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How To Wear Black Lip Liner With Red Lipstick

by Gabbi

What lip color first comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? Red lipstick is a classic holiday shade, but it can be worn year-round to make a statement. However, how can you amp up the drama on this staple lipstick shade? 

As fall and winter are approaching, many individuals are experimenting with deeper or richer makeup hues, including berry, brown, and black. An unlikely pairing is using a black lip liner and red lipstick to create a multidimensional pout. 

Many will perceive black as a jarring shade and unwearable on the lips, but it can be flattering when paired with the correct lipstick undertones. Also, celebrities like Rihanna break down makeup stereotypes and wear black lip liners. 

So how can you wear a black lip liner with red lipstick? First, you’ll want to find a red lipstick that best suits your complexion. It’s also helpful to choose a long-wear formula. Then, you can experiment with the intensity of using a black lip liner. 

You can use black lip liner to deepen the tone of your lipstick or create a ghouly glam lip that makes your lip liner the main focal point. Thankfully, there are various ways you can incorporate black lip liner and red lipstick into your makeup routine.

Choose The Right Red 

Before you dive into experimenting with black lip liner and red lipstick pairings, you’ll want to choose the right shade of lipstick. You may believe that any old red lipstick will do, but choosing a flattering shade will create a cohesive finish on the lips.

Choosing the right red lipstick is similar to investing in a high-quality white t-shirt because it will instantly become a versatile staple in your regimen. You’ll want to find a flattering undertone, formula, and intensity.


Red lipstick can have various undertones. For example, a warm tone red can often look orange-hued, fiery, or bright, and a cool tone red can have a burgundy/purple hue and look deeper and richer. What shade of red you choose will heavily impact how it looks with a black lip liner. 

Also, you’ll want to choose an undertone that complements your skin tone so your lipstick can be in harmony with your complexion.


A classic bullet lipstick will offer the best outcome because it’s not as sheer as a gloss and not as drying as a liquid lipstick. In addition, bullet lipsticks are creamy, malleable, and long-wearing, making them easily customizable with a black lip liner

Also, choose your desired lipstick finish. Lipsticks can have a matte, satin, creamy, and dewy finish, affecting how it looks with black lip liner.


Color payoff and versatility are crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect red lipstick. How intense your lipstick is will determine how well it will show up on the lip when paired with darker shades like black.

Also, choosing a versatile formula will ensure you can use your red lipstick for any occasion and not strictly for pairing it with black lip liner. 

Consider Your Skin Tone 

Finally, you’ll want to choose a red lipstick that flatters your complexion. A warmer red may suit a warmer skin tone, just like cooler red suits cool skin tones. In addition, red lipstick should make you feel confident and comfortable regardless of the shade.

However, matching red lipstick to your skin tone can create a more cohesive lip look, especially when paired with something as show-stopping as a black lip liner.

How To Pick A Black Lip Liner

You may be wondering, do makeup brands even formulate black lip liners? The answer is yes, you can find a black lip liner, and you don’t have to settle for crusty eye kohls. So, how can you pick the best black lip liner for your pout? 

It’s crucial to pick a creamy lip liner that glides effortlessly onto the lips and has a long-lasting finish.


The texture of a lip liner is essential, especially when choosing an impactful shade like black. 

You’ll want the lip liner to feel comfortable on the lips without drying them out. Also, a high-quality lip liner formula shouldn’t bleed or smudge throughout the day. 

A comfortable black lip liner will ensure you can wear this bold hue without the worry of constantly needing to touch it up. Also, a creamy liner can create a sharp and precise lip line and a base for your lipstick.


Finally, you’ll want to ensure your black lip liner is long-wearing. One of the many purposes of a lip liner is to create a lip color that lasts. We mentioned how lip liner is a base, which should add an extra layer of pigment to your lipstick. 

This can reduce the need for touch-ups or help keep your pout intensified.  

How To Wear Red Lipstick With Black Lip Liner

Now that you have your red lipstick and black lip liner, how can you apply them together? These shades can be intimidating to use at first because they both require precision and practice. 

However, you can easily mix and match these two products. The great thing about makeup is that you can mess up endless times, wipe it off, and start over with a clean slate. Just enjoy the process of experimenting with your look!

Create An Ombre Lip

One of the easiest ways to use red lipstick and black lip liner is by creating an ombre lip. First, take your sharpened black lip liner and line the lips like you usually would. Then, slightly fill in the lips underneath the line, including the outer corners. 

You should be left with the center of your lips bare. Next, you can fill the center with red lipstick and blend it into the black lip liner. This creates an easy black-to-red ombre lip.

Here’s a great tutorial from Kittysnack on YouTube.

Use Black Lip Liner As A Base 

A beginner-friendly technique for using a black lip liner is using it as a base. All you need to do is line your lips and fill them in completely. This should leave you with an intense black pout. This black lip liner will act as a base for your lipstick. 

Once the lining and filling are done, swipe your red lipstick on top to complete your lip look.

Mix Your Red Lipstick With Black Lip Liner 

Not sure how to combine black lip liner and red lipstick? You can dispense a small amount of each product on the back of your hand or a mixing palette. Then, you can take a lip brush and swirl the two together for your customized lip color. 

You can add as little or as much red and black to your mixture until you achieve your desired shade.

Apply Black Lip Liner For Depth 

You usually apply lip liner before lipstick when following traditional makeup rules, but what’s so traditional about black lip liner? You can use your red lipstick first all over the lips. Then, you can apply the lip liner on top for depth and dimension. 

This will dilute how intense the black pencil is and won’t look as jarring as lining bare skin. However, black can act as a natural liner or contour shade for a darker complexion for your pout.

Pair Your Pout With The Right Eye Look 

Try creating a balance with your black and red lip combo for those who are new to bold makeup looks. For example, if you find this lip combo bold, you can keep the skin and eyes minimal to draw all the attention to your lips.

You can pair this lip combo with a smokey eye for those who love dramatic looks.

Save This Combo For A Special Event 

Lastly, you can save this lip combo for a special event. For example, a black lip liner and red lipstick pairing can be excellent for a Halloween or winter-themed party. In addition, it can be worn year-round if you want to make a statement on a night out.

Can You Use Black Eyeliner As Lip Liner? 

You can use black eyeliner as a lip liner if you want to see how this lip combo will look on you. Then, if you love red and black together, you can invest in a high-quality black lip liner. 

You may want to avoid using the same black pencil for eyeliner and lip liner because you can quickly transfer bacteria, and eyeliner isn’t formulated for the lips. Another option is purchasing a universe pencil safe for eyes and lips.


Black lip liner and red lipstick can be the ultimate statement lip color. You can customize and apply these products in numerous ways. Also, they can be worn alone or paired with a dramatic eye look or with minimal skin. 

So, are you willing to try out this statement lipstick combo? 

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