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Acrylic Nails Coming Off After 2 Days – What Happened?

by Gabbi

Have you ever received a fresh set of acrylic nails only to have them fall off or break after your appointment? Nail enhancements should last a few weeks, but it can feel frustrating not to know the cause of their shortened lifespan.

Acrylic nails provide durability and a canvas to display your creativity. However, even the strongest nail enhancement can have its faults. Many believe acrylic is damaging, but proper application/removal and healthy nail beds are essential for its success.

Why do acrylic nails come off after two days? Lifting can occur when the application of acrylic is incorrect, or the nail plates are weakened. It can also indicate the overall health of the nail beds or even expired products.

It can take a nail tech years to master acrylic nails. Mixing monomer and polymer to form the perfect acrylic bead is challenging. Also, shaping the nail or creating high-quality extensions is an intricate process.

Thankfully, most acrylic nail mishaps can easily be fixed by enhancing application techniques, switching products, or strengthening the natural nails. 

What Makes Acrylic Nails Come Off?

While acrylic nails are meant to last, multiple factors can contribute to a short-wear time. You may find that acrylics can come off quickly after two days of application. It can also be hard to pinpoint what is affecting their longevity.

The most common reason acrylic can come off after two days is usually due to improper application. There are multiple steps to creating the perfect acrylic set, which involves a lot of patience, experience, and practice.

Other reasons acrylic may pop off are due to the health of the natural nails or a low-quality product. What are some other factors that contribute to a shortened acrylic wear time?

1. Improper Application 

Acrylics are tricky to master, and they’re a time-consuming nail enhancement. So, it can be simple to miss a step or not execute the correct application. In addition, if the initial application of the nails is inconsistent, it can affect the acrylic’s longevity.

The application of acrylic includes an in-depth nail prep stage, mixing the acrylic, and forming the enhancement. Each step is equally important; if something is missing, your acrylics can be prone to coming off sooner than expected.

Whether you’re applying your own acrylics or going to a nail tech, it’s essential to conduct each stage properly to achieve a long-lasting effect. 

2. Expired Or Low-Quality Products 

If the nail application is pristine, but the acrylics continue to come off, it may be due to your products. Monomer and polymer are the main components that make up acrylic, but numerous others like primer or bonder (we love this set from OPI) can affect the nails’ longevity.

Most individuals may fail to consider the products at hand. Investing in high-quality and high-performing products is essential to get a lasting impact and to keep the nails safe. However, it can be challenging to do so without a nail tech license.

Double-check the products’ expiration dates. If the products have gone bad, it can explain why your acrylics are not lasting as long as they should be.

3. Insufficient Nail Prep 

A manicure usually involves nail prep. You may trim the nails, push back the cuticles, and file them in excellent shape. However, nail prep is another ball game in regard to acrylic. You’ll need a moisture-free base to ensure proper adhesion. 

Acrylic nail prep incorporates regular nail prep plus a few extra steps. You will also need a bonder, pH-balancer, and dehydrator to prepare the nails for acrylic. You can also focus on cuticle care, filing, and buffing the nail plates.

Nail prep will provide a beautiful base so that acrylic can last. 

4. Inaccurate Acrylic Ratio 

Gel enhancements already have a ready-to-apply product for the nails, unlike acrylic. Acrylics are formed by mixing a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to form a paste consistently or bead. The bead is used to create the acrylic enhancement.

It’s crucial to mix the proper ratio of polymer and monomer. The incorrect ratio won’t be usable, and it’ll not be easy to sculpt the nails. Too much liquid will make the acrylic runny, and too much powder won’t provide enough flexibility.

The ideal liquid-to-powder ratios are 1 ½:1 or a 2:1, and it can also take time to practice mixing these ratios.

5. Weak Nail Beds

Acrylic can be damaging when applied or removed incorrectly, but it can also cause harm if the nails are already weak. These durable enhancements need a solid base to latch onto. Otherwise, it can cause them to come off prematurely.

Applying acrylic to weak nails can potentially harm or damage them further. So, it’s crucial to condition your nails and ensure they’re strong enough to handle something as intense as acrylic. 

You may decide to use a nail strengthener until they reach a healthy result. 

6. Constant Impact 

What does your typical day look like? Do you partake in hands-on activities or work? Most people can neglect their lifestyle when choosing a nail enhancement. If your hands constantly come into contact with impact, it may shorten their wear time. 

Even something as simple as washing the dishes can affect the longevity of your nails. You may also consider switching up your daily routine, so you minimize any hands-on activity.

Whether you’re exercising or working, the constant impact can cause acrylics to lift after a few days of wear.

7. Improper Removal

The removal process is just as necessary as the application. You may notice acrylics won’t last long if they’re removed incorrectly. For example, constantly peeling or pulling off acrylics can weaken and damage the nails unnecessarily.

Removing acrylics incorrectly will create a weaker canvas for your next acrylic set, which can explain why they may only stay on for a few days. Also, removing acrylic gently and with care to protect the natural nails is essential.

8. Underlying Health Concerns

Our nails can indicate our overall health. If it’s a mystery why your acrylics are coming off after two days, it may be related to another health concern. It may be worth checking out, mainly if your acrylics are being applied flawlessly.

It can also pinpoint if you’re allergic to specific components of acrylic nails. Acrylic contains various harsh chemicals, and not everyone will have a great reaction. Also, if you’re taking any medication, it may interfere with the nails.

Consulting with a doctor can clear up any of these nail concerns.

9. Inexperienced Nail Tech 

Another reason why acrylics can quickly come off is simply due to inexperience. You may be learning how to apply acrylics at home, or a nail tech is also still developing their skills.

It’s important to remember that applying the perfect set of acrylics takes time, effort, and a lot of practice. In addition, acrylic is more challenging to apply than other services like gel, mainly because you need to mix your acrylic.

If inexperience is the case, practice makes perfect, and stay patient. And check out this awesome tutorial from Kiara Sky Nails on YouTube!

Related Questions

What are some ways you can ensure your acrylic nails will last? Now that we’ve covered what can potentially shorten the lifespan of your nails, how can you prolong them? 

How Can You Prolong Acrylic Nails? 

You can prolong the wear time of your acrylic nails with a few simple steps. Focusing on nail prep will be essential to promoting the longevity of nail enhancements. 

You’ll want to pay attention to caring for the nail and applying to necessary products for acrylic. This includes a base coat, bonder, pH balancer, and dehydrator.

Practicing will ensure you can master the application and removal of acrylics. Once you master this step, you can maintain healthy nails while wearing enhancements for a few weeks. It can also take time to master the liquid-to-powder ratio.

Lastly, prioritize nail health. Our nails can tell us a lot about our overall health, so nourishing and handling them with care is necessary. For example, you can apply a nail strengthener to help grow and nourish your nail plates.


Acrylics are a long-lasting and durable enhancement. So, if they’re not lasting for at least two weeks, it can indicate something in the process has gone wrong. Some people may even experience their nails coming off after two days. 

The most common reason acrylics can come off quickly is improper application. It can be challenging to apply acrylic evenly and to master the ratio of the monomer and polymer. You may also need to focus more on nail prep.

Other reasons include using expired products, constantly performing hands-on activities, underlying health concerns, or being simply inexperienced. Most nail enhancement longevity issues are technical and can easily be improved or altered.

You may decide to continue learning to apply acrylics yourself or seek an experienced nail tech specializing in acrylic nails.

Overall, acrylics should stay on the nails for at least 2-3 weeks. Also, they shouldn’t damage the nail if the application and removal are properly executed.

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