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11 Best Dandruff Removal Combs

by Gabbi

With haircare talk being a hot commodity lately, we can’t help but bring up one of the most common hair and scalp issues there is: dandruff! It’s an issue that people don’t like bringing up, and the cause of a lot of self-consciousness for those who are dealing with it.

However, avoiding talking about it makes finding remedies super hard! Today, we’ll destigmatize dandruff talk by delving into one of the most effective solutions, which is the dandruff removal comb!

There are a ton of different options out there, so finding the best fit for you may be overwhelming, but rest assured we’ll help you out each step of the way!

So, what are the best dandruff removal combs? The best dandruff removal combs are those personalized for individual hair concerns. Fine tooth combs work well for finer hair, while wider-toothed combs are better for curly or textured hair.

A sectioning tail may be necessary for a more thorough removal and choosing a tool that prevents dandruff as well as remedy it should be of importance as well.

In this article, we’ll break down the best dandruff removal combs you can pick up, leaving you prepared for the days when your scalp needs a little TLC!

Features Of The Best Dandruff Removal Combs

Preventative Combs

Some dandruff-removing combs and brushes also work to stimulate a healthy scalp, acting as a preventative, as well as a remedying measure.

Preventative combs can be s apart from most dandruff-removing combs because they are wider-toothed and typically made of silicone or another rubbery material. 

Not only do these combs work any dead-skin and dandruff from the hair, but they stimulate blood flow to the scalp as well- increasing healthy skin cell production, reducing dryness, and preventing dandruff from recurring overall.

Tooth Width

Those with curly and textured hair know the damage that can ensue with running an ultra-fine-toothed comb through their locks!

Though it may seem like a necessity to opt for the finest-tooth possible when dealing with dandruff and the like, you may be left with tangles and even worse issues if your hair isn’t suited for it.

As a general rule of thumb, the finer and thinner your hair is- the finer of a comb you can opt for. Those with curly or textured hair should opt for something wider (like the preventative tools).

Sectioning Tail

If you’re dealing with strong dandruff, or a dry scalp that overtakes the entire head, you could deeply benefit from a fine-toothed comb with a sectioning tail. 

These combs make it easy to section off smaller parts of your hair, so you’re able to work the dandruff out of each individual area of your head- making for a more comprehensive removal.

This may be a bit tricky without the help of a friend, but it’s definitely a lifesaver feature to have to get as much dandruff from your hair as possible!

Best Dandruff Removal Combs

RankProductKey Features
1.Leinuosen 3 Pack Rat Tail CombGood for wavy hair, sectioning, high quality
2.SUPVOX Double-Sided Dandruff CombMade of bamboo, durable, cute design
3.Kent F3T Fine Tooth CombGreat for short hair, gentle on scalp, stimulating
4.Mount Plus Scalp MassagerComfortable in hand, wet/dry hair, gentle
5.OWNHEALER Dandruff CombGood for severe dandruff, ultra-fine, metal comb
6.Bossman Scalp and Beard MassagerCombats beard and scalp dandruff, good for curly hair, ergonomic design
7.Yeamom Electronic Scalp CombUltra-stimulating, waterproof, good for deep dandruff
8.EUHOME Scalp Massager Shampoo BrushAnti-skid, good for all hair types, fatigue-relieving
9.HealthAndYoga Handcrafted CombAnti-static, wider and finer tooth, eco-friendly
10.zYoung 4 Pcs Dandruff CombSuitable for all hair, high quality, wet/dry use
11.MagicWand Lice and Dandruff CombGreat for dense dandruff, good for thick and thin hair, straight hair friendly

1. Leinuosen 3 Pack Rat Tail Comb

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One of the best parts about this rat tail comb set is that the teeth are the perfect width apart to accommodate hair with a little bit of texture- namely wavy hair or thicker hair types.

The teeth of the comb alternate between plastic, and stainless steel, making for a gentle, yet effective combing experience. 

While the comb may look fairly standard, you’ll be impressed by the high-quality material and how long-lasting each piece is. Made of silicon, this comb is anti-static and heat resistant, lasting you throughout each dandruff-removal session with ease.

The rat tail handle makes sectioning a breeze, and the teeth are thin enough to work close against the root of the hair, removing dandruff that may be harder to reach with a brush or standard comb.

Outside of dandruff removal, the comb also works well for teasing, coloring, and other styling needs.

2. SUPVOX Double-Sided Dandruff Comb

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The design of this comb is super innovative in that it’s double-sided, yet flat, making it ideal for travel and hair styling on the go.

Whether you’re traveling, keeping the comb with your other hair tools, or simply bringing it with you on a night out, it’s space-saving and super portable!

Another feature that sets this dandruff comb apart from other styles is that it’s eco-friendly. Too often do we come across combs made with plastic and other non-sustainable materials.

This one is made of bamboo, so not only is it totally durable, but it’s great for the environment too!

The bamboo material makes this comb great for thin and thick hair. Since it’s not made of plastic or metal, the material moves with your scalp and locks, gently working dandruff out without damaging the health of your head.

You can spend as much time as you need working dandruff and debris from your scalp without being sore at the end of it all.

3. Kent F3T Fine Tooth Comb

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Here’s something for the men! Unfortunately, having short or cropped hair doesn’t make you exempt from dealing with dandruff, so it’s important to choose a removal comb that works with shorter locks.

This comb is a perfect fit and can remove debris from short facial hair as well.

Buffed and polished to have rounded (instead of sharp) teeth, and an ultra-smooth surface, this comb works to stimulate the scalp, regulate oil production, and improve blood flow to the head, seriously reducing the chances of dandruff rearing its head again once removed!

Entirely handmade, this comb wasn’t molded, but hand carved from sheets of cellulose acetate- which is derived from plants. Flexible and strong, this material is far gentler on the head, and can work through each hair from the root without causing static.

4. Mount Plus Scalp Massager

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A great choice for all hair types, include super-curly, coarse, and fine, this scalp massager is both a fantastic treatment and preventative measure when dealing with dry scalp or dandruff!

The shape of the brush fits perfectly in the hand, making it great for long dandruff removal sessions. Due to the softness of the bristles, the brush can work through the hair much safer than metal combs or your own fingers.

Best used in the shower, working this brush through your locks alongside a dandruff-fighting shampoo effectively removes, not only dandruff, but dirt and residue from the day as well. 

Due to the rounded edges of each bristle, using this on your locks makes for a luxurious, almost spa-like experience. Regular use of the brush in the shower improves the health of your scalp immensely, regulating oil production and keeping your scalp moisturized- thus reducing chances of dandruff recurring. 

5. OWNHEALER Dandruff Comb

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This dandruff comb is deeply effective, and is best reserved for use of particularly serious cases of dry skin build-up.

The teeth of the comb are extremely fine and high quality. The design can easily work into the root of the scalp with ease, and will work through even deeply-impacted buildup to remove them from your strands.

Alongside the two metal combs this kit comes with, also included is a plastic double-sided comb. This can be used for maintenance or checking to see if any build-up is rearing its head yet again. 

All in all, the kit comes with 3 different combs, one plastic and two metal. One of our favorite parts about the kit is that although the teeth are very close together, the comb was formulated to be suitable for all hair types- even effectively removing dandruff from the coiliest hair textures.

6. Bossman Scalp and Beard Massager

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With how simple this design is, it’s almost surprising to see how deeply effective this brush is at removing dandruff and dead skin, as well as improving the health of the scalp overall.

Not only that, but the design is also great for stimulating the health of the beard, and dealing with dead skin on the face as well.

This shower brush is wide and high quality, lasting whether you store it in the shower, or in your bathroom cabinets.

You can use it wet or dry, though working it through the locks in tandem with an anti-dandruff treatment (like shampoo or medicated hair oil) will yield the best results.

In spite of how much it can do, this massager was specifically designed to work dead skin and dandruff out from the strands. It will lift the debris away so that it rinses out with your cleanser, while the stimulation prevents dandruff from recurring over time. 

7. Yeamom Electronic Scalp Comb

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For those who are serious about scalp health, you can’t go wrong with this electronic scalp comb by Yeamom!

The mechanical vibration from this comb deeply stimulates the scalp, more effectively working dandruff from the head than a standard comb.

There are only 35 tips on this tool, yet the 3 different levels of vibration make it feel as though this tool is much more finely teethed than it is.

You can choose which mode works best for you and your hair type (slower vibration for thicker hair, vice-versa).

Though it can be used on dry hair, the design of this brush is waterproof, making it especially suitable for use in the shower with dandruff-removing or scalp-health-promoting products. The ergonomic shape of the brush also makes it comfortable to use anywhere!

8. EUHOME Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

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If you’re dealing with dandruff as a curly-haired person, you’ll need a tool that’s stimulating, effective, yet gentle enough to be used every day!

Thankfully, EUHOME has just the product- a 2-piece scalp massager set keeps hair clean without pulling or tugging.

The shape of the brush is extremely innovative, featuring finger grooves, a handle that keeps your hand in place, and a matte, anti-skid finish- this brush will move exactly as you need it to- making dandruff removal a breeze for all hair types, from super thick and curly to thin and fine.

The longer bristles relieve itching and discomfort while still being flexible enough to reduce tangling, working out debris and dry-skin with ease. As for improving scalp health, the stimulation from the longer bristles promotes blood circulation and decreases fatigue. 

9. HealthAndYoga Handcrafted Comb

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Beloved for its healing properties and promoting a healthy scalp, getting your hands on a comb handcrafted from Neem wood is one of the best things you can do for your hair- especially if you’re dealing with a super sensitive scalp!

At 7 inches long, this is a great comb for thicker hair, especially since it’s dual-sided and features both wider and finer combed locks.

Neem wood is one of the most medicinal plants available, beloved for how beneficial it is for the health, and more importantly, for the scalp.

It’s incredible for dandruff-ridden hair and other dry-scalp issues as Neem wood actually inhibits the multiplication of dead skin cells.

10. zYoung 4pcs Dandruff Comb

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Suitable for all hair types, this 4-piece dandruff comb set can easily work through all types of dandruff and buildup from mild cases to even severe debris.

The four combs come with two metal-teethed dandruff removers, and two plastic-teethed ones (these are particularly suitable for upkeep and stimulating the scalp rather than removing dandruff altogether).

This set is deeply portable, and especially handy to have if you or your family deal with dandruff (or lice!) on a regular basis. 

Those with curly hair can find relief with this set as well, though you must be extra careful and mindful about the speed you work through your strands (slower is definitely better for textured hair types).

11. MagicWand Lice and Dandruff Comb

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And of course, we couldn’t finish off this list without mentioning the MagicWand Lice and Dandruff Comb! Specially designed to bring your hair back to its natural health, this comb is a must if you want to get rid of your dandruff and buildup fast.

Made of tempered steel, this tool is made to be used consistently over the course of a couple of days (to a week) to keep dandruff at bay and prevent it from building up again once it’s cleared out.

The teeth of this tool are fine, long, and narrow, so more dandruff can be removed in a single sweep than with a standard comb- which usually has shorter teeth.

Because the tool is formulated to be suitable with all hair types, you can reach for it whether you’re dealing with a short crop of hair to long, super-curly locks, making it the perfect tool to keep handy for anyone dealing with a dry scalp!

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