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How To Cover Eyebrows Without Glue

by Gabbi

In the world of drag and cosplay makeup, learning how to cover your eyebrows effectively is a crucial skill. Eyebrow covering can also be the most daunting makeup skill, as it requires much practice and trial and error.

Along with that, everyone’s eyebrows are different, and the brow hairs will respond differently to various products and techniques.

Most commonly, when learning how to cover eyebrows, the main step is taking a non-toxic glue stick and thoroughly coating the brow.

From there concealer and powder can be added once the glue has been set and dried. However, that is a technique that can be tricky and not everyone wants to use an adhesive on their brows in order to cover them up.

So, can you cover your eyebrows without using glue? In general, yes there are alternative methods to covering your eyebrows without having to use a glue stick. By either bleaching the eyebrows or using a skin tone color concealer, the brows are able to be concealed and lightened.

While the most effective method to covering your brows is with glue, below we discuss the alternate methods to making your brows incognito.

The Best Ways To Cover Your Brows

The best and most effective method to ensuring your brows are undetectable is by doing a glue stick cover. Using a non-toxic glue stick helps the brow hairs to lay flat and smooth against your skin.

Setting the brows and then covering over them with concealer and powder creates a canvas that appears to be brow-free and allows you to create whichever type of brow or eye look you are after.

Using the glue stick method can be tricky and need some practice, though, or you may want an easier and quicker alternative instead. The glue stick method can be a tedious process, especially if your brows are thick or the hair is coarse, and you need multiple layers of glue.

The best methods for an adhesive-free alternative will be covering your eyebrows with concealer, or by lightening the brows with bleach.

How To Cover Your Brows Without Glue

As mentioned above, using concealer or bleach in your brows will make them discreet and easy to cover over with makeup to achieve your desired look.

However, without using glue or an alternative adhesive to lay the brow hairs flat, some of the natural brow texture can still come through. It is important to make sure the brow is covered thoroughly, to ensure no natural color from the brow hairs can peak through the makeup.

Here are our favorite methods:


If you want to try covering your brows with concealer, you will find that the brow will blend in effortlessly into the skin in the surrounding area.

This is a quick method that has an easy application and removal method, as you would just remove the concealed brow with the rest of your makeup while cleansing the face at the end of the day.

Using concealer as a way to make the brows appear discreet is an ideal trial for seeing how the brows would look with a lightened tone that bleaching the brows can provide.

If you want your brows to be temporarily concealed, and do not want to use an adhesive to do so, covering the brows with a concealer would be the easiest option. You can also achieve a similar effect by using a light colored, opaque brow gel or pencil.

Bleaching Your Eyebrows

Bleaching the brows is another alternative but will achieve a different look. The brows can be lightened with the bleach, to achieve a softer finish that is more easily concealed or can be bleached completely leaving no color in the brows at all. Bleaching the brows completely will deliver a more intense look, as well.

With this method, the brows will remain lightened for several weeks. The brow hairs will still go through their natural growth cycle, so some hair shedding and natural color emerging will occur.

While it is best to avoid doing too many touch-ups with bleach, as to not damage the hair, using a lighter colored brow gel to maintain the lightened appearance will help until it is time to re-bleach the new brow hairs.

Here’s a fun tutorial for bleaching your eyebrows from Celine Bernaerts on YouTube.


If you do not mind using an adhesive to cover the brows, but do not want to use a non-toxic glue stick, another popular method is to use a professional adhesive like Pros-Aide to lay the brows down flat to easily cover with concealer and powder.

The Pros-Aide method is similar to the glue stick method but is a slightly tackier substance and performs slightly differently than a glue stick would. This adhesive would be a great option for those with thick, coarse brow hairs, or those who have difficulty getting the glue stick to smooth the brows down completely.

Pros-Aide is applied in a similar fashion to the glue stick method: making sure the brow is clean from any oil or makeup, using a cotton bud to lay the product on in light layers, using thin layers as needed, and then covering with a color corrector, concealer, and powder.

As it is a professional level adhesive, Pros-Aide also requires a special remover to clean the product from the brows. Like the glue stick method, this is a process that could take some practice to perfect and will take additional time in your makeup routine to be applied properly.

Here’s a great tutorial for using Pros-Aide from Goldiestarling on YouTube.

Glueless Methods

To cover the brows with concealer, it is important to have a clean disposable spoolie to comb through the brows to have the hair laying flat as well as thoroughly covered. Brush the spoolie through the brow hairs to shape them in the desired direction.

The spoolie can then be used to brush the concealer through the brow, making sure to coat each of the brow hairs completely. Wiggling the spoolie with concealer back and forth through the brows ensures the hairs are coated evenly.

Once the concealer has been applied, blend any excess that may have gotten onto the skin. You can lightly set the brows with a lightened brow gel to keep them in place, or a light dusting of translucent powder.

Once the brows have been set, you can apply your desired makeup looking accordingly with your brows appearing discreet and concealed.

Bleaching the brows can be a trickier process, as you do not want to damage the brow hair. The bleaching process can also be damaging to the skin around the brows as well.

While there are at-home bleaching kits available, having the brows professionally lightened or bleached will make sure the brows are lightened to the correct color and prevent the risk of any potential damage.

However, whether it is being done at home or at the salon, it is important to lighten the brows in stages to ensure the brows are not overly processed, which runs the risk of having the brow hairs turn to a more orange, warm tone.


While gluing down the brows first with a non-toxic glue stick or cosmetic brow glue is the most common and most effective method for covering up the brow hairs, there are a couple alternatives that will conceal the brows and make them more discreet.

If you are unsure if you want to use an adhesive in the brows, these are the methods you will want to try out first. Using a concealer through the brows will effectively lighten and cover the brows, however, the texture of the hair will still remain.

It is an easy solution that is ideal for beginners, or for those who want a quick application and removal process, as it does not require any drying or layering and can be removed easily with your usual makeup remover.

Concealing the brows will make the eyebrows look discreet and will allow for whatever makeup look you are after to be applied easily on top of them.

While bleaching the brows is another effective method, it also requires commitment to keeping your brows lightened for several weeks.

This technique may be a good option for those who do frequently looks that require a discreet brow, such as with cosplay, as it can last through multiple applications for weeks before needing a touch-up.

While it is possible to bleach or lighten the brows with an at-home kit, it is always best to see a professional to ensure there is no potential damage to your brow hairs or skin.

There is always the option to use an adhesive, just not a glue stick, and that is another technique that will ensure the brows are smoothed down, so as no natural texture pokes through.

If you want a smooth, disguised brow that is undetectable under your makeup look but do not want to use a glue stick, a professional grade adhesive like Pros-Aide will be what you are looking for. This requires a technique similar to using a glue stick, so it will require some practice before finding the perfect method.

No matter which option you choose, playing around with concealing or covering your brows is a unique way to switch up your normal makeup routine, or to achieve a specific makeup concept!

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