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Open Eye Vs Doll Eye Lash Extensions

by Gabbi
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We know that eyelash extensions are a transformative semi-permanent service, but the placement of your extensions plays a crucial role in your desired results. Eyelash extensions should be adapted to fit your eye shape for a flawless finish. 

While the arrangement of lash extensions may not seem like a big deal, tiny details can impact the overall look of your eyelashes. For example, someone with round eyes may benefit from a cat-eye placement to create an elongated effect.

There’s much more to a lash extension application than meets the eye. Each lash style will flatter a certain eye shape, so it’s crucial to find your best match. Also, you can choose from multiple styles that create various shapes to flatter every pair of eyes. Some common eyelash extension styles are open eye and doll eye lash extensions.

What’s the difference between open eye and doll eye lash extensions? These styles can look quite similar, but they’re arranged with different lashes. Open eye and doll eye lash extensions are both known for their wispy finish. Also, they can both accentuate the middle of the lash line. However, doll eyelashes use longer extensions and can look more dramatic.

Now, let’s discuss the characteristics that set these styles apart, and which eye types are the best suited for them!

Open Eye Lash Extensions

What exactly are open eyelash extensions? The “open eye” style of lash extensions is quite popular and can fit various eye shapes. One of its primary purposes is to accentuate the eyes and make them appear larger or more alert.

Open eye lash extensions are known for a more natural finish. Also, an open eye style can often apply the longest extension on the center of the lash line while that rest gradually gets shorter. It quickly adds volume and an awakened effect.

Doll Eye Lash Extensions

“Doll eye” lash extensions are full of length and drama. They are often confused with the open eye style because it uses a similar application technique. However, the doll eye can also focus the longest extensions on the middle or center of the lash line.

This style will also enhance your eyes and make them look larger and fuller. Also, the doll eye extension can appear more dramatic because the extensions can appear thicker and make the lashes look much more dramatic. 

Compare And Contrast

So what characteristics do these styles share, and what sets them apart? It can be pretty challenging to understand the differences because they tend to focus most of the drama on the middle of the lash line.

However, doll eyelashes have a few more stand-out features because they’re less natural than open eyelashes. It’s crucial to remember that other factors like the volume and curl of extensions can heavily impact the desired outcome.


We’ve mentioned that open eye and doll eye lash extensions have a similar pattern.

The longest extensions are usually applied to the center of the lash line for a fuller finish — this gives the eye a more rounded appearance.

Regardless of what style you choose, they’re all applied with the same professional-grade adhesive. They also require the same level of care to ensure they can last for as long as possible. 


So how can you tell the difference between open eye and doll eye lash extensions?

The open eye lash extension appears more natural and comfortable for everyday wear because it’s more subtle than doll lashes.

The doll eye lash extensions are generally longer than those used for open eye. This is because the lashes from the inner to outer corner are lengthier, but still focus most of the flare on the center of the lash line.

As mentioned earlier, various characteristics like the volume or curl used can impact how open eye or doll eye lashes look. 

Which Lash Style Is Best For You?

Which style of eyelash extensions will suit you the most? This is a topic that should be discussed with your lash technician — a lash tech will be able to analyze your facial features and consult with you on which styles will look the most flattering. 

However, you can follow some general guidelines to ensure you are happy with your new set of extensions. These guidelines can help you make a decision or provide a base to build your ideal lash extensions. 

Open Eye 

Open eye lash extensions are usually more common than doll eyes. They offer a natural, more subtle appearance that can awaken the eyes without creating a strong finish. It’s great for various eye shapes and can be altered to fit your needs.

Also, open eyelashes will focus the longest extensions on the center of the lash line. This is fantastic for creating the illusion that the eyes are larger or more accentuated.

Almond Eyes 

Almond eyes are the textbook definition of the ideal eye shape, so they can get away with pretty much any style of extensions. However, it matters what type of finish or effect you desire. Almond eyes look beautiful with open eye lash extensions.

Open eye lash extensions will create the illusion that almond eyes are bigger than they seem and can help bring flare or drama to the lash line. It can do this without overpowering the eyes. 

Hooded Eyes 

Hooded eyes can often feel underwhelmed by the choices that suit their shape. However, a set of lash extensions with the open eye style can be pretty flattering. It’s time to embrace your eye shape and accentuate its best features finally.

The open eye style helps bring fullness and depth to hooded eyes. Also, open eyes focus the longest extensions on the center lash line so it can easily create a structure that may be lacking with a hooded eye shape.

Doll Eye

Now it’s time for doll eye lash extensions. This style is a more dramatic and eccentric version of the open eye style. Doll lashes usually include a longer set of extensions and mimic the look of a classic lash that is reminiscent of your childhood dolls.

However, it also focuses the longest extensions on the middle of the lash line. This is an excellent style if you want a set of eyelash extensions that make a statement — they’re not for the faint of heart.

Monolid Eyes 

A monolid eye shape can significantly benefit from a doll eye style. It’s common that monolid eyes may also lack some definition similar to hooded eyes. However, a dramatic style like doll eye lash extensions can create more depth and curl to straight lashes.

Doll eye lash extensions are known for creating an open, large, and awakening effect that can also flatter a monolid. Also, you can mix the doll eye style with another that has more structure, like the cat-eye shape.

Deep-Set Eyes 

Deep-set eyes are also unique because the eyes tend to rest slightly further within the socket. So, it can be quite challenging to bring forth the eyes and their best features. One easy way to do so is with a set of doll eye lash extensions.

The drama of the doll eye lash extensions can help create the illusion that eyes aren’t as deep-set as they may seem. In addition, it can balance out this shape by shielding the crease with long and flared extensions, focusing the longest ones on the center.

Which Eye Shape Should Avoid Open Eye And Doll Eye Lash Extensions? 

Open eye and doll eye lash extensions may not be suited for every eye shape. For example, round eyes may want to stay clear of both styles. 

Doll/open eye lash extensions tend to create a rounded effect because the longest lash is in the middle of the lash line. Round eyes may need more structure or elongation. So a more flattering style for this eye shape may be a set of cat eye lash extensions, which would bring shape and definition to rounder eyes. 

Mix And Match Eyelash Styles 

We’ve mentioned that these are just general open eye and doll eye lash extensions guidelines. It’s crucial to note that eyelash extensions offer creativity, and you can mix or match various styles to get your desired outcome.

For example, you can mix the best of doll eyes and cat eyes, or open eyes with cat-eyes. In addition, eyelash extensions are easily customizable — you don’t always need to apply the textbook definition of each lash style. 

Always Consult With Your Lash Tech 

You should consult with your lash technician to find the best and most flattering style for your eye and face shape.

A lash tech will be trained to accentuate your best features and pick your ideal length, curl pattern, and desired application. Also, a lash tech can help you understand whether open eye or doll eye lash extensions can highlight your assets. They can also tweak these styles to give you the best of both worlds. 


Open eye and doll eye lash extensions share many similarities. They both focus the longest extensions on the middle of the lash line to create the illusion of bigger eyes. However, the doll eye look uses longer extensions and can look more dramatic.

Don’t forget — you can always mix and match eyelash extension styles to find your best match! So which style are you gravitating the most to, open or doll?

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