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11 Best Barbie Pink Nail Polish

by Gabbi

There isn’t a color in existence more girly or fitting for a manicure than the classic Barbie pink! Though you may think the shade is more appropriate for a younger age range, this bright and bubbly hue is more than fitting for people of all ages.

With the beloved Mattel doll getting her own live-action movie soon, expect to see more and more people rocking the color on their fingertips!

But not just every pink polish qualifies as being Barbie pink! There are some special qualities you need to keep in mind so that you can find the best nail polish for the final look you want.

So, what are the best Barbie pink nail polishes? First, the correct shade of pink will be warm-toned, meaning it has more red undertones rather than blue. On top of that, you’ll want to find something with a glossy or high-shine finish, and a pigmented enough color for you to keep the amount of coats you use to a minimum.

We’ve tracked down our top picks for the best pink polish shades that Barbie herself would be proud of!

Qualities Of A Barbie Pink Nail Polish

Warm Toned

If you do some shallow research on the Barbie pink color, you’ll see that it’s notably more fuchsia-toned, leaning towards magenta, rather than a lighter, cool-toned shade. 

Taking a look at its official Pantone color (its HEX code is #E0218A, by the way), it actually breaks down the percentages of what primary color shades make up the final tone. It’s almost 88% pure red, 13% pure green, and about 54% blue. 

The warm tone it’s leaning towards is truly the heart of the shade, making it stand out so brightly against other pink tones that are not quite as glitz and glam as Barbie would want them to be!

Glossy Finish

Though you could definitely choose to get your nails done with a matte finish rather than glossy, there’s something so fabulously girly and “Barbie” about a high-shine gloss that makes it so vital to the final look of a Barbie-inspired manicure.

When you’re doing manicures at home (and even in the salon), you need to seal in all of your hard work with a top coat. If you have a glossy Barbie pink color, topped with a high-gloss top coat (like this cult favorite one from Seche Vite), you’ll have double the glow and shine! 

Pigmented Color

With a color this bright, the last thing you want is to apply on too many layers. Deeply saturated colors like this pink can already look quite thick with just a standard two coats, so you’ll want to find a formula that’s opaque enough to cover up your natural nail with a maximum of two coats!

Any more than 2 coats, and you’ll risk your polish looking lumpy, thick, or not drying properly. You can tell if a polish passes the pigment test from the initial coat.

If it’s looking watery or overly sheer (especially with a color this rich), you should find another option. Thankfully, none of the polishes we’ll tell you about will cause you any issues!

Best Barbie Pink Nail Polishes

RankProductKey Features
1.OPI Nail Lacquer - La Paz-itively HotPearl finish, chip resistant, 7 day wear
2.Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail - The Future Is FuschiaDries in 60 seconds, glossy finish, contoured brush tip
3.Essie Nail Polish - Pucker UpSuper bright shade, pearl finish, two-coat guarantee
4.Beetles Gel Polish - Crazy PinkGel polish, easy application, 3-week wear
5.China Glaze - She’s A Mane-iacChip resistant, hardens nail, creme finish
6.ZOYA Nail Polish - LolaNon-toxic formula, shimmery finish, long-wear
7.Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Pink UpNo lamp needed, super glossy top coat, most chip resistant formula
8.Nails Inc. x Magnum - Raspberry SwirlVegan and cruelty-free, scented like chocolate, silky-smooth finish
9.Revlon Nail Polish - VivaciousBubble free, fade resistant, glossy finish
10.Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish - Fuschia CreamNon-toxic, rich color, cream finish
11.lla+Mila Nail Polish - From Rio XOSuper clean formula, certified safe by PETA, chip-resistant

1. OPI Nail Lacquer – La Paz-itively Hot

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OPI Nail Polishes are truly in a league of their own, continuing to be one of the most popular polish brands on the market.

Whether you’re just starting out on your nail polish journey, or you’ve been in the game for a while, you can lean on OPI products like you would an old friend.

This particular shade is the perfect color of Barbie pink, and you’ll be able to enjoy the high-quality, chip-resistant formulas that all OPI polishes boast.

They’re extremely long lasting, so you’ll be able to rock the shade for at least a week long before you notice signs of needing a touch-up. 

To extend the life of your manicure by a notable amount, pair the color formula with other OPI products like their base coat and top coat. All of them work in tandem to keep your fingernails looking great, and as shiny as can be for that perfect girly finish.

2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail – The Future Is Fuchsia

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Some of us don’t like having to wait ages and ages for our nail polishes to dry, and we totally get you!

Thankfully, so does Sally Hansen, one of the championing nail polish brands you can get your fingers on. With their beloved Insta-Dri formulas, you don’t need to sacrifice your time to have a professional-looking manicure.

In just 60 seconds, you can have your first coat dried and ready to be topped-off (though Sally Hansen claims that a single coat is all you need to have a perfect manicure).

And yes, they have every color you could ever think up, including this Fuchsia shade that we think is a spot-on match for Barbie pink!

To speed up the process of your manicure even more, you’ll be happy to hear that this formula is a 3-in-1, meaning you have your base coat, color, and top coat all together in an easy-to-apply formula!

3. Essie Nail Polish – Pucker Up

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It won’t be long until this polish is gone, so take advantage of this limited-edition collection while you can (especially if you’re looking for that head-turning shade of Barbie pink).

If you’re just a manicure beginner, we couldn’t direct you to try any other brand than Essie. It’s a brand that puts you first, making sure you have an easy, worry-free application.

From the superb formula they have for every color, to the user-friendly brush application, you’ll be able to get the hang of applying the perfect manicure in no time flat. 

If there’s one thing that we love the most about Essie polish formulas, it’s that they have such rich, pigmented colors that there’s a chance you won’t need more than a single coat to have the perfect opaque-ness on your fingertips.

They’re high-coverage and provide a stylish, protective coat between your natural lengths and any potential yellowing, ripping, or tearing. 

4. Beetles Gel Polish – Crazy Pink

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If you’re more gel-savvy, the Beetles polish brand is a great one to go to for affordable shades with great color payoff.

For less than $10, you’ll have the perfect Barbie pink color in your hands, and you’ll continue having it on your hands for at least 3 weeks (or longer with proper care).

There’s a lot of discourse about whether or not gel polishes are safe for your hands, but in reality, if you have a proper removal method, they’re no more bad for your natural nails than a traditional manicure.

However, if you’re extra worried about the ingredients that you’re exposing your natural growth to, you can rest assured that this formula is free of any toxins or ingredients that could harm your nails or the surrounding skin. 

This polish formula is super glossy, making for that perfect Barbie-esque finish. 

5. China Glaze – She’s A Mane-iac

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Who knew that My Little Pony partnering with China Glaze (one of the most notable nail polish brands of all time) would gift us with the perfect shade of Barbie pink?

If you haven’t yet tried out China Glaze as a nail brand, we highly suggest it- especially if you have nails that may be in need of a little bit of extra care.

Why? China Glaze nail products have nail hardeners in the formula, strengthening the feel of your natural nail. Not only does that extend the life of your manicure by a notable amount, but the more you have the product on your nails, the better the health of your nails overall.

China Glaze formulas are also notable for having a distinct lack of toxins in their products, including being DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde-free. 

6. ZOYA Nail Polish – Lola

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When it comes to choosing the healthiest formulas, ZOYA is the brand to look towards, It was a brand founded on the philosophy that beauty doesn’t need to compromise your health.

If you’re expecting a baby, want the cleanest formula possible, or just want to know that you’re using the cleanest possible polish brand, you’ll love this brand and it’s array of shades and colors.

This shade “Lola”, is a perfect shade of Barbie pink, has a long wear time, and a shimmery finish that gives it that extra girly touch. The color is super rich, so you’ll only need two coats for the perfect finish. 

Let’s break down just how dynamic this shade is even further. Not only is it the perfect shade of fuchsia, but it has a slightly blue-purple duo-chrome shimmer to it that is striking to look at in any lighting, but is especially gorgeous outdoors. 

7. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Pink Up

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Want that glossy, gel finish but aren’t sure you’d be very handy with all the tools that come with a gel-polish application?

We hear you! That exact mindset is what’ll lead you to picking up Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish!

There’s honestly something magical about this formula, mimicking the longevity of a professionally-done gel manicure with just an easy two-step process.

The application of this polish is only slightly different than what you may be used to.

To start, you’ll want to apply two coats of polish and wait a total of 5 minutes for it to dry down enough to top it with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, which will keep your color locked in for a ridiculous amount of time. 

When used and applied correctly, you’ll see the kind of longevity and chip-resistant formula that earned this polish the reputation it has for being one of the longest-lasting manicures that you can do at home. 

8. Nails Inc. x Magnum – Raspberry Swirl

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Look, we know- scented nail polishes may sound like something you want to leave in your past, but we pray you to hear us out on this one.

Magnum Ice Cream collaborated with Nails Inc. to release a limited line of nail polishes scented like their super yummy ice creams. 

In spite of the ultra-rich chocolate-y scent, there’s nary a shade of brown to be found in this shade.

Inspired by raspberry swirl, this nail polish shade is a beautiful bright shade of pink that mimics the Barbie shade we all know and love.

Vegan and cruelty-free, this polish doesn’t just have a great, clean formulation, but it’s also incredibly long-lasting and chip-resistant as well. 

9. Revlon Nail Polish – Vivacious

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Revlon nail polishes are a little bit pricier than the polishes you may be used to, but if you’ve ever tried one out, you’ll know exactly why they’re priced the way they are.

There’s an air of luxury that Revlon polishes have that mimics the performance of high-end brands like Chanel, etc.

These polishes go on like silk, making for an undoubtedly perfect application each time. Though the formulas are thin, they’re not sheer, which is almost oxymoronic, and something you won’t be able to believe until you try it!

The shade “Vivacious” is a gorgeous pink shade that’ll be the perfect shade to add to your collection. It’s chip-resistant and long-wearing, while still being breathable enough to ensure the health of your natural nail.

10. Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish – Fuchsia Cream

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“As clean as it gets”- that’s the tagline that Habit Cosmetics formulates their products on, and we have to admit that it shows.

For those who are particularly concerned about their environmental impact, and want to start introducing more Earth-friendly products into their self-care routines, this is a fantastic brand to start paying attention to.

All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and certified organic and toxic-free. Not only that, but these stellar formulas come in stunning, sustainable packaging that you’ll want to keep on your vanity long after the polish is accounted for. 

This shade, Fuchsia Cream, is pigmented and so rich that you may not need a second coat to have the coverage you want out of your nail polishes. 

11. Ella+Mila Nail Polish – From Rio XO

Check Current Price on Amazon

You may not have heard of Ella+Milla as a nail polish brand quite yet, but trust us when we say that it’s going to be a household name in the world of beauty soon.

What makes this brand so special is that they are actually certified by PETA for being one of the best cosmetic brands you can rely on for being truly vegan and cruelty-free: no animals were touched, harmed, or even thought of during the production of this polish- and that’s a fact!

The polish we have linked is inspired by the bright colors you can find in Rio, and serendipitously, it’s also the perfect Barbie pink!

On top of being great for the animals, this polish also dries down super quickly, and is chip-resistant, so you’ll get to enjoy your manicure for as long as possible. 

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