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Can You Wear Mascara With A Lash Lift?

by Gabbi

Do you struggle with keeping your eyelashes lifted and curled? Thankfully, a lash lift service can completely transform your lashes without needing extensions. Instead, they’ll have a semi-permanent curl that helps achieve a no-makeup-makeup look.

However, what if you still want to amp up your lash lift results? Applying makeup immediately after a lash lift can be tempting, but it’s not recommended. However, you can still wear makeup after a waiting period; you may just need to alter how you apply it and remove it.

So can you wear mascara with a lash lift? Yes, you can wear mascara with a lash lift, but you must wait at least 24 hours after your service. Lash lifts have strict aftercare routines, and you’ll want to treat them with care if you want your results to last. 

Also, you’ll need to find a mascara with a gentle formula that is easy to remove. The right mascara formula will ensure that your lash lift curl won’t get ruined or altered. You’ll also want to avoid rubbing or adding unnecessary friction to your lashes. Read on for more tips!

What Happens During A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent service that chemically curls and lifts your lashes. There are no extensions in this service. Instead, the service will only enhance the eyelashes you already have. 

First, a solution is applied during a lash lift that will break down your lash hair’s structure and disulfide bonds. Then, the lashes will be shaped into a new curl and get a lift. Finally, a second solution is applied to seal your new lash shape.

Lash Lift Aftercare

A lash lift can last up to 6-8 weeks with the proper care. However, if you’re looking to maintain your results for as long as possible, you must follow the aftercare guidelines. This includes not showering, crying, and even doing any physical activity.

Your lash tech may advise you not to wear makeup for at least two days following your service. However, each service will vary by person, and it will be wise to follow the guidance offered by your lash technician.

Avoid Water & Moisture

You’ll want to avoid any water and moisture within the first 24-48 hours after a lash lift. This can even include washing your face, removing mascara, swimming, saunas, and more. Your lash results will need time to set, and water can weaken your curl.

If you don’t follow these guidelines for the first two days, you risk the chance of your lift falling. Also, your makeup, including mascara, won’t be able to look its best if the curl is already altered.

Avoid Applying Makeup 

While you can wear makeup after a lash lift, you must avoid it for at least one to two days after your service. Again, this is because your lift needs time for the new shape to set fully, similar to a perm. So, the best thing is to let your lashes rest post-lift.

Also, applying mascara or eye makeup right after your appointment will affect your results, and it will be challenging to maintain. 

Lash Lift And Tint 

Did you know you can combine a lash lift with a lash tint? This is another excellent option for mascara lovers who want to avoid wearing eye makeup. Most people that want to wear mascara do so because they want their lashes to be darker.

So, a lash tint will be able to add pigment to your lashes without the use of mascara. However, you can still wear mascara even if you combine your lash lift with a tint. Lastly, it will be based on your preference if you want to try a tint.

You can also consult with your lash tech. 

Do You Need Mascara After A Lash Lift? 

Mascara isn’t required if you’re getting a lash lift. However, you can still enhance your lashes in other ways with mascara. 

Also, it’s crucial to choose the right type of mascara to ensure that the formula isn’t too harsh or brutal to remove from your lashes.

Whether you want to wear mascara after a lash lift or not will be up to your preference. You may find that you won’t need mascara after a lash lift but wait to amp up your results later on. 

How Long After A Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara?

Your lash technician will provide specific guidelines to follow once your appointment is complete. This will include instructions on what to avoid immediately after a lash lift and how to maintain them until your next service. 

This will also include when you can wear makeup. So, it’s best to avoid wearing makeup altogether for at least one to two days after your lash lift. Then, you’ll be able to add mascara and other products once this time has passed.

What Happens If I Wear Mascara After A Lash Lift?

You might be wondering, what will happen if I apply mascara right after my appointment? Unfortunately, applying mascara this early on after the service can put them at risk of getting ruined or falling.

The lash lift needs time for the curl to set in place, just like a perm for your hair. Any eye makeup, water, or pressure can hinder your results. 

What Mascaras Should I Avoid?

If you plan on wearing mascara after the 24-48 hour period, it’s crucial to choose the right one. For example, mascara can vary in the formula, staying power, and ingredients. So, you’ll want to select a formula that will be gentle on your lashes.

You should avoid waterproof mascara at all costs. Waterproof mascaras contain harsh ingredients and are challenging to remove. Also, the only way to properly remove waterproof mascara is with an oil-based makeup remover.

Anything oil-based can alter the results of your lash lift, so it’s best to stay clear if you want to maintain your curl.

Can I Use An Eyelash Curler With A Lash Lift? 

Eyelash curlers and mascaras go hand-in-hand, but do you need one for lash lifts? With a lash lift, your eyelashes are already semi-permanently curled. So, there won’t be a need to use an eyelash curl since the lashes are lifted. 

Eyelash curlers may do more harm than good for your lash lift. Lash lifts are sensitive because they’re chemically altered, making them more prone to pulling. Also, you should avoid applying pressure, friction, or rubbing on your lashes.

So, an eyelash curler can pull too much on your lash lift, and it may not be able to provide better results. 

Best Mascara After A Lash Lift

One of the best mascaras you can use if you have a lash lift is one with a water-based formula. Water-based formulas may not be as long-lasting, but they aren’t too harsh. Using a water-based mascara is crucial because the removal process will be more straightforward. 

Instead of using a mascara that needs to be removed with an oil-based product, the water-based formula will quickly disappear without ruining your lash lift. Also, an easier removal process will prevent you from rubbing your lashes too hard. 

How Can Mascara Enhance A Lash Lift?

A lash lift will provide a lift and curl to your real eyelashes. However, the results can look very natural. So, mascara can continue to enhance your lash lift to offer extra dimension and personality. 

For example, adding mascara to a lash lift may be able to give your lashes extra volume and length. You can also switch up the color of our lashes with different mascaras. 


A lash lift can undoubtedly give your natural lashes extra volume. However, a lash lift only works with your real lashes, and extensions aren’t included. So, if you still feel your lashes need some help, a volumizing water-based mascara can help!

You can customize your lash lift to fit your desired look simply by applying mascara. Also, a volumizing water-based mascara can help create the illusion your lash line is denser or fuller. 


Keeping expectations limited when going in for a lash lift is crucial. So, if your real eyelashes are naturally short, a lash lift can help add a lifted effect. The curl and lift from this service will create the illusion of longer and lengthier eyelashes.

However, a lash lift won’t add extra fibers to your natural lashes. Instead, you can opt for a lengthening water-based mascara if you want to achieve longer lashes.


Most people traditionally opt for black mascara. Black mascara can add depth, dimension, and definition to any lash line. However, mascaras are available in various colors like brown, purple, blue, and green.

Mascara will allow you to add a tint of color to your lash lift. However, it’s crucial to double-check your mascara is a water-based formula so it can be removed from the lash lift gently. 

How To Remove And Wash Off Mascara With A Lash Lift 

We’ve mentioned a few times that it’s essential to handle your lash lift with care. So, if you plan on wearing mascara, you’ll need to know how to remove it properly. Most makeup removers are oil-based, which can alter your lash lift.

So, you’ll want to search for another way to remove makeup. Your routine should be gentle and try to invest in water-based formulas. Once the mascara is removed from the lashes, you can brush them into place to dry.

Water-Based Makeup Remover

First, you’ll want to invest in a water-based makeup remover. Water-based makeup remover will pair well with water-based mascaras, making the removal process slightly more manageable. These makeup removers won’t hinder your lash lift.

One example of an excellent water-based makeup remover is micellar water. However, some micellar waters contain oil, so it’s always best to double-check the ingredients list.

Micellar water is usually gentle in the formula. You can consult with your lash tech about which makeup removers are safe for lash lifts.

Avoid Rubbing

Next, you’ll want to avoid rubbing your lashes at all costs, especially while removing mascara. Rubbing won’t be the most effective makeup-removing technique for your lash lift. Also, adding friction to your lashes can potentially mess up lash lift results.

Instead, you’ll want to use gentle patting motions to remove makeup around the eyes. This will also stop you from tugging the surrounding skin and causing premature wrinkles. 

Soak & Pat 

The best way to remove mascara is with regular or reusable cotton rounds. You’ll want to soak your cotton round with your water-based makeup remover. Then you can gently place the pads on the eyes and pat the lashes until the mascara is gone.

You can even hold the pads on the eyes for a few seconds so the mascara can be soaked up. Then, finally, you’ll be able to reveal clean eyelashes. 

Also, you can brush the lashes back into place with a clean, disposable makeup wand to keep your shape.

How To Prolong A Lash Lift

What are some other ways you can prolong your lash lift? As mentioned previously, your lash technician will provide guidelines to follow to ensure you keep your curl. Also, it’s essential to remember lash lifts may last up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Some helpful tips include avoiding eye makeup for at least a few days after the service and cleaning and brushing the lashes. 

Avoid Eye Makeup 

Eye makeup shouldn’t be worn for at least two days after your lash lift appointment. This will be extremely helpful down the road when you want to use mascara to enhance your lash lift further. You’ll also notice you’ll have better curl retention.

If you plan on wearing mascara, opt for a water-based mascara and makeup remover. 

Clean Your Lashes

It’s essential to clean your lashes, especially if you wear mascara. Your lashes can easily pick up dirt, dust, and debris. Leftover mascara can also potentially irritate. So, it’s necessary to clean your lash lift to maintain results.

Your lash tech may also recommend a lash cleanser that’s safe to use on your lash lift. Also, you won’t want your lashes to be dulled down by daily debris. 

Brush Your Lash Lift 

Finally, if your lashes are ever wet, you’ll want to brush them. Your lashes may be damp from cleansing or an accident. Regardless, it will be handy to keep a disposable makeup wand on hand to eliminate tangles and clumps.

Brushing your lash lift will help it return to its curled shape and dry beautifully.


You can wear mascara with a lash lift under a few conditions. First, you can apply mascara after 24-48 hours from your lash lift service. This will ensure your lashes have plenty of time to set and won’t be altered by mascara. 

Next, if you plan to wear mascara, it must be a water-based formula. Waterproof formulas are too harsh and require an oil-based makeup remover to eliminate. Also, oil-based products will weaken your lash lift and reduce its longevity.

So, investing in a water-based makeup remover will ensure your lash lift stays intact. 

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