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Can You Get Lash Extensions While Pregnant?

by Gabbi

Pregnancy is a joyful journey that most women want to experience in the best way possible. However, certain lifestyle choices will need to be altered to ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby. Some things are harder to give up than others.

For example, drinking, smoking, caffeine, and various other activities or diet choices are recommended to be eliminated from your pregnancy lifestyle. In addition, you may have to temporarily part ways with your favorite beauty services. 

You may notice during your pregnancy that you react differently to hair coloring, waxing, getting your nails done, and even applying eyelash extensions. These services may or may not cause adverse reactions, and the intensity can vary.

So, can you get lash extensions while pregnant? Some women won’t have a problem with lash extensions, and others may find the process to be sensitizing or uncomfortable. Always double-check with your doctor regarding any alterations to your body during pregnancy.

Even for seemingly harmless beauty services like lash extensions, you will always want to double-check with your doctor and lash technician if eyelash extensions are still safe to wear/apply during your pregnancy. It’s crucial to proceed with caution.

Lash Extension Risks During Pregnancy 

Of course, whether you are pregnant or not, there are always risks when conducting semi-permanent beauty services. However, if you are pregnant, becoming aware of the potential dangers of lash extensions can ensure you have a safe beauty service.

  • Glue & Chemical Allergies – During pregnancy, you may notice your senses are much more reactive. Lash extension services involve a few chemical-based products like glue. The lash extension itself does not cause harm, but what can be harmful are the chemicals in the glue. Lash glue can potentially cause allergic reactions, but sensitive skin glue formulas exist too. 
  • Lying Down For Extended Periods Of Time – Once you reach a certain point in your pregnancy, laying down on your back for an extended period is not recommended. This poses a risk because lash extension services have you lay down and close your eyes for 1-2 hours.


As mentioned earlier, the hair fibers that make up the lash extension aren’t harmful. What mainly poses risks is the lash glue, other chemicals in the salon setting, and the application process. 

If you insist on continuing your lash extension services, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a safe, professional, and healthy application takes place. 

  • Perform A Patch Test – Perform a patch test with the lash glue or any other products to ensure that there won’t be an allergic reaction. In addition, ensure your lash tech is a licensed professional that carries out hygienic practices.  
  • Opt For A Gentle Glue – Next, switch out your glue. There is lash glue with a more sensitive and gentle formula that still applies lash extensions well without causing any risks for pregnant women.
  • Work In A Well-Ventilated Area – A smell can be triggering, especially for pregnant women. So, you must work in a well-ventilated area to ensure a healthy application. In addition, no one will be stuck breathing in fumes or feeling uncomfortable.
  • Sit At An Incline – If you fear laying on your back for too long, adjust the seating. For example, if you are in a chair, allow it to sit at an incline. Or, you can gather pillows to support various areas of your body or even try to lay on your side during your lash service. 
  • Take Breaks – Above all, take breaks. If you must lay down, or your working area isn’t ideal, it’s crucial to take breaks to avoid any adverse reactions from occurring. A lash artist and client should always communicate their needs for a successful service.

Are Lash Extensions Safe During Pregnancy? 

Generally, lash extensions are a safe service for most pregnancies. However, it’s crucial to note that there are risks for lash extensions even when you aren’t pregnant. In addition, pregnant clients will need to modify their lash service. 

If you are unsure if lash extensions are right for you during pregnancy, it never hurts to consult with your doctor and your lash tech. Both of these providers should have your best interest in mind. 

In addition, your lash tech should be a licensed professional who has experience working with pregnant clients and who can make the necessary adjustments for pregnancies. 

Everyone will have a different experience. Some women are more sensitive than others, and pregnancy can affect everyone differently, so it’s essential to consider that.

You should have a healthy and safe lash extension service with the proper modifications and being aware of the potential risks. When in doubt, contact your doctor.

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