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9 Best Drugstore Cream Bronzers

by Gabbi

Bronzers are an effortless way to bring warmth and dimension to your complexion. With summer just around the corner, it might be time to freshen up your makeup bag. Cream bronzers are all the rage because they are natural and easy to blend.

Cream bronzer will seamlessly melt into the skin, and won’t look as harsh as powder bronzers. They are versatile and can even double as a highlight or contouring product. They’re also available in an array of finishes.

Cream bronzers are even beginner-friendly and forgiving if you apply too much. A cream bronzer should complement your desired makeup look and skin type. However, cream bronzers can cost a pretty penny, but there are affordable options.

What are the best drugstore cream bronzers? Drugstore makeup is catching up to high-end brands. The best bronzer should fit your budget and offer a creamy texture that blends into the skin. You may also want a long-lasting and comfortable formula.

Cream bronzers can be tailored to meet your preferences, like most things in makeup. So whether you want a bronzer that offers a subtle glow or one with intense pigmentation, there is a cream bronzer for you. Are you ready to find out more?

Drugstore Cream Bronzer – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the correct cream bronzer is personal. It’s crucial to consider your makeup look, finish, skin type, and versatility. However, there are a few things to look out for if you’re looking for the ideal drugstore cream bronzer.


Drugstore cream bronzers are relatively affordable and fit into most people’s budgets. It’s essential to pick something that fits your needs but that’s also at the right price. Thankfully, there is a bronzer for every budget. 

Formula And Texture

Most cream bronzers have a cream-to-powder formula. This means that bronzer is creamy and blendable to the touch but dries down and sets like a powder.

Cream bronzer is available in varying textures and formulas. For example, a cream bronzer can be dewy in a stick form or clay-like in a compact. However, you’ll want a texture that blends easily into the skin.


Cream bronzers do offer a natural result. However, they’re available in multiple finishes like shimmery, dewy, matte, satin, etc. What finish you choose should match your skin type or your desired makeup look.


Some cream bronzers are more subtle than others. For example, you can opt for a cream bronzer that is heavily saturated or natural and sheer. However, most cream bronzers are buildable, and you can create your desired intensity.

Best Drugstore Cream Bronzers 

Cream bronzers can give your skin a sun-kissed glow with one swipe. Also, they are blendable, buildable, and more forgiving than powder bronzers. Surprisingly enough, there is a cream bronzer for every budget!

RankProductKey Features
1.Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick Conceal and Contour Beginner-friendly, multi-tasking bronzer stick, cruelty-free
2.I’m Meme I’m Multi Stick Shading Stick For FaceK-beauty, natural finish, bronze and contour in one step
3.Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream BronzerLuminous, radiant bronzer with a buildable formula
4.Elf Cream Contour Palette4-in-1 contour and bronzing palette, buildable and saturated shades
5.Physicians Formula Organic Wear Sculpting Bronzer Skincare-infused bronzing stick that offers a hydrating finish
6.Half Caked Candy Paint Bronzer Dewy bronzer that provides a glass-skin finish that is buildable
7.Elf Putty BronzerVersatile putty bronzer that's vegan and nourishing
8.Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Bronzer Stick A subtle shimmery bronzer, hydrate and highlight in one step
9.Undone Beauty Water Bronzer StickVegan, water-based bronzer, keeps skin nourished

1. Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick Conceal and Contour 

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Wet n Wild is a drugstore makeup brand that formulates products just as good as high-end names. For example, one of the easiest ways to apply a cream bronzer is with a stick formula. The MegaGlo Makeup Stick is a creamy, multitasking product.

A cream bronzer stick is easy to apply, and this formula from Wet n Wild glides seamlessly on the skin. The MegaGlo Makeup Stick allows you to have complete control over how much product you apply to the face.

Also, these sticks can contour, bronze, blush, and highlight your cheeks with one product. However, if you’re looking for the ideal bronzer, the shade Oak’s On You will leave you with a sun-kissed finish. It’s buildable and provides a natural look. 

The MegaGlo Makeup Stick is compact and portable so you can apply on the go. Its texture is creamy and blendable so you won’t have to worry about your bronzer clinging to dry patches or creating harsh lines.

Wet n Wild states this bronzer has long-lasting properties thanks to its cream-to-powder formula. It’s soft and blendable as you apply and dries to a powder finish to set in place. It’s also a cruelty-free product.

2. I’m Meme I’m Multi Stick Shading Stick For Face 

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I’m Meme is a K-Beauty brand that offers a more natural approach to makeup. The I’m Multi Stick Shading Stick will provide a subtle, bronzy glow to the skin with one swipe. It dries down and provides a matte, skin-like finish.

I’m Meme claims their Shading Stick will create a healthy-looking complexion. This product is multitasking and will work wonders for the face and the body. You can apply this product wherever you need a little warmth.

This stick formula makes the application a breeze and allows you to control how much product you use. The I’m Multi Shading Stick has the perfect mix of warm and cool tones so it can provide a sun-kissed glow and contour the face.

Also, you can rest assured that this bronzer won’t appear orange. The texture of this bronzer is soft and creamy to blend effortlessly into the skin. The I’m Multi Shading Stick is compact and easily fits into the palm of your hand.

3. Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer 

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Are you looking for an affordable cream bronzer that performs like high-end products?

The Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Bronzer will provide a luxurious bronze finish for your skin. It’s often compared to designer makeup brands like Chanel.

The Undetectable Creme Bronzer has a cream-to-powder formula like most bronzers on this list. However, you’ll get a luminous and shimmery finish that’s ideal for a day out in the sun. So, you can expect a sun-kissed bronze with one application. 

This bronzer from Sonia Kashuk is blendable and buildable. You can layer this bronzer until you reach your desired level of pigmentation. You can easily blend or apply this bronzer with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge, thanks to its creamy consistency.

The shade Rich Bronze provides a beautiful warm flush to the skin without turning orange. It’s a flattering tone for most skin complexions and provides a radiant finish. Also, it won’t feel heavy on the skin or look cakey. 

The Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer is affordable and has a high-quality formula. 

4. Elf Cream Contour Palette 

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Elf is one of the most well-known drugstore brands that offer an alternative to your department store favorites.

Do you struggle with finding the right shade of bronzer? Elf provides four shades to sculpt and warm up your complexion.

The Cream Contour Palette offers multiple cream bronzers and contour shades in one compact. You can experiment and choose which shade works the best for you without breaking the bank. It has three bronzing shades and one highlight shade.

This vegan and cruelty-free contour palette is velvety and blendable. You can highlight, sculpt, and bronze all with one palette. The shades are pigmented, but they are buildable to help achieve your desired intensity.

The Cream Contour Palette offers a natural, creamy finish that can be customized to meet your needs. It works well for dewy and matte makeup looks. It has a long-lasting formula that won’t budge throughout the day.

Elf claims their Cream Contour Palette performs just like professional makeup products. It’s a versatile tool that can be used on set, for special events, or to achieve a natural finish. 

5. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Sculpting Bronzer 

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Physicians Formula formulates their makeup products with ingredients your skin will love. Skincare-infused makeup is growing in popularity, and Physicians Formula understands that you shouldn’t have to compromise.

The Organic Wear Sculpting Bronzer will hydrate the skin while adding warmth. This bronzer has a cream-to-powder formula to ensure it stays in place all day. Also, it has a creamy consistency that hydrates the skin and is easy to blend.

Physicians Formula ensured this bronzer has skin-loving ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, and cactus flower. These components will keep your skin refreshed, and antioxidants promote a healthy complexion. So say goodbye to patchy bronzer!

Also, the Organic Wear Sculpting Bronzer is in a stick formula that makes the application process simple. This formula is buildable, so you can swipe the product onto the skin until you reach your desired level of warmth.

Once the bronzer is blended into place, it will dry down to a natural matte finish. Now you can quickly achieve nourished and sun-kissed skin.

6. Half Caked Candy Paint Bronzer 

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Half Caked has a cream bronzer for every skin tone! The Candy Paint Bronzer is an ultra-smooth and saturated bronzer that gives your skin dimension. It’s suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin, with a vegan formula.

The search is over if you’re looking for a hydrating cream bronzer with a dewy finish! The Candy Paint Bronzer will provide a glass-skin finish. It has a non-irritating formula because it’s fragrance-free and contains vitamin E.

The Candy Paint Bronzer has an extensive line of cream bronzers. The shade range won’t leave you looking orange or grey. It has a blendable smooth texture that quickly melts into the skin without clinging to imperfections.

Half Caked recommends applying this bronzer with your fingers if you want a natural look and a brush for a dramatic effect. However, this formula is forgiving if you get heavy-handed and can easily sheer out its intensity.

The Haked Caked Candy Paint Bronzer is ideal if you want a dewy complexion and clean formula. It fits into a wide range of budgets. 

7. Elf Putty Bronzer 

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Elf has created a unique cream bronzer that has the texture of putty. The Putty Bronzer is the ideal cream bronzer for beginners because it shares similarities with a regular bronzer. The Putty Bronzer has a shade for every complexion.

Elf’s Putty Bronzer has a cream-to-powder formula, so it’s creamy to apply but fully sets in place. This bronzer is ideal for every occasion, whether you need a natural look or getting ready for a special event. It also provides a skin-like finish.

This buildable bronzer will also blur and perfect your complexion for a seamless result. These shades are a perfect blend of warm and cool tones so that you can bronze and contour in one. It also feels lightweight on the face.

Elf formulated this bronzer with vitamin E and argan oil to keep the skin nourished. The Putty Bronzer is saturated, and you can quickly build it up to reach a bronze finish. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

8. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Bronzer Stick

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Are you looking for a subtle bronzer with a luminous finish? The Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Bronzer Stick is the perfect product for no-makeup-makeup days. Your skin will get a boost from nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

The Natural All Aglow Bronzer provides a shimmery and warm flush to any complexion. This bronzer won’t give you a full glam effect but rather a natural sheen. It will instantly illuminate and moisturize the skin for a healthy glow. 

Burt’s Bees states you can highlight and bronze in one step. This bronzing stick will glide onto the face effortlessly without the cakey finish. It has a hydrating texture that’s similar to a balm, and it’s packed with skin-loving components.

The Natural All Aglow Bronzer Stick is formulated with cupuacu butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. It’s also dermatologist-tested and free of irritating components like silicones, SLS, and petroleum. 

Burt’s Bees has provided a light and natural alternative to most bronzers while maintaining an affordable price. One swipe will instantly give you long-lasting warmth and glow.

9. Undone Beauty Water Bronzer Stick 

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Undone Beauty is offering a clean, cruelty-free, and vegan bronzer stick.

So what makes this stick bronzer different from the rest? Undone Beauty formulated this bronzer to be water-based so that you can leave makeup mishaps in the past.

The Water Bronzer Stick is formulated with Coconut Water to add moisture to the skin instantly.

In addition, this creamy formula is lightweight, and it won’t leave streaks or patches on the skin. It also offers a cooling sensation to keep your skin refreshed.

Because this formula is water-based, it melts effortlessly into the skin and washes off without harsh scrubbing. Also, it’s available in four unique shades that complement each complexion. It will leave you with a natural and radiant finish.

Undone Beauty’s Water Stick is great for a minimalist makeup routine. It can contour and bronze almost everywhere on the face. Need more bronze? You can swipe and build up the color to your desired result. 

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