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Can I Put Mousse In My Hair After A Perm?

by Gabbi

Perms have gotten a revival since the 80s and now have a modern appearance. Your strands go through a complete transformation after a perm because it changes the texture and movement of your hair.

Perms are a chemical service; your hair needs at least two days to rest untouched for your curls to set into place fully. It can be challenging to style your new curls. So, once this 48-hour gap is over, what can you do to ensure your hair is soft, lively, and bouncy?

Mousse can bring curls to life, whether they’re natural or permed. This styling product will give the hair hold and definition, so you can cut back on heat styling if you please. Perms are particular, so you must be careful how you style it.

So, can you put mousse in your hair after a perm? Yes, a mousse will be a fantastic styling product for permed hair. However, you’ll need to watch out for the ingredients list and pick a mousse specifically formulated for curls to achieve the best results.

Some hairstyling ingredients can dry out your curls or allow your strands to be prone to breakage post-perm. In addition, it’s crucial to style perms carefully to maintain their shape. So what else should you know about styling perms with mousse? 

What Is Mousse?

Hair mousse (check out this one from Maui Moisture) is a foam styling product that is designed to give the hair texture and hold. It’s ideal for curly strands but can hold ringlets in place, provide volume to the roots, and ensure your strands have more definition.

Mousse is more lightweight than a gel thanks to its airy texture and can instantly add drama.

How Does Mousse Benefit Perms? 

Mousse is a beautiful product for curls, whether you naturally have them or have permed your hair. Perms are a specific haircare service that chemically treats the hair to take on a new shape and curl pattern.

It’s ideal to let perms be because constant moisture or heat styling can allow your results to drop. However, a mousse can provide multiple benefits for permed hair. 

Minimize Frizz

Mousse can keep frizzy hair at bay. It provides an even coat of protection to the hair that ensures your strands are frizz-free. Your curls can be frizzy with a perm because the chemical solution can damage the integrity of your strands. 

Mousse can keep flyaways at bay and provide bouncy, frizz-free curls. 

Reduce Heat Styling

While you technically can heat-style a perm, it will be beneficial for your strands in the long run if you minimize the amount of heat. One way you can cut down on heat styling is by using mousse because it can quickly revive your curls. 

You can easily apply mousse to damp strands and get a fully styled effect. 

Add Volume 

Another way mousse can benefit a perm is by adding volume. You can achieve a voluminous finish without heat and with the correct mousse. A little mouse will quickly provide lift and hold that mimics the effect of a diffuser.

A little bit of mousse can go a long way! 

Curl Definition 

Finally, mousse will bring life back to your curls or waves. It will eliminate frizz, add structure, and define your strands for a uniform finish. You’ll notice how each curl is put together and defined to create a professional finish.

Mousse can be a go-to product for all types of curls. 

Which Type Of Mousse Is Best For Perms?

Curls are incredibly particular because various patterns, shapes, and textures exist. Not all hair styling products will work for curly hair, so it’s essential to look at the ingredients of your products.

Permed hair poses another challenge because your strands have just undergone an intense chemical treatment, and what you put on your hair matters.

What To Look For In Mousse 

The ingredients list will tell you everything you need to know about a product. While it may be challenging initially, various online resources can help you learn more about each component. 

However, you should avoid a few things while shopping for a mousse for permed hair. For example, alcohols and silicones can create an unwanted effect. 


Alcohol-free mousses will be ideal for permed hair. 

Unfortunately, various beauty products are formulated with Alcohol, which can be pretty damaging for permed hair. Alcohol can be extremely drying to the strands and increase the risk of breakage or frizz.

Your hair is already prone to dryness post-perm. 


Another ingredient to avoid is silicone. Silicones can easily coat the hair and can be helpful in some styling products. However, they won’t provide an excellent finish for permed hair because they can easily weigh down your strands. 

A silicone-free formula will keep curls bouncy. This mouse from Maui Moisture is free of silicones as well as alcohol.

Made For Curls 

It will be best to shop for a curl-friendly product. For example, a mousse that is designed for curls can also cater to permed strands. In addition, you’re less likely to end up with a formula that doesn’t work for your hair.

So, find a mousse that’s especially for curls. 

When Can You Apply Mousse To Permed Hair?

Once you find your ideal mousse, how can you use it? It’s ideal to follow the directions written on the label of your product for the best results. However, you may need to wait if you’ve just received a fresh perm. 

Perms must be set for at least a few days before you can wash or style them.

48 Hours Post-Service

Your stylist will provide guidelines to follow after a perm to keep it looking its best. This includes avoiding water, moisture, and styling for at least two days post-service. It ensures your curls will last and that the curls won’t fall out prematurely.

On Wet/Damp Hair 

Most mousse formulas will advise applying mousse to wet or damp hair. You can follow it up with a light heat styling session and leave the hair to air dry.

Applying mousse to damp hair will provide definition and allow you to control how much product you use. 

How To Use Mousse On A Perm 

You can always consult your hair stylist if you’re unsure how to start your perm-focused styling routine. They can teach you how to care for your new curls without unnecessarily damaging your strands.

However, you can also follow these simple tips to ensure lively, permed curls. 

Start With Damp Hair 

We’ve mentioned that most mousse brands recommend applying the product to damp hair. Using mousse on dry hair can create a waxy or stiff appearance. Damp hair will ensure the mousse can fully absorb, style, and benefit your curls.

Work In Small Amounts

Another helpful tip is to work in small sections or with a small amount of product. This ensures all your strands are evenly coated in the mousse. Also, you’ll have complete control of how much or where you apply mousse.

This can also help keep your curls defined and bouncy, and you can eventually learn the best amount of mousse for your hair type. 

Finger Comb

Finger combing can bring a natural result to your perm strands. Working with your fingers allows you to feel how the hair reacts to the mousse and offers more control than a comb or brush. However, a wide tooth comb may also help.

Working in the product with the fingers can provide an effortless finish. 

Air Dry/Blow-Dry 

Finally, it’s time to dry! It would be best to let your curls air dry because your hair can already be compromised from the chemical solution used in a perm. Also, heat styling can loosen your curls, cause them to frizz, or damage the hair’s integrity.

Always use a low heat setting and a heat protectant if you do plan to heat style. 

For a visual tutorial, take a look at this video from Curly Tay on YouTube.

How To Maintain A Perm

How can you ensure an effortless styling session with a mouse? You can implement multiple things into your routine to keep your permed hair healthy. This includes keeping the hair hydrated, minimizing heat, and using curl-friendly products.

Hydrate The Strands

Your hair goes under an intense transformation during a perm. The harsh chemicals that give your strands a new curl pattern can be taxing. You may notice that the hair feels brittle and dry, but a deep conditioning mask (like this one from Arvazallia) can help.

Hydrating the hair and avoiding alcohols in your products can keep your permed curls happy and soft. 

Minimize Heat-Styling

Another easy way to maintain a perm is minimizing heat styling. Mousse can replace heat styling altogether which can ensure your curls will last. In addition, less heat will ensure your hair can maintain its integrity.

Use Curl-Friendly Products 

Finally, you can also focus on curl-friendly products. Hair styling products designed for curly hair are less likely to harm your permed strands. You can always read the ingredients list to ensure you have a curl-friendly product.


Overall, mousse will be an excellent styling product for perms. It will revive curls and increase volume. You can style your perm after the initial 48 hours have passed. 

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