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11 Best Eyebrow Stamp Kits

by Gabbi

Eyebrow stamps are the newest trend and viral social media hack to guide you towards achieving your perfect brows.

These kits typically contain several eyebrow stencils to help shape and sculpt your brow, along with a product to fill in the stencil for the desired look. Eyebrow stamps usually work best with powder to softly and naturally add color to the brow.

If you are struggling to find the correct brow shape for your facial features, or you want to make sure your brows look symmetrical each time you fill them in, an eyebrow stamp kit could be the solution for you. Eyebrow stamps also work to take the time out of filling in your brows.

After placing the stencil, grab the stamp to press the brow powder into the hairs and you’ll have naturally full brows in seconds.

What are the best eyebrow stamp kits and what should you look for? Look for kits that have a variety of stencils available so you can try out different shapes to see what suits you best. Some eyebrow stamp kits can come in a limited shade selection, so it is important to find a kit that will suit your hair color and skin tone.

Below we have a list of 11 of the best eyebrow stamp kits, in an array of colors and formulas.

How To Apply Eyebrow Stamps

When using an eyebrow stamp kit, the first step you want to take is finding the brow stencil that works for your facial features.

There are typically a variety of arches, lengths, and widths of brow stencils available in the kits, so finding the correct style and shape for your face could take some trial and error. As a guide, each face shape generally works better with a different type of brow so it is important to determine which face shape you have first.

Oval face shapes work with most styles and shapes of brows, however a softly arched brow suits an oval face shape perfectly.

Round and square face shapes both can handle a higher arched or angled brow, although rounded face shapes can also work best with a softer angled brow as well. Heart-shaped faces work well with a brow that is slightly fuller, with a soft or rounded arch.

Once you have determined which stencil shape works best for you, place the stencil flush against the area of your brow, framing the existing hairs within the arch shape.

Once the stencil is positioned and laid flat, take the eyebrow powder, or whatever brow filling product you prefer, and press the powder over the stencil and into the hairs.

The initial application of powder will most likely be on the softer, more natural side, so if you are desiring a darker brow or want to achieve an ombre brow type effect, do an additional pass of the brow powder until you reach your desired shade. 

Because the stencil map out the shape of the brow, and lay flush against the face, the powder will stay within the stencil and not color the skin around the arches. The result is a mess-free, minimal time eyebrow application that delivers symmetrical and full brows.

What To Look For In Eyebrow Stamps

As eyebrows stamps and kits have been circulating on social media as the new brow trend to try, there are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for an eyebrow stamp kit. Below is what to consider when testing out the new viral brow hack.


Look for brow stamp kits that offer a variety of stencils to test out. Because we all have unique face shapes, not every eyebrow style will suit everyone.

Often times, we can find ourselves sitting in between two different face shapes as well. Having an eyebrow stamp kit that offers a selection of stencils to try will allow you to find the brow shape and style you prefer that works best for your unique features.


Along with the stencils, eyebrow stamp kits usually also come with a product to fill in the brow. Look for a color that suits your natural hair and brow color to avoid getting results that look to harsh, dark, or faint.

A good rule to remember for choosing your brow color, with lighter hair it works to go one to two shades darker and with darker hair it works to match or go one to two shades lighter. 

Finding the right color and shape for your brows will help perfect the overall look of the stencils with ease.

Best Eyebrow Stamping Kits

Below is a product guide for the best eyebrow stamping kits.

RankProductKey Features
1.MADLUVV 1-Step Brow Stamp + Shaping KitAvailable in 8 shades; also comes with 5 stencil shapes, 1 spoolie, and a carrying bag; water and sweat resistant
2.Wifamy Brow Stamp & Shaping KitPowder formula; contains 5 stencils, sponge, powder, and spoolie; waterproof; available in 3 shades
3.Aesthetica Brow Contour KitFull service set that contains 6 powder shades, brow highlighter, setting wax, concealer, full size tweezer, and a double-ended spoolie brush; 5 stencil shapes; all-in-one kit
4.iMethod Eyebrow Stamp and Eyebrow Stencil Kit8 shades and 10 stencils; waterproof and smudge-proof powder; powder looks natural and blends easily with the skin; suitable for all skin tones
5.HSKIE Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitAvailable in 3 shades; contains 10 stencils; waterproof to resist against color fading; can be used to fill in hairline
6.iMethod Eyebrow Stamp Trio KitWaterproof pomade formula; available in 8 shades; contains 10 stencils, one sponge applicator, a double-ended spoolie brush, and a carrying zip pouch; great for sparse brows
7.ESPOCE Eyebrow Stamp KitPowder formula; available in 4 shades; contains 10 stencils, spoolie, and eyebrow razor; long-wearing
8.Angiehaie Eyebrow Stencil KitLong-wearing powder formula; available in 6 shades; contains 24 stencils
9.Fab Brow Duo Eyebrow KitDual powder compact for customized color; contains 6 stencils, double-ended brush, and compact mirror; long-wearing powder; available in 3 shades
10.VOSBUTY Eyebrow Stamp and Stencil KitLong-wearing powder formula; available in 5 shades; contains 10 stencils and 1 spoolie
11.Luxillia Eyebrow Stamp Dual Color KitDouble-sided stamp for customized color; available in 3 shades; contains 5 stencils and double-sided spoolie brush

1. MADLUVV 1-Step Brow Stamp + Shaping Kit

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MADLUVV’s patent pending eyebrow stamp and stencil kit initially went viral on social media, prompting the surge in testing out different eyebrow stamps.

The kit comes with one eyebrow stamp, five stencils of the most popular brow shapes they have tried and tested, one spoolie, and one zippered carrying case. The eyebrow stamp is available in 8 different shades, ranging from a light, taupe blonde, to a dark, intense black.

The eyebrow stamp is a pomade, cream formula and the product is house within the cap of the brow stamp. After selecting the brow shape for you, twist the brow stamp into the cap to coat the top of the stamp with the pomade, and then press the product onto the brow.

The pomade itself is a long wearing, sweat- and water- resistant formula, that should last without fading throughout the day.

2. Wifamy Brow Stamp & Shaping Kit

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The Wifamy Eyebrow Stamp & Shaping Kit is available in three shades, to suit most brows that range from medium to dark brown.

The kit contains five stencil shapes, two spoolies, a sponge, and the powder to fill in the brow. The powder pomade is long lasting and waterproof, while providing a natural finish to the brows.

The powder pomade formula works to naturally fill in all brow types, but especially those with sparse brow hairs.

After selecting the correct stencil, use the separate mushroom-shaped sponge to load up the product onto the applicator. Once the sponge is properly coated, press the powder into the brow hairs for a softly defined brow. 

Once the color has been achieved and the brows are filled in evenly, use the spoolie brush to blend the powder with the brow hairs, and soften any harshness for a natural finish.

3. Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit

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This is an all-in-one kit that allows you to achieve the perfect eyebrows every time.

Each Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit contains 6 powder shades to fill in the brows, that include blonde, auburn, brown, and black shades to customize your color to be the best match.

There is also a full-size tweezer included in the kit to rid the brows of any errant hairs after they have been filled in to perfection.

Along with the set of powder, there are also five stencils available for your custom brow shape, and a double-ended spoolie brush that has an angled brush tip on one side, for the powder, and the spoolie to comb through the brows on the other. After filling in the brow, use the setting wax to hold the brow hairs in place for all-day wear.

There is also a brow highlighter shadow in the kit, to be used to define the arches and give the eyelid a slightly lifted appearance. There is a concealer included in the kit as well, to carve out the arches or to use under the eye, however the concealer shade is not customizable to skin tone and is only available in one shade.

4. iMethod Eyebrow Stamp and Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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iMethod Eyebrow Stamp and Stencil Kit contains one eyebrow stamp and powder, a spoolie, and 10 different stencil shapes.

The stencils ensure your brows are symmetrical every single time they’re filled in. The powder is available in a a range of 8 shades that are suitable for a wide variety of skin tones.

After finding the correct shape, use the iMethod brow stamp sponge by twisting it into the cap to coat the sponge in the brow powder.

When you are set to apply the powder, start from the back of the brow and work towards the front, to achieve a naturally ombre effect to the brow. The powder is long lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof.

5. HSKIE Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

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This eyebrow stamp kit is another powder option that is smudgeproof, waterproof, and fade resistant to allow color to last all day.

The kit also contains 10 stencils to achieve perfectly shaped and symmetrical brows.

Using the sponge applicator and the powder, this product also works well to fill in sparse areas around the hairline for the appearance of fuller hair.

However, it is only available in three shades that range from light to dark brown.

6. iMethod Eyebrow Stamp Trio Kit

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Much like the previous iMethod brow stamp kit, this trio kit is available in 8 different shades and contains 10 different stencil shapes.

However, while the previous product was a powder formula housed in the cap of the brow stamp, this is a separate brow pomade product.

The creamy pomade is a waterproof and smudge-proof formula, making it ideal for the warm summer months.

When applying the pomade, the separate sponge applicator will easily pick up the product and transfer it onto the brows for a full, opaque, and matte appearance.

This trio kit works well for all brow densities, but especially sparse brow hairs. The double-ended brush contains an angled brush on one side for details, and a spoolie on the other the blend.

7. ESPOCE Eyebrow Stamp Kit

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This eyebrow stamp and stencil kit is a powder formula that is available in four shades, ranging from blonde to dark brown.

It contains 10 stencils and an eyebrow razor to trim and clean up any errant brow hairs.

The powder formula will naturally fill in the brow or hairline, and the sponge applicator will provide a soft natural finish.

Start by using the sponge at the back of the brow, blending the sponge back and forth through the brow to evenly fill in gaps and sparse areas. The spoolie works to blend in the powder.

8. Angiehaie Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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Angiehaie Eyebrow Stencil Kit contains 24 stencil shapes to provide the ultimate amount of brow shapes available.

There are six shades of powder the eyebrow stamp is available in, suiting many hair colors from blonde, to black, to auburn.

Depending on the shade, you can also use the eyebrow powder contained in the cap as eyeshadow, or use the sponge and powder as a contour.

The powder is long-wearing and water-resistant, so the product, no matter where its applied, will last until it comes time to remove.

9. Fab Brows Duo Eyebrow Kit

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The Fab Brows Duo Eyebrow Kit contains a set of coordinating powders to fill in the brows with your own customized colors.

It is available in three shades, covering most blondes, brunettes and darker redheads, and black hair colors. The kit also contains a double-ended brush to achieve a natural or defined brow.

The double-ended brush has a fluffy brush applicator on one end, and a firm, angled brush on the other.

The fluffy brush will provide a soft and natural application, while the firm angled brush will be able to precisely apply and define the brows.

The kit contains six stencils to find your perfect brow shape, and a compact, magnetic mirror for on-the-go applications.

10. VOSBUTY Eyebrow Stamp Kit

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This eyebrow stamp kit contains 10 stencils to suit the most popular brow styles and is available in a range of five different shades.

The long-wearing natural of the powder is waterproof and smudge-proof, making it an ideal choice for oily skin types or the warm weather months.

11. Luxillia Eyebrow Stamp Dual Color Kit

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Luxillia created a double-sided eyebrow stamp that allows you to choose and customize the color of your brows, in a convenient hand-held applicator.

The eyebrow kit is available in three different shades, that are double-ended in coordinating colors in lighter and darker options.

The kit contains 5 stencils to sculpt your brow shape, along with a double-ended spoolie and angled brush for precise and blended applications.


If you are someone that likes to try new beauty trends, or have been searching for the best way to achieve symmetrical looking brows that suit your face shape, an eyebrow stamp kit might be for you!

Look for kits that offer a variety of stencil shapes to choose from, to allow you the process of finding the right arch for your face.

While there are a lot of shades of brow products available, make sure you find an eyebrow stamp kit that offers color selection that works best for your skin tone and hair color.

Once you discover how easy it is to stamp on a perfectly arched brow, you may never go back!

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