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How To Darken Eyelashes Without Mascara

by Gabbi

Defining eyelashes can be a chore, and multiple products or services exist to transform your lash line. Semi-permanent services like lash lifts, tinting, and extensions provide lasting results, but they are more high maintenance.

Most individuals want to achieve a dark and saturated lash line. Darker lashes can appear fuller and thicker, so most mascara hues opt for an opaque black shade. However, it may not be the best way to darken lashes for everyone.

Mascara is temporary and washes off at the end of each day. In addition, mascara can easily clump and create an unflattering lash effect. This cosmetic product is also prone to transferring and smudging, which can create a raccoon-eye effect.

So, how can you darken eyelashes without mascara? The best way to darken lashes without mascara is by opting for a semi-permanent lash solution. Lash tinting can color your eyelashes and reveal an opaque pigment for a darkened result.

Lash tinting can be done professionally or carefully at home. It also provides a more natural result because you won’t be layering a product like mascara daily. Lash tinting is longer-lasting and doesn’t require mascara to achieve more vivid eyelashes.

What Is Lash Tinting?

Lash tinting is a well-known semi-permanent lash service that darkens your eyelashes as a great alternative to mascara. Think of lash tinting like dyeing your hair, except you’re applying dye to your lashes. Lash tinting is great for those who want to define their eyelashes.

Lash tinting can offer an opaque finish that still looks natural. It can last longer than mascara and won’t transfer or clump. However, results can vary from person to person.

Pros Of Lash Tinting 

Lash tinting is much more convenient for darkening the lashes than applying multiple mascara coats. It’s not as expensive as other lash services like lifts or extensions. It can be done every couple of weeks to maintain its hue.

However, lash tinting can provide multiple benefits like intense pigmentation, a natural finish, and a semi-permanent result. It can also minimize the need for mascara.


Lash tinting can provide intense pigmentation and saturation to the lashes. This option is terrific for light-colored or sparse lashes that lack definition. It has a long-lasting result that won’t transfer or smudge as easily as mascara.

It’s a great option to darken your lashes while also cutting down your morning routine. Instead, you can opt for a black shade that will intensify all of your lash fibers.

Natural Finish

While mascara can quickly and effectively darken lashes, it may not always look flattering. We’ve mentioned how mascara can clump together, create a spidery effect, and smudge or run down your face. These results won’t have a flattering or natural effect.

However, lash tinting dyes your eyelashes and creates a stain-like effect, so you won’t have to worry about product build-up. Instead, it’s light and fluttery.


Lastly, lash tinting offers a semi-permanent solution. It won’t provide a lifetime effect like tattooing, but you can expect it to last a couple weeks. This can make lash tinting more convenient than mascara, which must be applied and removed daily.

However, lash tinting may not be as long-lasting as other services like lifts or extensions

Cons Of Lash Tinting

Lash tinting can have its risks, especially if you do it yourself at home. You will need to update your lifestyle or get-ready routines to upkeep a lash tint. For example, you’ll need to avoid oil-based products that can remove your lash tint.

In addition, your results can vary with lash tinting, and not everyone will have the same result. There’s a possibility that an allergic reaction can also take place.

Results Vary

How well your lash tinting looks depends heavily on what product you use and if it’s professionally done. You can expect a better result from getting your lash tinting done by a lash artist. However, the end result can vary by the standing of your lashes.

If you have healthy lashes, you can expect healthy results. Likewise, if you have short lashes, the tinting won’t lift or add volume; it will only darken.

Potential Allergic Reaction

Lash tinting dyes are similar to regular hair dyes. However, they are packed with harsh sensitizing ingredients and chemicals. Also, you may need to use a developer along with your lash tinting dye so the color can thoroughly saturate the lashes.

These harsh components can potentially trigger an allergic reaction. However, you can avoid any adverse reactions by conducting a patch test first. 

No Curling Effect 

The only thing you can expect from a lash tint is darker eyelashes. However, lash tinting can be paired with other semi-permanent lash services to achieve volume and length. Lash tinting on its own won’t be able to provide a curling effect. 

You may be able to curl your lashes daily with a regular eyelash curl if you’re looking for a lifting effect without spending extra money on a lash lift.

Can Lash Tinting Replace Mascara?

Yes, lash tinting can replace mascara if you only want to achieve darker lashes. It will provide intense saturation and pigment to achieve more defined eyelashes. However, it can’t replace mascara if you want volume, length, or lift.

Mascara can build up the volume and lift of lashes, but it can also look clumpy or smudge. In addition, lash tinting can provide a light and natural finish. 

How Can You Tint Your Eyelashes? 

How can you effectively tint your lashes? The two most popular options are investing in an at-home lash tinting kit or visiting a professional. Also, it will be wise to conduct extensive research on lash tinting to know what to expect during the service. 

Professionally At A Salon

Visiting a lash tech for a lash tint will ensure you have great results. They will most likely use unobtainable products unless you’re licensed to provide lash services. Also, you can easily pair a lash tint with other services like a lash lift.

A lash tech can guide you through every step of a lash tint and inform you of the correct preparation and aftercare routines.


You can also conduct a lash tint at home, but this option may be riskier. Again, it’s essential to conduct enough research to ensure you’ll have a safe and efficient lash tinting session.

You can purchase an at-home kit that provides all the necessary tools required to perform a lash tint. Some kits can even double as a brow tinting tool. Always follow the instructions and conduct a patch test for the best results. 

How Long Does Lash Tinting Last?

How long will a lash tint last? It highly depends on what products are used and if you’ve gotten them professionally done. A professional lash tint can last for about a month. 

However, at-home tinting may have a shorter life of 1-3 weeks. It can also vary by which dye you use and its formula. 

Best Lash Tinting Dyes

Finding a high-quality lash tint kit can be challenging, especially if you’re planning to dye your lashes at home. You’ll want to look for a high-performing dye or complete kit to ensure you have all the tools required to perform a safe lash tinting service.

Follow your brand’s direction to achieve the most flawless results.

1. Estel Only Look Professional Eyebrow Eyelash Dye Black

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The Estel Only Look Professional Eyebrow Eyelash Dye in Black will help achieve a flawless lash tinting session at home.

In addition, it can help promote an even and dark finish for a defined look. It’s a non-drip and long-lasting formula that quickly saturates the lashes.

Make sure to follow the directions for safety and to get the best outcome. 

2. Lomansa Eyelash Color Kit in Black 

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Lomansa provides all the tools required for a successful at-home lash tint.

You’ll receive a pigmented black dye that’s easy to apply and safe for the eyes. The kit includes a developer, measuring tools, and extra lash spoolies.

Within minutes you can achieve an opaque and flawless result. It’s easy to use and has a professional formula. 

3. Parallel Products Luxe Lash Brow Tint Dark Brown

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Who said lash tints always need to provide a black hue? Parallel products provide a brow and lash tint in a dark brown shade that offers a natural finish.

This opaque dye is simple to apply, and the color can last 3-5 weeks. It’s also creamy and lightweight.

You can pair this dye with the Parallel developer to ensure the best results. As always, follow the directions to ensure your safety! 

Consult A Lash Tech 

You can consult a lash tech if you’re ever in doubt about darkening your lashes with a lash tint. They can provide a professional service or guide you along the way to have a successful tint at home. 

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