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Do Bath Bombs Clean You?

by Gabbi

Who doesn’t love a fizzing, aromatic bath bomb? The scents and oils released turn your bath into a spa experience, and they work to relax and destress you after a long day.

The aromatherapy and skin-soothing properties of bath bombs are great, but…

Do bath bombs clean you? Bath bombs are not a form of soap, and should not be used as a soap. They will not do much to clean your skin, but they will work to cleanse and soften your skin. You should still use soap when bathing with a bath bomb.

However, just because bath bombs can’t clean you on their own doesn’t mean they don’t have other benefits to offer. So read on to understand a bit more about how to use bath bombs properly and how they can still be a great addition to your bath time routine.

The Benefits Of A Bath Bomb

You will still need to use soap to wash yourself when using a bath bomb, but bath bombs still have some great benefits that many people enjoy.

Here are some of the best benefits from using a bath bomb:

1. Good For Your Skin

Bath bombs are made with emollients and softeners, which are released into your bath water, which helps to moisturize and nourish the skin.

All skin types will be left soft and silky after being in a bath with a good-quality bath bomb. The bath bomb will also help to cleanse your skin and pamper it to a velvety and youthful look.

2. A Relaxing Experience

A bath bomb can help to create a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere in your own bathroom. Just dropping one bath bomb into your tub can release a delightful, soothing scent and a nourishing soak.

As the bath bomb fizzes, you can watch as your bathroom turns from a normal, boring room to a spa-like atmosphere!

3. Healing Properties

Bath bombs are made with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These ingredients help to deodorize, cleanse, and repair skin. Your skin will be left healthier and younger-looking.

Using bath bombs regularly can help rejuvenate your skin and help it stay silky smooth and supple.

4. Aromatherapy

Bath bombs come with different scents, usually attributed to essential oils. All essential oils are useful for different situations. For example, lavender helps you to relax and feel calm, whereas a citrus scents might work to energize you in the morning.

A bath bomb popped into your bath and allowed to fizz will release these essential oils into the water and the air, and the aromatherapy can be really beneficial to you.

You are able to buy bath bombs to suit your needs, so consider if you need something to de-stress, or if you want something uplifting, before deciding on the bath bomb to use!

Are Bath Bombs Soap?

It is easy to see why some people might be confused and consider bath bombs to be soap. They smell fairly similar and you can definitely feel the effects on your skin after bathing with one.

Bath bombs do contain ingredients that can help cleanse the skin, but simply sitting in a bath with a bath bomb is not going to do you much good when it comes to removing dirt and buildup on your skin.

You will either need to use a sponge to gently scrub your skin, using the water in the tub and the bath bomb mix, or better yet, enjoy your time soaking in the bath bomb water and then use your normal soap to wash your body.

It is not a good idea to rely on the bath bomb alone to wash your body, and you should still do so yourself.

Think of bath bombs as being more of a sensory experience, with the fizzing, the oils released into the bath, and the wonderful aromatherapy. Bath bombs should not replace your normal bath time clean or your soap!

Related Questions

How Do I Make A Bath Bomb Last Longer?

One way to make a bath bomb last longer is to cut it in half! You will only use half the bath bomb when you take a soak in the tub and the other half for your next bath. Bath bombs can be expensive, so this is a great way to save some money.

What Is The Point Of Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are meant to help you have a relaxing, luxurious bath. There are some bath bombs that are made with certain ingredients to serve a specific purpose. Some contain oils and vitamins that aid with hydrating dry skin. Some have a certain blend of essential oils to help you de-stress.

However, a bath bomb cannot effectively clean your skin, and you will need regular soap to do this.

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