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What Are Partial Lash Extensions (And Why To Get Them)

by Gabbi

Lash extensions are a revolutionary service that allows almost anyone to transform their look without makeup. Now we can all wake up with an effortless and put-together look. However, lash extensions can also have an extreme effect.

When it comes to lash extensions, everyone’s nightmare is to be left with thick, caterpillar-looking fibers as our lashes. While that is the extreme case, most people find lash extensions too intense, but they love the length or volume. 

So, do you find yourself stuck in the middle? It can be intimidating to leave your lashes bare, but it can be a hassle wearing a full set of lash extensions. Thankfully, a service combines the best of both worlds, and that’s partial lash extensions.

What are partial lash extensions? As the name suggests, a partial lash extension service will only apply extensions to the eye’s outer half or outer third. This is done to create a natural cat eye effect that is full but not as intense as a full set.

Partial lash extensions are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the dramatic effect that full lash extensions give but instead want a natural, balanced finish. So, why else should you consider a partial lash over a full lash set? Let’s find out!

Partial Lash Extensions

Partial lash extensions offer a customizable and natural look to your eyes without overwhelming your lash line with extensions. In addition, partial lash extensions can be applied anywhere from the outer half or outer third of the eye.

You can create a lifted, full, almond eye shape with partial lash extensions that won’t drag down your eyes or add unnecessary weight. In addition, the partial lash will ensure you won’t be brushing your eyebrow hair with your eyelashes. 

Why You Should Consider Getting Partial Lash Extensions 

So, what are some other benefits that a partial lash extension service has to offer? Besides its natural look, partial lash extensions allow you to spend less time in the salon, you receive a customizable service, and it’s more affordable than a full set. 

  • Natural Finish – As mentioned earlier, the partial lash extension is a more natural service. The partial lash extensions will give you the most seamless and flawless results. Everyone will be asking you if they’re your real lashes. They are lightweight, flirty, and manageable. Who doesn’t want to wake up with perfect eyelashes every day? 
  • Less Time In The Salon – A partial lash extension service will only take half the time as a full set. A regular lash extension service can average about 2 hours. That’s a lot of time laying down with your eyes closed. Meanwhile, partial lash extensions will have you out the door in a flash because you won’t need to apply that many extensions.
  • Gateway Into Lash Extensions – A partial lash is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to start getting lash extensions. In addition, partial lashes allow you to build up the intensity over time to fit your comfort level until you find a match that suits you the best. Depending on your mood or desired outcome, you can even add more or fewer extensions with each service.
  • Affordable – Just like you’ll spend less time in the salon, you will also spend less money. Partial lash extensions are much more affordable than a regular lash extension service. Partial lashes involve less product, less time, and in turn, less money. So, the lower price point makes partial lash extensions easier to upkeep and maintain for longer. 
  • Offers The Same Benefits – Partial lash extensions have the same results and staying power as a full set. The only difference is partials are strategically placed on the outer part of your eye, but a full set encompasses the entire lash line. So, you will receive the same results and benefits as a full set. In addition, the aftercare guidelines for partial lashes are also the same as a full set of lash extensions. 
  • Customizable – Lastly, partial lash extensions give you so much more room to work with. You can customize exactly where you want length, volume, and fullness to fit your eye. In addition, you can play around with different curl patterns and shapes. For example, you can opt to create a cat-eye effect or create a more uniform and wispy shape. Overall, partial lashes expand your creative freedom to alter your lashes to your desired outcome. Eyelashes are a wonderful way to express your personality and mood! 

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