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Eye Massager Benefits

by Gabbi

There are tons of beauty tools you can implement into your daily routines that target specific skincare concerns, boosting your confidence and helping you feel like your best self!

While there are a ton of gimmicky products out there, some of them, like eye massagers, come with a slew of benefits that make them must-haves on our list.

So, what are the benefits of eye massagers? Though the target demographic for eye massagers is typically older, most ages and skin types can benefit from using one. They target a plethora of health and cosmetic issues, from puffiness and eye strain to dark circles. However, there are medical concerns one could have that would warrant them staying away from the tool. 

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about eye massagers, including who should use them, all the benefits they have, as well as our recommendation for the best one to introduce to your routine.

Eye Massager Warnings

First things first, we have to tell you about some things to keep in mind before you take the plunge and start regularly using a massager around your eye area.

Your skin is the largest organ you have, and for the most part, is around the same thickness throughout your entire body, but is thinnest around your eyes. There’s a lack of collagen around this area, and as you age, the area can’t bounce back in the same way.

That means that casual acts like rubbing your eyes, or using an eye massager incorrectly, can stretch out the skin and cause exacerbated wrinkles and signs of aging. Being gentle when you use your eye massager is key.

Using the tool too harshly can also lead to eye irritation, blurry vision, and other trauma that can range from mild to serious.

If you have existing eye issues like cataracts, glaucoma, or the like, then we highly recommend you ask your optometrist for their guidance regarding using an eye massager, and if it would be safe to use one to begin with. 

Who Can Use An Eye Massager?

Most people are great candidates for eye massagers, but here are a couple of people who we would suggest one to first:

Those Who Work Online

Whether you work from home or stare at a computer screen all day in the office, you can definitely attest to how much strain simply staring at a monitor or tablet can cause your eyes!

At the end of a long day, your eyes (and the surrounding area) may feel red, irritated, tired, and inflamed. A massager can soothe your eyes from all that blue-light pressure.

Those Who Get Puffy Eyes In The Mornings

Fluid retention is a normal thing for people to go through, and it’s usually at its worst in the mornings. Depending on the position you sleep in, how long you snooze, or your diet and makeup habits, you may be more predisposed to swelling in the mornings.

Thankfully, morning massages using tools like gua shas, face rollers, and of course, eye massagers can help that AM inflammation and have you looking snatched in no time flat.

Mature Skin

Of course, we couldn’t mention who would benefit most from eye massagers without talking about mature skin types! As we previously talked about, the collagen around the eye area breaks down significantly as the years go by, and an eye massager can turn back the clock on damage with regular use.

When used in tandem with eye creams and other anti-aging formulas, an eye massager can keep skin looking youthful, bouncy, and fine-line free.

Young Skin

For the same reasons we would recommend an eye massager to mature skin types, we would recommend the younger generation to use one too! When used prior to aging, an eye massager can keep your collagen production in good running, eliminating the need for correction later on.

Headache Sufferers

Though it may sound crazy, those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines may find temporary or permanent relief simply by using an eye massager in their beauty routines!

It’s a science that’s been proven, and when used in collaboration with painkillers, can offer a serious solution to a condition that plagues the lives of so many people (especially in the digital age)!

However, even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, an eye massager would still be a great investment to make! Especially when you hear about all the good stuff that can come of using one properly.

Benefits Of Using An Eye Massager

It would take us forever to break down every single positive outcome that would arise from using an eye massager, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top 9:

Improved Blood Circulation

There are a ton of pressure points surrounding the eye area that can cause a number of problems and issues if they’re not working at their highest capacity.

The main reason for this lack of functioning is a decrease in blood circulation. If you’re sitting all day, or simply getting older, your eye area may need a little bit bit of assistance with circulation. 

You can use your clean fingers to stimulate the eye area and improve blood flow, but using a tool can be a gentler, more effective option depending on how much help you need. It can brighten up your eyes with a single session – just make sure to do it carefully!

Collagen Production

If plumpness is what you’re looking for, then an eye massager is definitely what you should be reaching for! Placing care and attention on this delicate area of your eye can keep the area looking plump, full, and young.

The stimulation, as previously mentioned, improves blood circulation, which in turn helps stimulate the production of collagen.

Improving collagen production keeps the eyes from feeling crepey, wrinkly, or saggy. This makes them the perfect choice for those who have naturally droopy eyes, or who want to prevent their signs of aging from growing more prominent!

For the best results, use a massager alongside a hydrating eye cream for an extra plumping effect.

Dark Circle Elimination

Before we dive into the science behind how eye massagers can help reduce the look of dark circles, we do have to say this: this technique likely won’t work if your dark circles are caused by genetics, but rather if they’re from lack of sleep or nutrients!

When you use the eye massager, place extra focus on the areas where your circles are the darkest (these can be spotted by tilting your head downwards while looking in a mirror).

Focusing on these locations improves oxygen and nutrient circulation to the eyes, which can help lighten the look of brown or purple undereye bags.

Headache Reduction

Headaches and migraines are among the worst types of pains that someone can suffer through and usually comes alongside telltale signs like nausea, sound sensitivity, and light aversion. Due to the latter causes, we love electronic eye massagers for migraine sufferers, specifically the ones that look like eye masks.

They’ll shield your eyes from the light and ears from loud sounds, improve circulation to your eyes and head, and provide percussion vibration to acupressure points around the eyes, which can help remedy the pain from your headaches and migraines.

A lot of electronic eye massagers are also heated, which adds an extra layer of relaxation, comfort, and soothing relief. These are best used before bed and can be effective enough to lull you to sleep when you need it most.

Eye Pain Reduction

Inside your eyes, there’s a little feature called the ciliary muscle, which is a ring that sits in the middle layer of your eye.

If you’re constantly on the computer, or if you’re staring at your phone or tablet all day, this muscle is constantly being put to work, as it regulates what shape your eye should be to best view what you’re looking at.

And what happens after every workout? Muscles get sore – and the ciliary muscle is no exception! This soreness can feel dull, sharp, or can be chronic if you’re constantly online.

An eye massager targets this area, soothing it back into a more relaxed state, or you can find this area on your own by gently circling the socket around your eye.

Relieves Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be quite a pain, and it’s a condition that tons of people suffer from on a regular basis. This can be caused by a lack of hydration and sleep, or from overworking your eyes throughout the day.

Dry eyes rarely come without the accompaniment of stinging, burning, inflammation, or swelling. Though eye drops can help, using an eye massager can be just as effective.

We recommend physical or electric eye massagers for this condition, as both of them target the meibomian glands, also known as the glands that line the eyelids.

Keeping these areas flush with blood circulation increases lubrication, helping them form tears easier. Regularly using an eye massager can actually help these glands from getting clogged in general.

Wakes Up Tired Eyes

On those days where it feels like your eyes just want to keep you stowed away in dreamland, you may go to great lengths to get them up and functioning. Popping a couple of spoons in the freezer the night before can offer you relief, but we think that the most effective device you can use is a good eye massager.

These increase oxygen and red blood cell flow around the eyes, stimulate the facial muscles, relieve the pressure that makes you want to keep your eyes shut, and reduces those feelings of tension that have your eyes feeling tired.

Reduces Wrinkles

Rejuvenation is key when it comes to reducing wrinkles around the eyes! As we previously talked about, wrinkles can be caused by a lack of collagen production around the eyes, and a good quality eye massager can help bring the area back to its healthy, bouncy self.

The vibration and pressure from the massager can also help the skin around your eye absorb any anti-inflammation and anti-aging creams sink deeper into the skin, improving efficacy.

Over time, the increased elasticity prevents future signs of aging, while collagen production fills in any existing fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces Puffiness

If you have a physical eye massager, make sure you store it in the fridge or freezer so that it’s kept cool. The cooling surface, paired with the pressure you’ll gently apply during your routine, can keep swelling and puffiness at bay.

The repeated vibrations and tapping motions boost cell metabolism and help disperse any water buildup. This is great for those who have to deal with uneven eyelids, or who live in high altitudes and deal with fluid retention more frequently. 

How Often To Use An Eye Massager

The general rule of thumb is that an eye massager, regardless of whether it’s a physical tool or battery-operated, should be used for around 15-20 minutes every single day. However, you shouldn’t worry if you go over by a little (or a lot), there are no intrinsic dangers with overusing the beauty tool.

The main thing that we have to remind you of is that using an eye massager is a lifestyle choice, and should be used consistently in order for you to see the results you want. If you’ve never used one before, you can start off using it every other day at first, but it should be used daily for it to work most effectively.

Best Eye Massagers

1. Tekson Facial Roller Massager

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This is a great tool for those who want a cooling, gliding sensation accompanying their eye massage.

The two balls on the end of the tool are great for reducing inflammation and can be used all around the face for those who deal with daily water retention.

For the best results, clean this device after every use (to prevent acne), and pop it in the fridge or freezer afterward to get the maximum cooling effect. 

2. RENPHO Heated Eye Massager

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If you want something a little bit fancier, you really can’t go wrong with investing in an electronic eye massager like this one from RENPHO.

The percussion-style massaging breaks down swelling and is aided by the massage pads sitting at a toasty 107°F.

Want an extra luxurious experience? Link your phone to the Bluetooth speakers to play the tunes (or an ambiance) of your choice to get you in prime relaxation mode. 

Related Questions

What are the best eye creams to use with eye massagers?

Find an eye cream that targets your personal skin concerns. For the eye area, those concerns are typically crepey or wrinkly skin, a distinct lack of moisture, and aging. Don’t apply the cream near your eye, but rather a half of an inch to an inch below it. The massager will work it into the areas it needs to go. 

Should you use eye massagers in the morning or at night?

Depending on what you’re trying to correct, an eye massager can be used in the morning or the night! For those with AM swelling, use your massager after your skincare routine when you wake up. For those soothing eye strain or who are concerned about aging, use your tool at night.

Which is better: a physical eye massager or an electronic massager?

Physical eye massagers are better if you want to utilize a rolling, pressing motion that can reduce inflammation and swelling. These tools are a little bit heavier on the skin, so should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. Electronic massagers are great more a gentle, constant, vibration. 

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