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11 Best Shampoos For Naturally Blonde Hair

by Gabbi

Looking after your naturally blonde hair can be made so easy if you have the right shampoo. Blonde shampoos for naturally blonde hair are made to help intensify your blonde locks, and keep your hair looking beautiful.

Naturally blonde hair can be more fragile, and more prone to damage, so finding the right product to use helps prevent split hairs and keep hair healthier and in better condition.

What are the best shampoos for naturally blonde hair? The best shampoos for naturally blonde hair are made to treat the specific needs and conditions of naturally blonde hair. The shampoo should be free from drying and damaging ingredients, and should instead contain nutrients that nourish hair and help prevent color fading.

If you are on the lookout for a good shampoo to use for naturally blonde hair, keep reading to find out how to pick out the right one for you, and our top recommendations on the market at the moment!

How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Naturally Blonde Hair

Understanding what to look for when choosing the best shampoo for naturally blonde hair is essential to finding the right product for you.

Here are some of the the most important factors to consider when picking out the best shampoo for your blonde hair:

Know Your Hair Needs

It is really important to know your hair needs when you are picking out any type of hair product, especially shampoo. 

If your hair is oily, then an oil-control shampoo would be best. For fine hair, which is often the case with blonde hair, a shampoo that helps strengthen and give volume would be better.

If you style your hair often, then look for a shampoo that protects your hair from heat damage and which is nourishing to your scalp too. For dry scalp or dandruff, you have to put extra care in picking out a shampoo that would help treat this issue, and not make it worse.

There is a wide range of good shampoos for naturally blonde hair that cater to different hair needs, you just need to know what to look for!

Ingredient List

The ingredient list is what makes a shampoo good or not, so this is definitely something that you have to pay attention to!

It is always best to choose products which are made with natural ingredients where possible, as these will not contain harsh chemicals that might dry out or damage hair further.

Try to choose a sulfate-free shampoo too, as sulfates can dry out your hair, so opting for a sulfate-free shampoo is a great way to ensure your hair retains its natural moisture, keeping shine and softness.

Also avoid any shampoo that contains mineral oil. Mineral oil does not absorb into hair strands, so it instead builds up on the outside of the strands and on the scalp, which could cause hair to feel stiff and weighed down, and it can cause skin issues on the scalp.

Natural ingredients are always better, and while most shampoos can’t be completely natural, make sure that they at least contain nourishing ingredients that will give hair a healthy, shiny bounce and not strip your natural color.

Purple Shampoo

Many shampoos which are designed to be used for natural blondes are purple shampoos, which means there are purple additives to the shampoo that tone hair from brassy tones, and which help give a more natural-looking blonde, and which helps to reduce dull tone too.

Whether you choose a purple shampoo is up to you and your hair tone. If you are happy with your natural hair tone, there might be no reason to use a purple shampoo. If you want to tone your hair a little more, then our advice is to alternate between a purple shampoo and a normal blonde-hair shampoo for your washes.

Conditioner And Treatments

It does help to choose a shampoo that has a matching conditioner or treatment. This means that you are giving your hair a complete, specific treatment from start to finish. Where the shampoo might cleanse and correct tone, the conditioner will strengthen and soften the hair.

These sets of treatments are designed to be used together, and you will be making the most out of your shampoo if you use the corresponding conditioner and any treatment that comes with it. The extra nourishment is always needed, and your hair will be much healthier for it!

The Best Shampoos For Naturally Blonde Hair

With everything in mind that you need to consider when picking out the best shampoo for naturally blonde hair, take a look at our top recommendations below and find the one that would suit your hair needs best!

1. Aussie Purple Shampoo

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The Aussie Purple Shampoo was designed to brighten natural and color-treated blonde hair, with ingredients such as Kakadu plum and lemon myrtle, which strengthen and nourish hair through the process.

Using the shampoo will help you fight off brassy tones and brighten your natural color, to intensify your natural blonde glow. If you have a mix of natural blonde and highlights, this shampoo can help with both!

Any shade blonde can use this shampoo, as it helps to cancel out orange and yellow tones from platinum blonde to dark blonde hair. It is also suitable for everyday use, as it is free from parabens, which could do harm to hair.

Made with Australia’s best natural ingredients, lemon myrtle and Australian Kakadu plum, the shampoo nourishes and strengthens blonde hair from deep within. The delicious fragrance makes it even more of a delight to use!

The Aussie Purple Shampoo will help you tap into your best blonde, and with the natural ingredients it is made with, and the fact that it is safe to use everyday, it deserves its top spot on our list!

2. OGX Hydrate & Color Reviving Shimmering Blonde Shampoo

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The OGX Shimmering Blonde Shampoo will help to enhance the warm, sunny tones in your natural blonde hair, revealing the radiance that it has!

The moisture-rich blend of honey and sunflower extract helps to hydrate and protect hair, nourishing your locks and taming any frizz. While the shampoo gently cleanses your hair from any oils and build-up, it enhances the blonde color too.

As the shampoo is free from peroxide, hair colorants, or hair dye, it is safe to use on your hair every day.

OGX believe that their products should not make your hair look perfect, but instead, they design their products to make hair look fuller, bouncier, smoother, and smell beautiful, exactly what your hair needs.

This is a great shampoo to use to bring out your hair’s personality, whether it is sleek and smooth or curly and bouncy, while bringing out your best blonde look!

3. R+Co Sunset Blvd Daily Blonde Shampoo

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The Sunset Blvd Daily Blonde Shampoo makes blondes extra bright, and it can also make grays beautifully silver too – catering for all blonde hair!

Use this shampoo for daily brightening, hydrating, and repairing naturally blonde hair. It works to refresh your natural blonde or gray color, and it works to repair damage and restore any moisture loss, ensuring hair is kept hydrated and smooth.

Ingredients including glycerin, sunflower sprout extract, and vegan pearl extract, all work together to deliver moisture to the hair from deep within and give it a beautiful shine for days afterward. 

The shampoo (and conditioner) is color-safe, heat and UV protective, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and free from ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum, so it only does good to your hair without any of the bad stuff!

4. Davines Heart Of Glass Silkening Shampoo

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Heart of Glass is a hair care system that was designed specifically to meet the needs of blonde hair, either natural or color-treated. It is made with the highest quality ingredients to enhance and maintain blonde hair color, and promote healthy hair.

Natural raw ingredients also help to repair previous damage to hair, and work to build up hair strength to prevent future damage too. The shampoo will cleanse and clarify hair, and nourish it from root to tip.

Jagua fruit extract included in the formula balances unwanted tones, and illuminates blonde shades, without the use of harsh ingredients. It also helps to enhance the reflection of blonde hair, to give it maximum shine.

Baobab extract helps to nourish the hair and keep it hydrated and strong, and goes a long way to repair and prevent damage, leaving your hair looking its absolute best!

5. Milk_Shake Silver Shampoo

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Milk_Shake Silver Shampoo is a great choice for naturally blonde hair, as the rich purple colors effectively neutralize warm, brassy tones, so you get to enjoy pure blonde hair when using the shampoo regularly.

Not only will the shampoo help to tone out brassy colors, but you will also enjoy nourished and hydrated hair that is left smelling gorgeous after each wash!

Enriched with natural extracts from blueberry, raspberry and strawberry, the shampoo absorbs easily into the hair, nourishing from deep within, for optimal brightness and vitality!

Other than the mix of nutritive berries included in the formula, there is also milk protein added in. The milk protein has a conditioning effect on the hair, giving each strand of hair the same conditioning treatment.

Using this shampoo regularly can help to increase hair elasticity and fullness while enhancing the light blonde color of your hair, and protecting it from fading.

6. Tio Nacho Natural Lightening Shampoo

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The Tio Nacho Lightening Shampoo has been specially formulated with ingredients from natural origins that work to enhance your hair’s natural shine, for a healthy and radiant finish.

Natural ingredients are used to take this blonde shampoo to the next level, including Royal Jelly, which is known to nourish and hydrate hair, as well as chamomile extract, which helps to lighten blonde tones, both working to give your hair a healthy, perfectly toned appearance!

Royal Jelly contains royalactin, which is a compound that keeps hair nourished and strong, which is just as important as blonde lightening. 

The Tio Nacho Lightening Shampoo is the perfect blend of natural lightening and nourishment, and will give you all day volume, no matter the blonde tone of your hair, and no matter your hair type, whether smooth or curly!

7. L’anza Healing Blonde Bright Shampoo

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L’anza Healing Blonde Bright Shampoo is the shampoo to use if your hair is in need of repair and strengthening, but you still want to maintain the beautiful tones of your naturally blonde locks.

It is fortified with an ultra-healing formula that was created specifically to suit the needs of blonde hair. It works to restore strength and elasticity to the hair and is suitable to be used as a daily shampoo for both natural and colored hair.

The formula works to protect hair from chemical build-up, radical damage, and split ends. The smoothing formula will recondition the hair and support natural growth and color going forward. You can kiss frizzy, dehydrated and dull blonde hair goodbye!

Orange peel and guava extracts fortify the nourishment given to your hair, and finishes it off with a silky, smooth, beautifully toned blonde finish. It is a great way to maintain your natural blonde tone while giving your hair the extra support and repair it might need.

Enjoy bright blonde tones and healthier hair with this shampoo, free from sulfate, parabens, gluten, and all the other nasties!

8. By The Way Purple Shampoo

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The By The Way Purple Shampoo gives you a more natural way to enjoy your blonde hair, as it helps to brighten blondes and tone down brassiness, to give you the best blonde that your hair has to offer.

The purple shampoo neutralizes yellowing that is caused from environmental damage and product build-up, cleansing the hair and canceling out unwanted tones. It gives exceptional nourishing moisture, and is suitable for natural and color treated hair.

It is a plant-based cleansing formula focussed on locking in moisture and cleansing away build-up, which are two important factors for making the most of your natural blonde hair. 

The formula is free from silicon, parabens, phthalate and sulfates, so it contains none of the bad stuff, and only uses the best, most gentle natural ingredients to care for your hair. It is a great option to use if you have sensitive scalp, but still want beautifully blonde hair.

The lightly fragranced purple shampoo is suitable for all hair types, and will help you achieve the healthy, toned hair that you want, without exposing your hair and scalp to any harsh chemicals.

9. Rusk Deepshine Platinum Shampoo

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The Rusk Deepshine Platinum Shampoo is an everyday gentle cleansing formula that features wheat protein to help enhance moisture retention in your hair, while honey, lemongrass, verbena and citrus extracts work to brighten and lighten blonde tones.

This shampoo is suitable to be used on naturally blonde hair or color-treated hair and can be your go-to shampoo for every wash. 

Utilizing Violet 2, yellow and brassy tones are eliminated from your naturally blonde hair with continued use. Violet 2 also helps to boost brightness and make blonde hair appear more radiant.

Other than the brightening effects, the shampoo softens hair beautifully, and gives you a beautiful shine that lasts until your next wash!

10. Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo

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The Joico Blonde Life Collection has been formulated for color treated and naturally blonde hair, to give you salon-quality treatment at home. 

The shampoo is packed with a powerful combination of Monoi/Tamanu oils, and arginine, which detoxifies the hair from any build-up and oils, and which work to enhance the brilliance of your blonde hair, fighting off environmental damage that could cause your natural blonde to fade.

A Smartrelease Technology in the shampoo continuously releases a trifecta of healthy-hair ingredients, such as arginine, keratin and rosehip oil, ensuring your hair is fully nourished between washes.

Your blonde hair will be kept bright and gleaming, and any damage done to your hair will be cared for with the powerful ingredients found in the shampoo.

Brass-neutralizing, your blonde hair will be toned and cool, and being sulfate-free, you can trust that the shampoo is one of the best treatments you can give to your hair.

11. Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo

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While designed to be used for color treated hair, the Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo is ideal to use on naturally blonde hair too, as it strengthens hair while enhancing blonde tones.

The protein-enriched formula tones down uneven blonde colors, giving you a more natural blonde color all round. With the enriched-protein formula, it will deeply condition hair while it cleanses it from build-up and oils, ensuring it is strong, healthy and protected.

You can use the shampoo twice a week to tone down brassiness and yellow tones, and it can be left in for up to 5 minutes for the ultimate results. This also gives it a chance to nourish your hair from deep within to give it even more of a shimmer when dried.

Complete the routine with the Shimmer Lights Conditioner, to give your hair the full treatment from start to finish, and notice results after your first wash!

Final Thoughts

Take a look through the above tips on how to choose the best shampoo for naturally blonde hair, as well as the top choices on the market at the moment.

A shampoo for naturally blonde hair will help to highlight and enhance your natural blonde tones, and reduce any brassiness or yellow caused by environmental damage and product build-up.

While the right shampoo will enhance your blonde tones, it will also help to nourish and protect your hair, and keep it in the healthiest condition possible, so you can properly show off your blonde radiance!

Related Questions

Can I use purple shampoo daily?

It is not a good idea to use purple shampoo daily, as this could lead to your hair drying out. Shampoo should be used two to three times a week to cleanse hair from build-up and product, and using it more than this could strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it brittle and frizzy.

The purple colors in the shampoo could also leave a purple tone on your hair, instead of enhancing the blonde tones.

What does blue shampoo do to blonde hair?

Blue shampoo, like purple shampoo, can be used to cool down warm hair tones and remove brassiness. If you are naturally blonde, but your hair has more of a warm tone to it, then a blue-violet shampoo can cool this down and give you more of an ash/icy look.

Just be sure to choose the right shampoo or toner for your hair type, and the hair color that you are wanting to achieve after use.

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