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7 Best Polygel Nail Kits With Lamps In 2022

by Gabbi

Polygel nail kits are fast becoming popular with those who want to give themselves some perfectly-manicured nails at home, without having to visit the salon, and without having to have acrylic nails applied.

Being easy to use, polygel nails are perfect to do yourself at home, and while polygel is so easy to apply, the finish is durable and strong and will last for a surprising amount of time.

If you want to set yourself up to do your own polygel nails at home, you would need all the tools, products, and accessories to do your nails properly.

Which are the best polygel nail kits? The best polygel nail kits contain high quality polygel products, with the necessary (and long-lasting) accessories you need for application, as well as a well-made UV or LED lamp to cure the gel. A good kit also has the products and accessories necessary for safe removal, too.

Choosing the right polygel kit is so important to help give you the most durable and gorgeous nails at home. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best polygel nail kits, and which are the best ones on the market!

Buyer’s Guide – Polygel Nail Kits With Lamps

A polygel nail kit will contain numerous products and items. It can become quite confusing determining what you need, what you don’t, and which kit is right for you.

To help, here are some considerations to keep in mind, and some things to look for when deciding on the best polygel nail kit to purchase.

Full Kit

You need to choose a polygel kit that contains all the accessories, products, and tools you need for a complete application. This includes the polygel polish itself, a base coat, a top coat, a UV or LED lamp for drying the gel, forms for shaping your nails, and other tools for applying and removing your polygels.

Some of the tools you will probably want are a dual-ended brush with a spatula on one end (or some kind of spatula, even if it is separate), tweezers, slip solution, as well as decals or gems for decorations. Other useful tools include cuticle forks, nail files and buffers, and stripping tape.

There is no point in buying a polygel kit only to find you are missing items that you need to apply your nails!

Quality Products

It is quite important to choose a kit that contains high-quality products. Cheaper products can harm your nails and damage them quite badly. Good-quality polygel products will not harm your nails, and will not interfere with your nail’s natural growth and smoothness.

Cheaper polygel products chip quicker and peel off faster than high-quality products, so it really does pay off to choose a kit that only uses the best products.

Full-Sized Kit

It pays off to purchase a polygel kit that contains full-sized products. Avoid kits that have tester-sized products, so that you do not run out too quickly. A good kit will provide you with more than enough products to last through many different polygel applications.

UV Or LED Lamp

The polygel kit must include a lamp, as the polygel needs to be cured under a lamp to be durable and finished properly.

There are two types of lamps used for nails – LED and UV. Which is better?

LED lamps to tend to cure nails faster than UV lamps, and could save you quite some time during the whole application process. LED lights are also lighter and more portable than UV lamps, which might be a bonus for you.

Variety Of Colors

A polygel nail kit should contain a variety of colors for you to choose from. You might want a popping pink now but decide on a more subdued peach for your next set. Most kits offer up around 6 different color gels to choose from, but some offer more.

Check to see if you can purchase add-on packs of colors for the kit you have chosen. This means that you can simply pick out your favorite colors later on without having to change the brand of products you are using, especially if it is working well for you.

Polygel Removal

At some point, you will need to remove the old polygel on your nails in order to give yourself a fresh new set. You need to be delicate with how you remove the polygel, to not damage your natural nails.

A polygel kit should come with a solution and some accessories to help gently remove the old polygel, in a way that causes the least damage to your nails.

Easy To Use

As you will be doing your own nails at home, the kit needs to be easy to use. It shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. The tools and accessories should be simple to use, and the product should be a usable texture as well. If the kit is confusing and difficult, then it’s just a waste.

Ideally, your kit will have instructions to help you create the perfect polygel nails. But just in case, here’s a great tutorial on how to do your own polygels at home from the Beauty Vault:

This isn’t the first time we’ve linked to this tutorial, but it’s a hard one to beat! We’re wowed by the final design, but we also appreciate how thorough it is for beginners. You can learn more about the background of polygel as well as how to best apply it.

The 7 Best Polygel Nail Kits With Lamps

Below are our top 7 picks of the best polygel nail kits with lamps:

1.Astound Beauty Polygel Nail KitUV lamp, glitter/glow-in-the-dark polygel, nail forms, dual forms, base & top coats, file, brush/spatula, slip solution
2.Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail KitLamp, matte/glossy top coat, base coat, file, slip solution, nail strengthener gel, rhinestones, gems, glitters, nail foil, flame decals and stripping tapes, nail forms, dual forms, tweezers, brush
3.Modelones Gel Nail Polish KitUV lamp, 7 gel polishes, glossy top coat, base coat, primer, tools
4.Vishine Polygel Nail KitUV lamp, 8 polygels, base & top coat, slip solution, dual forms, brush-spatula, file, buffer, nail cutter, tweezer, cuticle fork, cuticle oil, stripping tapes, gems
5.Morovan Poly Nail Gel Polish SetUV lamp, UV light beads, 6 polygel polishes, flash powder, top & base coats, dual-ended brush, nail models, sequins, slip solution
6.Joytii Gel Nail Polish KitUV lamp, 8 gel polishes, glossy & matte top coats, base coat, 9 manicure tools
7.Gershion Poly Nail Gel KitUV lamp, 6 color polygel, slip solution, top coat, base gel, file, tweezers, brush-spatula, rhinestones, stickers, nail foil, glitters, stripping tape

These contain everything you need to get a gorgeous set of nails at home! Let’s look at them more closely:

1. Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit

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This premium polygel nail kit contains everything you need to create some beautiful and trending nails from the comfort of your own home!

All the tools and products in the kit are easy to use and are long-lasting, with the nail extension gel drying quickly. With the proper preparation and application, the gel can last up to a month or longer.

The kit offers up two different types of application – the nail form or the dual form, so you have more than one option on how to apply the nail extension gel.

There are six different colors included in the kit, two of which are glitter, and one glows in the dark! You will find the perfect color to match each mood and outfit.

Along with the six different gel colors, there is a gorgeous makeup bag included to keep the products safe, a base and top coat, dual forms, a dual end brush, nail file, a slip solution, and an LED lamp.

This kit has it all for beautiful nails at home!

2. Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

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There is no limit to your creativity with this Poly Extension Kit from Beetles. This all-in-one kit contains three different color gels, pink, white, and clear, but it comes with all the different glitters, rhinestones, and decorations you could ever want to decorate your nails.

The complete kit contains a 48W lamp, a matte and glossy top, a base, a file, a slip solution, nail strengthening gel, rhinestones, gems, six different color glitters, gold and silver nail foil, flame decals, stripping tapes, nail forms, dual forms, a brush, and tweezers – absolutely everything!

Containing no toxic chemicals or ingredients, the polygel product is safe to use on nails, and will not lead to damaged nails. The gel only needs to be cured under the LED lamp for 60-90 seconds, which will have your nails ready in the next to no time.

All the glitters and decorations you could want, as well as both dual form and nail form application options, this kit is the ultimate collection of decorations, especially for those who want their nails to make a statement, and be as decorated as can be!

3. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit

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Modelones have created this all-in-one polygel kit for you to use at home to achieve salon-quality nails in next to no time.

The kit contains seven amazing gel colors, a base coat, a top coat, 120 dual forms in 12 different sizes, 36 straight dual forms in 12 sizes, a slip solution, a file, a dual-ended nail brush, a spatula, and importantly, a 48W nail lamp. As a bonus, the kit contains rhinestones and decals too!

You won’t have any trouble using the Modelones kit at home. The instructions included with the kit are easy to follow and are detailed and simple to understand. As the polygel is easy to apply, you don’t have to worry about excess mess either.

Following proper nail prep and application, the polygel nails will last for more than two weeks, and without having to remove the whole nail, you can file down and refill the cuticle area as your nails grow every two weeks.

The seven different colors included in the kit create infinite possibilities for the art and style you can create, and you will be able to create your own exclusive nail looks time and time again.

4. Vishine Polygel Nail Kit

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The Vishine Polygel Nail kit brings the salon into your home! It contains 8 beautiful shades for you to either create an ideal French manicure or popping colors with a little bit of a glitter shine too!

Along with the different gel colors, nude and colored, there is a 48W LED/UV nail lamp, a base coat, a top coat, a slip solution, dual forms (100 pieces), a brush and spatula, a nail buffer, a nail file, nail cutter, nail tweezer, cuticle fork, cuticle oil, striping taps, and gems – literally everything you could need and more!

The kit gives you the ability to quickly build your nails and allows them to be long-lasting after this. All the polygel products are free from harsh ingredients and work to protect your natural nails as best possible.

Once you have mastered the easy-to-apply polygel extensions, you can play around with the rhinestones, glitters, gems, mirror powder, and colors to create your own look and unique nail art!

5. Morovan Poly Nail Gel Polish Set

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This polygel kit comes with a powerful 48W nail lamp which helps to cure nails quicker and has an auto-sensing function which causes the lamp to light up when your hands are placed inside, and turn off when your hand is removed. This stops you from bumping uncured nails trying to push on/off buttons.

There are six different color gels in the kit, including white, clear, and pink, as well as six mini-glitter powders, so you can create plenty of unique looks and styles.

Everything needed to create polygel nails at home is included in the kit, and you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions or confusing tools – there is a simple step-by-step process using the tools provided, while still giving you durable and glossy nails!

Fast-drying, durable, and with the ability to create so many different styles, this is a wonderful kit to keep at home, and will be your go-to when you are feeling creative!

6. Joytii Gel Nail Polish Kit

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The Joytii Gel Nail Polish kit offers up some sultry colors, along with white and glitter, to give you the tools you need to create beautifully sophisticated nails at home!

A smart-sensor UV LED nail lamp has an automatic sensor to save you time pushing buttons and cures nails faster than most other lamps. There are three different timer settings on the lamp, so you can adjust it to suit exactly what you need.

The gel colors are formulated with safe ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals or adhesives which could damage your natural nails.

With all the tools and accessories needed, beautiful colors, and a time-saving lamp, you will be able to give yourself perfectly shaped and manicured polygel nails in next to no time at home with this kit.

7. Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit

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The Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit comes with a handy, portable mini lamp, and all you need to give yourself a gorgeous set of nails at home!

You can choose between the six different gel colors in the kit, which are clear, white, pink, burnt coral, cerulean, amethyst, and orchid – the perfect base colors to wear as is, or to decorate with the glitters and rhinestones included!

Not only will you be able to shape and prepare your nails just how you want them, but you will be able to give them a unique sparkle and shine too!

When applied properly, the nails will last up to a month, or even longer. Your nail extensions can be built and finished in under three minutes per nail, which saves you so much time than when going to the salon!

The kit contains all the essential tools and accessories needed to make the process easy and quick, and perfect to do while you are sitting at home. The gel contains no harmful chemicals or toxins and is safe to use on natural nails without causing any damage.

Related Questions

Is Polygel Easy to Use?

Polygel is soft and not sticky, so it is easy to maneuver and shape to a nail. Most polygel kits include a slip solution to make working with polygel easy, but a good gel does not need too much slip solution and should be fine to shape as is.

Do Polygel Nails Break Easily?

Polygel nails can last up to a month if applied correctly to properly prepared nails. However, if the polygel is applied too thick, there is a chance that the nails will break, as the UV/LED lamp will not be able to cure the product deep down, and it will remain soft and uncured.

You might have to split the application and curing process into two or three steps if you want to avoid this happening, by giving each layer a chance to cure properly.

Can You Soak Off Polygel Nails?

Polygel nails should not be soaked off. They are best removed by filing, and then any stubborn leftovers that still remain after filing can be soaked off.

You are also able to fill in any growth with polygel, just like you would with acrylic or normal gel nails.

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