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The Best Ways To Fix Far Apart Eyebrows

by Gabbi

Should eyebrows be sisters or twins? Regardless, perfecting your eyebrows can take time and a whole lot of trial and error. Everyone will have a different brow journey, and there are multiple shapes to try that can potentially flatter your facial features.

Eyebrows can be thin, thick, sparse, uneven, too close, or too far apart. It can be frustrating to solve any of these brow characteristics, especially if you have little knowledge of eyebrows. The right shape of brows will perfectly frame your face.

Eyebrows that are too far apart can pose a challenge because there is often a large gap between the two brows. You can reach for a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas, but it can also be overwhelming to draw a flattering shape for far apart eyebrows every single morning.

So, how can you fix far apart eyebrows? Various methods are available to fix eyebrows that are too far apart, including drawing them closer with brow products, limiting the use of exfoliants, using a brow serum in your routine, or more permanent solutions like microblading.

No matter what brow journey you choose, it’s essential to remain patient. It can take months to master the ideal technique of filling in eyebrows or for your serum to start showing results. So what else can you do to remedy eyebrows that are too far apart? 

Characteristics Of Far Apart Brows 

How can you tell if your brows are too far apart? One of the many signs is that the gap between your two eyebrows may seem more significant than average brows. This can create the illusion of a spacious forehead area or more sparse eyebrows.

Other signs can include a shorter length than most eyebrow types. 

Short Length

It’s pretty common for far apart brows to appear shorter in length. This is because most far apart brows tend to be missing the front part of the eyebrow. However, your genetics play a heavy role in deciding the placement of your brows.

Thankfully, multiple options exist that can fill the gap, and you can always seek help from an eyebrow artist.

Sparser Brows 

Some brows that are too far apart can look sparse since the gap between them is slightly larger. However, your eyebrows can still be bushy if you have far apart brows, but average brows may look marginally thinner.

The beauty of brows is that there are hundreds of shapes and sizes. So these are some generalized characteristics of far brows.

Why Are Eyebrows Too Far Apart?

What causes eyebrows to be further apart? Once you identify the leading cause of your far apart brows, it may be easier to try and fix them. For example, if you’re overplucking your brows, growing them out can help bring them closer.

Overplucking, genetics, and overall health can all determine why your brows may have a noticeable gap between them.


The 90s brows are slowly coming back, which can be intimidating for most people. However, this may be a great time to avoid tweezers. Pulling out one wrong hair can throw off your entire eyebrow shape.

Also, plucking too many brow hairs, especially in the front, can create a bigger gap between the two brows. 


Another reason why your eyebrows are too far apart is simply due to genetics. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to alter your genetics and receive a new brow pattern. Genetics significantly impact the shape, size, and growth rate of brows.

Health Concerns 

Sparse brows that are too far apart can also indicate an underlying health concern. This can occur in extreme cases or if you tend to struggle with thyroid issues. A simple check-up can help prevent any more eyebrow loss in the future.

How To Determine The Ideal Brow Shape 

How can you easily reshape your brows if they are too far apart? You can use various methods to see what shape suits you best. Also, this can be a great time to experiment with a brow pencil and try new shapes or sizes of eyebrows. 

Simple ways you can determine the best brow shaping includes following your natural brow pattern, measuring with a brush, and taking face or eye shapes into consideration. 

Measure With A Brush 

Measuring the brows with a brush can determine where they should start, where the arch should be, and exactly where they should end. All these points should be measured from the same base by the nose. 

Take a makeup brush and hold it vertically and parallel to your nose. Wherever it points up is where the brows should start. Then, hold it diagonally to determine the arch and lower the brush once more to find the end.

Follow Your Natural Pattern

Another easy way to fix far apart brows is by filling them in with a brow product. You can follow the natural growth pattern of your brows and slightly extend the shape wherever the gap is present. Again, work in small sections to avoid overdrawn brows.

Consider Face And Eye Shapes

Finally, it’s crucial to consider your eye and face structure while reshaping the brows. Your brows are a frame for the eyes and face and should accentuate them in a flattering way. 

Here’s a handy tutorial from ellebangs on YouTube!

How Far Apart Should Eyebrows Be?

General Facial Proportions Guideline

You may be wondering, how far apart should my eyebrows be? There isn’t an exact measurement that all eyebrows need to have because everyone has various facial structures.

One specific measurement won’t look flattering on all facial features. So, getting to know your brows and facial features is crucial to see what looks best.

However, if you need a baseline to go off of, eyebrows should generally start at or a bit before a straight vertical line from the outside of your nostrils (pictured right).

Should Eyebrows Be Even?

Likewise, do your eyebrows need to be even? There is an aspiration for eyebrows to look identical, but it may not always be realistic. Also, not every human will have a perfectly symmetrical face, which can also affect the shape of your brows.

Whether or not eyebrows should be sisters or twins will be up to your personal preference. 

How To Fix Far Apart Eyebrows 

Thankfully, there are multiple methods you can execute to fix far apart eyebrows. So whether you want to use makeup products, growth serums, or more permanent options, you can quickly remedy or lessen the look of far apart eyebrows.


If you’re wary of finding a fix for your far apart eyebrows that needs to be redone and touched up every day, you may be interested in a more permanent and convenient option: microblading.

Microblading is a slightly less permanent form of aesthetic tattooing or permanent makeup where the artist creates natural hair-like strokes to thicken, reshape, or darken your existing brows according to your preference. The result is very natural looking and lasts up to 3 years.

Consult with a professional to find out whether microblading is right for your skin type, budget, and daily routine. They will also be able to help you achieve the most flattering shape for your brow bone.

Draw Them Closer 

An accessible way to fix far apart brows is by drawing them closer. However, this method can also take time because you may need a lot of practice to perfect your ideal brow shape. Drawing them requires effort, precision, and patience.

Invest In A Brow Serum 

Investing in a brow serum may help bring your brows back to life. Eyebrow serums are designed to promote growth so you can achieve fuller, even, and thicker eyebrows. However, it can take time to see any results from serums.

You may need to apply brow serum consistently for a few months to notice a difference. 

Carve With Concealer 

Another method to fix far apart brows is by using concealer. A concealer can help create the illusion of closer brows by highlighting other points of the eyebrows. Also, concealer will help define and perfect your brow shape after drawing them. 

You can carve the brows with a small, synthetic eyeliner brush to achieve precise lines. This technique can also even out asymmetrical brows. 

Research Semi-Permanent Brow Services 

Are you tired of trying to fix far apart eyebrows with makeup? Drawing eyebrows daily can be time-consuming, so you may want to look at more permanent options. For example, microblading and permanent makeup can fix far apart brows.

These semi-permanent brow services will have your eyebrows reshaped by a professional, and you can wake up with flawless brows daily.

Avoid Tweezers And Waxing 

One of the biggest favors you can do for your brows is avoiding tweezing and waxing. Over-plucking or waxing can go wrong quickly, even without you knowing. Also, taking a break from these grooming products can help eyebrows grow back.

Once the brows are bushier or have grown back, you can carefully reshape them, so they don’t look too far apart.

Limit Exfoliants Around The Brows 

Chemical exfoliants and retinoids can do wonders for the skin, but they may hinder your brow journey. 

In addition, these harsh products can cause excess irritation around the brows because the skin on the eye area is noticeably thinner than the rest of the face.

Avoid applying these products near the brows so you can continue your brow journey! 

Consult A Professional 

Finally, you can always seek help from a professional whenever you feel in doubt. Makeup artists, brow artists, and dermatologists are great professionals to look to for help if you’re trying to fix brows that are too far apart. 

Professional guidance can help ensure you have a routine or service catered to your needs and eliminates all the guesswork. 


Eyebrows that are too far apart may not look flattering, but there are various methods that you can help minimize their appearance. It can often be caused by genetics, health concerns, or even overplucking. 

Consulting with a professional will ensure you’re on the correct eyebrow journey! 

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