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Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions – How To Decide If You Should

by Gabbi

What’s the secret to the ultimate full and fluffy lash line? Most people opt for semi-permanent eyelash services like extensions or lash lifts. These services temporarily give your natural eyelashes fullness, volume, and length.

Eyelash extensions can completely transform your lash line thanks to the wide range of curl styles and lengths available. However, getting eyelash extensions does come with some risks, and it involves using harsh glue to secure your extensions.

It can be tempting to get eyelash extensions because they cut down your daily beauty regimen. However, for those sitting on the fence, eyelash extensions may not be worth the investment. It’s crucial to consider the cost and maintenance.

Also, the eyelash extension fandom may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. For example, even for people who frequently get extensions, it may feel like a chore to refill them or that it’s taking a toll on your natural lashes. 

So, why did I stop eyelash extensions? There are several reasons I chose not to continue with eyelash extensions, including that they can be expensive over time since they need to be topped up frequently, and that they can cause longterm damage to your lashline in the future.

Eyelash extensions have some risks and are challenging to maintain, depending on your lifestyle. You may find that taking a break from extensions can help you make your decision, but in the meantime, I’ll explain all the pros and cons fo eyelash extensions so you’ll know what to expect either way!

The Eyelash Extension Process

An eyelash extension appointment can be quite extensive. You can expect to sit in a chair for about two hours, and your eyes will be closed. This service involves individually applying lash fibers to the lash line with medical-grade adhesive.

Your lash artist will be applying for these extensions one at a time, explaining why it’s a lengthy appointment. It can also vary by how many lashes are needed.

The application process is crucial to the longevity and health of your eyelashes. For example, an inexperienced lash artist can ruin your natural lashes with the improper application or cause the extensions to fall out sooner than expected.

For more information on the process and what you’ll need to know before booking an appointment, take a look at this video from Alysa Fullona or keep reading as we list the pros and cons of eyelash extensions.

Pros Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are common for multiple reasons. While getting them touched-up so frequently may be inconvenient, some people prefer it rather than spending extra time getting ready. Also, it eliminates the need for beauty items like mascara.

However, eyelash extensions offer other positive effects, like transforming your lash line or allowing you to customize your desired finish. 

Transforms Your Lash Line

The primary reason eyelash extensions grew in popularity is that they can completely transform your lash line. Those with short, sparse, or straight eyelashes choose to get eyelash extensions to compensate for the lack of these characteristics.

Your lash artist should provide extensive consultation and guide you towards the best extension for you. There are multiple curl shapes, sizes, and lengths. Eyelash extensions aren’t one-size-fits-all, so they should flatter your eye shape.

However, the finished look is natural and flawless when eyelash extensions are applied correctly. 


Eyelash extensions can also last for weeks on end. However, a few things can determine the longevity of your lash extensions. For example, the lash artist’s application and aftercare will affect how long your extensions will last.

Your lash artist should provide detailed instructions on how to care for the extensions post-service. Aftercare instructions can include washing and brushing your lashes daily and avoiding any moisture for the first few days. 

However, eyelash extensions can last for 6-8 weeks with the proper care. Also, attending your refill appointments on time can improve longevity.


Eyelash extensions are also durable. Lash extensions are typically made from synthetic fibers which can still mimic the look and feel of actual lash fibers. These synthetic fibers are made to stand the test of time.

It’s not ideal to expose your extensions to excessive water or pressure. However, your lashes are made to withstand occasional contact with water because you do need to wash them to lower the risk of infection or crusting. 

Some lash brands claim they are waterproof and can withstand moisture. 

Enhances Natural Beauty Or Makeup

Another reason people opt for lash extensions is their ability to enhance their natural beauty. Eyelash extensions are great for people who aren’t avid makeup wearers but who still want to look refreshed or enhanced.

Extensions are great for cutting down your daily beauty regimen. For example, you can eliminate the need to apply eye makeup, including eyeliner and mascara.


I mentioned earlier that eyelash extensions aren’t one-size-fits-all – they can be applied in an array of patterns to accentuate your eye shape. 

Your lash artist may even decide to mix varying lengths of extensions for a natural effect. Customization is a great advantage because not everyone can wear the same styles. 

For example, you may want to add volume across the boards while others want to achieve a cat-eye finish. Eyelash extensions can be tailored to fit your eyes perfectly. 

Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Every beauty service comes with its risks, including eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions won’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. For example, those with a busier or low maintenance philosophy of living may not like frequent refill appointments. 

In addition, eyelash extensions have some downsides. Potential risks of eyelash extensions include eye safety, allergic reactions, and more. Also, eyelash extensions have in-depth aftercare instructions that are recommended to follow religiously.

It will be up to your preference and lifestyle when deciding if eyelash extensions are right for you. 

Strict Maintenance Routine

Eyelash extensions require extensive care long after you leave your appointment. The first 48 hours will involve avoiding water and moisture altogether. This includes not showering, exercising, sweating, or doing other physical activity.

Your maintenance routine will also include washing and brushing your lashes daily. This hygiene practice is crucial to lowering the risk of eye infection or crusts from forming. Also, this step will prolong the longevity of the lashes.

However, it would help to get the lashes refilled every few weeks. This can be time-consuming and costly. Following a strict refill schedule is beneficial, but upkeep can be inconvenient.

Glue Allergies

Eyelash extensions may not be an excellent fit for sensitive skin or eyes. 

Your lash artist will apply the extensions with a professional or medical grade glue. This adhesive is what provides the longevity of lashes. However, it’s formulated with harsh chemicals.

The harsh components found in medical-grade glue can easily trigger allergic reactions. Irritation or an allergic reaction includes redness, swelling, itching, and eye sensitivity.

It can be challenging to know which ingredient is causing a reaction because not all ingredients can be accessed. 

Potentially Damages Natural Lash Line

If you decide to get eyelash extensions, it will be wise to conduct thorough research to find an experienced lash artist. Unfortunately, the improper lash application can take a toll on your actual eyelashes and cause long-term damage.

For example, your natural lashes can be prone to breaking or falling out due to extensions. In addition, you may notice what little lashes are left feeling vulnerable, and it can take time for them to grow back.

A sparse lash line can look bare, especially if you’re used to seeing it with a full set. 

Extensions Can Fall Out 

Improper extension application can also shorten their lifespan. For example, if they aren’t secure to the lash line or the glue hasn’t set, it can lead to the extensions falling out. This can also affect the integrity of your natural eyelashes. 

Once your lashes start falling out, you’ll be left with an uneven and unflattering finish. It will be wise to immediately visit an experienced lash artist that can gently remove the remaining set. 

Increased Risk Of Eye Infection 

Eyelash extensions may potentially increase your risk of getting an eye infection.

As mentioned earlier, you can quickly get an allergic reaction to the glue. Ideally, your lash artist should contact a patch test to avoid an unnecessary adhesive reaction.

Also, if the lash artist is inexperienced, your extensions could bother your lash line, feel uncomfortable, or become inflamed. You want to lower the chances of the adhesive seeping into the eyes or making them sting. 

You may also be at risk for an infection if you severely neglect the aftercare routine. 


You’ll need to care for your eyelash extensions daily, especially if you want to prolong its lifespan. However, aftercare can be a huge con if you don’t like to upkeep a high maintenance service such as lash extensions. 

We’ve mentioned that it’s necessary to cleanse and brush your lashes daily. This good practice of hygiene will ensure your eyes and lashes stay healthy. However, if you find it hard to stick to a beauty regimen, upkeep of the lashes may be a chore.

How To Decide To Take A Break From Lash Extensions

What if you’re still not sure whether or not to stop getting eyelash extensions? It can be challenging to make this decision, especially if you’re used to getting them done frequently. However, taking a break may show you the best of both worlds. 

Also, you can consider multiple factors like the cost, how often you need a refill, and how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your lash extension journey. 


Unfortunately, eyelash extensions are pricey. Yes, you’re paying for a semi-permanent service, but your touch-up appointments can quickly add up. For example, a high-quality set of eyelash extensions can cost a few hundred dollars.

You might be able to find a lash artist that charges under one hundred, but it can be challenging to ensure they are a qualified artist who can protect your safety. However, refills are more affordable than the initial set, but they still add up.

Refill Appointments

While refill appointments are cheaper, they can be inconvenient to attend. Lash extensions have a lifespan of 6-8 weeks. However, your lash artist will recommend you to come in for a refill every 2-3 weeks. 

Refills will fill in any gaps that have emerged from wearing your extensions. However, not everyone will have the time to attend these refills appointments strictly.


Lash extensions are also a time-consuming service. This semi-permanent service is not ideal for those who are fidgety or tend to have a busier lifestyle. An average lash extension installation can last about two hours. 

Also, your eyes will need to remain closed during the entire duration of your appointment. The refill appointments can also last up to an hour to refresh your lash set. 

Potential Long-Term Damage 

Frequent exposure to lash extensions may deteriorate the integrity of your natural lashes. For example, you may notice your natural lashes may look shorter, thinner, or feel frailer once the extensions are removed.

Also, an improper application can damage your natural eyelashes long-term. For example, if your extensions are too heavy or cause excessive tension, it boosts the likeliness of your natural lashes breaking or falling out.

What Can Happen When You Remove Lash Extensions

What can you expect when you remove your lashes? If you have an experienced and professional lash artist, you may not notice a difference if they’ve applied and removed the extensions with care. 

However, it can also depend on how long you’ve been wearing lashes. Also, an inexperienced stylist may cause additional or unnecessary harm around the eye area. 

Regardless it will take time to adjust because lash extensions can take away volume, lift, and thickness. So, it may look strange a few days following removal. 

Lash Extensions Alternatives

Thankfully, you can still nourish and achieve a flawless lash finish without extensions. Some popular alternatives include using lash serums, switching to fake lashes, or trying out a lash lift. However, they may not provide a drastic effect like extensions.

You don’t have to rely on mascara solely, and these options are great for enhancing your lashes without extensions. You can use this time to nourish your natural lashes back to health.

Lash Growth Serum

A lash growth serum can help promote healthy eyelash growth. This is an attractive option if extensions harm your natural eyelashes. However, it can take months to see results, and the serum should be used consistently every night.

Also, perform a patch test before you apply the serum around the eye area. 

Lash Lift 

A lash lift is another semi-permanent lash service. However, this one doesn’t involve extensions. Instead, it lifts and curls your natural lashes with a chemical solution. So, you can think of a lash lift as a mini perm for your eyelashes. 

However, lash lifts don’t last as long as extensions. You may be able to get full wear within 4-6 weeks before the lift falls. 

Strip Lashes 

Finally, you can always revert to classic strip lashes. It can be challenging at first to learn how to glue on your own fake lashes. However, once you get the hang of it, you can easily apply the strips in under five minutes. 

Also, there is more variety and versatility with fake strip lashes. Multiple eyelash glue formulas exist so that you can find one tailored to sensitive skin/eyes.


Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone, and many people are slowly removing their extensions. However, an inexperienced lash artist or glue allergy can lead to severe reactions or stunt the growth of your natural eyelashes.

If you’re deciding if you should stop wearing lash extensions, consider the condition of your natural lashes and lifestyle. You’ll want to keep in mind the strict aftercare guidelines like daily cleansing and frequent refill appointments.

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