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9 Best False Lashes For Glasses

by Gabbi

Doing eye makeup with glasses takes a little bit of experimenting to discover what is the most suitable look to draw attention to your eyes without being overpowering when paired with eyeglasses.

Depending on different factors, such as your personal face and eye shape, your eyeglass frames, and your eye makeup preferences, the eye makeup and lashes you wear can subtly enhance your eyes to make them pop even under the frames.

However, finding the right types of false lashes to wear requires certain criteria to make sure your eyes stand-out, while not being uncomfortable under the frames. If the lashes are too long or heavy, your eyes can be obscured and look overwhelmed behind both the lashes and the glasses.

The dramatic lashes you may wear when not wearing glasses will still have their place in your makeup routine, but you may need to incorporate some different styles to pair with your frames.

What are the best types of false lashes to wear with glasses? To find the right pair of lashes to pair with your eyeglasses, take into consideration the length, band thickness, and shape of the falsies. Avoid lashes that are too long, have too thick of a band, or a shape that can cause the lashes to hit into your lenses.

Below, we’ll explore in detail what to look for in your false lashes, as well as a product guide for some of the best style of falsies to wear with your glasses.

What To Look For In False Lashes With Glasses

When looking for false lashes to wear with your glasses, there are a few features you want to look for. You want to make sure your false lashes work to draw attention to your eyes, while not hindering your vision by knocking uncomfortably into your glasses.

Below are a few features to consider when looking for false lashes to wear with your eyeglasses.


The length of the false lash is important, because if they are too long it runs the risk of your lashes constantly hitting into your glasses, which can be irritating throughout the day.

Applying lashes that are too long can also prevent your glasses from properly sitting up on the bridge of your nose. It is ideal to look for lashes that are shorter in length, so they can provide natural volume to the lash without being too long. 


Whether you are a false lash newbie or a pro, the lash band is always a feature to consider when looking for a pair of lashes in general.

The band is where the lash adhesive is applied and the strip that gets placed on the eyelid. Some lashes that are more dramatic tend to have a thicker lash band, while more natural lashes have a band that is thinner and more comfortable to wear.

Thicker lash bands can be tricky to work with and can require the use of eyeliner to disguise and blend the band with your natural lashes.

Looking for a natural lash that has a thinner band will help draw attention to your eyes behind the lenses, while still keeping a bright-eyed and open appearance.


False lashes are available in many different styles to achieve any type of look, and finding a style to wear behind your glasses could take some discovery.

Rather than lash styles that have most of their length in the center of the lash, styles that slightly elongate towards to outer edge wear comfortably and naturally behind your glasses. Also styles that have a shorter, uniformed length throughout the band work well, too.

To achieve an ultra-natural look, individual lashes blend seamlessly into your natural lashes to give a subtle emphasis, and wear effortlessly and comfortably with your lenses.

Product Guide

Below is a product guide for the best false lashes to wear with your eyeglasses.

RankProductKey Features
1.KISS Looks So Natural 'Shy' False LashesMulti-pack to include 5 sets; Tapered End Technology for natural appearance; lightweight; thin band; includes Easy Angle Applicator for seamless application
2.Ardell Baby Demi Wispies False LashesClassic demi style with shorter length; 4-pack; flares out towards outer edge; Ardell’s Invisiband Technology for lightweight application
3.Ardell Natural 110 False LashesMulti-pack of 5 lashes; eye-lifting effect; staggered lengths for natural blend with normal lashes; Invisiband Technology; lightweight volume with medium length
4.KISS So Wispy '11' False LashesMulti-pack of 5 lashes; wispy, flared out style for subtle drama; clear lash band; Tapered End Technology
5.Ardell Naked Lashes #420 False LashesMulti-pack of 4 lashes; Invisiband Technology; lightweight volume; natural and uniform length
6.Eylure Naturals Style No. 003 False LashesIncludes latex-free and vegan adhesive; faux mink lashes; reusable up to 5 times; lightweight and soft
7.Velour ‘Would I Lie?’ Synthetic False LashesNo measuring or trimming required; reusable up to 25 times; soft and flexible cotton band for easy wear; made from synthetic silk
8.Frihappy Half Lash Accent False LashesMulti-pack of 3 sets of accent lashes; meant to only add emphasis to the outer corners; can also be used to layer with other lashes; clear, thin band; tapered lash ends
9.Ardell Individuals 4-Pack False Lashes4-pack of individual lashes; contains short, medium, and long lengths for customized application; 10 lash strands on each individual cluster; extra natural look and feel

1. KISS Looks So Natural ‘Shy’ False Lashes

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This multi-pack of the KISS So Natural ‘Shy’ lashes include 5 sets of the natural, lightweight, synthetic lashes.

The KISS false lashes are created with Tapered End Technology that allows the false lashes to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

The individual lashes are tapered off towards the end, mimicking the look of real eyelashes, as opposed to a more squared-off or blunt end like most other false lashes.

The band is feather light and thin, so it will easily fit to your eye shape and blend easily with your regular lashes when applied to the lid.

The shape of the lashes is uniform throughout the strip, while providing natural length and volume, which will work well behind your eyeglasses.

The KISS lashes are reusable up to 10 times with the proper care and come with and Easy Angle applicator to help apply your lashes flawlessly.

2. Ardell Baby Demi Wispies False Lashes

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Ardell false lashes have been a popular lash brand in the industry for decades, from professionals to consumers alike. The brand has an inclusive range of lashes that span different styles, textures, lengths, and shapes.

The most classic of the Ardell lashes are the demi wispies, and this version shown to the right adds an even more natural element to the popular style.

The Baby Demi Wispies are shorter in length than the usual demi wispy style, which makes it ideal for a natural application that works well paired with your eyeglasses. The shape is elongated towards the end, with shorter lashes towards the inner corner, creating a flattering shape for the eye.

The Invisiband Technology leaves an undetectable lash band that blends completely with your natural lashes. The individual lash hairs are knotted together in a crisscross pattern that mimics the appearance of natural eyelashes. The strips are reusable with proper care and this set is a pack of four.

3. Ardell Natural 110 False Lashes

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The Natural line from Ardell features false lashes that blend seamlessly with your normal lashes to achieve a perfect balance of drama and subtle beauty. The 110 false lashes are created to provide light volume, with a medium length.

The staggered length of the lashes helps to blend easily with your natural lashes to draw attention to the eye effortlessly.

The strip is also formed with the Invisiband Technology, making for a comfortable and lightweight application. The set is a multi-pack of 5 lashes to create an eye-lifting effect.

4. KISS So Wispy ‘11’ False Lashes

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The KISS So Wispy false lashes offer a medium length lash that elongates towards the outer end.

When false lashes start shorter towards the inner corner and flare out towards the end, it helps to elongate the shape of the eye while also creating a lifting effect.

The subtle fullness of the KISS ‘11’ lashes will add more volume to your lash line and define the eyes in a natural way.

The lashes are placed on a clear band, making the strip lightweight and undetectable when placed on the lid. As with other styles of KISS lashes, the Tapered End Technology helps the individual lashes appear more natural and blend in easily.

5. Ardell Naked Lashes #420 False Lashes

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Ardell’s #420 lashes are a subtle, lightweight pair of lashes that add natural volume and length to your regular lashes.

The length is uniform across the strip to create a bright-eyed appearance.

The lashes are set on the Invisiband Technology, making the already lightweight, natural lashes feel as if you aren’t even wearing them while blending effortlessly with your natural lashes.

6. Eylure Naturals Style No. 003 False Lashes

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These false lashes are faux mink inspired, meaning the lash hairs look soft and natural.

The style of the Eylure No. 003 natural lashes provides subtle volume and length, with more volume focused on the outer edge of the lash.

The lash is set to a clear, invisible band that disappears when applied to the eye, allowing for the lashes to feel as natural as they look.

Included with the lashes is a small Eylure lash adhesive that is latex-free and vegan, so it should work for even sensitive eyes, with the promise of an 18-hour hold to ensure your lashes stay put all day long.

The lashes are reusable up to five times with the proper care.

7. Velour ‘Would I Lie?’ Synthetic False Lashes

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Velour ‘Would I Lie?’ false lashes are part of the brand’s natural lash styles, which require no trimming or measuring of the lash band to ensure a perfect fit.

The lashes suit a wide range of eye shapes without the need to trim any excess from the lash band. The lashes are made of a synthetic silk for a lightweight and comfortable fit.

The style of this particular pair adds emphasis to the outer corner of the eye for a subtly lifting effect.

They fit smoothly behind your eyeglasses based on the natural length and volume they provide. The thin band is created with flexible cotton to allow for comfort while applying and wearing.

These lashes can be reused up to 25 times with the proper care.

8. Frihappy Natural Half Lash Accent False Lashes

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Frihappy has created an ultra-natural accent lash that can be used to enhance the eyes on their own, or as stacked with other lashes to create a customized, voluminous lash.

Accent lashes, or half lashes, are meant to be applied to the outer portion of the lash line, to add emphasis to the outer corner of the eye.

Accent lashes work well under eyeglasses, as well as for smaller eye shapes or hooded eye shapes, as the band does not extend across the entire lash line.

These natural half lashes come in a pack of three and can be reused. The lashes are tapered off towards the end to mimic the appearance of natural lashes, making them much easier to blend in.

The band of the lashes is clear and thin, making the application undetectable. The subtle volume and length that is delivered from these accent lashes will draw attention to the eye without looking like you are wearing false lashes at all.

9. Ardell Individuals 4-Pack False Lashes

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Much like the demi wispies, Ardell is also known for their individual lashes.

This set in particular comes with a pack of 4 individual lash sets, with each including a selection of short, medium, and long lash lengths.

The variety of lengths available in each pack allows for you to customize your lash application depending on your desired look.

Having a mix of lengths also allows for a more natural appearance, as you can create staggered length that blends in effortlessly with your natural lashes. Each individual knot contains 10 lash strands, to provide subtle volume.

Applying individual false lashes can take some practice and patience. Having an application tool, like a false lash applicator or tweezers, can help you place and set each individual knot in place more easily.

However, once the application technique is well-practices, individual lashes give the ultimate natural look and feel for your lashes.


Just because you are wearing eyeglasses doesn’t mean you have to compromise on wearing your false lashes. Finding the right pair of falsies to pair with your frames may take some searching, but once you find the correct styles, your eyes will become the center of attention.

Keep in mind to look for false lashes that are short to medium in length, have a thin or clear band for ultimate comfort, and feature a style the flares out towards the outer corner or is the same shape throughout.

For a supremely natural look, individual lashes will achieve those results the best. However, accent or half lashes also work to elongate the eye and add additional length and volume towards the outer part of the eye in a very subtle way.

Whichever lash style you choose, your eyes will be the focus with your glasses (and lashes) being complimentary.

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