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Acrylic Nail Supplies List – Everything You Need

by Gabbi

Acrylic nails can take years to master. However, while it’s one of the most challenging nail enhancements, it’s also the most durable. Acrylic nails also provide the perfect canvas for intricate nail art and experimenting with new shapes.

However, you’ll need a lot of products to apply acrylic nails. For example, acrylic requires two main components: a powder and liquid monomer. These products are mixed to create the acrylic beads to sculpt your new nails.

What supplies do you need for acrylic nails? You’ll need tools that are used in almost every manicure, like files and buffers. However, you’ll also need supplies specific to acrylics like monomer, acrylic powder, nail forms, and an acrylic nail brush.

If you’re a nail enthusiast or nail technician, you may find that you already own most of these supplies. However, you can quickly build up your acrylic nail kit if you’re starting from scratch. What items should you purchase to help apply acrylic nails?

What Are Acrylic Nails? 

Acrylic Nails are a popular nail enhancement. They’re also categorized under fake nails. Acrylic nails are created by mixing a liquid monomer and acrylic powder to form a paste-like consistency or acrylic beads. 

The acrylic beads are placed onto the nails, and then you can sculpt the acrylic to your desired shape. You can apply acrylics to a nail form or on nail tips.

Why Do People Choose To Get Acrylic Nails?

Some people fear acrylic nails because they can be damaging. However, they can damage your nails if they are applied or removed incorrectly. 

Surprisingly enough, acrylic nails can provide multiple benefits. For example, acrylic nails are durable and long-lasting. They can last for up to four weeks with the proper application, and they are damage-resistant.

Acrylic nails are highly customizable. You can choose your desired length and shape. Also, they provide a flawless canvas for nail art. 

Supplies You Need For Acrylic Nails 

Are you interested in learning how to master acrylic nails? You’ll need multiple items to ensure you have an easier time applying acrylic. Most of these nail supplies will prep and protect your natural nail plate for these enhancements. 

1. Acrylic Powder

One of the most important supplies you’ll need is Acrylic Powder. This is the powder component that creates the acrylic. Acrylic powders are available in numerous colors, or you can opt for something clear. 

Acrylic powders need to be mixed with a liquid monomer in order to form the acrylic beads that go on the nails. Without it, you won’t be able to do acrylic nails. 

2. Liquid Monomer

Next is Liquid Monomer. This is the liquid component of acrylic nails. Once the liquid is added to the powder, it forms a paste-like consistency that you use to sculpt the nails. Also, liquid monomers are usually formulated with Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA).

This one, in particular, provides a malleable, non-yellowing formula to help sculpt the nails easily. 

3. Acrylic Nail Brush 

You will need something to apply the acrylic to your nails. So, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality Acrylic Nail Brush. Acrylic is very potent, and it can even damage brushes that aren’t made for acrylic. A brush specifically for acrylic is a better option.

This Acrylic Nail Brush has 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair that is durable and long-lasting. It’s designed to work specifically with acrylic. 

4. Nail Forms

You can apply acrylics to your natural nails. However, nail forms are often used when applying acrylic enhancements to help create a new nail shape. Also, acrylic can be used to create long and dramatic nails, but it needs the help of a nail form.

A nail form acts as a guide to sculpt and shape your nails. They can help make sure all your acrylic extensions are the same length. 

5. Nail Primer 

Next is Nail Primer. This product is made to prep your nails for acrylic. It’s similar to a base coat, except it ensures your acrylics adhere to your nails properly. A Nail Primer is necessary to make your acrylics long-lasting and durable. 

This one will prevent anything from lifting or breaking off your acrylic nails.

6. Nail Dehydrator 

You’ll also want to invest in a Nail Dehydrator. A dehydrator is similar to a primer because it’s meant to prolong the wear of acrylic nails. However, instead of providing a base layer, it only removes moisture from the nail plate.

It’s crucial to remove moisture from the nails because it can disrupt how long your acrylics last. 

7. Dappen Dish 

A dappen dish is also required to apply acrylic nails. Acrylic is filled with potent chemicals that can quickly eat away at plastic, so a dappen dish must be glass. A dappen dish can hold your liquid monomer or even acetone. 

This Dappen Dish bundle will cover all of your bases. You get two dappen dishes in one pack. 

8. Acetone 

Acetone is a nail kit staple no matter what nail enhancement you perform. Acetone can serve multiple purposes. For example, acetone can clean your acrylic brush from the leftover product, or it can even aid in the removal of acrylic nails.

Overall, it’s a product you need on hand, especially for acrylic nails. Acrylic can easily stick to other surfaces too.

9. Lint-Free Wipes

Lint can easily get trapped in your nails and ruin your manicure. You may be surprised that dust particles and lint can quickly find their way to your acrylics, so you’ll want to invest in lint-free wipes. 

Lint-free wipes will remove any dust or lint from the nails in one swipe. It’s good to wipe the nails frequently, so lint doesn’t get stuck.

10. Nail Files And Buffers 

Another nail kit staple is a nail file. Nail files and buffers will help prep your natural nails for acrylic. They can even be used to sculpt acrylic. For example, nail files can shape acrylic, while buffers can smooth out the texture of the nails.

If you’re not sure which nail files to get, a medium grit nail file can work for most prepping techniques. 

11. Top Coat 

After all your hard work is done, you’ll want to protect your acrylic nails with a top coat. A top coat will prolong your nails, add extra shine, and reduce minor imperfections. Top coats are available in multiple finishes. 

12. Cuticle Pusher 

Did you know that you can prolong your acrylic enhancements by caring for your cuticles? You’ll need a cuticle pusher to keep your cuticles from overgrowing. You’ll want to avoid applying acrylic to the cuticles to prevent irritation.

Our cuticles are meant to keep foreign objects away from our nails to promote growth and healthy nails. This set provides a cuticle pusher and trimmer. 

13. Nail Clippers

You’ll also want to invest in a nail clipper. However, you will need a nail clipper designed for acrylic nails. These clippers can easily trim acrylics effortlessly. A regular nail clipper won’t be strong enough to cut down acrylic nails. 

This will come in handy when an old set of acrylics have grown out, and you want to remove or shorten them. 

Optional Acrylic Nail Supplies 

Now that we’ve covered the essential products needed for acrylic nails, here are a few optional choices. If you don’t want to sculpt acrylic with a nail form, you can apply tips instead. 

Likewise, if you don’t want to spend time filing down acrylic with a nail file, invest in a nail drill. 

14. Nail Tips 

Sculpting an entire nail from scratch can be time-consuming and intimidating for beginners. So, if you want to simplify the process, you can apply nail tips instead. Nail tips already provide a guide and shape for acrylic nails. 

However, you will need an additional product to secure the tips to the natural nails. 

15. Nail Glue 

Nail glue is an adhesive used to secure nail tips in place. Nail glue is designed for natural nails. It will prevent the nail tips from breaking, lifting, or falling off the nail plate.

This one provides quick and seamless adhesion. It’s easy to apply and gentle for your real nails. 

16. Nail Drill 

Acrylic nails take time and precision to perfect. However, using a regular nail file for shaping can take a while. If you want to speed up the process, it may be time to invest in a nail drill

A nail drill is an electric file that quickly shapes and sculpts acrylic. There are various attachments on a nail drill that can be used for removal and cleaning up the cuticles. 

17. Nail Art Brush 

Do you want to add some spice to your nails? Acrylic nails provide the perfect canvas to create unique nail art. However, to get precise lines and designs, you’ll want to use an array of nail art brushes. 

If you’re just starting out with nail art, this set will give you everything you need. It contains dotting tools, brushes, and more to perfect your acrylic nails. 

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