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11 Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair

by Gabbi

How often have you lost a hair tie or had one break in your hair? Hair ties are an essential hair care staple for all hair types, but they’re not always suited for every texture. In addition, hair ties can often cause breakage, tension, or discomfort.

Curly hair is unique because you can have a mix of curl patterns that seem to have a mind of its own. Also, you wouldn’t style curly hair the same as straight hair, so why use the same styling tools like hair ties?

The beauty industry is continuously developing, and more brands are focusing on curl-care. There are multiple curl patterns and textures, so it’s crucial to understand your hair’s characteristics to make styling a breeze. 

One way to do so is by investing in hair ties that work for curly hair. Classic, thin-banned hair ties can often snag on curls, damage ringlets, or frizz up coils. However, getting a curl-focused hair tie can eliminate all these hair stressors. 

What are the best hair ties for curly hair? The best hair ties have a smooth and seamless material that won’t snag on curls. Also, thicker bands can offer more firmness and support without causing tension. 

We’ll talk all about them and introduce you to our favorites below!

How To Pick The Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair 

Thick Band

A thicker hair band will ensure there is more grip and support. Your hair tie shouldn’t feel loose unless that’s your goal, but it shouldn’t feel tight either. In addition, a thicker band won’t get lost in your hair and won’t leave your strands looking floppy.

Gentle Material 

It’s crucial to focus on the material of the hair band because it can easily tangle or damage your curls. Look for satin, silk, or cotton materials that are seamless to prevent snagging or frizzy strands. 

The right material can reduce discomfort, tension at the root, or breakage. 


Finally, choose a versatile hair tie. Many hair bands today can be washed and dried to return to their standard size if they’ve stretched out. Also, some hair ties are adjustable or snappable so that you can get your ponytail fit right every time. 

Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair 

With so many hair ties flooding the market, it can be overwhelming to start your hair tie hunt. Below you can shop from an extensive range of ties for all types of curls, whether they’re loose and wavy or tight coils.

RankProductKey Features
1.Ouidad Made For Curls XL Coil TiesSix coil ties, reduce chance of breakage, array of neutrals colors
2.Kitsch Soft Than Silk Hair Scrunchies For Frizz PreventionSet of Satin scrunchies, gentle material, reduces frizz
3.Eboot Larger Stretch Hair Ties For Thick Heavy And Curly Hair20pc hair tie set, designed for thick/curly hair, seamless, cotton
4.GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair TiesMicrofiber hair tie, firm hold, clean & shrink
5.Swirly Curly Snap Hair Ties For Thick, Natural, Curly Hair Snappable hair ties, non-elastic, firm hold, reduces breakage
6.Goody Ouchless Hair Forever Women’s Braided ElasticsBraided elastic band, ideal for medium texture or loose curls
7.Swirly Curly Velvet Oversized Adjustable ScrunchieAdjustable scrunchie, velvet/nylon material, no slip, snappable
8.HBY Women’s Hair Ties For Thick Or Curly HairClassic, medium-sized hair tie, seamless, soft, firm
9.Kitsch Mega Hair Coils For Thick HairPhone cord coils, waterproof tie, doubles as a bracelet
10.Terra Ties Biodegradable Elastic Hair TiesBiodegradable, plastic-free, no-slip, firm hold
11.Ivyu Hair Ties Mini Satin Scrunchiesmultiple mini satin scrunchies, no crease, minimize breakage

1. Ouidad Made For Curls XL Coil Ties 

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Ouidad understands curly hair regardless if they’re loose ringlets or tight coils. Ouidad Wise emigrated from Lebanon and founded Ouidad in the 80s to focus on curly hair needs or curl hair care. Today they still cater to all curls and textures.

The XL Coil Ties are designed to hold thick, long, and unmanageable hair. Most hair ties can get tangled or snap when holding curly hair. However, Ouidad’s Made For Curls XL Coil Ties reduce the chances of pulling, snapping, or breakage.

They have a similar texture to a phone cord that can quickly expand and glide effortlessly through the strands. It’s comfortable to wear in your hair all day, and you won’t have to worry about strained roots or dents in your strands. 

The Made For Curls XL Coil Ties will mold and adapt to your curl’s needs. You’ll receive six hair ties in one pack. 

2. Kitsch Soft Than Silk Hair Scrunchies

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Kitsch is the latest hair accessory brand to make huge waves within the beauty industry. You can find all your hair staples, including satin pillowcases or hair ties. They’ve even created scrunchies that are curly-girl-friendly.

The Soft Than Silk Hair Scrunchies are made with a smooth satin elastic that won’t overly grip your strands. These satin scrunchies are designed for all hair types but work beautifully with your curly hair. The material is gentle and provides easy glide.

In addition, Kitsch claims these scrunchies will prevent frizzy strands, which can often be an issue for anyone styling curly hair. They’ll swiftly keep your hair up and away without straining your roots or disturbing your curls.

You’ll receive five scrunchies, and you can choose an array of colors.

3. Eboot Larger Stretch Hair Ties

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Sometimes all you need is a classic and affordable hair tie. Unfortunately, regular hair ties can be a nuisance for curly strands. Standard hair ties can quickly get caught, tangled, or lost in thicker curls, which can be harsh on the hair.

Thankfully, Eboot has created a hair tie that provides all the benefits of a standard hair tie without causing havoc on curly strands. These hair bands are thick, stretchy, and have a durable elastic. In addition, its cotton material will be gentle on hair.

This pack of 20 black hair ties is ideal for everyday use. It’s also seamless, so you don’t need to worry about hair getting caught. Also, Eboot’s Larger Stretch Hair Ties can reduce the chances of snagging or breakage.

4. GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair Ties 

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It can be challenging to make a hair tie unique, but most regular hair ties don’t cater to the needs of curly hair. However, GIMME has produced an innovative approach to hair bands. So get ready to say goodbye to hair dents, frizz, and breakage. 

The GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair Ties are made of a microfiber material to minimize frizz and breakage. However, this flexible cloth will also reduce tension and hair dents which can often be a side effect of regular hair ties. These ties are gentle and firm.

In addition, these hair ties are built to last and maintain shape. GIMME recommends tossing your ties in the washer and dryer to shrink the bands back to their original shape.

The Thick Fit style is designed for thick, long hair, and you can create endless hairdos like ponytails and buns. 

5. Swirly Curly Snap Hair Ties

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Swirly Curly has developed hair ties specifically for natural, curly hair. This POC and woman-founded brand is dedicated to creating products that work for natural hair types without sacrificing the liveliness of your curls. 

Founder Keziah Dhamma’s snappable hair ties offer to hold curls without damaging them. The Snappee hair ties can be easily adjusted to fit any hairstyle, and they have a soft, gentle material that doesn’t cause tangles or breakage.

The Snappee hair ties are non-elastic and no-break so that they can style the thickest and most curly strands. It doesn’t cause tension at your roots; they can fit all lengths or volumes. You can toss them in the washer and dryer to revive their lifespan.

You can simply snap on and off these hair ties while keeping coils intact. 

6. Goody Ouchless Hair Forever Braided Elastics

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Goody is an iconic drugstore hair accessory brand that’s been around for decades. Their Ouchless line ensures you have a pain-free hair styling session. They’ve even reinvented the classic hair tie to provide hold without the discomfort.

These braided ties have a 16-strand inner core to give a firmer hold without causing unnecessary tension for the strands. It also features a soft fabric to prevent snagging and feels lightweight in the hair.

Goody’s Ouchless Hair Forever Women’s Braided Elastics are ideal for medium hair or looser curls. They’re wonderful to control medium texture and look and act like a normal hair tie minus the pain. 

Goody claims these ties will hold their shape well and will revert back to its original form after every use to minimize the chances of snapping. 

7. Swirly Curly Velvet Oversized Adjustable Scrunchie 

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Swirly Curly’s entire brand is dedicated to curly and natural hair. So another product that’s worth checking out is the Velvet Oversized Adjustable Scrunchie. These ties will hold locks in place without causing unnecessary distress to your curls. 

The Velvet Oversized Adjustable Scrunchie features the same snap-on/off technology as the other ties we listed earlier. You can even snap two scrunchies together for a heftier hair tie. 

These scrunchies will provide hold and grip without the slip. Swirly Curly’s Scrunchies have a soft velvet and nylon fabric that won’t cause breakage or dents. 

In addition, the scrunchies are comfortable and flexible enough to sleep in overnight. Finally, you can toss them in the wash to make them look fresh and new.

You’ll receive three scrunchies in a pack, and you’ll be able to choose from a few colors to match your personality. These extra-wide scrunchies are versatile, adjustable, and provide a painless experience.  

8. HBY Women’s Hair Ties

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Are you looking for a classic hair tie but one that can cater to curly and thick hair?

It can be overwhelming to see all the new variations of hair ties, but having a classic hair tie in your vanity never hurts. HBY provides a simple way to tie back curls.

The Women’s Hair Ties For Thick and Curly Hair offers a stress-free hair band experience. They are a classic hair tie with a thicker band and are seamless to prevent snagging. It won’t slip, but it also won’t induce any headaches.

HBY claims you can wrap this band around a ponytail three times and achieve the ideal balance of hold and gentleness. In addition, the tie is not too skinny or bulky, and its soft material won’t cause any damage to your curls.

9. Kitsch Mega Hair Coils

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Another Kitsch product worth trying is the Mega Hair Coils For Thick Hair. 

These hair ties are similar to Ouidad because they both are made from a smooth, plastic-like material. These ties are called the phone cord elastic because they resemble a phone cord.

However, unlike a phone cord, these hair ties will retain their shape. This spiral design ensures that your hair won’t feel tension or snag. This elastic will conform and adapt to your hair’s needs and can even double as a bracelet.

Kitsch states these ties are waterproof and won’t absorb fluids. They glide through the hair with ease and won’t cause any dents. You can also shrink these coils to their original size by placing them in warm water or under a blow dryer.

The Mega Hair Coils feel weightless and are designed for thicker and textured hair types. 

10. Terra Ties Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties 

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Do you want hair ties that are great for your hair and the environment? How many hair ties have you lost? 

Hair ties can often be misplaced or break, and you can quickly go through multiple packs. However, Terra Ties has a solution for all hair types.

Terra Ties have crafted plastic-free and biodegradable hair ties that can effortlessly break down when you put them in compost.

 Also, they provide all the benefits of a regular hair tie like grip, hold, and comfort. It’s made from cotton and natural rubber materials.

Terra Ties claims these hair ties work for all hair types, including curly. It’s thick and soft in texture and can be worn all day without feeling tender. Also, they won’t slip from the hair or cause damage to your strands.

You’ll receive multiple ties that can replace all old hair bands. 

11. Ivyu Hair Ties Mini Satin Scrunchies 

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You can style curly hair in endless ways, and Iyvu is here to help. 

Whether you’re planning to do mini space buns or a half-up half-down hair look, you’ll need a tiny but mighty hair band. These mini scrunchies from Iyvu will protect your curls and look cute.

These are thin mini scrunchies that won’t leave creases in your curls. Also, they are great accent pieces for any hair look. The satin fabric is soft and smooth and will minimize the chances of frizz, damage, or breakage from occurring.

The Ivyu Hair Ties Mini Satin Scrunchies offer immense hold without putting tension on the roots. They’re great for adding mini buns, braids, or ponytails to your curls or easily keeping hair out of your face!

You’ll receive multiple mini scrunchies for an affordable price and with various styles/colors.

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