3: Deep cleanse between extensions

The final step is the most important one because it involves cleaning between your natural lash line and lash extensions. Lash extensions aren’t applied directly to your skin.

They’ve applied 1-2 mm away from your natural lash line because applying adhesives directly to the skin can cause allergy or burns. There’s a gap between your lash line and extensions.

It’s important to keep this gap clean. It can collect dirt, makeup debris, and excess oil from the skin. This will make your lash line prone to bacterial growth. Deep cleansing is very important.

Use a lash extension cleanser without oil. Opt for a water-based eye makeup remover when cleaning the gap between your lash line and lash extensions.

You can use your oil-free makeup remover daily without or with lash extensions. It will keep both your natural eyelashes and extensions clean.

First, wet your eyelashes with tap water. Then, apply a small amount of oil-free eye makeup remover to a cleansing brush. Gently lather the foam cleanser to your extensions for a few seconds.

Lastly, rinse with water, and gently pat dry with a lint-free towel. The last step includes brushing the lash extensions with a mascara wand. Deep cleanse extends the life of your extensions.

Are Eyelash Extensions Better Than Mascara?

It depends on your real eyelashes. If you already have long and fluffy eyelashes, mascara is all you need to boost your look.

However, if you have fine natural eyelashes, lash extensions can make a difference in your look. They provide length and thickness. And they last longer than false eyelashes.

Additionally, wearing lash extensions doesn’t need as much maintenance as wearing mascara. So unless you apply oil-based eye makeup, your extensions will last longer with low maintenance.

Can You Wear Eyeliner with Lash Extensions?

Honestly, you don’t need eyeliner or any other eye makeup when you have lash extensions. They create a lovely eyeliner effect on your lash line.

However, if you’re fond of the cat-eye, use a water-based ink eyeliner. When wearing lash extensions it’s recommended to use easily washable makeup only.

Pencil liners have a sticky formula that can dissolve your eyelash glue. This can cause lash fallout. Cream and gel eyeliners are hard to remove so avoid them.

When removing your eyeliner, it’s recommended to use a lint-free cotton swab soaked in non-oil, water-based makeup remover, and gentle moves.

How to Apply Eyeshadow with Lash Extensions

When wearing lash extensions, avoid cream-based eyeshadow. Opt for a matte powder eyeshadow and apply it with a tight-bristled brush. Remove excess eyeshadow from your brush.

Otherwise, it will fall and get trapped in the gap between your lash line and extensions. If excess powder falls on your lash extensions, clean them with a lint-free cotton swab soaked in non-oil makeup remover.

Otherwise, it could get trapped in your skin and cause skin infection or allergies.

6 Aftercare Tips for Lash Extensions

If you want to extend the lifespan of your lash extensions, apply the following aftercare tips and you will get to enjoy your falsies a little longer.

  • Don’t get your extensions wet in the first 48 hours

Avoid any contact with steam and water within the next 2 days after having your lash extensions applied to prevent potential damage and fallout.

  • Avoid oil-based eye makeup removers

Instead of oil-based mascara and eye makeup remover, opt for water-based makeup products while you have lash extensions. Oil causes the adhesive to dissolve.

  • Don’t stay under the showerhead for very long

The weight of the water can damage your lash extensions and cause fallout. Beauty experts recommend brushing your lash extensions when you get out of the shower.

  • Try to sleep on your side

Pressing and rubbing your lash extensions against your pillowcase can cause breakage and fallout. Thus, it’s highly recommended to sleep on your side as often as possible.

  • Don’t rub your eyes or touch your extensions

The more rubbing, tugging, and touching, the weaker your lash extensions become. This can also cause breakage and fallout. Your real lashes can also be damaged by this.

  • Don’t utilize a mechanical curler

Never utilize a manual lash curler when wearing lash extensions. If your extensions need a boost, utilize a heated eyelash curler instead of a mechanical eyelash curler.

Now that you’ve read our tips, I recommend checking out this guide to eyelash extensions from saaammage on YouTube. She’s very knowledgable and her explanations are clear and easy to follow. If you’re serious about eye extensions, this video is worth your time!

Final Words

Can you wear mascara with lash extensions? Of course! However, utilize oil-free and easily washable eye makeup including mascara. Also, avoid tugging and pulling your lash extensions.

What’s your opinion on lash extensions? Have you ever had lash extensions? Feel free to share your tips, experiences, and thoughts in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion.

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