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Best Makeup For Burgundy And Dark Red Hair

by Gabbi

Makeup is a fantastic tool to enhance your favorite features. For example, you can quickly bring out blue eyes with a smoldering brown eye pencil. Or you may want to compliment a dark complexion with a bright and bold blush.

It can be challenging to find the right colors that suit your features the best, especially if they may be a recessive trait or unique shade. Red hair may not be a typical hair color but shades like burgundy and dark red strands are increasing in popularity.

These deep, rich reds are flattering on a wide range of skin tones and are ideal for the upcoming fall season. However, makeup lovers may find it challenging to find the right makeup colors to flatter their new fiery and flashy hair color. 

What is the best makeup to apply for burgundy and dark red hair? You’ll want to pair your new vivid and rich hair color with bold tones like forest green or sapphire blue. You may also want to add a nice flush of pink to the lips and cheeks.

Finding the right makeup color for dark red hair may be challenging, and it can take time to experiment with the shades that make you feel the most confident. So what are some flattering hues for dark red hair colors?

What Makeup Colors Flatter Dark Red Hair? 

Dark red or burgundy hair colors can rock a wide range of shades. Because of their rich and vivid hue, some flattering colors can include jeweled tones. Also, you can pair dark red strands with bold and bright colors to make a statement.

Follow along for some general guidelines on how to flatter dark red hair. Also, please remember to wear any color that makes you feel happy, confident, and comfortable. 

What Else To Consider When Applying Makeup

How can you pick the best shades to complement dark red hair? It’s crucial to consider multiple factors when choosing the ideal makeup shade. For example, not everyone with dark red hair will have blue eyes or a pale complexion. 

Consider your eye color, complexion, and undertones when selecting the ideal shade for your burgundy hair color. These factors can help narrow down a few flattering choices when experimenting with makeup.

Eye Color 

Your eye color plays an impactful role when choosing the right makeup shades. If you want to make your eyes pop, try picking tones that flatter your eye color. For example, brown eyes can pull off a baby blue shadow or metallic gold.

Your hair and eye color can help determine what color family to experiment with before expanding your creativity. This can be especially helpful when deciding to achieve an impactful eye look. 


Another thing to consider is your skin tone or complexion. Darker complexions may want to experiment with bright and bold blushes and lipsticks. The vividness of certain colors can help flatter your skin tone and your dark red strands. 

Your complexion can tell you which color intensity will suit you the most, in addition to your hair and eye color. For example, a dark brown lip may not always flatter lighter complexions.


Finally, it’s essential to consider your undertone. The undertones can help pick the right shade of your desired makeup color. For example, if you’re cool in tone, a cool-toned red may suit your overall appearance better than a warm-toned red. 

If you’re a neutral olive, you may notice that pastels can tend to wash you out, and jewel tones are more lively. Your undertone determines if your complexion is cool, warm, or neutral. Makeup colors are created with these same undertones.

Makeup For Burgundy And Dark Red Hair 

Once you’ve analyzed your eye color, complexion, and undertone, you may feel more prepared to pick out shades for your dark red hair. However, if you’re still unsure where to start, we can guide you to trying some complementary tones.

You can have fun with each shade and see what makes you feel like your best self! 


Some say the eyes are the window into the soul. So you may want to play up your eyes, especially if they’re your favorite feature. However, how can you create a stunning eyeshadow look that pairs well with burgundy or dark red hair?

You may find that metallic or rich hues will look cohesive with deep hair colors like burgundy. For example, try sticking to deep blues, green, and purples. 


Bronze shades will add depth and dimension to any eye look, and it’s a universally flattering tone. Regardless of your hair, eyes, or complexion, there will be a flattering bronze shade for you! You can instantly sweep it across the lid for a glamorous effect.

Bronze can have hints of silver and gold and create an eye-catching moment. You can even reach for a brown pencil liner for blue eyes looking for a smokey finish. 


Green and red are opposite on the color wheel, making them complementary colors. So, try reaching for a green eyeshadow if you have dark red or burgundy hair. One of the most flattering shades will be forest or sage green. 

You can find eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even mascara with your ideal shade of green to amp up your red strands.


Blue is often jarring and intimidating, but it can look surreal when paired with dark red hair. However, how can you make blue eyeshadow or liner look flattering and not out of an 80s magazine shoot? Stick to deep and jewel-toned blues.

A shimmering sapphire pencil or a deep navy shadow can add depth and dimension without looking like kid makeup. It’s an easy way to elevate blue eyeshadow to fit red hair. 


Another flattering shade is purple! There is a purple eye product for every eye color, complexion, and undertone. Purple can also be easy to experiment with, but finding the correct undertone is crucial to avoid creating a black-eye/bruise effect.

A cool-toned lavender can look flattering on light and dark cool-toned complexions. Those more olive or warm may want to stick to a jewel-toned purple. You can also opt for purple mascara if eyeshadow and eyeliner are too overwhelming.


Blushes, bronzers, and contouring products can give your face structure and flatter your favorite features. Also, blushes are increasing in popularity because cream formulas can double as a lip and cheek tint. 

What are some blush shades to reach for if you have dark red or burgundy hair?


Mauve is the ideal everyday blush shade. It’s not too pink, peach, or orange. Also, you can find it in an array of hues. Deeper complexions may opt for a deep berry to accentuate red strands, while light complexions can choose a sheer mauve. 

Mauve can help achieve that natural, flush from within look for all hair colors. It’s also a great starting point to try more vivid blushes like berry or a true pink. 


Don’t know where to start while shopping in the blush department? 

First, try a peach blush! Peach is a universally flattering shade that makeup artists apply to all complexions regardless of hair or eye color. It can give a natural wash of warmth to the face. 

Peach is also a great starting point for other blushes to try with deep red hair like terracotta or true orange.


Lipstick is an essential and beginner-friendly makeup product. Also, the right shade of lipstick can make a bold statement even if you’re not wearing any other makeup products. Which shades of lipstick can pair well with dark red hair colors? 


You can never go wrong with nude! And what is nude lipstick? A nude is any shade that resembles your skin tone to create a no-makeup-makeup or natural finish. Nude will flatter all hair colors and is easily customizable for all skin tones.

It’s crucial to remember that nude it’s not just a pale concealer-like shade of lipstick. Nude is an expansive range of neutrals to match any complexion.


Next is red! There is a myth that redheads can’t wear red lipstick, but in reality, it makes for a bold and dynamic combination. Also, countless shades of red have unique undertones that can flatter your deep red strands. 

Red is a classic, timeless shade that anyone can pull off and accentuate burgundy hair. You may find that a dark red lip can look sultry on a medium/deep complexion, or bright red can make an impact on all skin tones.


Some flattering makeup colors for dark red hair include mauve, red, nude, and peach for the lips and cheeks. In addition, you can try bronze, purple, blue, and green for a show-stopping eye look. Consider your eye color, complexion, and undertones. 

It’s crucial to note these are some general guidelines, and you can wear any color that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 

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