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Quinceañera Makeup And Hair Ideas

by Gabbi

A quinceañera is a huge milestone in a young woman’s life. It’s the day she turns 15 and enters adulthood.

Traditionally, it’s celebrated with a lot of glamour and festivities. Of course, the queen of the event has to look her best in a gorgeous puffy dress, flawless makeup, and a chic hairstyle.

As your big day approaches, you must be wondering what hair and makeup you should go for. There’s a lot to consider!

Some girls want their makeup to match the color of their dress. Others want to try an elegant neutral look instead. And when it comes to hair, there are even more options to choose from. From long and flowy styles to elaborate updos.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what kind of look would look best on you, you’re not alone. 

Are you looking for the best quinceañera makeup and hair ideas? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the most beautiful hair and makeup ideas you can try. They are modern with a traditional flare and will make you look elegant and grown-up while still being festive.

Let’s dive in!

Quinceañera Makeup Ideas

It has been a longstanding tradition that the dress matches your makeup. Of course, this day and age, you probably don’t want to rock bright blue eyeshadow just because you’re wearing a blue dress. After all, we’re not living in the ‘80s.

Fear not, there are much better ways to match your makeup to your dress without looking like a clown. The key is subtlety. Below are some makeup looks that you can use to subtly match your makeup to your outfit in an elegant and modern way.

Red Dress

Red is a gorgeous color for a quinceañera dress. It often symbolizes energy, movement, and strength. 

If you’re looking for a makeup look to match your red dress, don’t rush towards colorful eyeshadows. It’s best to keep the red of your dress in the spotlight, without taking away from it. 

Here’s a great makeup idea:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Brown smoky eyeshadow
  • Red lipstick

Match your lipstick to the tone of your dress and you have the perfect look.

This makeup style is a classic – from 1920s Hollywood to the red carpet looks of today, the neutral eye and red lip look never goes out of style.

Blue Dress

A blue dress is a popular choice for quinceañeras because it suits so many skin tones. It also symbolizes harmony and spirituality.

Creating a makeup look that looks good with a blue dress is easier than you think. Instead of using a lot of blue tones on your face (which are hard to pull off), consider doing a classic neutral look with a slight pop of blue. 

Here is one look you can do:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled in brows
  • Peach blush
  • Blue liquid winged eyeliner 
  • Neutral lipstick

The winged eyeliner is a trendy and modern way to add a pop of color to your makeup without overdoing it.

If you’re not into this trend, try a more classic look:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled in brows
  • Brown and bronze eyeshadow look
  • Light blue highlight in the inner corner of the eyes
  • Pink or neutral lip

By adding just a subtle pop of blue in the inner eye highlight, you can tie your look together without putting too many colors in the mix. 

Keeping your lips pink or neutral goes well with a blue dress because the colors don’t conflict with each other.

Purple Dress

Purple dresses look so luxurious and regal. From light lilac colors to deep plums – you can find a dress that suits you.

When it comes to creating a makeup look to go with a purple dress, we’d suggest one of two options: either a plum pop on the lips or a subtle purple eyeshadow.

Here’s the first option:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Simple black winged liner
  • Cool pink blush
  • Deep plum lipstick

Combining a deep lip color with a neutral eye and a winged eyeliner is a stunning and timeless look.

If you’d rather add some color to your eyelids, try this:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Smoky eyeshadow with silver tones on the inner half of the eyelid and deep plum tones on the outside
  • Black eyeliner over the top lashes
  • Cool pink blush
  • Nude lip

With a rich smoky eye look, you have to keep the lips neutral with nude tones in order to keep everything balanced. 

Yellow, Gold, Or Orange Dress

Yellows, gold, and orange dresses can make you stand out and shine brighter than the sun on your special day!

Many people are afraid to wear these colors because they don’t know how to match their makeup. Don’t worry, we got you.

Try this golden goddess look:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Peach blush
  • Light golden highlight on your cheekbones and bridge of the nose
  • Bronze and golden eyeshadow 
  • Warm colored lipstick

For this look, you can choose a light peachy lipstick or a deep coral color. It depends on how bright you want your lips. Just keep the colors warm for the best results!

Another look that looks great with a yellow, gold, or orange dress is the classic red-lip:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Black winged liner
  • Red lips

Pink Dress

Pink dresses are very popular for quinceañeras. Pink underlines your femininity, purity, and beauty. 

Putting together a makeup look for a pink dress is easy. There are so many options! 

Try this subtle pink look:

  • Filled-in brows
  • Pink blush
  • Pink highlight on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose
  • Grey and silver eyeshadow
  • Pink lipstick

You can also do this same look with brown eyeshadow as it goes with pink just as well.

If you prefer the classic look, try this:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Black winged eyeliner
  • Pink blush
  • Deep pink lipstick

Try to match your lipstick to the color of your dress the best you can. If your dress is a warm pink, stick to warm tones in your makeup and vice versa.

White Dress

White dresses aren’t just for weddings! Everyone looks stunning in white, so why not wear a white quinceañera dress?

White is also a symbol of purity and cleanliness. You makeup should look natural and clean when paired with a white dress.

Look for ideas in bridal magazines since all those looks are created for white dresses. 

One modern look that looks great with a white dress is the “clean girl look:”

  • Clear, glowy skin
  • Brushed and gelled-up eyebrows
  • Highlighter under the brows, on the cheekbones, and bridge of the nose
  • Shiny lip gloss with a subtle pink hue
  • Add a winged liner if you want a pop of glam

Another popular look that looks amazing with a white dress is the classic wedding look:

  • Well-contoured base
  • Filled-in brows
  • Glam smokey eyeshadow with bright pearlescent shadow in the inner corner of the eye and darker grey shadow on the outer corner
  • Black liner over the lash line
  • Natural blush
  • Nude or pink lip

Quinceañera Hair Ideas

The right hairstyle can make or break your big day. Most young women want their hair to look thick, healthy, shiny, and flowy on their big day. 

But your hair should also match the occasion. So, think about your event – is it a traditional formal quinceañera? Or a more modern, relaxed event? This can help you figure out how formal you want to go with your hair.

Here are some of the best hairstyles for your quinceañera:

  • Glamorous Half-Updo: This is a classic look that can work for formal and relaxed celebrations. Start with long hair and curl it into large 1-2 inch curls. Then put half of the hair up. Top it off with a tiara or a beautiful hair clip. It can be dressed up or down, and looks both grown up and feminine at once.
  • Braided Half-Updo: This hairstyle is similar to the one above, but added to the mix are braids that are pulled up and twisted together for a more bohemian look. 
  • Chignon: A chignon is a classic and timeless hairstyle that looks elegant for every special occasion. It can be dressed up or down, with braids and without. We recommend starting with curled hair for extra volume.
  • French Braid: A very feminine and unique look for a quinceañera, the french braid can add something special to your look. Make it a little messy by pulling some face-framing pieces out for a really laid-back but feminine look.
  • Old Hollywood Waves: This hairstyle is an absolute stunner that will make heads turn. Start with a deep side part and style your hair in loose Hollywood waves. Then flip one side of the hair to the back behind your shoulder, while the other side drapes your cheekbones. 
  • High Bun: High buns come in different shapes and sizes, but for a quinceañera, it’s best to stick to voluminous buns with a few elaborate twists or braids. Leave a few face-framing pieces out for a flirtier look.

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